Chapter 543: An Existence that Surpasses Emperors

Chapter 543: An Existence that Surpasses Emperors

“Of course, Chu Tianmang’s words weren’t the real reason behind why you were born. The truth was that Her Majesty was doted on by the seven senior elders, as if she was their daughter. The senior elders couldn’t bear using such a cruel and ancient law to persecute someone who was about to invest her life into Soul Palace. Your father’s words gave them a logical reason to pardon her… in reality, our Soul Palace has always honored humanism!” laughed Old Soul Teacher De.

“So this is what happened. Then what happened next? Why was my father imprisoned next?” Chu Mu asked somewhat impatiently.

“This… this, I don’t know much about.” said Old Soul Teacher De.

Evidently, the news about Chu Tianmang being imprisoned had been sealed. Chu Mu would not be able to obtain clear information from anyone.

“Chu Chen, there’s a chance our Soul Palace will not publicize your identity as the tenth young master. You had best prepare yourself for this, but you must trust that none of the senior elders will harm you. Further, they will also do their utmost to protect you. Even if you cause so much trouble to Nightmare Palace that you turn them on their head, the senior elders will be able to stand forth, and will prevent everyone from doing anything to you. However, there is one thing you must avoid. There is a faction that you absolutely cannot touch…” Old Soul Teacher De’s tone turned serious.

 “Yes. Although Soul Alliance’s influence isn’t huge, they contain a few existences who are so strong us that us senior elders can only look up to them. Therefore, no matter what, you absolutely cannot touch Soul Alliance…” Old Soul Teacher De’s words were heavy. 

Chu Mu looked at Old Soul Teacher De. For some reason, he felt that Old Soul Teacher De was talking more today than usual. It was as if he intentionally wanted to tell him something. This made Chu Mu feel strange.

“I understand, I’ll be careful.” Chu Mu nodded his head but didn’t say anything further. 

How strong was Soul Alliance? Why could this faction make Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace that had practically unified all regions and domains feel this fear? Had they already reached a level where they could cover the skies with one hand? 

“Then you should go back and rest. Prepare yourself for the ninth realm.” said Old Soul Teacher De.

Chu Mu nodded his head. After giving a salute, he went to his residence.

Old Soul Teacher De watched Chu Mu leave with a complicated expression.

He waited for Chu Mu to walk far away before he slowly asked: “Senior elder, by telling him this much, will this give him too much pressure? After all, at his current strength… it wouldn’t be too late to tell him about this after he’s 30 years old.” 

A man wearing a milky white robe gradually walked out from the side and he shook his head as he said: “I’m afraid that he won’t even make it to 30 before turning out like his father. He doesn’t understand how to restrain himself.”

“Haha, I feel that although Chu Mu causes other people trouble and causes trouble in general, he understands what he can and cannot do better than Chu Tianmang did when he was young.” laughed Old Soul Teacher De.

“I hope that is the case… I’m afraid most of another matter now though.” the senior elder said in a low voice.

“What is it?” Old Soul Teacher De asked, confused. 

“This is a bit tricky. I’ll tell you about it later.” said the senior elder. 


After Chu Mu returned to his residence, he sat alone in the stone pavilion in his courtyard. As he sat there, he thought of the things Old Soul Teacher De had intentionally emphasized. 

“Could he be telling me that aside from Xia Guanghan, people from Soul Alliance have already detected Mo Xie’s existence?” Chu Mu muttered to himself. 

Today, Old Soul Teacher De had told him everything about Liu Binglan’s status. This was clearly to tell him that he could do whatever he wanted wherever he went; however, Soul Alliance could not be provoked! 

If Old Soul Teacher De had only told him this because of Chu Tianmang’s affairs, Chu Mu could be more at ease. However, if this matter involved Mo Xie and the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, then Chu Mu was in trouble. This was because Chu Mu had heard that in Tianxia City, the head of the four seats, Tian Ting, was a supreme expert from Soul Alliance! 

“Old Li, exactly how strong are those people Old Soul Teacher De referred to?” Chu Mu earnestly asked. 

“Do you want to know the difference, or the ranks of their soul pets?” asked Old Li.

“The difference, and give me a brief account of what sort of ranks they could potentially have.” said Chu Mu.

“I’ll start from your own status then. You are currently holding a seventh rank title in Soul Palace, but your strength will allow you to obtain an eighth rank title. Above you are ninth rank title holders. These people are experts like Li Hen, Xia Guanghan, and Qin Ye. Most of them have tenth phase peak monarch rank main pets.”

“The equivalent of a ninth rank title is a Region Lord. Normally speaking, a kingdom’s Region Lord will have this type of strength. Above these people are tenth rank titled people like Palace Lord Yu. These Main Palace Palace Lords are equivalent to Kingdom Lords. “

“Most main palace tenth rank title holders and Kingdom Lords have at least one emperor rank soul pets. Most of their other soul pets are at the peak monarch rank. Of course, they will all be of the tenth phase.”

“There is a large difference within the tenth rank title. Normally they will all have pseudo emperors while the stronger ones may have middle class emperors.” 

“Above them is the elder rank. Elders have at least a high class emperor rank or even a peak emperor rank!” 

“Above the elder rank is the senior elder rank. A senior elder must have a peak emperor rank soul pet to oversee things! But, the truth is that I’m not very sure if they have soul pets that surpass the emperor rank.” 

“As for those people in Soul Alliance that are stronger than the senior elders… I’m afraid their weakest soul pets will be peak emperors. The reason why the senior elders are afraid of Soul Alliance is because among their people is definitely someone who possesses a soul pet that surpasses the emperor rank. Moreover, it’s not just one person.” said Old Li.

“Surpassing an emperor… what is there after an emperor?” Chu Mu asked somewhat absent-mindedly. 

Old Li didn’t answer Chu Mu’s question. Instead, he continued to talk: “Don’t be fixated on the fact that all of those experts have emperor ranks. In reality, the difference within the emperor rank is enormous. You probably know that between a middle class monarch and a high class monarch is two levels of difference, right?” Old Li said very seriously. 

“Yes. Then are you saying that the difference within the emperor rank is even larger?” asked Chu Mu.

“Of course. The difference between a peak monarch and a high class monarch is two levels. As for a pseudo monarch, it is an entire three levels higher than a peak monarch. In other words, if a pseudo emperor were to use its full strength, it could definitely instakill a peak monarch!

“As for the difference between a pseudo monarch and a low class monarch, there’s also a huge gap. It should be about three levels. In other words, a low class emperor can instakill a pseudo monarch! Next, a middle class emperor and low class emperor are three levels of strength apart…” Old Li stretched his waist as he spoke. 

Chu Mu was incredibly shocked. He never expected that at the emperor rank, the strength discrepancy would be so large. If one’s strength was one class lower, then it was pretty much equivalent to being instakilled!

“Furthermore, at the emperor rank, the spirit items that can increase fighting strength rank are extremely limited and their prices are absurdly high. A middle class to high class monarch needs 5 billion. A high class monarch to a peak monarch requires 50 billion. As for a peak monarch to a pseudo monarch, that requires at least one trillion! Another way of putting it, 20 times that of a peak monarch! Most importantly, even if you have the one trillion, it will be very difficult to purchase the item! This is because once you reach the emperor rank, you will discover that when you buy goods, you can’t necessarily use gold.” said Old Li.

“One trillion gold!! Are you joking?!!” Chu Mu was dumbfounded!! 

Didn’t this mean that Mo Xie could require one trillion gold in a heartbeat?!! What a shocking number!! 

“That’s not that strange. Furthermore, emperor rank soul pets are not that easy to raise. Often, an emperor rank soul pet could easily eclipse a soul pet trainer’s other soul pets. There are many Kingdom and Palace Lords, as well as a few spirit emperors, who after obtaining a pseudo emperor, will spend nearly their entire lives striving just for this soul pet. Most importantly, no matter how much effort they put on the pseudo emperor, it may not even be able to increase to the low class emperor rank…” said Old Li.

What Old Li didn’t know was that Chu Mu was already very close to the emperor rank. Therefore, Chu Mu paid very close attention to this information regarding the emperor rank. 

Only, after listening to Old Li’s information, Chu Mu had an ominous premonition. 


No matter what, as long as he could reach the emperor rank, Chu Mu’s strength would greatly increase. Moreover, through Mo Xie, Chu Mu would be able to enter a lot of places he would otherwise be unable to enter. This way, it would be even easier to obtain the top quality spirit items his soul pets required. 


Ignoring the terrifying one trillion, he had to think of the current problem… 

14 billion!! 

Chu Mu had to carefully think of how to spend this money. 

The Ghost King, Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Ning, Night, and Qin all knew that Chu Mu was at an extremely crucial period. It would be very hard for them, with their current strength, to be of use in the ninth realm. 

Therefore, Chu Mu’s soul pets collectively decided to give the 14 billion all to Mo Xie, Zhan Ye, and the White Nightmare, for them to increase their strengths. This way, they would have a better chance in the Battle of the Realm. 

“Then I’ll have to neglect you guys for now. When the Battle of the Realm ends, I’ll raise your strengths once again.” said Chu Mu.

Only Zhan Ye could still use spirit item strengthening, so increasing it to the high class monarch rank probably wasn’t an issue. However, Chu Mu felt that there wasn’t much meaning in doing so. After all, Zhan Ye’s strength could increase anyways to the high class monarch during a fight. 

As for Mo Xie, she was on the verge of mutating. There wasn’t much meaning in using spirit items on her. After all, to Mo Xie that was about to increase to a one trillion in value pseudo emperor rank, 14 billion was the equivalent of a meal to this. Aside from making her full, there wasn’t much use. 

The White Nightmare had already used spirit items and same species devouring to strengthen itself. At least until it reached the tenth phase, Chu Mu could not use spirit items to strengthen it or his expenses would double. 

“Young master, buy a ninth rank offensive soul equipment. This will increase your White Nightmare’s attack strength. A full form offensive soul equipment is worth about 10 billion. If you purchase it, your ninth phase seventh stage White Nightmare will have strength equal to a tenth phase high class monarch. A high class monarch is two levels higher than a middle class monarch. Adding on the fact that the White Nightmare is innately a level higher than normal soul pets, the addition of the ninth rank soul equipment will allow your White Nightmare to heavily wound a tenth phase middle class monarch in one strike! 

A ninth phase middle class monarch was the average strength of hidden experts. A tenth phase middle class monarch was the peak strength of the second grade. Only the strongest people from the large factions could possess this… 

The emperor rank question was one for the future. At least right now, with a soul pet that would be equivalent to a tenth phase high class monarch - the White Nightmare, Chu Mu would be truly invincible in the second grade!!! 

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