Chapter 545: Ninth Realm, Pull Apart the Curtains

Chapter 545: Ninth Realm, Pull Apart the Curtains

On the battle of the realm plaza was a veiled woman staring hollowly as she sat on a grey stone bench. She was motionless, like a statue that remained gloomy even with the shining of the sun.

Every person that went by her would take an extra glance. After all, this statue brought too many mysteries and provoked the imagination.

However, beside her were a couple icy and imposing experts. As long as people want to come near, they would feel the coldness from these experts assault them.

Finally, a person wearing grey clothes and white face slowly neared. He walked in front of the woman and first saluted before speaking, “Master.”


Suddenly, a surge of energy came from below, heavily slamming into the pale faced’ man. This man's’ chest immediately caved inwards!

“Wa~~~~~~~~~” The man spit out a glob of blood as he crumbled to the ground, face twisted from the pain.

“Can’t even control a young man who lost a soul, truly garbage!” The master’s tone was calm, but the words were full of killing intent!

The pale man clutched his chest. Blood kept spilling out of his mouth. However, he didn’t dare to resist the slightest, nor show the slightest disrespect.

“Subordinate deserves to die.” The pale faced man said.

“Now, he already poses a threat to me. I will bring you into ninth realm and you will make sure you kill him!” Female master said.

“Yes, subordinate will definitely not let him live past Battle of the Realm. Also, soul alliance Qin Ye signalled that he was willing to attack him. As long as he dares to enter Immortal City, he will die without a burying ground.” Pale faced man said.

“I told you to hide by little princess and find a suitable time to control her, yet you didn’t do it. This is your last chance. If you mess up, I’ll have your head.” Female master said apathetically.

“I won’t disappoint female master again.” The pale man quickly bowed again.

As he lowered his head, the veiled female master had already stood up. In a moment, she disappeared into the crowd, as if she never existed.

The pale faced man then lifted his head up, his blood lined mouth hanging with an unsettling smile.

“Don’t think I don’t know you want to get the Immortal City Immortal Spring. This type of treasure able to cause a young soul pet to grow five times could let her create a powerful soul pet……”

“However, so what? Even if emperor ranks grow to tenth phase, they couldn’t possibly raise her strength anymore. Only a species mutation soul pet is the most powerful. Bringing me into Immortal City means the continuously mutating soul pet will be within reach. Then, give me ten more years. Who would be Xia Guanghan’s opponent? Dumb woman, there will be a day that you will be under my foot!”



For White Nightmare’s equipment, Chu Mu spent a full 15 billion. Once the White Nightmare was equipped, Chu Mu didn’t have to worry about second tier member’s obstruction.

Of course, now that Chu Mu’s goal was no longer the ninth realm sealed soul pet, he had to go through the soul pet’s seal diagram. He also needed to enter Immortal City into deeper places to unseal his father’s secondary soul pet and release it.

Chu Tianmang and Chu Mu were both spiritual soul pet trainers. Chu Mu believed that even if the secondary soul pet removed the soul pact, it would still retain many memories. It would be best to bring it back in front of his father. After all, Chu Tianmang was probably trying his best to find the soul pets he removed his soul pacts with.

Princess Jin Rou signified that Chu Tianmang’s sealed soul pet was already top tier monarch rank before being sealed. After ten years, its strength was probably only high class monarch rank.

Near the sealed diagram, there were many organisms that were brainwashed by soul alliance to stop anyone from destroying the seal without authorization. These organisms were all very strong. Some were middle class, and some were high class monarchs at least of tenth phase.

This meant that although Chu Mu was nearly invincible in second tier, to truly remove Chu Tianmang’s soul pet’s seal, he would still suffer great danger with his current strength.

Of course, if Mo Xie species mutated, all of this could be solved easily.

Princess Jin Rou gave the information, so naturally she wanted to join Chu Mu’s team to guarantee her safety.

Chu Mu didn’t mind at all. After, all, she knew all about the information in Immortal City. With her, all problems will be easily solved. 

Very quickly, the entire Tianxia City’s young generation welcomed the final competition of Battle of the Realm.

The ninth and tenth realm happened at the same time, which meant that, once the competition ended, the first and second tier highest honor winners would be revealed.

Almost all of Tianxia Realm’s young generation people gathered at Tianxia City. Those able to win the final honor would definitely have their names spread throughout the world, becoming the goal for quintillions of young generation members!

And, as for the prediction of the final honor, this was similarly one of the hottest events before the event.

At ninth realm, almost all competition members’ members were listed out on the Tianxia Realm.

Chu Mu, as the eighth realm highest honor winner, had his fame multiply even further, becoming a true contestant for the final honor. After all, Chu Mu used his own power to defeat the most powerful people of Nightmare Palace!

Of course, Nightmare Palace people hated Chu Mu. After losing Jiang Yiteng and XIng Yang who were both popular picks, Nightmare Palace members couldn’t even go participate in the guessing of the final honor. This had never happened in all of Nightmare Palace Battle of the Realm participations!

“Haha, the fourth brother’s fame is passing over the soul palace young master! Seems like fourth brother truly had the hope to win the final honor of second tier. I almost can’t wait to deliver the message to our family.” Chu Ning laughed out loud.

After Chu Ning and Chu Xing were eliminated in fourth realm, they had always watched Chu Mu’s honors every realm. Almost every time Chu Mu won a highest honor, they excitedly wrote letters to tell their family the situation, to let everyone in the clan know that Chu family had given birth to a prodigy that countless generations could be proud of!

“The polls are out. Chu Chen’s fame is just inferior to Soul Alliance Si Tian. He is the second place seed for the final honor of second tier. But truly, our leader is formidable!” Zhao Cheng slapped Shang Heng’s shoulder and laughed.

As he spoke, Zhao Cheng glanced at Zhan Hong and laughed, “See, in first realm, you said he wouldn’t even last 25 minutes. Now, you can’t even beat one of his soul pets!”

Zhan Hong’s face was awkward, but he remained defiant, “He definitely isn't young master Fang Ze’s match.”

Shang Heng glanced around and saw Soul Palace members and laughed, “The final honor owner could approximately be guessed. The most likely is Soul Alliance Si Tian. No one knows how many people support him. He didn't even summon any powerful soul pets. Maybe his mystery is what brought so much fame to him……”

“Second is Chu Chen. He beat Nightmare Palace’s two top experts. His three main soul pets’ strengths are right there for all to see. Especially White Nightmare, it can wipe through all of second tier.”

“The third is soul pet Palace Wu Qing, winning the highest honor of another part of eighth realm. It sounds like the main soul pet of his haven’t even been fully revealed.”

“The fourth is young master Fang Ze. Speaking of which, Fang Ze is so lowkey he’s about to go rotten. If not for the brief explosion of strength before, he may almost get forgotten.”

“The fifth is Xiao An, who is factionless and comes from the east……”


“The eighth is Nightmare Palace’s little princess. In eighth realm, her white nightmare and Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox showed their prowess.”

“Our Tianxia Realm top beauty is also a hidden expert.” Zhao Cheng added.


“Number ten is Ye Qingzi. Ai, there’s not much to say. With her superior supporting ability, whoever teams with her is basically invincible. As for who she’ll team with, everyone knows.”

“En, with this couple matching, the second tier final honor may truly fall in their hands.”

In reality, the scene was something most people could guess. For example, Soul Alliance Si Tian, Soul Palace Fang Ze, Soul Pet Palace Wu Qing, and what was Nightmare Palace Jiang Yiteng’s position with the new black horse Chu Chen.

Many times, passing realms wasn’t always about strength, so who truly would gain the final honor was still full of variables.

This unknown and suspense then became the topic of everyone’s conversation. Many followers and supporters split into big factions in lieu of their support.



Finally, the ninth realm began.

Just as Princess Jin Rou guessed, all the players had their soul remembrances shut off and eyes covered, brought to the competition location secretly. Only after they entered Immortal City did they give the players freedom back.

Because of the special nature of the location, there were no spectators in this competition.

As for all the people waiting for the results, they could only wait on the Tianxia Plaza. At this time, the soul pet trainers who raise special little soul pets become extremely important.

To let all the players know the situation in the competition, Battle of the Realm allowed some informational soul pet trainers to send their informational couriers into Immortal City. These courier little soul pets could capture the battle situation and send it back to the soul pet trainers through a special mental communication, and then the soul pet trainer would tell the audience the situation.

This method allowed the Battle of the Realm to have more interaction, instead of having everyone waiting dully until the result came without any context!!

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