Chapter 555: Thousand Monarch Catastrophe, Self-Seal

Chapter 555: Thousand Monarch Catastrophe, Self-Seal

Finally, the deep green eyes began to move. Their hands were holding enormous blades composed of special rock. They slowly raised their hands and their eyes were filled with killing intent!1

The majesty of middle class monarchs immediately suppressed all directions. Si Tian suddenly discovered at this moment that he was being surrounded by several tenth phase middle class monarch rank statue guards. Moreover, they were launching attacks at him!!

The middle class monarch statue guards had shocking strength. Especially when they launched attacks at the same time. Even if Si Tian was wearing ninth rank armor, if he received their attacks without any other defenses, he would definitely be smashed to pieces!!

“How is this possible?!! How could they discover me?!!” Si Tian suddenly let out a cold sweat, and his eyes were filled with fear!

Si Tian was presently situated at the very center of the plaza. Around him were at least ten middle class monarch rank statue guards!

Si Tian had been so shocked that his face went pale. He hastily chanted an incantation, and summoned his Linyin Beast in front of him!

Si Tian’s summoning speed was very quickly. By the time the attacks came, the Linyin Beast had already appeared by his side and blocked the first round of attacks for him. However, these were ten middle class monarch rank statue guards. Even if the Linyin Beast was stronger, it could not block so many statue guards by itself.

Most importantly, the moment the Linyin Beast appeared, the low class monarch statue guards originally focusing on the Blood Beast Altar unexpectedly turned their heads and stared, eyes full of killing intent, at Si Tian’s Linyin Beast! 

There were at least 20 surrounding low class monarch statues. When twenty of them attacked, one could imagine how terrifying this was!!

Si Tian was dumbfounded. He never expected that when he awoke these statue guards, he would end up trapped in a plaza filled with death aura.

Suddenly, Si Tian realized something. He saw that he and his Linyin Beast had been completely drowned in the statue guard pack, and angrily shouted in a direction: “Qin Ye!!! You even tricked me!!! You don’t deserve a good death!!!” 

“Long long long long~~~~~~~~”

Si Tian’s roar was quickly engulfed by the noise of countless statue guards. Right now, it didn’t matter if Si Tian summoned soul pets. He would not be able to survive from the statue guards plaza...

Not long after, pieces of blood and flesh flew up from the center of the plaza. A captivating red colored splashed onto these grey colored statue guards, making them seem even more savage. 

Chu Mu and the three others were on the Blood Beast Altar, and clearly saw Si Tian’s death.

There were nearly a thousand statue guards in the plaza. No matter who it was, if one was stuck that deep, one was bound to die. 

Now, the four of them didn’t have the heart to feel stunned by Si Tian’s death because they were standing at the center of the plaza and the statue guards were currently surging towards the Blood Beast Altar!!

Ye Qingzi and Princess Jin Rou were so scared that they lost color in their faces. There were so many statue guards. If they launched attacks at the same time, the entire Blood Beast Altar would be destroyed!

“Chu Mu.” Ye Qingzi grabbed onto Chu Mu’s arm tightly. Her palm was already perspiring with small beads of sweat. 

Several hundreds of statue guards. This was practically an unstoppable force!

“Our ending will be like Si Tian…” Princess Jin Rou’s voice was slightly trembling as she spoke. 

“Dead. Dead. I never expected that I, Ye Wansheng, would die here!” Ye Wansheng said as he let out a great amount of sweat.

Even if there were only ten statue guards that simultaneously appeared, the four of them would find it extremely hard to deal with. Now a hundred statue guards had appeared!

“Princess, do you know how to use the Blood Beast Altar’s seal?” Chu Mu asked in a low voice.

Princess Jin Rou nodded her head. She was smart and quickly understood what Chu Mu wanted to do. In a bit of shock she asked: “You want to seal us inside?” 

Sealing oneself! Right now the only option was to seal themselves inside the Blood Beast Altar’s space in order to avoid this calamity! 

Chu Mu said: “We can’t deal with so many statue guards. We can only seal ourselves in the Blood Beast Altar. If you don’t know how to seal us, then we’ll see each other in the underworld.” 

“Opening the seal is like undoing the seal. We have to kill the guardian creature and use the soul remembrance to turn around the entire seal pattern and seal ourselves. However, the final guardian creature has hidden itself underneath the steps.” Princess Jin Rou pointed at the crafty guardian creature as she spoke. 

The guardian creature was also a statue guard. This statue guard was a completely deep blue color, and very easy to recognize. Si Tian had already killed the other five guardian creatures. He was in the process of killing the last one when Chu Mu arrived. Now, they had to kill this final statue creature in order to enter the seal. 

“Long long long long!!!!!!!!”

“Long long long long long!!!!!”

The enormous rock type energy practically filled the entire space with fine rock particles. These rocks continued to float up from the ground to the dark sky. It seemed as if the earth was about to flip as every particle began to fall to the sky! 

Rows of large bodies began to step towards the Blood Beast Altar. For each step these statue guards took, it was clearly possible to feel the entire plaza shake!

Green eyes upon green eyes stared at the four people on the Blood Beast Altar, and an enormous storm-like killing aura surged forwards!!

These statue guards protected the Blood Beast Altar, and didn’t dare damage it at all. Therefore, this prevented the statue guards from combining their strength to destroy the four people, because that would also entail damaging the Blood Beast Altar.

However, these statue guards continued to march towards the Blood Beast Altar and before long, the four people would be surrounded. When that time came, the long rock blades in their hands would rip them to shreds. 

“Zhi zhi zhi zhi~~~~”

In the black oppressive sky, an agile messenger soul pet was flusteredly flying about. Originally it had planned on collecting information from the altar plaza, but when it got near, it had been swept up by this enormous rock type aura and didn’t dare approach. It could only watch from afar and silently transmit information back to the soul pet trainers.

“Holy moly, the statue guards from the entire plaza have been awakened!!” 

“These are monarch rank statue guards. Any one of them is able to annihilate all of my soul pets, much less when they number nearly a thousand. How does Immortal City have such a terrifying place!!” 

The entire plaza erupted with noise. It had been a long while since they last heard information about the state of Chu Chen and Si Tian’s fight. However, when news once more came to them, the situation had completely changed.

Even if it was only an oral recount, everyone in the plaza could ostensibly sense what kind of shocking and terrifying scene had appeared on the Blood Beast Plaza!

“Aren’t Chu Chen and the others dead for sure?” when Shang Heng learned of this news, his face greatly changed.

“It’s over, it’s over. The leader and others are done… how could this happen. This simply isn’t a normal competition!” Zhao Cheng yelled.

Ting Lan bit her lips but didn’t speak. It didn’t matter that these were second grade competitors. Even if they were Palace Lord rank experts, they would still potentially perish!

Chu Ning and Chu Xing were both stunned. With great difficulty, they had witnessed Chu Mu take one step at a time until today. They had even prepared a family book to recount the tale of honor to their family. They never expected that such a terrifying catastrophe would occur in Immortal City!


On the altar plaza.

“Chu Mu, the seal seems to have been opened before, so some of the steps to open it will be saved. Right now, we only have to kill the guardian creature and the space inside the seal will be opened.” Princess Jin Rou immediately said to Chu Mu.

“But if we enter the seal, won’t we be locked in there the rest of our lives?” said Ye Wansheng.

“We won’t. As long as someone opens it, we’ll be able to leave. Moreover, this seal seems to have been broken by someone before. So if we use a rather strong attack from within, there is still hope of directly breaking the seal space.” said Princess Jin Rou.

“But… the moment we kill the guardian creature, the seal will appear. Once the seal appears, the seal’s strength will isolate the outer world with the space inside the seal. In other words, after we kill the guardian creature, we must head to the center of the altar as fast as possible, or we will be left outside.” said Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou’s words immediately caused the other three’s hearts to sink.

The meaning of these words was clearly that there had to be one soul pet that went to kill the guardian creature, but would unlikely return… 

Regardless if it was Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng or Princess Jin Rou, they saw their own soul pets as their lives. Having them sacrifice a soul pet was truly very difficult to do. Moreover, the guardian creature wasn’t weak. This wasn’t a task that any soul pet could do.

Most likely only Zhan Ye, the White Nightmare, Mo Xie and Princess Jin Rou’s White Nightmare could kill the wounded guardian creature by themselves. 

“After we kill the guardian creature, how long will the seal appear for?” Chu Mu broke the silence with a question.

The statue guards were nearing so they didn’t have time to think too much. 

“A second.” said Princess Jin Rou.

Chu Mu immediately swept his eyes over the blue guardian creature that was quickly about to submerge into the plaza. The expression on his face turned into one of concentration. 

“You guys stand at the center of the seal, including your soul pets.” Chu Mu said to the three others.

“Chu Mu?” Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu. She didn’t know what he wanted to do, but she had an ominous premonition. 

“Chu Mu, what are you going to do?” Ye Wansheng felt that there was something wrong.

“Don’t say anymore. Just do as I say.” Chu Mu repeated his words in a serious tone. 

The three people, upon seeing that Chu Mu’s tone was very heavy, didn’t dare say anymore. They hastily gathered at the center of the seal while also recalling their soul pets to their sides.

“Mo Xie, Zhan Ye, White Nightmare, you guys also go there.” Chu Mu said to his three main soul pets. 

“Wu wu wu~~~~~” Mo Xie quickly let out an unwilling shout. 

Mo Xie wanted to kill the guardian creature herself. With her speed, perhaps she had a chance of making it back.

“Nie~~~ nie~~~~” the White Nightmare also offered itself as a volunteer. Its Devil Phantom and Displacement Specter also meant it had a chance of instantaneously moving very far distances.

“Stand inside!” Chu Mu didn’t let his soul pets say anymore, and immediately gave his order.

When they found that Chu Mu was having his three soul pets stand in the center of the seal pattern, Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng and Princess Jin Rou all abruptly understood - Chu Mu wanted to kill the guardian creature himself!! 

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