Chapter 55: Summoning Three. All Dead

Chapter 55: Summoning Three. All Dead

“Ning, Ice Blade Storm!”

Chu Mu’s ice cold voice slowly rang out, as if a gust of cold air was proliferating!

While everyone was still shocked, the Ice Air Fairy had already begun to chant an incantation. Frosted Ice Blades twinkled under the rays of sunlight as they gradually began floating around the Ice Air Fairy’s body!!


The Ice Air Fairy let out a long cry and suddenly, the surrounding hundreds of Ice Blades began to violently whirl, forming a large storm. A white mist swept through the arched pillars and quickly swallowed Zhou Lijun’s Ice Air Fairy!

Zhou Lijun abruptly woke up, and she immediately began to chant an incantation, adding an Awning Light Shield around the Ice Air Fairy!!

Awning Light Shield was a spirit teacher technique. This ability, when used, consumed at least half the soul power of summoning a soul pet.

The Ice Air Fairy’s Ice Blade Storm didn’t last very long, and its might was only at the sixth level. The Awning Light Shield acted as a great defense, and the remaining Ice Blades only managed to leave shallow wounds on Zhou Lijun’s Ice Air Fairy!

“Ice Wall!”

Zhou Lijun used soul remembrance to order her soul pet.

Zhou Lijun’s Ice Air Fairy clearly could not control the ice attribute as well as Chu Mu’s Ning. Even if it was summoning an ice wall, it still needed a short moment to chant a fairy incantation

Two ten meter tall thick walls of ice quickly formed. With this layer of defense ensured, Zhou Lijun immediately began chanting an incantation to summon her third soul pet!

Purple arcs of lightning appeared around Zhou Lijun’s body. These lightning bolts moved downwards before wildly interweaving and twisting on the ground. Quickly, they interweaved to form an odd, purple colored design!

The purple colored lightning bolts with a bit of chaotic effect curled up the slender body that rose into the air. It silently floated there, as the surrounding ground was blasted apart by the violent scattered chaotic lightning bolts!!

Chaotic Thunder Sprite!!

Chaotic Thunder Sprite: Elemental World - thunder type - fairy race - Chaotic Thunder Sprite subrace - high class commander rank

The appearance of the fifth phase eighth stage Chaotic Thunder Sprite immediately set off a wave of sighs outside the stage. Such a high class commander rank soul pet, even if its aptitude was normal, would fetch a price of 300,000 gold coins. If its talent was slightly prominent, its value would easily rise by a million. Just like the second place prize, the Chaotic Thunder Sprite had a value of 3 million gold coins -  and its talent was exceptionally high!

The value of Zhou Lijun’s Chaotic Thunder Sprite was definitely inferior to the second place prize. Nonetheless, it would appear that its value wasn’t like those 300,000 normal quality ones either, especially since it had an eminently brash thunder and lightning aura that gave others a feeling of being struck to death by lightning if one were to approach closer!


Chu Mu’s expression was indifferent. While Zhou Lijun was summoning her third soul pet, his Ice Air Fairy and Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s brewing technique had already finished. The moment the fifth phase eighth stage Chaotic Thunder Sprite appeared, it instantly faced the attack of Chu Mu’s two soul pets!!

Regardless of whether it was the Ice Air Fairy or the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, after undergoing Chu Mu’s strengthening and expensive training, releasing a technique of seventh level in might wasn’t any problem.

Currently, the technique that Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier were brewing had a seventh level might. Although the Chaotic Thunder Sprite was ranked highly, in front of two seventh level ice type technique and wood type technique respectively, it would still be very hard to bear!!



Ice Air Dance, the seventh level Ice Air Dance quickly formed!

Immediately, it transformed Zhou Lijun’s location into a white mist that shot cold lights in all four directions!!!

Root Puncture! Under the Demon Wood’s effect, Root Puncture’s might had doubled. Over fifty incomparably sharp Root Punctures suddenly shot out of the ground from within the Ice Air Dance technique!!

The towering pillars came crashing to the ground with a rumble under the might of the two powerful techniques, firmly falling onto the Ice Air Fairy that had used the Ice Armor technique!

Zhou Lijun’s Ice Air Fairy didn’t manage to get up in time before over fifty Demon Wood Root Punctures violently attacked its thick ice armor.

If it were only a few Demon Wood roots, the sixth phase sixth stage Ice Air Fairy’s defense would perhaps still be able to withstand them, but the consecutive onslaught of the 50 plus roots would shatter the defense, even if it had reached the seventh level!!

“Pu pu pu!!!!”

Numerous punctures promptly appeared within Zhou Lijun’s Ice Air Fiary. Zhou Lijun herself, standing in the white hazy Ice Air Dance, simply didn’t manage to swap her soul pet. The sixth phase sixth stage Ice Air Fairy was instantly penetrated and revealed tens of holes. Finally, under the powerful Ice Air Dance, it was torn into numerous shattered pieces!

The Chaotic Thunder Sprite hadn’t even used one technique before it was also engulfed by the seventh level Ice Air Dance. On its body appeared a plethora of wounds. However, that was it. It managed to barely bear being enveloped by the seventh level technique. Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy suddenly let out a long cry!


Double the discharge, the techniques superpositioned! The power doubled!

The Ice Air Dance hadn’t dissipated when the Ice Air Fairy that controlled the Superposition technique tyrannically used a second Ice Air Dance. An even more terrifying ice crystal was released around the Chaotic Thunder Sprite’s body, as petal after petal of sharp edges tore open the Chaotic Thunder Sprite’s body!

The Chaotic Thunder Sprite was only fifth phase eighth stage and its defense hadn’t even reached the seventh level. Thus it could only be imagined how terrifying this double superposition technique was!

“Quickly! Soul remembrance protection!!”

Just at this moment, the young family head of the Zhou Family, Zhou Shangke, suddenly yelled towards Zhou Lijun- in spite of the rules,!

Zhou Lijun was stunned, and somewhat ineffably used soul remembrance protection!

However, at the same moment that Zhou Lijun completed her soul remembrance protection, a wave of frightening frost poison was abruptly transmitted from the Chaotic Thunder Sprite’s mental feedback!!

Two soul pets had been instantly obliterated, while Zhou Lijun’s body, which suffered from the frost poison invasion, shook from head to toe. Unexpectedly, she suddenly sat on the ground, her face pale white and her pupils dilated!!

The arrival of the threat of death at this moment was too sudden!

In that instant, Zhou Lijun felt the onslaught of death. If she had been only a second slower, her soul would have suffered from the frost poison invasion; subsequently, her internal organs would have been frozen into a piece of ice!!

“Hu hu hu~~~~~”

The icy and snowy gale which the Ice Air Dance had stirred whistled about on the level and expansive plaza battlefield, giving people a feeling of serenity!

No matter if it was a great family member sitting in the audience seats, or the people standing and watching, they were all so shocked that they couldn’t speak!!

No one would have thought that Zhou Lijun with both the rank and phase/stage advantage would lose; furthermore, noone thought that her three soul pets would all be instantly obliterated!!

This was a battle where the Chu Family fought a war of attrition while at the disadvantage?

This was even more ridiculous than the large difference when the strongest fought the weakest. Surprisingly, two minutes hadn’t even passed before the battle had ended!

Chu Mu indifferently walked forward. His gaze was cold and arrogant as he looked down on Zhou Lijun who sat on the floor and looked as if she had lost her soul. Without any sentiments he said: “You summoned three soul pets, they all died…”

Why would the current Zhou Lijun have the arrogance and contempt from before? Facing Chu Mu, who just now very terrifyingly didn’t have any hesitation to kill, she wasn’t able to say anything. Only, she unceasingly retreated...

“You… you unexpectedly dared to kill!!”

Zhou Shangke finally erupted!!

Such micro yet deadly control to manipulate the cold poison to invade was undetectable to all but a few. If Zhou Shangke himself didn’t also have an Ice Air Fairy and thus had a very good understanding of Ice Air Fairies’ frost poison invasion, the totally oblivious Zhou Lijun would have already died with her three soul pets just now!

Zhou Shangke jumped onto the plaza stadium and ran in front of Zhou Lijun. He picked up and carried Zhou Lijun who was so shocked she couldn’t even speak. In his anger, his arms were shaking!

The Chu Family’s Chu Tianheng abruptly awoke from his shock and identically forced his way onto the plaza stadium, facing off against the threatening Zhou Shangke!

“These two honorable people. Please leave the battlefield, otherwise don’t blame me if I’m impolite!” suddenly shouted the organizer from another high ranking city.

The organizer was from the Luo Region’s ninth ranked city, Blue River City. In the entire Luo Region, he had very renowned prestige, and even the city lord Yang Kuo had to deferentially call him old senior.

Thus, his words held the most authority in the Recommendation. Despite Zhou Shangke’s anger, which was on the edge of bursting out, he could only suppress it. Carrying the shivering in fear Zhou Lijun, he walked off the plaza battlefield!

Seeing that Zhou Shangke had already retreated, Chu Tianheng naturally didn’t want to break the rules. He nodded at Chu Mu and immediately withdrew.

From the moment Chu Mu defeated Zhou Lijun to when the Zhou and Chu Families conflicted, the entire plaza battlefield was exceptionally silent. This continued on until this organizer from Blue River City said “continue”, whereby the area around the plaza battlefield erupted!!

“Is this truly that brat whose soul pet defected four years ago?!!”

“I’ve never seen such a powerful Ice Air Fairy and Devil Tree Battle Soldier. With such strength, even a normal commander rank would find it hard to deal with!”

“This Chu Mu didn’t die. The Chu Family definitely had him undergo secret training for four years. Afterwards, he became a trump card for them at the Recommendation!!”

Various noises rang out. No one expected that the most looked down upon Chu Mu would unexpectedly defeat Zhou Lijun with absolute superiority!

“Chu Ming, oh Chu Ming. I truly didn’t think that you would retain such a trump card. I thought that you wanted Chu Mu to fight a battle of attrition and prudently lose this fight. Who would have thought that you would have spent such hard earned savings to purchase Chu Mu such powerful soul pets. Experience truly matters. Your old shrewdness is more profound than most others!” with an appearance of sudden understanding, the Qin Family head, Qin Chang spoke to Chu Ming.

Chu Ming’s face was creased and his eyes were still wide open. When Qin Chang said these words, he somewhat reawakened.

“Haha, please, please…” Chu Ming politely laughed in reply to Qin Chang.

In reality, Chu Ming actually wanted the person with the weakest strength, Chu Mu, to fight a battle of attrition. Thus this battle would inevitably be lost.

However, how would he have expected Chu Mu to bring him such a shocking outcome?

As for spending a large sum of money to purchase two soul pets with such a terrifying talent, Chu Ming himself was endlessly shocked. He had never spent such money to buy Chu Mu such soul pets. The one thing he had bought for Chu Mu, the 700,000 Mo Ye, had been declined by him. As for where he obtained such powerful soul pets, Chu Ming himself really wanted to know!

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