Chapter 542: Chu Mu’s Birth

Chapter 542: Chu Mu’s Birth

Soul Palace Palace Courtyard meant the most authoritative senior elder level.

There were seven senior elders, which represented the most authoritative locations of the seven palaces. In Tianxia City, a position like this was extremely close to the realm throne’s Li Hong. Indeed, there were even many Soul Palace senior elders that had such prestige that the throne members could very well be senior elder level’s younger generation. 

Therefore, even if the ten year king was the lord, he had to be rather respectful towards the senior elders. 

Identically, the Nightmare Palace senior elder status was also like this. There were many occasions when a senior elder would criticize the Nightmare Palace Nightmare Emperor’s mistakes, and the young Nightmare Emperor could only lower his head and accept their criticism.

Regardless if it was Nightmare Palace’s senior elders or Soul Palace’s senior elders, they represented the very pinnacle of this world’s strength, authority, and prestige. Although the elder level was only a step away from the senior elder level, they were completely different.

As for Soul Palace’s special Majesty status, although it seemed to sit on equal footing with the senior elders, the Majesty experts were consecrated by all of Soul Palace’s seven senior elders, fourteen elders and twenty one palace masters. They wouldn’t involve themselves in Soul Palace’s affairs, and wouldn’t meddle in its decisions. However, the Majesties would always be the most mysterious and noble existences in Soul Palace.

The Majesties wouldn’t even be provoked by Nightmare Emperor. It wasn’t only Nightmare Palace’s highest level that didn’t dare do this, but even the highest level from the other factions were the same!

“Is this brat Chu Chen Majesty Chen’s…” Elder Ye Tao was no longer as crude as before.

Ye Tao was one of the realm’s four thrones. His status was slightly higher than the elders, but when he spoke of a Majesty, his face would also change.

“You had better not ask about this. Although his status hasn’t been publicized, he’s being protected by Soul Palace. If you have the capabilities to, then defeat him properly with your Nightmare Palace second grade youngsters. If you want to use special methods, someone will get angry, and us seven senior elders will have a headache. Then, the four of your senior elders will be in trouble.” Old Soul Teacher De rubbed his beard as he spoke. 

Soul Palace had always been at ends with Nightmare Palace. However, the elders always had to be respectful towards the senior elder level. After all, experts were experts and behind the factions, these people could easily use one main pet to crush the elders. As for the Majesty in Soul Palace that had been spoiled by the seven senior elders...

Ye Tao let out a long sigh. If the opponent was the offspring of Majesty Chen, it would be impossible to retrieve the White Nightmare.

At least Ye Tao, at the elder, level didn’t have the qualifications to retrieve it. Only, even if the four senior elders from Nightmare Palace had the intentions of doing so, they weren’t located in Tianxia City.

Helpless, Ye Tao could only leave discouraged. 


“I’ve had him leave. I already told you, this is a small matter… however, you, brat, didn’t tell me beforehand that your White Nightmare possessed the ability to devour its own species.” Old Soul Teacher De let out a long laugh as he walked next to Chu Mu and spoke to him.

“I thought that wasn’t very important.” awkwardly laughed Chu Mu.

It seemed that the problem wasn’t that he had a White Nightmare, but that his White Nightmare had the ability to devour its own species.

“This is very important. The White Nightmares that can devour its own species have been called “Noble White Nightmares” by Nightmare Palace people. 

“This… this I didn’t know about. Would you mind explaining what a Noble White Nightmare is?” Chu Mu was silently shocked. He had no idea why his White Nightmare had suddenly become a Noble White Nightmare. 

“Noble White Nightmare are rare White Nightmares, and they mainly display Resentment Gathering, soul power devouring, devil flame crystallization, and same species devouring. This is what makes them stand out from normal White Nightmare. 

So-called Resentment Gathering occurs when an Noble White Nightmare encounters an enemy stronger than it and uses it to raise its own strength. The speed at which it raises its speech is much faster than normal White Nightmares…” said Old Soul Teacher De.

At this point, Chu Mu immediately thought of Jiang Yiteng’s White Nightmare. His Resentment Gathering speed was three times higher than normal White Nightmares, so it was also a Noble White Nightmare!!

“Soul power devouring type Noble White Nightmares have extremely large soul power devouring, and are the hardest White Nightmares to raise. But their uniqueness lies in the fact that the more they eat, the faster they will mature.” 

Other people’s White Nightmares would require six to seven years of continuous fighting to reach the tenth phase. However, these White Nightmares only required three to four years. The meaning of a noble was extremely significant!

“Devil flame crystallization Noble White Nightmares are terrifying. Their natural strength crystallization is higher than a normal White Nightmare by a rank. In other words, their innate fighting ability is that of a high class monarch!” 

The White Nightmare species was a middle class monarch rank. Therefore, there was no need to further explain innate fighting class strength of a high class monarch...

“As for the final same species devouring Noble White Nightmares, they are the most dangerous Noble White Nightmares! These White Nightmares are very rare, and are normally revered by Nightmare Palace and will not be used to sign a soul pact with people…” said Old Soul Teacher De. 

Chu Mu was stunned. There were unexpectedly such powerful soul pets that weren’t used to sign soul pacts with?

“If they aren’t used to sign soul pact, what are they used for?” Chu Mu asked astonishedly. 

“I don’t know about that. Ultimately, the experts that survive after signing a soul pact are extremely few. Among them, there was Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu who was even stronger than kings. In the past, every Nightmare Palace person believed that Bai Yu had controlled a same species devouring type White Nightmare. However, at the end… this matter stirred up a huge controversy that even our Soul Palace was greatly affected by… ai… you don’t need to know, you’re too young.” said Old Soul Teacher De. 

Old Soul Teacher De lamented about that time, and looked as if he didn’t wish to recount that time. 

A while later, Old Soul Teacher De came back to his sense and looked at Chu Mu before saying: “Same species devouring White Nightmares are very dangerous. It’s best that you discuss with your mother if you should undo the soul pact. Otherwise, in the future, there will be huge trouble. Please, please do not believe that just because you can control it now, you are its master…” 

“I cannot undo my soul pact with it. I will control it well so Elder De doesn’t need to worry about that.” said Chu Mu.

If Old Soul Teacher De knew that Chu Mu’s White Nightmare was the offspring of His Majesty Bai Yu’s abnormal White Nightmare, he probably would have done everything to force Chu Mu to undo his soul pact!

“Ai, you should still discuss this with your mother.” Old Soul Teacher De didn’t want to say more. 

“Anyways, Ye Tao is still a Nightmare Palace elder. Why is he afraid of my status? Is a Majesty status really that high?” Chu Mu proceeded to ask.

“This matter concerns the origins of Nightmare Palace and our Soul Palace. The truth is, a very long time ago, Soul Palace possessed eight diagram saint soul pets. Guess what the eighth pattern was…” asked Old Soul Teacher De.

Chu Mu shook his head. Chu Mu didn’t even know what the seven diagram saint pets were until Tianxia City, so how would he know what the eighth pet was? 

“Young master, the eighth diagram is the White Nightmare!” Old Li’s voice slowly floated out.

“The White Nightmare!!” Chu Mu’s face was full of shock. Soul Palace’s eighth diagram was unexpectedly the White Nightmare!!

Weren’t Soul Palace’s seven diagram saint pets completely opposed to the Nightmare species? How did they suddenly all become a part of one group! 

“A long time ago, Nightmare Palace and Soul Palace were the same faction. The eight diagram saint pets included the White Nightmare. Because the Nightmare was too evil of a creature and would often kill its master, the higher levels from back then decided to remove the White Nightmare pattern from the diagram saint pets…” 

“Back then, the earliest Nightmare Palace palace lords, elders, and senior elders were the founders of Soul Palace. After they were expelled, they formed a faction, and a few thousand years later, our Soul Palace has declined while the White Nightmare Palace really has grown extremely strong. Especially since the appearance of the Blue Nightmare and Cyan Nightmare, which qwew weaker but easier to control subspecies. Thus, Nightmare Palace’s status has continually risen. Today, they even sit on the same level as our Soul Palace.” 

Chu Mu was so shocked he couldn’t say anything. He never realized that Nightmare Palace and Soul Palace had such a great origin story!

“Our Soul Palace’s senior elder position is opposed to Nightmare Palace’s senior elder position. However, Nightmare Palace does not have a Majesty position. This is for a reason. This being that the Majesty position has obtained the most ancient Soul Palace inheritance from the eighth diagram saint pet era. In other words, the Soul Palace Majesty position represents the highest status, and most ancient inheritances of both Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace. Nightmare Palace people can be disrespectful to us seven diagram saint palaces, but they cannot be disrespectful to a Majesty. This includes the Nightmare Emperor.” said Old Soul Teacher De. 

“If Old Soul Teacher De didn’t tell me about this, I really wouldn’t have known.” lamented Chu Mu.

“The Majesty status inheritance is extremely complicated. Many of them are determined at birth… furthermore, Majesties are determined by written law that they cannot get married…” Old Soul Teacher De seriously said. 


“...” Chu Mu was suddenly speechless at the fact they couldn’t get married.

If Majesties could not get married, then where did he come from, and what happened with his father? Was his own mother fake?

Seeing Chu Mu’s shocked expression, Old Soul Teacher De let out a laugh and said to Chu Mu: “You are the only Majesty successor. There’s a very interesting story about this that also made all of the senior elders speechless.” 

Chu Mu immediately sat upright. Obviously, Old Soul Teacher De was about to tell him about his mother and father. 

“Our Soul Palace has an ancient law. Majesties cannot get married. Therefore, Majesties must remain pure and unmarried. Your mother at a young age was determined as the next Majesty and accepted the inheritance and the highest ability to control the seven diagram saint pets. Aside from possessing the powerful seven diagram saint pets, she was also a woman who was unaffected by worldly matters…” said Old Soul Teacher De.

Chu Mu immediately thought of his mother, and when he thought of her demeanor that would repel people a thousand miles away, she really was unaffected… 

“Later, she met your father and something happened that I’m not too clear about…. In brief, Her Majesty ended up pregnant, and she committed an eternal great sin. All eleven senior elders from Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace indicated that either her status as a Majesty would be removed or she could not have the child.”

Chu Mu’s expression twitched. This meant that back then he would either have to be gotten rid of, or break an ancient law! 

“Raising a female Majesty requires dozens of years. Additionally, finding a true successor is extremely difficult. Therefore, Her Majesty’s status could not change…” 

“Then that means I could not exist. Then how did I end up appearing?” asked Chu Mu.


Chu Mu blushed with shame. What was there to laugh about? 

“Your father is an interesting person. In front of the eleven senior elders from Nightmare Palace and Soul Palace, your father imposingly said one thing: “Soul Palace’s ancient law ordains that a Majesty cannot get married, but it doesn’t ordain that she cannot get pregnant!” Old Teacher De was laughing so hard his face was full of wrinkles. 

A Majesty could not get married, but it said nothing about getting pregnant!! 

Even Chu Mu could not help but respect this old man’s stubborn ability!!! 

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