Chapter 556: Thousand Enemies, Lone Shadow!

Chapter 556: Thousand Enemies, Lone Shadow!

Nine underworld devil flames darted up on Chu Mu’s body, wrapping around Chu Mu.

Devil Phantom!

Chu Mu’s body flashed, leaving only a flashy flame silhouette before disappearing in place, leaving a string of Nine Underworld Devil Flames in its wake, swiftly nearing the defending organisms!

“Chu Mu!” How could Ye Qingzi be reassured, after seeing Chu Mu going to kill that defending organism alone? She immediately stepped out of the center seal diagram as well.

“Don’t go, trust him!” Ye Wansheng quickly pulled Ye Qingzi back.

Even if Ye Qingzi went, there was no meaning in it. All they could do was believe that Chu Mu could kill the defending organism and come back in a short time.

As a seventh remembrance soul master, Chu Mu could have more powerful white nightmare techniques. With his acute judgement, Chu Mu’s body darted phantom-like between a couple of rock statue guards!

“Beng!!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!!”

The massive sword in the rock statue guard’s hands fell down. Each sword was near thousand kilograms heavy, leaving gouges in the staircase of the altar.

The altar was made with special rocks, so being able to make a mark in it meant the power was already past ninth rank. If this fell on a person, their bones would definitely be pulverized!

Chu Mu very closely avoided the rock statue guard attack and floated up behind the defending organism!

Chu Mu’s nine underworld devil flames burning hand grabbed onto the rock statue guard’s shoulder, his fingers almost sinking into this blue rock statue guard’s body.

This blue rock statue guard was already heavily injured by Si Tian, so it was incredibly easy to control it.

Of course, Chu Mu knew that this wouldn’t be able to kill this blue rock statue guard directly. Immediately, Chu Mu’s nine underworld devil flame hand slowly sank deep into the blue rock statue guard’s back!

“Obliterating Heart!!”

Chu Mu’s only effective attack under his current state!

If he didn’t succeed, the seal wouldn’t be open, and the blood beast altar’s rock statue guards will kill everyone!

“Chu Mu’s appearance right now…...seems like I’ve seen it somewhere……” Ye Wansheng stared closely at the nine underworld devil flames burning on Chu Mu.

He vaguely felt that Chu Mu’s demonic character was similar to the half devil that shocked all of Li City.

Of course, Chu Mu remained in his human form, simply using his soul power to cast white nightmare techniques. His stamina, strength, and fighting ability couldn’t be even compared to his half devil state.

The blue rock statue guard was already heavily injured. Chu Mu’s technique cast was very successful, quickly pulling the rock crystal out of its body!

“Chu Mu, come back quickly, the seal is about to start!!” Princess Jin Rou used his soul remembrance to speak to Chu Mu.

Once the innard crystal left the guarding organism’s body, its life force would fall greatly and the seal would open!

“Wuwuwu!!!!!!!!” Mo Xie called towards Chu Mu, scared he would be trapped there.

Chu Mu was still holding the organism’s innard. He originally thought that shattering the innard to kill this guard will open the seal.

He would then use this short one second to move. However, he didn’t realize that the guard’s life force immediately fell once the crystal was removed, meaning he had less than a second to act.

“Stay and don’t move!” Chu Mu used his remembrance to tell everyone.

No matter if he could get back in a second, Chu Mu didn’t wish for anyone to step out of the seal. After all, the rock statue guards were already in attacking range. Many of the guards even lifted their blades, and were readying attacks.

Anyone leaving the seal would not help him. If he didn’t succeed, they would just die as well!

Nine Underworld devil flames burned on Chu Mu’s body, as he quickly disintegrated in the white flames.

Displacement Specter!

Chu Mu’s Displacement Specter could instantly travel 100 meters into distance, taking only a couple hundred milliseconds. The last 100 meters Chu Mu could only use devil phantom to traverse.

If this distance were without obstacles, the time was enough for 100 meters.

However, as Chu Mu appeared near 100 meters from the seal, a rock statue guard even larger than average, likely high class monarch rank, caught Chu Mu’s movement, and slammed its rock blade heavily towards Chu Mu!!

High class monarch rank rock statue guard!!

Chu Mu didn’t have time to cast devil phantom before the beast type and rock type energy blasted Chu Mu!

Chu Mu was in human form right now. Unable to cast devil phantom, he couldn’t dodge the high class monarch rank’s attack.


The blade fell down heavily, blasting the altar’s stairs open. The massive energy threw Chu Mu up and away heavily.

Three people saw Chu Mu be attacked, and their expressions instantly changed.

Through countless rock statue guards, the people indeed didn’t notice that there was the existence of the high class monarch rank!!

Just then, a deep red line suddenly darted up from underneath!

These deep red lines criss-crossed in front of the soul pet, drawing a red sealing diagram in thin air!

This seal quickly wrapped them up, like a special space that completely isolated them from the outside. Even if they were only a step away from the blood beast altar, they could never step out!

This was a seal, completely blocking all organisms from connecting to the outer world. They wouldn’t be killed, but they would never see the light of day!

The moment the seal was being completed, all three people was dazed. They saw past the red sealing lines, and they could see Chu Mu, burning with flames, fall under the swarm of rock statue guards stepping up!

All the rock statue guards that were eyeing them changed their gaze. The moment the seal appeared, they seemed to have lost awareness of the blood beast altar. All of the eyes now turned to the only intruder - Chu Mu!

“Chu Mu!!”

Ye Qingzi stepped forward to break out of the seal. She couldn’t simply watch as Chu Mu was torn to pieces by the rock statue guards without doing anything.

Yet, the seals couldn’t be broken. No matter how Ye Qingzi slammed the sides, even with her soul pet attacks, she couldn’t even affect the seal. She was already in the isolated world. In another second, she would be sealed into the blood beast altar’s inner space.

Ye Wansheng and Princess Jin Rou were also dazed. They chose to trust Chu Mu, trust that he could come back in time, but they didn’t think it would become like that.

Hundreds of thousands of rock statue guards, making a massive monarch rank army!!!

The plaza was already filled with the killing intent of the rock statue guards, while Chu Mu without a single soul pet was lost deep within this storm. The ending was predictable!

Inside the seal, they couldn’t do anything, and were only able to watch as the rock statue guards surrounded Chu Mu…...

The deep red seals slowly became denser and denser, slowly blocking off their vision. In the next second, they were about to completely disappear from this blood beast altar, and enter the inner space…...

“Nie!!!!!!!!!” White Nightmare’s nine underworld devil flames burned rapidly.

It was trying desperately to cast Displacement Specter to move out of the seal, but no matter how hard White Nightmare tried, it couldn’t break through the space’s control.


Zhan Ye’s claw heavily slammed into the seal, trying to rip through with its own special energy.

However, the result was the same. Zhan Ye’s attacks couldn’t break through this barrier!

As Opposed to Zhan Ye and White Nightmare, Mo Xie instead was extremely calm…...

Her body slowly sank down as her silver pupils locked onto the deep red barrier. The silver moon mark on her forehead covered by royal flames slowly started reappearing.

“Mo Xie, don’t come out. Even if you mutate, you won’t be the match of all these rock statue guards!”

Deep in the rock statue guard crowd, he felt Mo Xie’s action.

The stage had eight hundred or so low class monarch rank rock statue guards, a hundred middle class monarch rank, and a few high class monarch rank. Even if Mo Xie became pseudo emperor, she wouldn’t be a match for this massive army. After all, Mo Xie wasn’t even tenth phase!

A ninth phase middle stage pseudo emperor rank, Mo Xie’s true strength would be around tenth phase top tier monarch rank. Adding moonlight, it would maybe add one more rank.

With such strength, against a hundred rock statue guards, she may have a chance of breaking free. However, facing an entire plaza of 1000 rock statue guards, even a pseudo-emperor will fall!

Chu Mu’s death meant the soul pact breaking. Mo Xie could still stay alive, continue to mutate, and reach the peak of soul pets- there was no need for her to die here with him…...


Suddenly, Mo Xie called out sharply!

Mo Xie’s gaze was very steady. The moonlight on her body was released, as the Silver Moon Fox’s seal breaking ability became blades of moonlight that gathered on her claws.

Seal Break!!

Finally, Mo Xie attacked, her claw becoming a seal breaking blade that ripped through the deep red seal and made a special opening!


Silver fur dancing grimly, Mo Xie’s spirited and powerful body became a silver blur as she swiftly darted out of the opening!

At the same instance, the seal completed!

Ye Wansheng, Ye Qingzi, Princess Jin Rou, Zhan Ye, and White Nightmare as well as all their soul pets instantly disappeared in the deep red seal diagram, completely disappearing from this plaza.

The last thing they saw was Mo Xie’s silver figure darting outwards, jumping straight into the masses of rock statue guards…...

From Mo Xie’s flying figure, they only saw determination- determination without any reason!

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