Chapter 541: Soul Palace Son, Tenth Young Prince

Chapter 541: Soul Palace Son, Tenth Young Prince

After Chu Mu took away Xin Yang and Jiang Yiteng’s prisoner ring, competition guards timely dived down from high skies.

Jiang Yiteng, as Nightmare Palace young prince, had very high status. If he were killed, with the wrath of Nightmare Palace’s devil emperor, Battle of the Realms would definitely get in a lot of trouble, so the competition guards had to actively protect his wellbeing.

Very quickly, Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang was brought into the skies by competition guards, on their way to receive healing from the foot of the mountain.

These two people’s souls were incredibly weak. If they didn’t receive soul healing soon, they would die of weakness regardless.

The flying speed of the competition guards was quick. Soon, they brought the four soul damaged Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang to the bottom of Heavenly Life Mountain.

“Isn’t that Nightmare Palace’s little prince and second expert Xin Yang!!”

At the foot of the mountain, there were still many contestants waiting for the results of the battle. Yet, seeing Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang brought out like this, they all shouted out loud.

Quan Chi had another courtyard on the other side. This courtyard kept most of the Nightmare Palace injured members. The competition guard also brought Jiang Yiteng and Xin Yang there.

“How can they also…...what happened?” Nightmare Palce female soul teacher stared shocked at Jiang Yiteng and Xin Yang, asking the competition guards.

“They were fighting against the other two competitors……” Competition guard opened his mouth to say.

“How did you end up like this, quickly report to Elder Ye Tao.” Nightmare Palace female soul teacher said.

Female soul teacher was called Qian Qing. As the first tier member, she didn’t participate in Battle of the Realm, instead entering the competition staff and specially helped the wounded Nightmare Palace members heal up.

Almost all Nightmare Palace experts had been healed by her. Adding on the female soul teacher’s good looks, she had popularity inferior only to Nightmare Palace princess. And compared to Nightmare Palace princess’s hard to approach position, this female soul teacher had more amiability to many young people…...

Qian Qing had learned soul teacher arts for a long time. She instantly knew that Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang had four souls hurt. She first told her flower type soul pet to cast soul stamen, using this special soul flower stamen to protect these two people’s souls, not letting his soul to continue to failing.

But she also knew that soul wounds can hardly be completely healed through techniques. Only the extremely expensive Soul Supporting Nectar and Soul Healing Stamen could help them. Qian Qing could only protect their souls for now. To truly cure them, they needed these two items, and possibly only Elder Ye Tao had them.


Not long after, the fourth chair Nightmare Palace elder Ye Tao appeared. With him was another sturdily built young man. To come with Elder Ye Tao meant that he had a high status as well. 

Elder Ye Tao and the young man saw that the Nightmare Palace young experts were so pathetic, and their expressions instantly changed. They couldn’t imagine that anyone in all of second tier could beat them to such a degree…...

“This is most likely soul alliance Si Tian. The person knows your identity, yet still didn’t show any mercy, heng heng……” Young man said gloomily.

Jiang Yiteng laid there, face pale, but he didn’t say anything, simply staring soulessly at a certain spot in the sky.

With four souls wounded, and with the main soul pet dead, it was a very great hit to Jiang Yiteng. Soul healing alone will take an incredibly long time…...

“No… it’s…’s soul palace……” Xing Yang could still barely speak.

“Soul palace Fang Ze?” Elder Ye Tao drew a breath in and glanced at the young man beside him, “Cao Sheng, no need to show any mercy to those soul palace offals in tenth realm!”

“Do not worry, elder, no matter who it is, I’ll make sure they die painfully!” Cao Shen smiled cruelly.

“Uh…...Elder Ye, the person who hurt young prince and Xing Yang isn’t soul palace young master Fang Ze, but instead…… instead was a competitor named Chu Chen.” The Nightmare Palace competition guard said quietly.

“Chu Chen? Who is Chu Chen? How could he injure Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang?” Elder Ye Tao stared.

“At the time, I was very surprised too, but later on……” Following this, competition guard explained the battle situation of Chu Mu, Jiang Yiteng, and Xing Yang briefly, including the fact that Chu Mu has a White Nightmare, as well as the scene of White Nightmare devouring nightmare.

After competition guard finished speaking, Qian Qing, elder Ye Tao, and Cao Sheng were shocked, unable to speak for a long time.

A soul palace member having a high class monarch rank White Nightmare was already surprising. Yet, hearing that this White Nightmare could actually devour same species as fuel for growth. This was unheard of!

“Elder Ye Tao, White Nightmare had such abilities?” Qian Qing was surprised and finally asked.

Elder Ye Tao stared gravely and thought for a while before saying, “Yes…….but……”

Cao Sheng stood by without a word. He knew some things about this White Nightmare, but he couldn’t explain it much.

From Elder Ye Tao’s expressions, White Nightmare having the devouring species ability wasn’t the greatest problem. The greatest problem was why a soul palace member had a White Nightmare!!

Nightmare Palace members had most of the nightmares. However, there were countless soul pets in the world. Occasionally, people would meet wild White Nightmares and sign soul pacts with them.

“Is it truly luck that they found this talented White Nightmare, or was this White Nightmare originally ours……” Elder Ye Tao muttered to himself.

“Elder, from what you see, can this Chu Chen originally be a nightmare palace member that went to soul palace afterwards?” Cao Shen asked.

“Most likely. Qian Qing, I will tell someone to bring the Soul Supporting Necter. You take care of them well. I’ll go to soul palace and figure out the background of this Chu Chen first.” Elder Ye Tao said.


On the main peak of Heavenly Life Mountain.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi almost dominated the entire main peak. Neither Nightmare Palace nor soul palace contestants dared to go upwards.

After the battle completed, Chu Mu didn’t relax at all, because he knew Qin Ye could appear at any time.

Yet, even when the entire eighth realm ended, Qin Ye never appeared.

 “Has he given up?” Ye Qingzi felt strange. Qing Ye, as a competitor, even if he were first tier, attacking second tiers wouldn’t cause the competition staff to stop him. He had no reason to give up.

“There are many players here, and Li Heng is here as well. If we give up early, Li Heng could definitely intervene. He probably was worried about that and gave up.” Chu Mu said.

“That’s good.” Ye Qingzi finally let out a breath.

As a first tier top tier expert, his strength was indeed much stronger. Qin Ye didn’t want to go against such a powerful enemy so early on.

“However, I feel like someone wouldn’t give up this easily? Since Qin Ye could come into our second tier battlefield in eighth realm, then he could in ninth realm too…...So, I think he’ll appear in ninth realm. Ninth realm doesn’t have any competition guards anyways……” Chu Mu said.

With Chu Mu’s strength, gaining second tier honor shouldn’t be an issue. Able to defeat Nightmare Palace Jiang Yiteng, the only person left that threatened him was the nearly mythical Si Tian. After beating him, the final honor would finally be Chu Mu’s to take.

Yet, Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye’s appearance meant that he had more obstacles on this path.

“In reality, this is better……” Chu Mu smiled.

If Mo Xie had another eye-popping mutation, then there had to be some people that could relate him back to the prisoner king identity, causing great trouble for him.

If they didn’t have any spectators in ninth realm, Chu Mu wouldn’t have to worry much, letting Mo Xie mutate and kill a path outwards!


After eighth realm finished, Chu Mu went straight to soul palace under the guard of Li Heng.

Chu Mu knew that this battle caused a huge commotion. Not only did he beat the most powerful Nightmare Palace member Jiang Yiteng, his White Nightmare’s appearance and White Nightmare’s special devouring ability was also shocking.

Chu Mu knew that, afterwards, he would definitely get some identity questioning from Nightmare Palace. So, after the eighth realm finished, Chu Mu stayed in soul palace to collect the soul items he needed. As for the questioning, he handed it to Old Soul Teacher De.

“Old fellow, I beg you stop your troubles. It was just a White Nightmare, maybe your Nightmare Palace members also have sacred diagram soul pets!” Old Soul Teacher De said to Nightmare Palace Elder Ye Tao.

Ye Tao’s mustache was stiff with anger. Facing an unreasonable person like Old Soul Teacher De, anyone would get angry.

But, in reality, some Nightmare Palace people indeed had seventh diagram sacred soul pets. Seventh diagram sacred soul pets are strictly controlled within soul palace members, but there are cases where nightmare palace members find a very rare seventh diagram sacred pet in the wild and sign a contract with it.

“That White Nightmare is special. Let him summon it and appraise it, I just want to ascertain its identity!!!” Elder Ye Tao said.

“What if, and I say what if, you verified its identity?” Old soul teacher de asked.

“Then I’ll retract it!” Ye Tao said pompously.

“That is impossible.” Old Soul Teacher De said.

“What impossible? A nameless pawn taking a White Nightmare that we’ve always kept under control is a death sentence on its own, let alone it is……” Ye Tao stopped when he got there and switched the topic, “Anyways, let that kid come out.”

“Nameless pawn? Old fellow, don’t think you can say whatever you want as a fourth seat. Telling you won’t matter, but Chu Chen is the tenth young master that soul palace hasn’t released to the public yet.” Old Soul Teacher De laughed coldly.

“Tenth young master? When has soul palace ever had a tenth young master? Which elder’s son is he?” Ye Tao paused and then asked questioningly.

“Not the son of an elder.” Old Soul Teacher De said.

“Not an elder’s son, then……” As Ye Tao spoke, his voice suddenly quieted down as he stared with bulging eyes at Old Soul Teacher De.

“He…...he is your soul palace Majesty’s son!!!”

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