Chapter 557: The Trap in the Sealed World

Chapter 557: The Trap in the Sealed World

The space in the seal was pitch black, like an underground hole without any light. One could only see infinite darkness and coldness, yet the movement space was very limited.

White Nightmare and White Nightmare princess’s pale devil flames shone, barely able to reveal the half dome shaped strange outline of the sealed space.

The entire space was a half-dome inner world. They could only obtain such a small area. The devil flame’s glow could only illuminate a small area as well.

The sealed space was very oppressive. Ye Qingzi, Ye Wasnehng, and Princess Jin Rou were all silent in this oppression, causing the entire space to feel even more strange and empty.

At this moment, all of them knew that Chu mu and Mo Xie couldn't’ live on anymore. What made their heart shake was that not only Chu Mu fell into the marshes of death, but also Mo Xie’s last action to dive into the thousand enemies after breaking through the barrier.

Ninth phase middle stage Mo Xie even with Ascent of the Demon Moon could only match one low class monarch rank rock statue guard.

They could, at most, compete against one rock guard statue. After they ran out of the area, they were  then against a thousand rock statue guards!

This was an energy that couldn’t be dealt with. With Mo Xie’s intelligence, she must have known that charging out had no meaning. In fact, she may not even be able to charge up to Chu Mu.

Yet, she still charged out without hesitation, without any reason at all!

Princess Jin Rou almost bit through her lip. She was the only one that knew that Mo Xie was a continuously mutating soul pet.

In reality, an organism like Mo Xie that could continuously mutate, its existence was way superior to humans. Though she was Chu Mu’s soul pet right now, from an objective view, this high life form becoming Chu Mu’s soul pet was just a reliance at its infant stages. In a hundred years, when Chu Mu died of old age, she could still live and step onto the trek towards a higher life form.

Thus, Princess Jin Rou knew very clearly that, from a life perspective, the human may be a soul pet’s master, but to many advanced life forms, humans were just a stepping stone in their life to let them grow quickly. After all, emperor ranks, and even those beyond lived for thousands of years. Becoming a human’s soul pet may just be an initial stage in their life…...

Humans and soul pets weren’t related in a servant and master relationship, this was something Princess Jin Rou knew perfectly well.

Without Chu Mu, Mo Xie who defied life’s rules could continue to grow, becoming the highest life form in existence. She would continue to grow to emperor, past emperor, and even grow to become a being that dominated all life forms, becoming a god-like presence…..

Her intelligence was completely mature, so Mo Xie should know what she should select as a royal flame nine tail inferno fox.

Yet, Mo Xie still made such a decision without any reason, which made people feel even less pleasant.

After a soul pact breaks, no matter how close the soul pet was to the trainer, it would still remain alive. However, Mo Xie’s actions was basically ending her own noble life after her soul pet trainer died; this was burying herself with the dead!


“This place should seal the last honor blood beast, why is there nothing?” Ye Wansheng’s voice finally broke through the silence.

Ye Wansheng knew that Chu Mu was dead for sure too.

Ye Wansheng was a logical person. He knew there was no reason to feel sorrow for Mo Xie and Chu Mu right now. Instead, he should think of how to live on and seize this opportunity.

Ye Wansheng has already surveyed the surrounding. However, he didn’t find any sealed blood beast, which was very strange.

Ye Qingzi was already holding her nose with light sobbing. How would she care at all about whether or not there were any blood beasts in the seal? Her entire being was drenched in a sorrow. From her expression, one could see she was trying her best to hold herself back, except the more she held herself back, the less she could control herself.

“It’s simple, we killed it.”

Suddenly, the empty sealed space rang with an apathetic voice..

This voice was very abrupt, almost instantly awakening the three people. The three people clearly stared blankly, and then they all turned to stare at the corner of the sealed space.

At this moment, two silhouettes appeared in the corner of the sealed space. One was tall and lanky, incredibly pale under the illumination of the White Nightmare flames, almost like a frozen corpse.

The other person had a hollow gaze with a cold expression, However, the person gave off an intimidating feel, clearly a dangerous character!

“The idiot Si Tian actually woke up all the rock statue guards. He was definitely looking for his own death. Good thing you weren’t stupid, knowing to hide into the sealed space.” The apathetic voice came again from the stern and cold man’s mouth.

Seeing this man, Ye Qingzi got a shiver all over!

This man was the person who wanted to kill her and Chu Mu in eighth realm, the first tier expert of soul palace - Qin Ye!

Ye Qingzi would never have thought that Qin Ye would appear here. It almost felt like this entire place was a trap!

“Xia Guanghan!!”

Princess Jin Rou furrowed her brows, anger creeping into her calm pupils.

In the earlier years, Xia Guanghan appeared by Princess Jin Rou’s side. At first, Princess JIn Rou thought he was a man truly loyal to her. However, in the following years, she found out just how ambitious Xia Guanghan truly was; he was trying to get well with all the great factions, even laying low in front of her.

Xia Guanghan’s laying low caused Princess Jin Rou to feel afraid. When in Jia City, Princess Jin Rou had signaled that those protecting her were also watching her. Princess Jin ROu herself didn’t even know when her men had been taken over by Xia Guanghan.

In the near two years, Princess Jin ROu had noticed this man's ambition, and finally got rid of him.However, she never would have expected him to appear here again anyways!

“Princess Jin Rou, the immortal city map was something i gave you. You already successfully brought them into this inescapable space, so there’s no point in acting. They are already like turtles in a jar.” Xia Guanghan’s pale face smiled.

Xia Guanghan’s words immediately caused Ye Wansheng and Ye Qingzi’s faces to change as their gazes fell on Princess Jin Rou, their eyes showing some hostility.

The brother and sister never would have thought that this would be a trap between Xia Guanghan and Princess Jin Rou, intentionally luring them into this sealed space!

Xia Guanghan’s words caused Princess Jin Rou to no longer stay calm, anger taking over her eyes.

Princess Jin Rou never would’ve thought that Xia Guanghan had calculated his plot to this degree, intentionally letting someone give the immortal city map to her and then guess that she would find Chu Mu and fall into his trap in the end…...

No wonder the seal had signs of being opened. No wonder Princess JIn ROu didn’t even need to use remembrance for the seal to reverse. It was all with a reason!

“Seeing your faces full of questioning, since we have time, I’ll explain for you all. I gave you the maps to ensure you would go the right way to reach this blood beast altar first. This blood beast altar’s seal we had tampered with already. No matter who opens this seal, they would reverse the seal. And, once one of you fell into the seal, I assumed none of you others would simply watch as they were trapped.  Then, the princess intentionally told you all the seal wasn’t stable and could be destroyed from the inside, this way, you would all enter into the sealed space without hesitation and fall into the trap set up by I, Xia Guanghan……”

Xia Guanghan laughed proudly and continued, “Of course, you all arrived a little later than i expected. The result was that you met with Si Tian, creating such a large commotion outside.”

“However, no matter what, you still stepped into the trap.” Xia Guanhan laughed out loud.

This plan was created ever since Xia Guanghan was told by female master to enter immortal city.

In this sealed space, Xia Guanghan would be able to summon anything. Adding on Qin Ye as a helper, dealing with them would be too easy, and Chu Mu and Mo Xie wouldn’t be able to escape no matter what!

“Don’t look at me like that, they’re intentionally pulling us apart. If i were a trick to pull you into a trap, I wouldn’t tell you about Chu Mu’s father’s soul pet being sealed, and neither would i be “late”. Princess Jin Rou naturally felt the hostility from the Ye family brother and sister and tried her best to remain calm as she explained.

Hearing Princess jin Rou speak, Xia Guanghan blanked. He didn’t think that her simple statement would cause his dissension sowing to fail, so he laughed at himself.

It didn’t matter, however, because they all fell into the trap!

“Chu Mu, I, Xia Guanghan, said I would return it ten fold, so I definitely wouldn’t disappoint. Do you regret facing me now?” Xia Guanghan laughed out loud as his gaze fell towards the three people and numerous soul pets…...

The sealed space was dark. Though Xia Guanghan didn’t see Chu Mu, he subconsciously assumed Chu Mu was simply blocked by a random soul pet.

“Chu Mu, why are you hiding right now? Now, I can give you another chance to challenge me…..” Xia Guanghan snarled with a smile.

The original grudge was something Xia Guanghan would never forget. If not for Chu Mu, his new generation of soul pets would push him to possibly palace master rank, letting him enter the true core of Nightmare Palace. How would he be grovelling in secret like he was right now?

Today, no matter what, Xia Guanghan would let Chu Mu suffer the pain of thousands of knives!

“Chu Mu isn’t here.” Ye Qingzi said coldly.

Ye Qingzi was no longer shrouded by sorrow. Instead, there was the deepest anger in her pupils now!

“Not here? Then…….how about that royal flame nine tail inferno fox?” Xia Guanghan asked, equally astonished.

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