Chapter 546: Death Everywhere, Immortal City

Chapter 546: Death Everywhere, Immortal City

Mirroring Sword Mountain opened late into the night. The rumor was that someone had seen the Departed Spirit Gates open on  special moonlit nights.

The truth was that this rumor wasn’t fake. Mirroring Sword Mountain really was the so-called Departed World Gates except it led to a sealed Immortal City and not a world of departed spirits. 

When the ninth realm began, Chu Mu was blindfolded, and his soul remembrance was sealed. He was also brought on a longer pathway there before finally arriving at Mirroring Sword Mountain. He entered the region gates that lay in between the concealed bones that spanned across the horizon. 

Chu Mu didn’t know how the Departed World Gates were opened. He only knew that his body had passed into a special space. This space was filled with a dense darkness aura. It was as if he had stepped into the land of the dead. It made people feel as if there was nothing living here, yet there were constantly objects that were moving. 

When his blindfold was lifted, Chu Mu discovered that he was underneath a black and oppressing sky!

The clouds in the sky formed a turbid horizon, making people feel sullen. It was as if one’s heart was being suppressed by something, and air couldn’t get through. 

Chu Mu was standing right now in a dilapidated suburb. The black horizon in front of him only gave an ancient and sinister feeling to this city. 

In reality, this couldn’t be called a city. A more accurate description was probably an underground palace, since there were no houses in this city. Instead, there were countless ruined walls and pathways filled with pitch-black stones. 

The city had numerous ‘walls’. These walls were actually formed by broken pillars being covered by dirt and plants. Occasionally, one would be able to see pieces of the wall particularly corroded.  

These walls were very tall, and were tangled and complicated. They practically covered the entire Immortal City while the plants had covered the entirety of the broken streets. Occasionally, in between these ‘walls’, some abnormal cold light could be seen flashing. That definitely could be some creature lying in ambush. 

This Immortal City wasn’t very large, but it formed a slope to a certain degree, and the further one went into the city, the higher one went! 

Chu Mu stood in the suburb and looked on. He could see very far in and at the very top of the slope was a worn grey palace that towered underneath the black sky. 

The most shocking thing was that the worn palace’s dome managed to touch the black and oppressing sky. Moreover, the clouds on the sky began to strangely warp, as if some energy was being imprisoned underneath that area!

Chu Mu didn’t think that the Mirroring Sword Mountain would hide such a shocking Immortal City. This scene resembled darkness unifying the a world without light!

“This is the legendary ninth city, eh! Truly an eye-opening world!!” lamented a young expert from the Earth Kingdom. 

Around Chu Mu were numerous second grade competitors participating in the ninth realm. This was ostensibly the first time all of them were seeing this, and their faces were filled with shock as they all cried out in astonishment!

Chu Mu swept his eyes across, and discovered that there were about 100 people participating in the ninth realm from the second grade.

In other words, these one hundred people represented the strongest group of people in the Battle of the Realm’s second grade. Each one of them was an unrivalled existence in a kingdom and in certain cities, even the middle aged and old aged soul pet trainers were not their opponents.

“The rumor is that the creatures here are all the tenth phase, and the lowest ranked is a commander rank…” 

“A tenth phase commander isn’t that frightening eh?” said someone with contempt.

Everyone present was an expert. The Battle of the Realm had gone on for a long time and practically of the the competitors who had made it until now had soul pets at the ninth phase middle class monarch. A tenth phase high class commander rank was equivalent in strength to a ninth phase middle class monarch. Therefore, to pretty much all of these competitors that could quadruple control, a tenth phase commander wasn’t very terrifying. 

“What a pity. A tenth phase commander here is merely a small soldier. In other words, the tenth phase commanders here will appear in groups.” Soul Pet Palace’s Wu Qing sneered as he informed these ignorant competitors of the extremely cruel reality!

“Gr….groups….are you for real?!!” Wu Qing’s words immediately spread throughout the group of them, and each of them showed fearful expressions.

“Everyone listen!!” 

At this moment, a soul remembrance suppressed all of the voices, causing all of the voices of the competitors on the suburbs to come to a halt. 

“It’s one of the four seats, Xie Tao!!” 

“The strongest person underneath the king. It’s said that his main pets are all of the emperor rank!” 

Quickly, the competitors all recognized the man standing on the dilapidated city wall, and they began to quietly discuss. 

The people present were the strongest young people in the second grade. However, compared to Xie Tao, one of the four seats, they were extremely lacking!

These people only needed to obtain a realm throne nomination, and this would already be incomparably glorious for them.

“Immortal City is a mysterious and dangerous city. Only true experts can withstand this city’s merciless test. The Battle of the Realm isn’t a normal competition that will provide for everyone’s safety. The competitors here could at any moment sacrifice their soul pet’s or their own life. This Immortal City can be regarded as riddled with danger. Death is a frequent occurrence. Therefore, you had best prepare yourselves in your hearts.

As you all know, this Immortal City harbors several tenth phase soul pets whose fighting strength rank is at least at the commander rank. These commanders almost always form groups. Moreover, soul pets with pseudo monarch or low class monarch fighting strength are extremely common. If any of you managed to make your way into the ninth realm by luck, I advise you to immediately give up, because your strength won’t even be able to deal with the most common creatures here!

Xie Tao’s tone was very severe, and his words made people feel an incorporeal pressure. Numerous people who didn’t feel that they were strong wanted to give up.

A tenth phase pseudo monarch’s strength was equivalent to a ninth phase high stage middle class monarch’s. Many people present didn’t even have a ninth phase high stage soul pet.

Perhaps when they encountered a tenth phase pseudo monarch, they would be able to rely on outnumbering it to overcome it, but if they encountered a low class monarch or even a middle class monarch, with such a large strength discrepancy, they really would not be goners! 

After Xie Tao finished, there unexpectedly were a few people that chose to give up!

To these competitors, breaking through to the ninth realm was already enough. As for staking one’s life in the ninth realm to potentially obtain the ultimate honor, these competitors knew it would be unwise to do so. 

“This is the southern side of the city. There are many paths that lead to the final destination - the Blood Beast Altar. Each path has many divergent paths which could bring you on a detour or bring you in a circle. They could even diverge from the main paths. Therefore, you will need to rely on your own brains and awareness to find the paths that lead to the Blood Beast Altar. On these paths, various dangerous beasts will appear that will require your true strengths in order to eradicate these obstacles. 

Moreover, I must warn you that the moment a blood colored pattern appears under your feet, this means that you have stepped on a path leading to another area in Immortal City. These paths are not ones that you young generation members can step on. Once you steep into these areas, I have only one word for you… death!! 

Immortal City also has sealed several guardian creatures. These guardian creatures are normally nearby the location of a sealed but powerful creature. I can tell you that the guardian creature appears, then the sealed creature is at least a high class monarch rank. Although the region you are roaming around in have the weakest sealed creatures in Immortal City, it is best if you do not touch those seals that should not be undone. We cannot guarantee that these sealed creatures strength’s have risen and have reached higher ranks. Therefore, do not court your own death because of your own greed.”

Elder Xie Tao’s words dumbfounded all of the competitors.

The guardian creatures were at least the high class monarch rank so this meant that the sealed soul pets, once released, could potentially eradicate all of them. 

Most importantly, Elder Xie Tao also indicated that the area they were in was the weakest sealed area of Immortal City. This meant that, in Immortal City, there were even stronger and mysterious sealed soul pets!! 

Xie Tao’s words immediately made hearts shake with fear. Numerous of the arrogant competitors who had planned on breaking through the realm by themselves now didn’t hesitate to look for allies! 

In the ninth realm, unless one’s strength was so absurdly strong, it was practically impossible to reach the end relying on one’s own strength.

“The return path is very simple. When you see green patterns, head to the left, and you’ll soon exit Immortal City.” said Xie Tao.

“Also, flying in Immortal City is forbidden. The black plant walls have been formed by numerous undying soul pets, and they do not permit people who go above them. The moment one does, it will launch an attack. They are not that strong, but there are many of them. If you pass over them, you will definitely be struck by over a hundred plants and thousands of vines.” Xie Tao added. 

Almost all of the bewildering worlds, forbidden regions and dangerous locations prohibited flying. Flying while engaging in a fight was still alright, but directly flying into a creature’s territory would definitely end up in being assaulted by a group of soul pets. This was a great taboo in the natural world. All soul pet trainers had to firmly remember this. 

Therefore, at the beginning, no one dared think of attempting to fly on their soul pets across Immortal City. 

“Ok, I’ve said everything I’ve wanted to say. I wish you good luck. It will be good if you’re able to return.” after Xie Tao finished speaking, he jumped off the city wall and indicated that the competitors could now enter Immortal City whenever. 

Xie Tao’s words caused the originally restless and courageous group to refuse to immediately enter!

A city full of death and full of unknown dangers. Who wanted to step into this? 

 However, just at this moment, a man in deep blue colored clothes filled with patterns stepped forward. This man didn’t say anything and walked into the dilapidated city! 

He was alone!

This man didn’t have any interest in forming allies and unexpectedly entered the dilapidated city alone!

“It’s… it’s Soul Alliance’s Si Tian!!” 

“No wonder he is the publicly recognized strongest person. He unexpectedly entered by himself!” 

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