Chapter 540: Fourteen Billion, Incredible Sum

Chapter 540: Fourteen Billion, Incredible Sum

Chu Mu couldn’t hold back the joy in his heart, having even more anticipation for Mo Xie’s mutation to perfect monarch rank!!

“Chu Mu!!!!!!!”




Suddenly, in his buzzing ears came Ye QIngzi, Mo Xie, White Nightmare, and Zhan Ye’s alarmed calls.

Chu Mu was secretly happy. It seems that they all knew his strength had broken through and were cheering for him. But, it was strange. Why did they sound so panicked?

The moment Chu Mu opened his eyes, Chu Mu lost his cool. He finally realized why his soul pets and Ye Qingzi were calling out this sharply!

Chu Mu didn’t imagine that, with a stadium with White Nightmare, the two crippled soul pet trainers still had the chance to fight back.

Opening his eyes, the first thing that fell into his vision was a huge muscular glacial creature covered in ice armor. Its claw, large enough to shatter mountains, lifted high up, and gathered a space freezing large Towering Ice ability, smacking down forcefully!

The Tundra Ice Beast was massive, but its attack speed wasn’t any slower. Just as it lifted its claw up, it already came hurtling down!!

This moment was what tested Chu Mu’s mental strength. If it were any other normal person, seeing a huge claw coming the moment they opened their eyes would definitely scare them enough to cause their minds to go blank, let alone start an incantation.

Yet, Chu Mu almost instinctively reacted the moment his eyes opened, starting the Displacement Specter incantation!

Initially, Chu Mu needed a whole second to cast Displacement Specter. However, as Chu Mu’s remembrance became stronger and he was more adept at techniques, this dodging technique could be casted almost the moment Chu Mu thought of it!

The most important thing about dodging techniques is casting speed and reaction speed. When the icy claw fell down, Chu Mu’s body was engulfed in devil flames, quickly burning through Chu Mu’s body…...

The Ice Tundra Beast’s claw was even larger than Chu Mu. Coming downwards like that, no one could see the displacement devil flames that flew up suddenly on Chu Mu.

The ice claw slammed down solidly. Ye Qingzi immediately lost all her composure to shock and fear. Holding her mouth, tears were almost rolling out of her eyes.

Yet Xing Yang and Jiang Yiteng, who were doing their utmost to kill Chu Mu, smiled with prevalence on their pale faces.

The final victory was still theirs! No matter how many of their souls were hurt, as long as they were alive, they could ultimately recover. Chu Mu, on the other hand, was permanently gone from this world!

The effects of the sonic boom was dimming away. The spectators in the skies all saw the giant ice claw fall on Chu Mu, and Chu Mu’s body almost instantly getting squashed!

“How is that possible……” Shang Heng stared despondently at the large claw.

“Too careless…...too careless……” Luo Bing’s face stared lifelessly.

All of soul palace members lost their cool too. This result was beyond everyone’s expectations!

Li Heng was much calmer than everyone else. His remembrance was the highest, so he was also the only one that saw the devil flames that popped up under the ice claw!

These devil flames came from White Nightmare’s powerful dodging ability, Displacement Specter.

Though Li Heng could hardly believe Chu Mu could complete the technique so quickly, he could watch the battlefield more calmly than anyone. He was looking…...looking for another position where devil flames would pop up!

Indeed, on the back of the Tundra Ice Beast, at first, there was the ripple of a strand of White Nightmare flames. Following it right after was a sprout of nine underworld devil flames that quickly burned upwards. One could see the black clothed Chu Mu standing devilishly on the back of Tundra Ice Beast!

The person in the devil flames was Chu Mu. Seeing Chu Mu successfully dodge the Tundra Ice Beast, Li Heng let out a long breath. However, he quickly noticed that Chu Mu was extending his flaming hand into the Tundra Ice Beast’s back!

Obliterating Heart!!!

Li Heng saw Chu Mu’s technique. It was this technique that instantly killed Shen Yichen’s Violent Blood Pool Beast!!

Chu Mu’s actions were very quick. As a seventh remembrance soul master, Chu Mu was even better and more powerful at using techniques!



A shatter sounded!!

Chu Mu single handedly crushed the innard crystal that he pulled out of the Tundra Ice Beast’s body!!

The Tundra Ice Beast was a beast type organism made of countless ice pieces. Once its human-like heart was shattered, its life force immediately depleted!

Losing the life source for the innards crystal, the Tundra Ice Beast crumbled like a glacial mountain that lost its supporting rock foundation, rumbling as it collapsed completely!!


The death of the Tundra Ice Beast was very sudden. While everyone was still preoccupied by Chu Mu’s death, the sound of the Tundra Ice Beast collapsing woke them up…...

Ice constantly fell on the ground, breaking and melting.

Amongst the white fragments, one could see a black figure- cold, yet proudly standing in the Tundra Ice Beast’s broken ice shards. The wild, demonic, yet hidden killing intent behind the cold pupils caused one to shiver!

“Dear god, he didn’t die!!!”

“Chu Mu didn’t die, yet the Tundra Ice Beast died!!!”

Chu Mu was already a seventh remembrance soul master. Of the people present, other than Li Heng, no one saw Chu Mu’s actions. Everyone was shocked immediately!


Chu Mu stepped forwards from the countless ice shards.

Specially taking a look at Ye Qingzi, a smile flew onto his cold face.

Ye Qingzi started crying of joy. Wiping the corners of her eyes, she said, “Can’t you scare me less?”

Chu Mu only laughed and replied, “I’ve broken through seventh remembrance soul master.”

Ye Qingzi didn’t know why Chu Mu had to break into seventh remembrance soul master, so she immediately adjusted her emotions and said to Chu Mu, “First, get rid of them, or else if Qin Ye appears, we’ll be in big trouble.”

“Hehe, I’m just afraid he won’t come.” Chu Mu laughed mysteriously.

If Qin Ye doesn’t come, who would stimulate Mo Xie into mutating?

Ye Qingzi didn’t know why, after Chu Mu woke up, he was laughing like an idiot, so she complained cutely, “What’s wrong? Is seventh remembrance really that important?”

“Very quickly, you will know.” Chu Mu said.

When Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were laughing and talking, Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang both spit out blood!

Not only did this person not die, he still had the time to talk with that woman. One had to know that the both of them were trying their absolute hardest to kill Chu Mu!


Ten seconds had finally passed. White Nightmare’s internal nine underworld devil flames completely burnt the demon fairy into pieces. Xing Yang’s twisted face again started twitching, barely able to stand anymore!

After White Nightmare’s imprisonment was removed, the entire Heavenly Life Mountain peak was disturbed by an imposing soul devil flame aura. This soul piercing energy felt like countless demons forming legions, bringing White Nightmare’s greatest wrath towards Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang!

“White Nightmare, kill his soul pet!” Chu Mu gave a command to White Nightmare!

Chu Mu hoped Mo Xie could mutate right now, but with opponents like Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang, there was no need for Mo Xie to mutate. Let alone, even when these two people’s soul pets were defeated, it was not enough to stimulate Mo Xie’s mutation!

To mutate, Chu Mu had to go against a powerful enemy!


The angry White Nightmare became even crueler. Both Xing Yang and Jiang Yiteng only had one soul pet remaining.

Very quickly, the Great Lightning Snake Lion was locked onto by White Nightmare. It directly appeared in front of it, devil claw extending into the injured Great Lightning Snake Lion and heavily ripping it apart!!



The Great Lightning Snake Lion couldn’t resist at all. Its massive purple body was ripped into multiple shreds cruelly by the White Nightmare. Finally, even the corpse of the White Nightmare was burned clean by the nine underworld devil flames!

Great Lightning Snake Lion’s death meant Jiang Yiteng was four souls down. Such a wound was very lethal. He was curled up on the ground, pale on the face, as well as bloodless all over.

The soul wound caused him to look utterly weakened. His life force was also dropping. Any slight soul attack and Jiang Yiteng would definitely die from having too weak of a soul!

Xing Yang similarly didn’t fare better. When his fourth soul was killed by White Nightmare, he also fell onto the ground…...

Looking down from above, one could see the weakened and pathetic figures of them.

Up until now, the nightmare palace members didn’t believe that the two most powerful experts of Nightmare Palace would lose this badly!!

Nightmare Palace members could no longer speak anymore. Yet, with the victory ensured, soul palace members all smiled. Except, their smiles were somewhat strange too…...

If Chu Mu used his soul palace seven diagram sacred soul pet to defeat the two, they would definitely shout and cheer with joy and view Chu Mu as a hero of soul palace…...

Yet, Chu Mu used his White Nightmare, and an utmost evil one at that. Chu Mu gaining the honor for soul palace was way less important than the shock Chu Mu brought them himself.


“Prisoner rings, give them up.” The black clothed Chu Mu was like a reaper that controlled life and death. Standing arrogantly in front of the two Nightmare Palace experts, he commanded.

Jiang Yiteng and Xin Yang had never experienced such failure. Other than a deep sense of shame, their eyes were also filled with the utmost hatred for Chu Mu.

“I won’t say it a third time, give up the Prisoner Ring!” Chu Mu said!

Finally, Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang gave up their prisoner rings. After all, their absolute loss was a reality in front of them, no matter their shame or hatred towards Chu Mu!

Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang’s prisoner rings added up to around 7.5 billion. Coupled with Chu Mu’s 6.5 billion, Chu Mu gained 14 billion gold from this eighth realm.

14 billion, this was enough to buy near three ninth rank soul armors, fully armoring his soul pets. This gold could also be used to create even more high rank monarch ranks to increase his strength greatly!!

The second tier strongest member Ling He only had a 5 billion gold soul armor. If Chu Mu completely used up this 14 billion, then he would become a truly invincible being in second tier. Gaining the final honor would be as easy as a flick of his wrist!

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