Chapter 551: Second Grade’s Strongest Fight (1)

Chapter 551: Second Grade’s Strongest Fight (1)

Ye Wansheng’s Multicolored Devil Tiger was only at the ninth phase middle stage, and was two levels lower than a low class monarch. It would still be ok if it awoke one statue guard, but if it awoke two, it would definitely die. 

Ye Wansheng cursed, and chased a few steps after Si Tian before hastily urging the Multicolored Devil Tiger to turn around and flee miserably.

“Crap, that fellow spoke the truth. A hundred meters, and they’ll come alive!” Ye Wansheng said.

By now, Si Tian had already made it halfway. He suddenly stopped in his tracks and stared at Chu Mu and the others before saying: “It will take you guys two hours at least to stone statues, right? In two hours, I will have already brought the blood beast’s crystal awake. Therefore, I suggest that you best not waste time and obediently leave…”

After speaking, Si Tian arrogantly laughed, and continued walking to the blood beast altar. It didn’t matter how close he got to the stone statues, they wouldn’t awake.

“What are we going to do? This fellow probably has the strength to fight the final honor blood beast. If we are to waste too much time here, he will take the ninth realm’s final honor!” Ye Wansheng said in anger. 

“We have no other choice. We need to kill our way through.” said Chu Mu.

“Chu Mu, you should walk over without any soul pets. Perhaps you won’t wake them up without any soul pets.” Ye Wansheng pushed Chu Mu forwards as he spoke. 

“Why don’t you do that yourself?!” harrumphed Chu Mu.

If one didn’t bring a soul pet within the hundred meter range of the statue guard and suffered an attack, the danger would be extremely high if one was attacked. 

“Haha, your skin is very thick.” Ye Wansheng lightly laughed. 

Chu Mu had noticed that Si Tian didn’t bring any soul pets with him. Perhaps the statue guards waking up had something to do with soul pets.  

Promptly, Chu Mu attempted to walk forwards without any soul pets.

Soon, he stepped within the hundred meter range...

However, the statute guard still moved, and its pair of green eyes stared closely at Chu Mu! 

“Fight!” Chu Mu knew that this method didn’t work and they could only fight!

Chu Mu quickly retreated and had the Ghost King stand at the front of the fight. 

The Ghost King’s body burned with ghostly flames. Its body immediately grew from two meters to four meters. Facing the statue guards slowly coming alive, the Ghost King took the initiative to attack first. The monarch ghost sword fiercely hacked at the statue guard!!


A ghostly aura of a sword descended, heavily falling on the statue guard! 

The statue guard’s were forced back a few steps by its strength. Its enormous two feets were heavily pressed into the brick ground as it stabilized its body!!

“It wasn’t injured… this thing’s defense is very strong!” Chu Mu was silently shocked!

The Ghost King’s Monarch Ghost Transformation allowed its strength to double. A full strength swing of its sword caused its might to reach the ninth phase middle stage. However, this attack merely left a light wound on the statue guard’s body. In other words, the doubling of strength wasn’t able to break the enemy’s defense! 

A rock type soul pet’s superiority was in its defense and its attack strength may have been lacking. However, a low class monarch rock type was hard to kill. If they had to kill one at a time like this, Chu Mu and the others would have to kill fifteen of these ultra-defensive soul pets. 

“We should get rid of these as fast as possible.” said Princess Jin Rou.

As she spoke, she chanted an incantation and summoned her White Nightmare. 

Princess Jin Rou’s White Nightmare had already reached the ninth phase high stage. It would be much easier to deal with the low class monarch rank statue guards now. 

The White Nightmare Princess burned from head to toe with white demonic devil flames and immediately entered the fight, launching attacks at the statue guards! 

The White Nightmare Princess was the vanguard, while the other soul pets were its support. It wouldn’t be particularly difficult to kill the low class monarch statue guards, but their defense was annoying, as it wasted everyone’s time. 

It was two minutes before the first statue guard was defeated!

“Two minutes to get rid of one. All together, we’ll be able to get rid of them in under an hour!” said Ye Wansheng.

Chu Mu objected to this, because when he awoke the second statue guard, the third one woke up as well!

If they were to fight them one at a time, the concentrated soul pet attacks would speed up the fight a lot, but if multiple statue guards were to awake, the fight would definitely be elongated and become more dangerous!

“Two statue guards woke up at once. Ye Wansheng, have your Sword Beetle be the main attack force.” Chu Mu said to Ye Wansheng. 

Ye Wansheng’s Sword Beetle had already reached the ninth phase high stage. It wouldn’t be an issue for it to fight a statue guard head on. The other one would naturally had to be taken on by Princess Jin Rou’s White Nightmare. 

After six minutes, Chu Mu and the three others managed to kill these two statue guards with extremely high defense!

Ye Qingzi raised his head, and stared at the Blood Beast Altar at the very center. He discovered that Si Tian had already started fighting with the guardian creature. He probably wouldn’t be long before he would be able to open the sealed blood beast!

“If we continue like this, the final honor will definitely be taken by him.” Ye Qingzi began to fret.

Chu Mu swept his eyes over Si Tian. The guardian creature ostensibly wasn’t much of a threat and it really wouldn’t be long before he would be able to kill the guardian creature. Moreover, he was presently being tied up by the statue guards. 

“White Nightmare!” 

Chu Mu no longer held back. He promptly chanted an incantation, and his body began burning with ice cold nine underworld devil flames!

The nine underworld devil flames began expanding in all directions. Its chilling aura immediately woke up three statue guards!!

The dust from the three statue guards was shaken off as their enormous bodies began to move. Their green eyes lit up and they stared coldly at the extremely powerful White Nightmare!

As a high class monarch, the White Nightmare had an incomparably tyrannical aura. The White Nightmare didn’t put the three low class monarch statue guards in his eyes! 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

A nine underworld devil flame emerged on the White Nightmare’s palm. It transferred the burning soul energy onto the ground and immediately ten nine underworld devil flames began to shoot up from underneath the ground. They all began to burn around the three statue guards!!  

The three statue guards were immediately confined by the White Nightmare’s nine underworld devil flames. They stood in anger amidst the flames, and let out rock-like rumbling shouts at the White Nightmare! 

“You did well, get rid of the one on the left first!” Chu Mu had the White Nightmare split up the three statue guards with its nine underworld devil flames before having the other soul pets techniques strike the left statue guard!

“Beng!!!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!”

Techniques of various colors descended on the statue guards. All of these techniques had surpassed the  ninth rank in might. If it wasn’t due to the unique composition of Immortal City, the entire plaza probably would have already been blown to pieces by now after any one of these techniques descended! 

“Chu Mu, how did your White Nightmare get this strong?” Princess Jin Rou stared in a bit of shock at Chu Mu’s White Nightmare. 

The White Nightmare was a ninth phase high stage high class monarch, and its strength was probably a level higher than a tenth phase middle class monarch by a level. 

However, the White Nightmare displayed strength that had clearly reached that of a tenth phase high class monarch or perhaps even stronger. The low class monarch rank statue guards were unable to mount any resistance to the White Nightmare techniques. 

“A ninth rank soul armor and a ninth rank full form close combat soul equipment. Its wearing 15 billion worth of goods. Such strength is near the peak monarch. How can it not be strong?!” Ye Wansheng responded for Chu Mu with a face full of envy. 

These two pieces of equipment would easily raise the White Nightmare from the ninth phase highs tage to tenth phase in strength. Adding on the White Nightmare’s being innately one level higher in fighting strength, the White Nightmare’s strength was now in between a high class and peak monarch. These low class monarch statue guards were not on the same level as the White Nightmare. 

After fighting with the White Nightmare, the three statue guards were unable to last even two minutes before being defeated!


The subsequent statue guards were unable to pose much of an obstacle to the White Nightmare. Within five minutes, the low class monarch statue guards were all defeated with the exception of the last two middle class monarch rank statue guards. 

“Chu Mu, you go first. We’ll deal with the last two statue guards.” said Ye Wansheng. 

Chu Mu swept his eyes over Si Tian who was fighting the last guardian creature and nodded his head: “Be careful you guys.” 

After speaking, Chu Mu went forth to the Blood Beast Altar with his White Nightmare and Ghost King. 

The guardian creature’s strength wasn’t weak. Si Tian had focused all of his attention on the guardian creature, so he didn’t notice Chu Mu and the other’s fight with the statue guards. 

When Chu Mu brought his three soul pets up the steps, Soul Alliance’s Si Tian showed a shocked expression!

“How is this possible? How could you be so fast?!” Si Tian stared closely at Chu Mu!

At this moment, Si Tian discovered that Chu Mu’s three other companions were fighting with the last two middle class statue guards. Only, even if there still remained two statue guards, there was no way they could have arrived here so quickly! 

According to Si Tian’s estimates, Chu Mu and the others needed at least two hours before being able to kill all of the extremely high defense statue guards. This amount of time was enough for him to get rid of all the creatures in the Blood Beast Altar. 

However, not even fifteen minutes had passed, and Chu Mu had managed to make his way over!!

This was truly unexpected by Soul Alliance’s Si Tian!

“You were overly arrogant!” Chu Mu stood in front of Si Tian and spoke with disdain. 

Until now, Soul Alliance’s Si Tian was the publicly recognized strongest in the second grade. If this was the past, Chu Mu probably would have found it difficult to defeat even the secondary soul pets of an expert like this. 

But through the Battle of the Realm, Chu Mu’s strength had massively increased. Chu Mu didn’t even need to put the so-called strongest person like this! 

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