Chapter 554: Awaken, The Entire Plaza’s Statue Guards (2)

Chapter 554: Awaken, The Entire Plaza’s Statue Guards (2)

“Long long long long~~~~~~~~~”

The ground began to shake. The dust from the twenty stone guards began to fall, slowly revealing their strong armored bodies. Their green eyes lit up, and they all stared at Mo Xie, who had fallen in between them. An enormous aura suddenly pressed down!!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!”

Mo Xie didn’t dare to stay there. She hastily used Illusion and transformed into four illusions that chaotically ran in the sight of the statue guards. 

Taking advantage of the statue guards being disrupted by the four illusions, Mo Xie urgently increased her speed!!

“Mo Xie, flee to the left!!” Chu Mu’s soul remembrance covered the surrounding area. In the shortest amount of time, he was able to determine where the least amount of statue guards were at. 

Mo Xie’s four paws practically didn’t even hit the ground. As she ran, even more statue guards were awoken by Mo Xie!

A second after she neared the statue guards, they would fully awaken. After fully awakening, these things would use their green colored eyes to fiercely stare at the creature that woke them up, before shaking off the dirt on their bodies and giving chase!

Therefore, Mo Xie could not stop for even a second in the hundred meter area. 

Fortunately, Mo Xie could travel over 200 meters in a second. Besides the original 20 statue guards that awoke, the others didn’t awake.

Moreover, the statue guards were not as fast as Mo Xie. Before they had awakened, Mo Xie had passed through the thinnest area of statue guards with her fastest speed. When she had agilely done so, she, in a very thrilling manner, fled back to the steps of the Blood Beast Altar. 

Ye Qingzi, who wasn’t far away, saw Chu Mu and Mo Xie flee back, and she silently let out a cold sweat for him. A little bit later and he probably would be attacked from all sides by over a hundred statue guards! 

“You managed to escape. Consider yourself lucky!” Si Tian harrumphed.

The moment his soul pets didn’t suffer from Ye Qingzi’s disturbance, Si Tian would definitely not allow Chu Mu to so easily escape from the altar plaza’s statue guards.

Si Tian swept his eyes over Ye Wansheng and Princess Jin Rou’s fight.

He wasn’t stupid. If those two managed to defeat the two statue guards and joined the fight here, he would not be able to fight one versus four.

However, right now, Si Tian could not defeat Chu Mu’s soul pets in such a short period of time. If things continued, the one who would lose would be him.

Indeed, as the fight persisted, Princess Jin Rou and Ye Wansheng defeated the two statue guards, and each lead their four soul pets to the Blood Beast Altar.

“Haha, the final honor belongs to us!” Ye Wansheng looked at Si Tian and laughed.

Si Tian really was strong, and the attributes of his soul pets hard countered Chu Mu. If Chu Mu was alone, he really would be in trouble.

But now that Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng, and Princess Jin Rou had made it to the Blood Beast Altar, Si Tian would no be the four of their opponent’s even if he was stronger.

Si Tian quickly retreated to the edge of the Blood Beast Altar, when Ye Wansheng and Princess Jin Rou were about to finish their fight. He clearly was preparing to flee.

“What publicly recognized number one. He was destroyed by us!” Ye Wansheng had no filter on his mouth, and pointed at Si Tian as he mocked him.

As he spoke, Ye Wansheng had his soul pets join in the fight to quickly force back Si Tian’s soul pets.

Si Tian grit his teeth. The main thing was that he never expected Chu Mu to possess an extremely powerful White Nightmare that allowed him to enter the Blood Beast Altar so quickly. Now, he was being surrounded by four people and would definitely lose.

Outside of the altar plaza.

“Quickly look, it’s Chu Chen and Si Tian!” a Soul Pet Palace member pointed at the Blood Beast Altar as he spoke.

The altar plaza was extremely special. When Chu Mu and the three others had passed through the pillared path, there had been statues which they got rid of. However, once they were defeated, another set of statue guards mysteriously replaced the defeated ones.

In other words, another set of statue guards had appeared again on the pillared path which Chu Mu had just walked. These statue guards were guarding the area when the Soul Pet Palace people arrived. If they wanted to approach the Blood Beast Altar, they would have to defeat the new set of statue guards that appeared.

The leader of the Soul Pet Palace team was Wu Qing. He stared at Chu Mu and Si Tian before saying: “It seems that Si Tian is paying bitterly.” 

Yes, Si Tian is only one person. That said, Chu Chen’s White Nightmare has a very oppressive majesty. It’s being suppressed by a light type soul pet, yet it can still use such powerful Nightmare techniques!” said one of the members. 

Wu Qing immediately shifted his gaze to Chu Mu’s White Nightmare. His face gradually filled with shock and after a while he said: “This White Nightmare is a ninth phase high stage high class monarch. However, relying on ninth rank armor, it’s strength rivals a tenth phase high class monarch!!” 

“A tenth phase high class monarch. How is that possible?!” the other few Soul Pet Palace members all stared with eyes wide open at Chu Mu’s White Nightmare.

“It’s really true. I’ve witnessed Si Tian’s Linyin Beast before. It’s a soul pet with two main attributes, beast and light. Its fighting strength rivals a high class monarch and this Linyin Beast has evidently reached the tenth phase. In these circumstances, that White Nightmare is still barely able to fight it to a standstill.” said Wu Qing.

“Si Tian has a tenth phase high class monarch, and so does Chu Mu. These two people are abnormal! With just one soul pet, they can sweep through our second grade!” the others had extremely strange expressions on their faces. 

These people didn’t even have tenth phase middle class monarchs. Yet, the two of them up there were both controlling tenth phase high class monarchs. The difference between them was too obvious!

“It seems that Si Tian is about to lose. Team leader, what should we do now?” asked a team member. 

“Let’s watch first.” Wu Qing didn’t immediately make his way over, merely watching from the side.

On the Blood Beast Altar, Si Tian’s four soul pets had evidently been wounded. Si Tian himself had no choice but to retreat outside of the Blood Beast Altar. 

“You can scram!” Chu Mu coldly said to Si Tian.

Chu Mu had no sense of good will towards Soul Alliance’s people, and Si Tian was no exception. 

Therefore, there was no sense of politeness in his words.

Si Tian’s face was extremely unsightly. He stared fiercely at Chu Mu and spoke in a low voice: “You guys believe that you can obtain the final honor? Too naive!!” 

“What? You think that you by yourself can deal with all of us?” Ye Wansheng enjoyed bullying others, especially when the bullied person was the legendary Soul Alliance Si Tian.

The feeling of making the second grade’s strongest person dejectedly leave was one which Ye Wansheng felt was very refreshing.

Si Tian coldly laughed, but immediately retreated from the plaza filled with various statues.

“Since I have methods of not awakening these statue guards, then I have methods of waking all of these statue guards. These statue guards are all protecting the Blood Beast Altar. If you guys leave the plaza right now, you will have to kill at least 15 statue guards. Your death is assured!” Si Tian continued retreating. As he did so, he recalled three of his soul pets back to their soul pet spaces, leaving only the Linyin Beast out. 

The Linyin Beast stopped fighting with the White Nightmare, and quickly retreated to Si Tian’s side.

“Hou hou!!!!!!!!!” suddenly, Si Tian’s Linyin Beast lt out a roar!!

Each piece of it’s dawn battle armor shimmered with a scorching light that grew increasingly resplendent!! 

Soon, the entire Blood Beast Altar was covered by light. It was dazzling and made it hard to even open one’s eyes! 

“I originally wanted to obtain the inner crystal from the Blood Beast here before slowly taking care of you. Since you guys have courted death, then don’t blame me!!” Si Tian’s voice suddenly rang out from the light.

The white light slowly ascended into the air and at the highest point gradually formed shapes. Suddenly, light swords began to rain down from the light onto the dusky plaza!

“Long long long long~~~~~~~”

The moment the radiance began to shed light, the entire plaza began to violently shake. An enormous rock type aura suddenly pervaded the entire plaza!!!

“What…. What’s happening!!!” the Soul Pet Palace members outside the plaza began to shout in shock.

The light was dazzling, but they were indistinctly able to see the statues in the plaza beginning to move!

“The statues… these statues have come alive!” a Soul Pet Palace person loudly yelled. 

The entire plaza was composed of densely packed statue guards. They resembled towering but life-like soldiers. Even if they weren’t moving, they gave people a lot of shock.

However, when all of the statue guards opened their green eyes, their eyes were like stars that covered the enormous plaza.This scene made it even harder for people to breathe! 

These were hundreds if not thousands of statue guards that were awakening!!

Each statue guards had strength that reached the tenth phase low class monarch. A hundred to thousand low class monarchs was a terrifying scene!!

“Quickly!!! We all need to leave this place. We absolutely cannot be locked onto by these statue guards, or our death is a certainty!” after Wu Qing saw the scene unfold, his face greatly changed!!

None of the statue guards had strength inferior to his soul pets. Moreover, even if there weren’t a thousand statue guards on the plaza, there were eight hundred. This was a legion of guards that was brimming with destruction. Even if one was stronger, one would not be able to block them!

“Haha, I’ll wait for you guys to die before coming back to collect your corpses!” Si Tian loudly laughed. He immediately recalled his Linyin Beast back to its soul pets space before walking forwards, alone, amongst the legion of countless statue guards! 

As he watched the statue guards that continued to awaken around him, a smile rose on Si Tian’s face. He silently thanked Qin Ye: If Qin Ye hadn’t told him of the matters about the Blood Beast Altar’s statue guards while also telling him how to not be attacked by them, he would not have been able to mount such a gorgeous counterattack! 

Therefore, if he could obtain the final honor, Si Tian really would deliver a big gift to Qin Ye who had instructed him.

However, as Si Tian proceeded forwards, he didn’t discover that some of the taller and sturdier statue guards had locked their green eyes onto him.

Si Tian still believed he wouldn’t receive the attacks of the statue guards as he walked among them. But he didn’t notice these eyes! 

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