Chapter 549: Ten Minutes, Entire Team Gone!

Chapter 549: Ten Minutes, Entire Team Gone!

“Chu Chen’s team ran into Xiao An’s team!”

“Soul Palace Chu Chen, they bumped into the fifth ranking Xiao An’s team!!!”

Chu Mu’s team was in the spotlight of everyone’s attention. Now they were against the fifth rank Xiao An, and it lifted up an even greater upsurge.

People very much wanted to know whether the two experts will collide!

There was only one position for final honor. Getting rid of other competitors before entering the Blood Beast Altar was a must!


“Both sides decided to avoid each other, so no clash happened.”


Once this news spread, everyone booed in displeasure.

The contest between players was easily the most eye-catching. These battles were usually the most interesting, especially with matches like Soul Palace Chu Chen and Xiao An, who both had a chance to get the final honor, .

It was a shame that both sides had decided to avoid each other, and not immediately fight.

“Xiao An is very wise. One has to know that Chu Chen defeated two middle class monarch ranks with just a Mo Ye. Soul palace Chu Chen may be able to wipe his team out by himself. If they clashed head on, Xiao An is dead for sure.”

“Xia An has a tenth phase middle class monarch too, I think……” the audience murmured.

“Speaking of which, the players in Immortal City shouldn’t know each others’ situations, right.” Shang Heng said to himself.

“Of course. Informational soul pets directly tell their soul pet trainers the situation, which is then sent to us in the outside. Contestants shouldn’t be able to learn of each others’ situation.

“Ugh, then these contestants probably still don’t know that, other than Chu Chen’s White NIghtmare, he also had a tenth phase Mo Ye able to defeat two tenth phase middle class monarch ranks in five minutes!!” Shang Heng said.

“Hehe, if some contestant can’t hold themselves back and want to find trouble with Chu Mu, they will be screwed. Speaking of which, Chu Mu’s Mo Ye seems to be able to raise its strength constantly. This means the longer it fights, the more powerful it gets. Maybe tenth phase middle class wasn’t even the end to its strength.” Ting Lan smiled and said.

Hearing Ting Lan, the soul palace members sitting in soul palace all sucked in a breath!

If this were real, the main soul pet’s strength could reach tenth phase high class monarch rank, meaning Chu Mu could easily defeat the ninth realm final honor sealed organism!


Immortal City Xiao An had four people as well. Xiao An was fifth on the rankings, while the others were respectively 7th,11th, and 13th- a very top tier team even in this competition.

Their team of four crossed Chu Mu’s team, but didn’t walk along their original path, instead stopping to discuss.

“Soul palace Chu Chen must be removed. He is very threatening to us, especially with his powerful White Nightmare. It was this white nightmare that helped him beat Jiang Yiteng. You’ve seen already that his other soul pets aren’t much.” Xiao An said strictly.

When Chu Mu’s team passed by, Xiao An specially glanced at their soul pet formation.

Including Chu Mu, the entire team’s soul pet strength was around ninth phase middle class monarch rank. This was the average of most ninth phase competitors. So, the moment they saw this, Xiao An had wanted to fight.

However, Xiao An very smartly avoided direct contact. Though their soul pet formation was ninth phase middle class monarch rank, if they were to truly fight, Chu Mu had a support soul pet trainer that could quickly heal him.

“Then we’re going to ambush them?” Seventh realm Shan Kingdom Miu Jie said.

“Of course it’s a sneak attack. It would be best if we don’t even give Chu Mu the chance to summon his White Nightmare, so we have to send one person to heavily restrict Chu Chen’s summon! Or else, once his white nightmare appears, it will be trouble for all of us.” Xiao An said.

“Leave that to my demon. My demon is ninth phase eighth stage, so restricting him will be a piece of cake as long as you can quickly get rid of the other soul pets. And the support soul pet trainer, we have to get rid of that person as quickly as possible.” Liao Jie said.

“Yes, then let us do that.”


Chu Mu, Ye Wansheng, Ye Qingzi, and Princess Jin Rou were all double control, so their soul pet formation didn’t seem like much, especially after Zhan Ye was disguised by Purple Robed Dream Beast.

“Chu Mu, your Zhan Ye’s strength is weakening.” Ye Wansheng looked at Chu Mu’s Mo Ye and said.

About half an hour after Zhan Ye stopped fighting, its strength would slowly decay. After two hours, it would revert to its original phase and stage.

“Just in time, some people are going to use their soul pets to feed my Zhan Ye’s strength.” Chu Mu glanced behind them and smiled.

Chu Mu was a seventh remembrance soul master. Even in first tier, there were barely any with higher soul remembrance. As for those following him waiting to ambush him, their actions were even more laughable.

“Zhan Ye, get ready to kill a lot!” Chu Mu said to Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye’s strength was back to ninth phase ninth stage. However, after fighting against this crowd, his strength would definitely raise back to a certain level.

Ye Qingzi also noticed these people’s intentions, so she immediately cast an incantation to give Zhan Ye more life force.

Indeed, a few very carefully hidden demons appeared behind the four of them. They were slowly nearing Chu Mu, hiding inside the forest’s black plant wall while eyeing everyone’s soul pets tightly.

Chu Mu didn’t hurry. Only when these ambushers’ soul pets all appeared did they quietly give a command to Zhan Ye.

One of the demons seem to have locked onto Dream Beast’s disguised Zhan Ye. It very slowly crawled behind Zhan Ye, extending its sharp claw, wanting to end it in one blow.

“A ninth phase second stage Mo Ye, heng heng. Attacked by my demon, it is definitely dead in one blow……” Hidden in a dark corner, Liao Jie started chuckling coldly.


Almost the moment Liao Jie gave the command to attack, the cold claws flashed past menacingly.

Blood immediately splattered out, painting the black plant wall.

A skull fell to the ground. However, it wasn’t Chu Mu’s Mo Ye’s head, but instead it was Liao Jie’s demon’s head!

“How is that possible!!” Xiao An immediately opened his eyes wide, staring alarmedly at the place where blood splattered!!

A pair of icy black eyes suddenly locked on to him. It was the ninth phase second stage Mo Ye. However, the dark aura it was emanating was very close to tenth phase!

“This is a tenth phase Mo Ye!!!” Xiao An’s face changed. He dared not to keep anything back, immediately summoning his most powerful soul pet!

The others showed faces of shock as well. When they were observing, the Mo Ye only seemed to be ninth phase second stage. How was it instantly tenth phase now!

The battle blew up within the moment. Every soul pet on Chu Mu’s side immediately fought back, causing brilliant techniques to fly everywhere, blasting the soul pets on Xiao An’s side.

All these people were ready to assault, how would they expect the opponent to be ready for it. After this round of techniques, they immediately panicked.


Zhan Ye was even fiercer. Not needing any other soul pet’s cover, its body became a black light that hurtled right into Xiao An’s multiple soul pet formation!

Xiao An summoned a similarly tenth phase middle class monarch rank to fight Zhan Ye. However, even with the same phase and stage, Zhan Ye used its seven times life force, recovery force, as well as the ninth rank soul armor to render Xiao An’s tenth phase middle class monarch rank useless.

In fact, even if everyone’s soul pets attacked Zhan Ye at once, Zhan Ye would still only suffer light injuries. Instead, all of their soul pets were constantly getting wounded!

“How can we not even break its defense!! This isn’t possible, definitely not possible- how is this Mo Ye this powerful!!” With only a few rounds of fighting, the soul pets on Xiao An’s side had lost. This entire battle was the Mo Ye’s stage as it continuously instantly killed multiple ninth phase middle class soul pets!!

“Heavens, its strength is increasing!!!” The pale faced Liao Jie yelled out.

Zhan Ye’s strength again stepped into tenth phase. What was even more nightmarish was, this Mo Ye cast Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation, increasing its rank even further!!

Tenth phase middle class monarch rank was already terrifying. With Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation, it was a one way slaughter, especially when this soul pet could completely ignore all techniques thrown at it!

Even the fifth rank Xiao An was staring dumbly at this scene!

The other soul pets on Chu Mu’s side were about the same as theirs. Judging by quantity, Xiao An’s side was supposed to win. However, this Mo Ye was terrifyingly powerful, causing the fight to become one sided!!



“Xiao An’s team attacked Chu Chen’s team, causing both sides to enter a skirmish.”

The news quickly spread to the rest of the plaza. Those who were still disappointed immediately leaped up in joy.

The clash between experts was always the biggest anticipation for all the spectators!

“This battle should be very interesting; after all, Xiao An is powerful too!”

“Maybe not. The moment Chu Chen summons his white nightmare, no one will be able to fight with him.”

“Xiao An has a powerful main soul pet too, so its hard to judge who will win and who will lose.”

Everyone started guessing the result of this battle. These people all wished they were informational soul pets right now, able to see for themselves the battle between second strongest and fifth strongest.


Ten minutes later, just as everyone was guessing about the fight, more news came.

At first, everyone thought that some important information was revealed in the battle, so they were passing it back to let everyone know.

Yet, when the news was announced, the entire plaza went silent for a few seconds!!

“Xiao An’s team, entire team completely annihilated!!”

Ten minutes time, team annihilation!!

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