Chapter 550: Altar Plaza, Living Statue!

Chapter 550: Altar Plaza, Living Statue!

Within ten minutes, the entire group had been defeated!!

A moving fight to one’s content? 

The people that used “evenly matched” to describe this battle had frozen expressions. As for those supporting Xiao An and believing that Chu Chen and the others could be eliminated under his sneak attack, they had even stranger expressions!!

Due to the numerous soul pets in a group fight, the fight itself would continuously change. Fights would always last up to an hour and this was still when soul pets hadn’t been changed yet. 

Being able to end a fight in ten minutes meant that the discrepancy in the strength between the two parties was great - they weren’t on the same level!!

Yet, Xiao An was also a top five expert and when he fought with Chu Mu, he had been utterly defeated. This ending was a bit shocking!! 

“Chu Chen really can sweep through the second grade now. Those experts that we can only look up can already be easily crushed by him.” lamented Shang Heng.

“Perhaps this fellow is still hiding some main pet.” said Zhao Cheng.

“That’s impossible, right? He still has another main pet? These soul pets are already so abnormal!” a Soul Palace member said with a face of astonishment. 

Numerous Soul Palace members had witnessed Chu Mu’s fight with Jiang Yiteng. The elders in Soul Palace didn’t have any objections to Chu Mu’s White Nightmare, so what could they say as mere members of Soul Palace. So now, when Chu Mu continuously displayed extremely formidable fighting strength, these Soul Palace members would be shocked and excited. They all hoped that Chu Mu would be able to grab the second grade’s ultimate honor in an extremely valiant manner. 

“Haha, I was just mentioning this in passing. How could he still be hiding something.” laughed Zhao Cheng as he spoke. 


In Tianxia authority’s great hall…

“From the unstable situation of the seal, this blood beast’s strength could very well be rising!” one of the four seats, Hai Qiu, creased his brows as he spoke. 

“Before being sealed, it was merely a high class monarch. Are you saying that it could be increasing to the peak monarch rank right now?” 

“The likelihood of this is rather high. I just did a special investigation, and discovered that the blood aura is rather heavy.” said Xie Tao after returning from Immortal City. 

“Why didn’t you say something earlier? How could the people who investigated this make such a mistake?!” Hai Qiu was a bit angry as he spoke, 

“If it is a peak monarch, how many competitors will reach that place and suffer a complete defeat? Even if we go over now, we won’t make it in time. I’ll personally go anyways, and weaken that blood beast’s strength a bit.” said Xie Tao.

A peak commander was practically a death god in the second grade and even with numerous soul pets, one would still be instakilled. 

Under normal circumstances, the difficulty of the second grade’s ultimate honor was the tenth phase high class monarch. But this could always be defeated by the attacks of numerous competitors surrounding it. If the blood beast’s strength had raised by two grades, there was no one who would be able to obtain the ultimate honor.  

“Competitors normally need ten days before they will reach it. Xie Tao, you need to act quickly and injure that peak commander. That way there shouldn’t be a problem to release the competitors.” said Hai Qiu. 

Xie Tao nodded his head then left the Tianxia authority great hall, before heading towards Immortal City. 

The majority of sealed soul pets would be weakened because they hadn’t fought for a long time. However, there would be a few extremely tenacious soul pets that would temper their bodies in this vile environment and breakthrough in strength over a long period of time!


“Chu Mu, you should conserve as much strength as possible. Especially your main pets. The ninth realm’s final honor isn’t this easy to obtain.” said Ye Qingzi to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded his head and chanted an incantation, summoning the Ghost King and Binding Wind Spirit in front of him. 

The Ghost King had already reached the ninth phase second stage. With the eighth rank soul armor’s effect and Monarch Ghost Transformation, it wouldn’t be much of a problem to block a middle class monarch’s attack. Thus, the subsequent main attack force would naturally become Ye Wansheng and Princess Jin Rou. 

The path Princess Jin Rou chose was pretty much a straight line to the Blood Beast Altar. En route, although the four of them had taken a large detour, it hadn’t been a few days before they were gradually able to catch up to the other competitors. 

According to previous estimates, it would approximately take two days before they would reach the Blood Beast Altar. 

Princess Jin Rou estimated they would need only seven days using the path they took. However,  because they would encounter various creatures and competitors who would block their path, they would need at least eight to nine days. 

Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye would definitely not be able to fight for so long. Therefore, after his fight with Xiao An, Chu Mu recalled Zhan Ye back to its soul pet space, having it rest there and recover its Broken Limb Rebirth.


On the eighth day.

Chu Mu and the three others finally neared Blood Beast Altar. 

Under Blood Beast Altar, there was another altar plaza. The plaza took the form of a dodecagon, and it occupied a large area in Immortal City. 

From the edge of the plaza to the plaza in the middle were strewn numerous stone pillars inscribed with strange magical markings. These pillars were nearly thirty meters tall, and were smeared in an ashen white color; they carried the filth and dust from time. 

Twelve entrances meant that there were twelve ways to enter the altar. These paths were separated by pillars. Although the base of the altar was as wide as the plaza, what was shocking was that the pathways formed by the pillars were filled with extremely strange and crugged statues. Most of these statues were of savage creatures and they stood vividly in place. It seemed as if anyone dared enter their domain, they would “resurrect”! 

As for the black brick path among the twelve pathways formed by pillars that headed to the highest altar, it was also lined with several statues. Compared to the other pillar pathways that were littered with innumerable and closely packed statues, this pathways clearly had fewer. 

“I’ll scout ahead!” 

Ye Wansheng offered himself as volunteer. He rode on his ninth phase middle stage Multicolored Devil Tiger slowly towards the pillared path. 

The statues placed on the pillared path were lined up extremely evenly. Taking a glance, there were approximately a total of fifteen of them. These statues stood like a person and their bodies wore scaled armor. Their physique was much sturdier than humans and they resembled crawling creatures that stood up straight.  

On the head of statues were horns. Their five facial features were extremely prominent and they exuded a feeling of majesty. Most particularly, they had a long lizard-like tail. 

The four of them had never seem a creature like this before. Therefore, they were unable to find a name for it. Perhaps this was just some artistic statue in Immortal City. 

“How strong is the creature sealed by the Blood Beast Altar? It can’t be a middle class monarch, and should be at least a high class monarch, right?” Ye Wansheng turned his head and asked.

“It should be between the high class and peak monarch.” Princess Jin Rou gave a rather precise strength range. 

“But what…” Ye Wansheng was about to say something when he abruptly sensed something and swallowed his words! 

Something mysterious had occurred, and Ye Wansheng’s Multicolored Devil Tiger suddenly turned around and hastily began to run back to them. It looked as if it was releasing a cold sweat!!

“What’s the matter?” the three others asked curiously. 

Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi and Princess Jin Rou were standing behind Ye Wansheng so they hadn’t seen anything. 

“Goddamnit… the statue… is alive!” Ye Wansheng cursed! 

The other three’s eyes quickly fell on the statues, and they carefully took a look.

Only, no matter how hard they looked, these statues still looked like statues. There was no signs of life on them. Moreover, if these statues really were alive, how could they not sense any aura at such a close distance. 

“These are statue guards. These soul pets are a mixture of the rock and beast type. They have absolute strength and defense. The region that you live in doesn’t have them.” at this moment, a voice slowly came from behind them.

Chu Mu had previously sensed a movement behind them, and turned around when this person said something. 

When the voice rang out, the other three all showed vigilant expressions and looked closely at the unwelcomed visitor. 

The person who had come was alone. He didn’t even have a single soul pet next to him. It seemed that he guessed that Chu Mu and the others would not attack him. He didn’t stop in his tracks as he walked towards the four people. 

“These statue guards are all low class monarchs. The ones closer to the Blood Beast Altar are middle class monarch. Normally these stone guards wouldn’t have any signs of life. They completely resemble statues. However, when a person approaches within a hundred meters of them, they will come alive. In other words, there are a total of fifteen statue guards on this path, and only by getting rid of them will you be able to reach the Blood Beast Altar and open the Blood Beast Altar’s seal.” the man continued to speak.

While speaking, the man didn’t stop walking. He continued to walk forwards and even passed the four of them, stepping onto the path with a total of fifteen statue guards. 

“It’s Soul Alliance’s Si Tian.” Princess Jin Rou said to Chu Mu in a low voice. 

Chu Mu had previously recognized this person who was the strongest in the second grade and had entered Immortal City by himself. However, Chu Mu was extremely surprised because this fellow didn’t have any interest in fighting with competitors. Instead, he told them information about the statue guards. 

Soul Alliance’s Si Tian continuously walked forward and quickly entered the hundred meter range of the first statue… 

However, Chu Mu and the three others were extremely shocked because the statue guards didn’t show any signs of moving!

The statue guards didn’t “resurrect”. Soul Alliance’s Si Tian continued to walk forward. Even after passing by the second statue guard, there was still no reaction.

“I’ll just mention that I know how to ensure they don’t awaken. Therefore, I’ll be heading off first.” Si Tian turned around and a smile rose on his face as he spoke.

After speaking, Si Tian continued to walk towards the Bloodbeast Altar!

“Swindler! How rude!” Ye Wansheng immediately cursed. 

Ye Wansheng naturally did not believe Si Tian’s words, and urged his Multicolored Devil Tiger to charge over.

Only, when Ye Wansheng reached within a hundred meters, the first statue suddenly trembled and the dirt on its body began to shake off!! 

It was alive!! This statue guard really had come alive!!! 

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