Chapter 544: Chu Tianmang, Sealed Secondary Soul Pet

Chapter 544: Chu Tianmang, Sealed Secondary Soul Pet

Ye Qingzi was focused on getting her teacher’s will, so of the 14 billion, she didn’t even ask to split it in half. Instead, she even gave Chu Mu another billion, so he could buy a 10 billion full form offensive soul equipment, as well as a 5 billion gold soul armor.

After finishing eighth realm, Ye Qingzi expressed that her teacher’s will was highly valuable to her and was a huge reward. If she could get it, the 14 billion would be worth but a hair, so she would rather completely ensure Chu Mu gained the final honor of ninth realm.

Chu Mu didn’t shirk it. Anyways, Ye Qingzi was his; anything Ye Qingzi needed, Chu Mu would give to her without hesitation.

After the eighth realm finished, there was near half a month of nursing themselves. This half a month gave Chu Mu the time to meditate and solidify his status as a seventh remembrance soul master.

Through the meditation process, Chu Mu also told Jia Jing to help him contact ninth rank soul equipment owners.

About five days before the ninth realm was set to begin, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were sitting in the courtyard talking about their soul pet training.

Ye Qingzi told Chu Mu that, if soul pets were put in special situations, their growth speed would become incredibly fast, and they wouldn’t have bottlenecks. Ye Qingzi decided that she wanted to travel to more of these special places to find this direct method of growing their soul pets.

“Young master, there is a veiled woman who wants to see you.” Jia Jing scurried to Chu Mu and said to him lightly.

“Veiled?” Chu Mu immediately furrowed his brow. Was it the defector young woman?

How daring was she to walk into soul palace- was she looking for death?

“Bring her over.” Chu Mu said.

Jia Jing scurried away quickly.

Ye QIngzi looked at Chu Mu and suddenly laughed and said, “Why do you look as if you’re facing a horrible enemy? Is the Nightmare Palace young princess that scary?”

Hearing Ye Qingzi’s tease, Chu Mu immediately realized and blushed a little.

The princess was also veiled, so the woman Jia Jing mentioned was most likely her.

The defector young girl definitely had something to do with soul palace, so she wouldn’t possibly dare to come to soul palace. After all, there were many experts in soul palace, and a person like Palace Master Yu was enough to take her down.

Indeed, in a moment, JIa Jing led a charming veiled woman over. Seeing her clear and bright eyes, Chu Mu knew it was Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou dressed even more conservatively and simply than usual. It seemed that she didn’t want anyone to recognize her. Yet, even in this simple attire, her innate allure couldn’t be hidden…...

Chu Mu told Jia Jing to step down, and Princess Jin Rou walked over before them.

Princess Jin Rou’s eyes were very spirited, and with a little observation one could tell that her pupils were full of worry. Presumably, she was coming because of a prickly issue, or else she wouldn’t personally come to find Chu Mu.

Chu Mu told Princess Jin Rou to sit down before asking, “What’s the matter?”

“You defeated the top three experts of Nightmare Palace, causing Nightmare Palace to almost lose the right to participate in the ninth realm……” Princess Jin Rou’s voice became very low.

“Have you come to criticize me?” Chu Mu asked.

“This issue is, if all Nightmare Palace members were defeated by you, then in ninth realm, I’m basically laid bare in front of the female master.” Princess Jin Rou said.

How could Princess Jin Rou come to criticize Chu Mu? It was just that Chu Mu left her no other way!!

With the three most powerful people of Nightmare Palace all gone because of him, Princess Jin Rou could no longer rely on them to protect her in the ninth realm against the female master’s threats. After eighth realm, of all ninth realm nightmare palace second tier young generation, she was the top!

Princess Jin Rou indeed still conserved some strength. However, if she entered ninth realm like this, she was a lamb entering the mouth of a lion.

“Why don’t you just give up? If you know the final honor isn’t possible, and that woman is always watching you like a tiger……” Chu Mu asked.

Princess Jin Rou shook her head, “I have a reason I must participate.”

Chu Mu felt that since Princess Jin Rou came specially today, she must have something she wanted to tell him. This may also be directly correlated to why the defector young woman constantly wanted to threaten her.

Princess JIn Rou glanced at Ye Qingzi beside Chu Mu. Clearly, she wanted to say something, but didn’t want a third party to know.

But Princess Jin Rou also realized that specially sending Ye QIngzi away wasn’t too good, so she created a soul remembrance barrier to trap the dialogue between the three of them.

Seeing Princess Jin Rou this careful, he knew that she was about to say something extremely important.

“The ninth realm mission doesn’t change no matter how many years it has been. It will be in the Immortal City of Mirror Sword Mountain, and there will only be one mission - kill the master.” Princess Jin Rou said.

Based off the ninth realm situation, Chu Mu had some knowledge of it. The first eight realms were subject to constant change, but ninth and tenth realms never change. However, Chu Mu didn’t expect ninth realm to be in mirror sword mountain either.

“The Mirror Sword Land was only two high rising mountains, why don’t I remember any Immortal City?” Chu Mu asked confusingly.

“Mirror Sword Mountain is actually a gateway which can be used to enter its inner space, similar to the soul palace sacred regions. However, I didn’t expect the ninth realm to be hidden in the world inside Mirror Sword Mountain.” Ye Qingzi said.

Princess Jin Rou nodded, “Only a few people know this secret because ninth realm and tenth realm players always had their eyes covered and soul remembrances sealed when they were brought to Mirror Sword Mountain and then were brought into the world inside the Mirror Sword Mountain. Even if they participated in the ninth and tenth realm, they still wouldn’t know where they were.

“Additionally, the ninth and tenth realm are in Immortal City and happens simultaneously.” Princess Jin Rou added.

“Simultaneously?” Chu Mu looked confused.

If they happened at the same time, then defector young woman definitely was in Immortal city as well!

“Immortal City had two paths. One was to the second tier competitors’ ninth realm final honor palace. The other road will be the first tier competitors’ ninth realm palace. Once they killed the ninth realm organisms, to earn tenth realm final honor they had to continue onwards to unseal the tenth realm final honor organism. Once it was killed, the killer would become the highest honor of this Battle of the Realms>” Chu Mu answered.

“Sealed organism?” CYe Qingzi asked.

“En, Immortal City. It actually is a sealed city full of many organisms. SOme powerful soul pets were actually sealed in this city.

The secrets Princess Jin Rou said were all new to Chu Mu. In fact, many times Chu Mu wanted to ask where she got all her information, but Old Soul teacher De had no meaning to reveal his secrets.

Chu Mu was very strange. Why did Princess Jin Rou know so much about the Battle of the Realm? She must have participated before.

“Telling me information that should have been kept secret until ninth realm started, you want me to help you gain ultimate honor of Ninth Realm?

Princess Jin Rou shook her head. “I have something I want, so I could actually help you earn the final valuation

“I indeed don't know why they want to control me. I have had no arguments with this person. Also, I’ve never seen anyone with the ability to have the power of Holy Stem Flower. As for you, I’ve asked you multiple times about who she is, but you haven’t told me anything .

Other than know his first soul spot was occupied by her, he was clueless. As for the theory of her as a human soul pet, Chu Mu didn’t feel the need to respond.

“Then tell me what you want.” Chu Mu said.

“Unless its to the end, I won’t say.” princess Jin Rou shook her head, standing her ground firmly.

After a moment, Princess Jin Rou again changed her tone and said to Chu Mu, “Also, I have a very important thing I have to tell you. This is something I gained while finding information about the Immortal City. I feel like you would like to know.”

Chu Mu felt Princess Jin Rou wanted to switch topics. However, if she didn’t want to say it, Chu Mu didn’t force her to. After all, he had secrets too.

“Yeah, let’s hear it.” Chu Mu nodded.

“It’s about your father Chu Tianmang.” Princess Jin Rou’s voice got quieter.

Just as Princess Jin Rou said that, Chu Mu’s heart rate quickened!

At this moment, Chu Mu instantly realized what Princess Jin Rou was about to say.

“You mean…...:”

Princess Jin Rou nodded and said, “One of the secondary soul pets that Chu Tianmang had to remove from his soul pact was sealed in Immortal City!

After Chu Tianmang’s secondary soul pets were forced to break their soul pact, they were nowhere to be found. Chu Mu didn’t expect Immortal City to house one of his father’s secondary soul pets!

Chu Mu’s heart was afire, and even his body was shaking slightly!

“Is this truly accurate? D-do you know where the sealing location was?” Chu Mu said a little too excitedly.

“I know, but its very dangerous…” Princess Jin Rou nodded.

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