Chapter 547: Defending Creature, Tenth Phase High Class Monarch

Chapter 547: Defending Creature, Tenth Phase High Class Monarch

“So he’s Si Tian. This mysterious fellow finally showed himself!” Ye Wansheng watched Si Tian, and rubbed his chin as he spoke.

 Ye Wansheng had completed his realm breakthrough very smoothly. His realm breakthroughs were similar to Chu Mu’s in that he had frantically tried to obtain the highest honor reward in the previous realms, thus constantly increasing his strength during the Battle of the Realm.

Of course, he had obtained the highest honor using his main pets. At the later realms, obtaining the highest honor became very difficult so he wisely chose to operate in a low-key manner. He wasn’t able to obtain the highest honor, but he successfully broke through to the ninth realm. 

Therefore, the team this time that was breaking through the ninth realm was composed of four people: Chu Mu, Qinzi, Princess Jin Rou, and Ye Wansheng.

Ye Wansheng and Ye Qingzi had identical goals. They both wanted to obtain their master’s inheritance. They didn’t care about the other rewards. In other words, as long as they obtained the inheritance, the other rewards would pale in comparison.

As for Princess Jin Rou, her goal wasn’t clear, and she was just an ally.

Chu Mu himself only wanted to obtain this honor. Not only this, the subsequent ninth rank title, tenth rank title, elder position, realm nomination, one of the four seats and finally the realm throne would all be obtained one step at a time by him!

Of course, right now, aside from obtaining the second grade’s honor, Chu Mu had to step into another region of Immortal City and free his father’s sealed soul pet...

As the competitors began to form alliances between them, they slowly began to head into Immortal City with their allies. 

However, nobody else entered alone like Si Tian. It seemed that Soul Palace Si Tian wasn’t a name for show. From his imposing attitude in this ninth realm, it was possible to see that he was different from others. 

“Chu Mu, I meticulously did a check into this. Your father’s sealed soul pet has been sealed via a method called Star Scatter Seal. This seal cannot be opened through the seal itself, because the entire seal pattern is scattered over a few areas. This seal is normally a long-term one and if one wants to undo it, he must spend a long time doing so.” Princess Jin Rou said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t understand seal patterns very well so he promptly asked Old Li what a Star Scatter Seal meant. 

“A Star Scatter Seal is one of the harder seals to break. Ask the beautiful princess how many stars the seals is.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu thus asked Princess Jin Rou.

“A two starred seal. In other words, there are two seal points scattered in separate regions that must be opened. Otherwise, the seal will remained in its sealed state. Only, I’m afraid I can’t guarantee where the two star points are.” softly said Princess Jin Rou.

“I’ll deal with this problem. Give me your map.” Ye Wansheng wore a smile and looked self-confident. 

Princess Jin Rou looked hesitantly at Ye Wansheng. Although she knew that this seemingly frivolous man was Ye Qingzi’s brother, Princess Jin Rou was very unfamiliar with him. She was also unfamiliar with Ye Qingzi. 

“When I normally don’t have much to do, I research seal patterns. The two starred seal difficulty is rather high. But if you give the pattern to me, I may have a bit of assurance in finding the two stars.” said Ye Wansheng. 

Princess Jin Rou hesitated a while, but ultimately gave the extremely old map in her hand to Ye Wansheng.

Ye Wansheng took the map and found the location where Chu Tianmang’s soul pets were sealed, but then immediately reversed the map. 

This action caused the other three to be extremely confused. Ye Wansheng laughed and explained: “The star scatter seal is constructed from bottom to top. It’s as If I were to paint a ceiling, I would paint it inside a room; so it’s much easier to find the star scatter points like this. This Immortal City really is a sealed city. In normal circumstances, the star scatter sealed star points are limited to a few, but this Immortal CIty contains many corresponding star points. Trying to find the accurate corresponding pair of stars that in so many potential locations is a bit tricky.” 

“How much assurance do you have?” asked Chu Mu.

Ye Wansheng didn’t say anything. Instead, he continued scour the map from top to bottom, before going silent, and then continuing to search the map. 

“Princess, does this symbol refer to the second grade’s final honor, the Blood Beast Altar?” Ye Wansheng pointed at the a symbol as he asked a question. 

Princess Jin Rou looked at the map and nodded his head: “Yes.” 

“Then it’s truly a coincidence. One of the stars is rather far from the second grade’s final honor location here” Ye Wansheng displayed the map in front of the three people before pointing at a star point and then continuing, “but if we go first to the final honor location, and then return to the star point, we’ll waste a lot of time. Our distance travelled will multiply by several times.”

“In normal circumstances, it will take competitors at least ten days to find the Blood Beast Altar. We can head to this star point before making it to the final honor spot within seven days.” said Princess Jin Rou. 

“Then let’s go to the first star location, then head to the final honor location and continue looking for the second star point.” said Chu Mu.

Everyone nodded their heads.

The four people only summoned one soul pet each. Chu Mu summoned Zhan Ye, and was in charge of fighting the enemies head on as basically the main attack force.

Ye Qingzi was the support, so she summoned her Nest Wood Spirit. Immortal City definitely harbored numerous wood type soul pets, therefore the group had to have a wood type soul pet’s existence. This would allow them to ensure the safety of everyone’s soul pets.

Princess Jin Rou summoned her Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox. It had a combination of speed and attack, and could react the quickest in the team. 

Ye Wansheng summoned his Ice Snow Magic Spirit. This ninth phase middle stage middle class monarch ice class elemental soul pet was in charge of long ranged attacks and group attacks. 

After entering Immortal City, Chu Mu and the three others quickly deviated from the path everyone else was looking for.

In under a day, the four of them had entered a stepped onto the first ground marked with a red pattern. 

The red pattern seal meant that this was a region separated by the Tianxia authority for the competitors. It meant that the danger level had instantly increased.

The four of their strengths were not weak, especially Chu Mu’s soul pets. After staying a day in the weak sealed region, the four of their soul pets had easily gotten rid of all the soul pets they encountered. After all, they still had not gone deep into the region and this place was just filled with roaming tenth phase commanders. 

 “Qiao~~~~~~~~~” a low class monarch heavily fell on the black rock ground. Fresh blood slowly oozed out from its frozen teeth as a layer of ice formed on its body.

“If we continue walking forward for a bit, that will be the location of the star point.” said Princess Jin Rou as she pointed a spacious location ahead with several broken pillars.

“The star point will definitely have a guardian creature there. If the sealed soul pet is a peak commander, then the guardian creature will most likely be a high class monarch. We must be careful.” reminded Ye Wansheng.

“My Zhan Ye will face it head on. You guys assist me.” said Chu Mu.

The White Nightmare’s strength right now was comparable to a tenth phase high class monarch. But summoning the White Nightmare so early meant that in the future fights, he would be powerless. Therefore, he had to save as much of his own soul power and his soul pets’ strength as much as possible.

It wasn’t difficult to undo the star point seals. Merely by walking onto the sealed pattern and using a strong enough soul remembrance to shatter the seal pattern would cause the entire seal pattern disintegrate. 

Chu Mu’s soul remembrance had reached the seventh remembrance. This star point seal level was extremely easy for Chu Mu to break. 

Quickly, the star point seal pattern was broken by Chu Mu and the black brick under his feet began to visibly tremble. This caused the surrounding broken walls and pillars to collapse with a boom onto the ground. 

Chu Mu rapidly jumped to a safe location and had Zhan Ye face the guardian creature that was about to appear.

“The cloud layer is pressing down and the atmosphere is a little bit restless.” Ye Qingzi quickly noticed that the atmosphere had slightly changed and guessed: “It should be a creature that has a lightning attribute.”


Practically the moment she finished speaking, from the oppressive black clouds, a streak of beautiful lightning broke apart the black oppressive sky like a wild dragon. It abruptly struck the seal pattern Chu Mu had undone!! 

“Hong!!!!!!!!” the black colored rocky ground was immediately blown to pieces. Numerous pieces of broken rock flew up and the lightning energy formed a lightning pattern on the ground that spread out in all directions!

 The four people hastily retreated about two hundred meters away. However, when they retreated from this area, the black brick ground revealed a densely matted patch of cracks. The originally dispersed broken pillars and walls on the ground were unexpectedly smashed to smithereens by the lightning just now. Its might was very shocking! 

“A Great Lightning Snake Lion!!”

Chu Mu looked in astonishment at the elegant figure that had suddenly appeared amongst the flashing lightning. He never expected that not long after fighting a Great Lightning Snake Lion, he would encounter this savage creature again!

Jiang Yiteng’s Great Lightning Snake Lion was a ninth phase high stage middle class monarch. But the Great Lightning Snake Lion in front of him was a tenth phase high class monarch. Their differences in strength were an entire four levels, so it was far from being a creature that was easy to provoke! 

“Long!!!!!!!!” the Great Lightning Snake Lion’s purple savage eyes quickly locked onto Zhan Ye that dared stand in front and provoke its honor. Its enormous body sprung up, and rushed forth like a great streak of lightning. It unexpectedly appeared in an instant in front of Zhan Ye!!


Its claws carried lightning as they struck, and its attack speed was rather quick!!

Zhan Ye didn’t have the ability to dodge and was knocked flying by the lightning claw. Its fighting strength wasn’t on the same level!

Zhan Ye was a ninth phase middle stage, and its strength was an entire five levels lower than the Great Lightning Snake Lion!!!

Although the ninth rank soul armor’s defense made up about three levels of this difference, the Great Lightning Snake Lion’s full strength explosive attack was able to deal a serious wound to Zhan Ye with a two level strength difference!

“If this were another person’s ninth phase high stage middle class monarch, it would be instantly killed if it were to take on the attack headone!! Only Chu Mu’s undying tiger with abnormal defense and life force can defend.” Ye Wansheng sucked in a breath of air.

A ninth phase high stage middle class monarch was probably the main pet of many of the various factions’ strongest competitors. This meant that the main pets of these strongest competitors would be instakilled. A tenth phase high class monarch’s strength was extremely terrifying!!!

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