Chapter 552: The strongest battle in second tier (2)

Chapter 552: The strongest battle in second tier (2)

A black little soul pet with meaty wings, like a bird or a bat, circled the skies of Immortal City.

These small soul pets were informational soul pets. They had no offensive power, and were completely the lowest level reconnaissance soul pets. They had very low intelligence- however, they could send everything they saw to their soul pet trainer through their mental connection.

At this moment, the Blood Beast Altar had one of these informational soul pets above it. It lightly landed on the pillar, its black eyes watching Chu Mu and Si Tian.

“Soul Palace Chu Chen and Soul Alliance Si Tian have met on the Blood Beast altar!”

The informational soul pet sent the message to the informational soul pet trainer, who then gave this information to the rest of the plaza, causing everyone to know about this new development in Immortal City!

“These two people finally met up! This is too exciting!!”

“The first and second strongest people are having a battle, and the victor will gain the final honor of second tier! I truly wish I was present to see just what soul pets they have, and how powerful their soul pet leading skills are!”

The battle between Chu Chen and Si Tian was easily the most awaited, as well as the most attention grabbing, battle. One must know that a true expert didn’t just have powerful soul pets, but also superior soul pet controlling skills. If one could see it first hand, the benefits would be immense!

“Soul palace Chu Chen has always been hiding his strength. He may actually get rid of Si Tian!!” People started discussing.

“How would Chu Chen be Si Tian’s opponent? Since he lost a soul in seventh realm, it’s four to three, Chu Chen definitely will lose.” Soul alliance Feng Kun said with disdain.

Feng Kun was the soul alliance member that was with Shen Yichen. In the battle against Chu Mu, he lost two souls. Before, he had the opportunity to win prizes in all the realms of Battle Of the Realm, but because of losing both his souls, he lost the chance to even participate in Battle of the Realm, so how could he not be angry?

Feng Kun and Si Tian had some relationship, so he specially told Si Tian to rip Chu Mu to pieces if they ever met, or else he wouldn’t be able to rid himself of the hate!

Outside was afire because of Chu Mu and Si Tian’s collision. Many soul pet trainers who hadn’t been paying much attention were drawn in by this commotion, and gathered on the Tianxia Plaza.

As the news spread, the entire Tianxia Plaza had a record amount of people, truly filling the entire area. Watching from above, the plaza barely had any empty space at all!!


“Strange, why isn’t there any news after this long?”

“What's the situation, why don’t the informational soul pets send more informational soul pets there?”

The more excited the people were, the more anxious they were too. Noticing that news between them wasn’t arriving, all sorts of angry shouting towards the informational soul pets started, almost matching certain sound type soul techniques in loudness!

The informational soul epts trainers were also sweating profusely. It wasn’t that they weren’t giving up any information, but for some reason, all the informational soul pets that originally had vision had lost it, most likely affected by the special ability of some organism in Immortal city.


Blood Beast Altar

Chu Mu had already summoned Mo Xie and Zhan Ye, battling against Si Tian on the blood altar.

Si Tian’s power was somewhat out of Chu Mu’s expectation. He also had a soul pet that was high class monarch rank!

Si Tian’s high class monarch rank was the soul palace seven diagram sacred beast Lin Yin Beast!

Lin Yin Beast was covered in dawnlight armor. Its body was like a tiger, majestic and sacred, emanating a holy energy all over!

The Lin Yin Beast’s sub type was light type. Si Tian’s Lin Yin Beast definitely wasn’t ordinary. Its sub light type was more powerful than any other Lin Yin Beast that Chu Mu had ever seen. This meant that both of its main types had very high talent!

Lin Yin Beast was middle class monarch rank. However, being this highly talented in two types meant that even without any strengthening, its fighting strength was high class monarch rank. It truly was a top quality soul pet, a royal amongst Lin Yin Beasts!

Chu Mu was facing the top tier members of a billion young generation members in Tianxia City. These people’s soul pet talents were each more abnormal than the last!

What Chu Mu was creasing his brow about was, if this Lin Yin Beast had such a powerful light type power, then the dark type Zhan Ye and White Nightmare would be restricted to some degree.

So, though White Nightmare’s strength was between high class and top tier monarch rank, against a light type soul pet, White Nightmare’s strength would be the equivalent of dropping a rank, causing it to be the same as this Lin Yin Beast!

Chu Mu’s main reliance was White Nightmare. If the White Nightmare couldn’t effectively use its power, then the triple control Chu Mu would definitely be at a disadvantage in battle.

“Your White Nightmare is indeed powerful. However, your luck is too bad and your soul pets are too one-sided.” Si Tian laughed.

After speaking, Si Tian directly commanded Lin Yin Beast to attack White Nightmare!

Under the effects of light, Lin Yin Beast’s speed increased even more. A slight flash passed on its dawn armor before it became a blur, appearing right in front of the White Nightmare!

White Nightmare didn’t know what fear was. Facing the type counter Lin Yin Beast, White Nightmare didn’t back off at all. Rolling up its nine underworld devil flames, it collided with the beast and light type energy of the lIn Yin Beast!

“White Nightmare, be careful and avoid its light type energy!” Chu Mu said to White Nightmare.

White NIghtmare’s temperament was very stubborn. If it fought as it currently was, it would definitely get wounded by light energy. The light type techniques will cause multiple times more damage for White Nightmare, so even if their strengths were even currently, in the collision of techniques, White Nightmare will still be the losing one.

White Nightmare’s dark type was relatively weak, so it only lost one rank. If it were a soul pet with more dark type, then being tow ranks down was a common matter.

Thus, soul pet trainers had to grow in all aspects. Simply cultivating one’s main soul pet would be useless no matter how powerful it was if one met a type or technique counter.

Type counter was indeed headache inducing. Without the type issue, Chu Mu could definitely use the White Nightmare to get rid of this second tier strongest member…...

White Nightmare was only able to get to the Lin Yin Beast. Zhan Ye’s broken limb rebirth was back to being available four times. Also, because of the growth in strength before, Zhan Ye would have a harder time gaining back its strength now.

Zhan Ye’s hardest counter was demon type. Once a demon type soul pet restricted its movement and technique, it didn't matter how many Broken Limb Rebirths it had.

Unluckily, Si Tian’s two middle class monarch ranks had one demon type!

Si Tian’s usage of soul pets was far beyond Chu Mu’s imagination. Under normal circumstances against demons, even if it were restricted, Zhan Ye could sort of cast a technique or two, causing damage to other soul pets.

Yet, this demon’s mental restrictive ability was more powerful than any Chu Mu had seen, causing Zhan Ye to be unable to use techniques at all!

In this situation, Zhan Ye still had to face two middle class monarch rank soul pets. It could be said that Zhan Ye was merely being attacked. If not for the ninth realm soul armor, it would be wounded all over already.

As for Mo Xie, she was ninth phase middle stage, stronger than Si Tian’s other middle class monarch rank, so facing it may be somewhat forced.

“White Nightmare and Zhan Ye have been countered!” Chu Mu secretly bit his teeth.

The only thing worth noting was Si Tian didn’t have any plant type soul pets.

Beast type soul pets were restricted by plant world soul pets to a certain degree. Mo Xie could use her fire type techniques when dealing with plant world.

Of course, Chu Mu knew that Mo Xie’s counters were ice and water type. If not for a water type plant world soul pet, facing an opponent even three ranks stronger would be fine.

“Its just a White Nightmare. No matter how powerful it is, it can’t threaten me. Your Mo Ye is already useless, and your Royal Nine Inferno Fox is ninth phase fourth stage. Truly weak. I can almost ignore these soul pets.” Si Tian easily controlled the battle, not letting Chu Mu have any time to take revenge.

Chu Mu had been worried his main type was too singular, possibly getting countered by other soul pet trainers and now, his ideas became reality.

“Qingzi, let us handle this. You go help Chu Mu.” Ye Wansheng quickly realized that the tragic Chu Mu had both of his main soul pets’ types countered.

Ye Qingzi looked ath Princess Jin Rou, who told her. “I can face, go help Chu Mu.”

Ye Qingzi nodded and rode her Purple Robed Dream Beast into the blood altar along with Water Moon and Wood Tray Spirit.

“Natural Wood Armor!”

Ye QIngzi muttered lightly, as a green glow appeared around the Wood Tray Spirit, slowly creating a young sprout-like branch that appeared on Zhan Ye’s body.

Zhan Ye was wearing ninth rank armor. Adding on its powerful life force, it may be completely countered by another middle class monarch rank, it wouldn’t lose in a short while. With Wood Tray Spirit's defensive ability, Zhan Ye’s injuries would be further lowered. In fact, even if Si Tian’s middle class monarch rank unceasingly threw spells at it, it may not do much real damage.

Zhan Ye’s defense and life force caused Si Tian to bite his teeth and think, “Powerful recover, powerful defense, and having been attacked this many times without dying, it truly is a tough nuisance!”

Si Tian originally wanted to restrict Zhan Ye and let another middle class monarch quickly kill it. However, the middle class monarch rank’s technique had went through all its techniques, and the mentally restricted Mo Ye was still standing. It truly was abnormal!

Now, with the natural wood armor, unless Si Tian’s middle class monarch rank had defense eroding abilities, killing Zhan Ye would cause his soul pet to die of fatigue as well!

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