Chapter 553: Awaken, The Rock Guardians of the Plaza (1)

Chapter 553: Awaken, The Rock Guardians of the Plaza (1)

“Ascent of the Demon Moon!”

The water glow slowly became a beam of demonic silver moonlight that spilled down from the downcast skies onto Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s silver fur started moving without any wind. An even more powerful nine tail inferno fox demon aura expanded outwards, causing Mo Xie’s aura to strengthen even further!

The Ascent of the Demon Moon’s effects, Mo Xie’s ninth phase middle stage to ninth phase high stage, raising their strength by 1!


Mo Xie’s speed suddenly increased, causing her long claws to burn with even stronger royal flames that continuously slashed through Si Tian’s soul pets!

Originally, Mo Xie’s attacks could barely break through the eighth soul armor wearing ninth phase high stage middle class monarch rank. Under the effects of Ascent of the Demon Moon, Mo Xie’s attack became stronger, able to break through this organisms defense as well as allow royal flames’ burning effect to flourish, pushing back the ninth phase high stage four winged snake demon.

A few support techniques later, Ye Qingzi’s Water Moon and Wood Tray Spirit casted healing techniques. The Wood Tray Spirit healed Mo Xie, while the Water Moon healed Zhan Ye. Very soon, the battle situation was no longer as difficult.

Si Tian glanced at Ye Qingzi’s support soul pets and furrowed his brows. He had heard of this powerful duo that took down the two most powerful Nightmare Palace members, and after Ye Qingzi’s string of techniques were cast, Si Tian’s advantage was gone.

“Get rid of his nine tail inferno fox first!” Si Tian realized that Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye couldn’t be killed in a short amount of time even with Lin Yin Beast.

Since it couldn’t be killed, Si Tian let his demon restrict the Zhan Ye, while his other middle class monarch rank attacked Mo Xie!

Tenth phase middle class monarch rank with a subtype that was clearly two ranks higher than Mo Xie. Adding on another soul pet similar strength to Mo Xie, Mo Xie clearly had difficulty dealing with these two soul pets.

“Qingzi, let your dream beast help my Zhan Ye get out of the mental restriction.” Chu Mu said to Ye QIngzi.

“But, doesn’t Mo Xie need my support more right now?” Ye QIngzi said questioningly.

Mo Xie was facing a ninth phase high stage middle class monarch and a tenth phase middle stage middle class monarch. She was facing the Hundred Blade Violent Insect, a bug type soul pet with extremely vicious attacks and would be shredded to pieces with a single bit of inattentiveness!

“Don’t worry, Mo Xie can handle it!” Chu Mu said seriously.


Mo Xie let out a battle hungry call.

Mutation needed the stimulation of battle. Only when facing a truly challenging fight will Mo Xie evoke the mutation blood she had in her!

“Mo Xie, first contend with the others!” Chu Mu said.

Mo Xie’s attack and defense weren’t the same as these two soul pets, but she had the absolute advantage in speed. Adding on Mo Xie’s dodging abilities, the two soul pets won’t be able to defeat Mo Xie in a short time.

Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu insisted on this and didn’t say any more. She told Purple Robed Dream Beast to float towards Zhan Ye and help it out with the battle against the demon.

Si Tian glanced coldly at Chu Mu.

Very quickly, he discovered that Chu Mu was standing at a place where he could directly be attacked. Immediately, Si Tian changed his strategy, and told his Hundred Blade Violent Insect to fake attack Mo Xie, but suddenly switch to attack Chu Mu himself.

Seeing the Hundred Blade Violent Insect jump over, Chu Mu showed astonishment.

Chu Mu was always very aware of his position on the battlefield. This position was always manipulated to ensure he couldn’t get directly attacked, and even if they tried, it would take a while.

However, due to the countless rock guards on Blood Beast Altar, Chu Mu’s movement was limited, and this slight slip had been accurately caught by this fellow!


Mo Xie very quickly noticed the Hundred Blade Violent Insect that leaped towards Chu Mu. Letting out an angry call, its nine tails started whipping around!

Nine Tail Confusion!!

Nine tail confusion had a similar effect to Displacement Specter, able to change locations and swiftly appear in another place amidst the illusions.

Mo Xie’s speed was faster than the Hundred Blade Violent Insect. After losing the ninth phase high stage middle class monarch, she immediately ran before Chu Mu.

To command Mo Xie better in battle, Chu Mu decided to jump directly onto Mo Xie’s back and lay low, very narrowly avoiding the Hundred Blade Violent Insect’s blades!


A few silver strands of fur floated down. The Hundred Blade Violent Insect was extremely terrifying. With Mo Xie’s defense, if she were hit a single time, it would result in a medium sized injury, or she could even be wounded heavily!

Missing a hit, the Hundred Blade Violent Insect immediately extended its six armor clad legs and chased up the altar’s stairs.

Another ninth phase high stage Four Winged Snake Demon blocked off Mo Xie’s other escape path, no longer giving Mo Xie enough movement space.

Mo Xie originally could still dart between the two soul pets’ attacks. However after Si Tian caught Chu Mu’s mistake, Mo Xie’s movement area was quickly restricted.

“Let’s see where you’ll dodge this time!” Si Tian smiled.

Giving a command out, the Hundred Blade Violent Insect’s razor sharp arms started waving around, creating criss crosses of blades that swiftly became a blade vortex that rolled towards Mo Xie, not giving Mo Xie any chance to dodge.

The lower altar that Mo Xie and Chu Mu were on was completely blocked off. The sharp blades each extended near hundred meters. Even the hardest black brick floors was ripped open with astonishing cracks. If a soul pet were there, it would definitely be ripped in half!

“Mo Xie, go down!” Chu Mu glanced at the densely packed statue guards in the plaza and commanded Mo Xie to charge right into them!

The entire altar plaza was almost full of statue guards. They way outnumbered the pillars in the tunnel. Almost being anywhere in this area would wake five statue guards up!

Facing the bug blade storm, Mo Xie had no other place to dodge. Jumping immediately off the plaza, her body became a magnificent flaming image that flew past the plaza’s edge!!


The royal flames remained on the plaza. Her dodging route neared many statue guards’ alert ranges. After the fire light flashed past, the dust on the statue guards started shaking off. Their green eyes lit up, as their heads turned over rigidly, staring coldly at Mo Xie who had awoken them.

Si Tian’s control over his soul pet was also very adept. After the Hundred Blade Violent Insect attacked, ninth phase high stage four winged snake demon suddenly leaped towards Mo Xie. Its long tail swung heavily towards Mo Xie and slapped Mo Xie and Chu Mu away and directly into the densely packed stone statue guards!


Mo Xie knocked down a statue guard and immediately stood back up, bringing Chu Mu onto her back with her tails.

“Mo Xie, quickly run, these rock guards are waking up!” Chu Mu glanced around.

There were hundreds and thousands of guards on the plaza. In the hundred meter radius around Mo Xie, there were at least 20 statue guards!!

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