Chapter 548: Two Mo Ye? Ninth Phase Middle Stage? Tenth Phase?

Chapter 548: Two Mo Ye? Ninth Phase Middle Stage? Tenth Phase?

Authors Note: (Now that most soul pets are around tenth phase, to more directly show strength, they will no longer use “middle class monarch rank” to classify strength. From now on, tenth phase will be the default, and fighting strength will be described by ranking differences. In other words, with no “stage and phase” before, the strength is assumed to be tenth phase.)

Tianxia Plaza had experienced three days already. Within Immortal City, there was constantly information spreading out. In the short three days, there were a full 40 people eliminated.

According to the Battle of the Realm’s official information, in these three days, there was almost no one that truly travelled even halfway to the final destination.

Everyone knew it got more dangerous the further you entered. At barely halfway, there were already 40 people eliminated. This statistic was very surprising!

“The three man team with Ban Tuo as lead has unintentionally activated a defending organism’s seal, being attacked by two tenth phase low class monarchs!”

The informational soul pet trainers told the competition staff, and then spread the information to the rest of the competition.

“Two tenth phase low class monarch ranks. Even ninth realm competitors only had an average of tenth phase top tier commander rank. Facing a two rank gap, and having two appear at once, aren’t they done for?” Discussion from the audience started.

Young generation members from all factions, from kingdoms, from regions, even many non-young generation members were all in a constant state of shock as the news of ever stronger soul pets transmitted out!

Tenth phase low class monarch, a young generation member with such a soul pet could stand at the peak of young generation!

However, in Immortal City, they were like the most common creature;  one could constantly hear teams battling such level of organisms.

After about 10 minutes, another piece of news spread out, also about the three person Ban Luo team.

“Three people killed a low class monarch, but now everyone is annihilated!”

After the news came from the competition guard, it caused another wave of shock. Team annihilation meant soul pets and their trainers all died!

“Immortal City Chaotic Burial Path has two middle class monarch rank appearances!!” Very quickly, another informational soul pet trainer brought even more shocking news.

Middle class monarch rank!! Without a doubt, all organisms in Immortal City have reached tenth phase!!

These were organisms able to instantly kill ninth realm contestants. Hearing this message, the entire Tianxia Plaza blew up!!

“Who…...who is there?” “Whoever it is, there is only one result, death!” Indeed, news travelled back quickly. A small team walked into Chaotic Burial Path without knowing and almost every minute the news of someone dying came.

“Such a terrifying Immortal City. I don’t know what Chu Chen is doing now. Its been three days, yet none of the informational soul pets have caught their situation.” Shang Heng said.

“Have they gone the wrong way? How else would there be no information?” Ting Lan said worriedly.

Immortal City had many informational wing type soul pets that were connected with soul pet trainers. These small soul pets don’t get attacked. After all, they don’t have an aura at all. Powerful soul pets view them like fleas.

 “Hei, there’s news of Chu Chen over there!” Zhao Cheng suddenly shouted.

Ting Lan, Shang Heng, and Zhao Cheng all had positions in soul palace. They were different from the people who stood in Tianxia Plaza waiting for his competitors. They had their own positions, and could instantly find out about information from the competition staff immediately.

“Soul palace Chu Chen appeared on Chaotic Burial Path, he seems like he wants to go right through the path!!”

The news came, and everyone got pumped up with excitement!

The top ten seeded players’ news were usually the most welcome, especially second rank players like Chu Mu.

“Soul palace Chu Chen” The moment this name appeared, the raucous Tianxia Plaza blew up with discussion.

“Chaotic Burial Path has two middle class monarchs, does he want to go right through?”

“The white nightmare grew to ninth phase high stage, so its strength is similar to a tenth phase middle class monarch rank. Facing one middle class monarch rank shouldn’t be an issue.” Everyone started guessed whether Chu Mu could defeat the two shocking middle class monarch ranks!

Very quickly, another piece of news came.

“Soul palace Chu Chen killed the two middle class monarch ranks, and his soul pet formation....”

“Heavens, soul palace Chu Chen defeated the two middle class monarch rank with a single soul pet!!”

After the competition guard sent this message out, everyone was stirred up!

Low class monarch rank was enough to annihilate many competitors. Middle class monarch ranks were even more destructive organisms. People originally thought that no matter how powerful Chu Chen was, he would need to fight these organisms through hundreds of clashes.

Yet, what shocked everyone was, he killed these two almost second tier invincible middle class monarch ranks with a single soul pet!!

“He didn’t even summon his White Nightmare! Chu Mu’s soul pets are too overpowered!!” Zhao Cheng almost thought he heard incorrectly!

Soul palace also had other members enter ninth realm. Many of them Zhao Cheng knew, and a single tenth phase middle class monarch rank could spell their end!!

However, from the time it took from Chu Mu meeting those two organisms to defeating them, he took merely five minutes. Able to kill two defending organisms that would usually scare other players with one soul pet, didn’t that speak for itself?

“How is this possible, Chu Chen’s Mo Ye is only ninth phase middle stage. However, the informational soul pets say the Mo Ye is tenth phase, a tenth phase middle class monarch rank!!” “Tenth phase middle class monarch rank, when could Chu Chen have such a soul pet? Could he be hiding a soul pet? This main soul pet’s strength isn’t weaker than invincible White Nightmare!!”

In a moment, everyone decided that Chu Mu must have two Mo Ye’s, one ninth phase middle class with broken limb rebirth, while the other was tenth phase middle class monarch rank!!

The commotion lasted a very long time!!

No one would’ve thought that Chu Mu, who came to fame because of White Nightmare, was still hiding a tenth phase middle class monarch rank.

This meant that the eighth realm, Soul palace Chu Chen hadn’t even shown all his main soul pets!!

In the soul palace seat, Shang Heng, Ting Lan,  andZhao Cheng were all staring at each other in dismay.

After a long while, Zhao Cheng finally broke through the silence, “Chu Mu should only have one Mo Ye, right?”

“En, tenth phase Mo Ye… most likely is the same one.” Ting Lan said.

“It definitely is the same one. Initially in the fight against Shen Yichen. Chu Mu’s Mo Ye went from eighth phase low stage all the way to eighth phase high stage. Now this Mo Ye is tenth phase, it definitely was the result of growing from ninth phase middle stage through its species techniques!” Shang Heng said with a face full of shock.

“His Mo Ye is wearing ninth rank soul armor. When it was ninth phase middle class, tenth phase middle class monarch rank Gluttonous INsect Monster could barely break its defense. Now that it is tenth phase middle class monarch rank, even high class monarch ranks will have difficulty breaking through its defense!!” Only Shang Heng and Ting Lan witnessed Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye’s special abilities, and only they knew that Chu Mu only had one Mo Ye, but it was one that could explode in strength and defeat soul pets beyond ranks!

Immortal City Zhan Ye was full of blood as it walked out of the two massive middle class monarch ranks’ corpses, standing beside Ye QIngzi’s soul pets silently waiting for treatment.

It was almost the fourth day. Chu Mu’s people had gotten rid of the first defending soul pets and immediately went onto the path to frenziedly catch up to the other competitors.

Along this way, Zhan Ye was continuously fighting, and had already reached tenth phase!

Zhan Ye was still wearing ninth phase soul armor. Even high class monarch rank soul pets need a while to break through Zhan Ye’s defense, let alone two middle class monarch rank soul pets.

Thus, two middle class monarch rank soul pets wasn’t too hard for Zhan Ye to deal with. With Ye Qingzi’s support, it was very effortless.

“Chu Mu, your Mo Ye’s aura is too powerful, it may attract some powerful soul pets’ surrounding attacks. Let my dream beast hide your aura a little.” Ye Qingzi said to Chu Mu. Chu Mu nodded.

Under normal situations, once Zhan Ye’s stamina was used up, no matter how much Brave Stinging Heart had raised its strength, it will fall back down.

However, Ye Qingzi had made stamina recover medicine for it, in addition to constantly healing its wounds, lengthening Zhan Ye’s stamina.

Zhan Ye’s own endurance was very powerful as well. Battle, rest, battle, rest, this loop made Zhan Ye’s strength to constantly fluctuate. Under normal conditions, it could stay between ninth phase top tier and tenth phase.

The reason Chu Mu summoned Zhan Ye the moment he entered Immortal City was to raise its strength. Waiting for the key battle, he wanted Zhan Ye to reach tenth phase high class monarch rank through its Horned Armored Beast runes, Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation, as well as Brave Stinging Heart.

Of course, Chu Mu knew that to keep Zhan Ye to tenth phase high class monarch rank was almost impossible. Zhan Ye only had one chance to peak in strength, and after that peak, its strength will fall abruptly for sure, so he had to handle the opportunity well!

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