Chapter 54: Instant Combined Kill!

Chapter 54: Instant Combined Kill!

“Chu Mu, you must be especially careful during the first round. If you can’t defeat them, don’t force yourself too much.” Chu Tianheng earnestly said to Chu Mu.

“Mhm, I will take note of that.” Chu Mu nodded his head. There wasn’t a need to explain too much.

Ardent shouts resounded next to his ears. On the battlefield’s contestant seats, Chu Mu’s gaze swept through the surrounding throng of spectators outside the battlefield. In his heart, there unexpectedly flared up a slight feeling of passion.

Chu Mu remembered a time five years ago, when he had attended the Recommendation. At that time, the 13, 14 year old Chu Mu witnessed other people using their soul pets on the extensive battlefield. These people bore the attentive gazes of over 10,000 people, and fought with their opponent to their heart’s content… there were various powerful soul pets with various different attributes and abilities. There were beautiful soul pet techniques, and the nervous moments just before victory or defeat was decided, and then the gasps of shock when the victor was decided. Such a breathtaking event would forever become a longing of Chu Mu, who couldn’t summon soul pets.

From a very early time, Chu Mu had longed for battle. He had longed to stand on the battlefield and use the various kinds of rich soul pet knowledge he had learned on a soul pet he had raised himself. Afterwards, under the shocked and cheering cries of everyone, he would defeat his opponent and obtain veneration, honor….

Originally, he had believed he was incapable of becoming a soul pet trainer, so he was unable to fight as much as he wanted as he did in his dreams. However, in a span of five years, he had ultimately still arrived here. Despite the complications and the misery, being able to make the family feel proud because of him and being able to make those despicable enemies feel fear was all extremely worth it!


“First round, Chu Mu versus Zhou Lijun!” exclaimed the referee. He used soul remembrance in his voice and decreed the two members of the first round.

Most recently, the most popular topic obviously pertained to the Recommendation. The most talked about topic of the Chu Family wasn’t the strongest Chu Xing. Rather, it was Chu Mu, who made everyone feel incomparably astonished.

Chu Mu being deposed of a soul was something everyone knew of. After losing a soul, even despite reaching the spirit teacher level, he could only summon two soul pets. In this way, he was clearly at a disadvantage.

Many people were questioning of Chu Mu’s persistence to walk the soul pet trainer path. Furthermore, they didn’t think that this fellow who had lost a soul and two soul pet spaces would surprisingly appear in this eminently important Recommendation competition.

Those who had interacted with Chu Mu before the competitions all felt that perhaps this previously joked about fellow in Gangluo City had transformed over these four years. Those who didn’t interact with him continued to have a contemptuous bearing, and they felt that the Chu Family truly had no one left, unexpectedly using this fellow who could only summon two soul pets to participate in the competition!

“Lijun, it’s best if you don’t overdo it. If something happens to this brat and Chu Tiancheng returns, we will have a lot of trouble. That fellow is a madman.” said the Zhou Family’s young head, Zhou Shangke.

“There’s nothing too bad that should happen, eh? Isn’t that Chu Tiancheng currently crippled like him?” objected Zhou Lijun.

“I’ve heard that his ailment has been lifted. I’m not sure how that fellow’s strength will undulate, but it’s best to be careful. This full-on conflict would be best handled by the Yang Family.” said Zhou Shangke.

Zhou Lijun still remembered the words Chu Mu said to her yesterday. She wanted to properly teach him a lesson. However, after listening to Zhou Shangke’s words, she could only nod her head.


Chu Mu slowly walked onto stage and passed through the arc of pillars. He stood in the centermost part of the arena, his gaze indifferently staring at Zhou Lijun, who was gradually walking onto the stage.

When Zhou Lijun didn’t speak, many people would think of her as an extremely beautiful woman. However, the moment she spoke, that arrogant, haughty, and despicable character of hers would unrestrainedly show. No matter how one looked at it, this person would feel nauseous and disgusted!

Perhaps it was from his own mother’s influence, but Chu Mu could easily ignore a woman’s breathtaking outer appearance. Instead, he focused on inner character and self-restraint.

“Yesterday, you pretentiously said you were going to kill all of the soul pets I summoned. I didn’t think that the first round today would give you such a fantastic opportunity. Come, let’s see if you, this wretch, can kill my soul pets!” Zhou Lijun adopted a provocative manner.

The moment Chu Mu entered a battle, he didn’t like to waste words and merely slowly began chanting an incantation, summoning his soul pet.

This time, Chu Mu didn’t summon the Mo Ye like he habitually did. Rather, he first summoned the sixth phase third stage Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

After undergoing the Demon Tree’s Heart and soul crystal strengthening, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s average strength was probably even above the Ice Air Fairy!

“A sixth phase third stage Devil Tree Battle Soldier? I thought you were still hiding some other powerful soul pet. You boasted with merely such a thing…” Zhou Lijun spoke while chanting an incantation, summoning a seventh phase seventh stage Flame Tail!

A Flame Tail was a high class servant rank, and if it underwent various attribute strengthening and reached the seventh phase seventh stage, its fighting strength wouldn’t be inferior to a few warrior rank soul pets.

For a majority of fights, soul pet trainers would first summon one soul pet to fight before adopting to the situation and summoning two more soul pets, then followed by three.

However, Chu Mu didn’t plan on doing this. He chanted an incantation again, and instantly summoned the sixth phase second stage Ice Air Fairy.


It had been a long time since the Ice Air Fairy had fought. After being summoned by Chu Mu, it promptly let out a rather excited cry. Moreover, it used fairy language to tell the Devil Tree Battle Soldier not to steal its opponent.

“Summoning two soul pet so quickly. It seems that he wants to immediately fight a war of attrition and use up Zhou Lijun’s soul pet fighting strength as well as her soul power. Afterwards, the next member will get rid of Zhou Lijun.”

“Mhm, however with only two sixth phase warrior rank soul pets, it seems that they won’t be very effective at exhausting her. Instead, the Chu Family will immediately lose a member…”

Many people instantly saw through the Chu Family’s tactic and began to loudly discuss.

Zhou Lijun wasn’t too overconfident and decisively summoned her second soul pet.

Interestingly, the second soul pet Zhou Lijun summoned was also an Ice Air Fairy. Moreover, it had already reached the sixth phase sixth stage, making its phase and stage higher than Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy by four stages.

“Let the fight begin!”

After the contestants indicated that their preliminary summonings were finished, the referee immediately shouted, igniting the fire on top of the centermost pillar in the plaza!


A flame abruptly flew up, suddenly radiating a captivating red fire light. The surrounding seemed to be ignited and it added a bit more of a battle atmosphere!

“Flame Tail, Burning Python!”

Zhou Lijun promptly used soul remembrance to have her beast and fire dual type Flame Tail launch an attack towards Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier!!

Wood types were afraid of fire type techniques, but Chu Mu felt that there was no need to have the Ice Air Fairy put an Ice Armor on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Instead, he motionlessly had the two soul pets stand there, letting the two sharp twisting bodies of the fire pythons rush over!

Ice Wall!!!

Seemingly without chanting an incantation, the Ice Air Fairy instantaneously completed an Ice Wall cast. Two walls of thick ice crystals immediately appeared on the plaza battlefield. Their heights unexpectedly approaching the peak of the twenty meter pillars!!

“Did any of you see the Ice Air Fairy chant an incantation?” the moment the Ice Wall appeared, Chu Tianheng felt very surprised, and immediately questioned the other few members.

The others promptly shook their heads, indicating that they didn’t see the Ice Air Fairy chant an incantation. Thus, they could precisely determine that Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy had instantaneously released an ice type technique!

“Piercing Branch Chain!”

Under Chu Mu’s orders, the two Heraculean arms of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier suddenly extended. Instantly, two chain-like rattans curled up before quickly extending, piercing forth in a perfectly straight line!

Without even needing Chu Mu’s orders, the Ice Air Fairy let out a shout, and the Ice Wall instantly shattered. In sync, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s perfectly straight chains passed through the shattered ice wall and directly penetrated towards the seventh phase seventh stage Flame Tail!

The Ice Wall acted as a vision barrier and, the moment it shattered, the Piercing Branch Chain abruptly appeared. The seventh phase seventh stage Flame Tail had no choice but to stop releasing its fire type technique and flusteredly jump to the side!

“Beng!!! Beng!!!”

Two Piercing Branch Chains violently stabbed into two pillars, unexpectedly piercing right through them!!

“Demon Wood Flourish!!”

How could the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s technique be so simple?!

Two perfectly straight tree branch chains, one on the left, one on the right, closed in on the Flame Tail. Suddenly, the Piercing Branch Chains grew numerous tiny branches. These tiny branches were like a plethora of minute snakes that violently shook before quickly growing larger!!!

Green colored tendrils weaved together to form a complicated web of demonic wood in a second. It launched at the Flame Tail’s body, attempting to bind it tight!

No one had expected Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier to have a follow up technique. Zhou Lijun also hadn’t thought of this. So without promptly adopting defensive measures, she could only watch as the Flame Tail was wrapped up tightly by the chain like thin strips!

“Ice Spike!!!”

Chu Mu immediately gave an order!

Equivalently, the Ice Air Fairy didn’t need a chanting time to release the Ice Spike. After letting out a shout, it ripped open the plaza floor and, from within the floor full of Demon Wood Chains, they abruptly spiked out!!!

After the Ice Spikes shot out from the fissure in the ground, they immediately passed through the densely packed thin branches!

In the blink of an eye, the Ice Spikes rose to the height of the pillars and shockingly appeared in the arena!!!!!

The height of one Ice Spike unexpectedly reached 20 meters; moreover, it seemed to have been instantaneously released!!

In this moment, everyone was stunned, including Zhou Lijun, who controlled the seventh phase seventh stage Flame Tail!

The frost slowly froze the green devil tree's thin branches. Zhou Lijun's Ice Air Fairy's ice armor ability arrived a second too late after the ice spike, adhering onto the green bush-like leaves. Yet, all it did was freeze the crimson blood that leaked out from the green branches!

The audience couldn’t see the Flame Tail, but could see that it was enveloped in a dense cluster of green colored branch chains. However, the moment Zhou Lijun’s Ice Air Fairy used the defensive Ice Armor, fresh red blood had already begun seeping through the small cracks out of the green cluster of plants. The gorgeous color that appeared in the center of the stage seemed particularly gaudy!

Instant Combined Kill!

The battle had yet to end but the stadium suddenly became several levels softer!

The thick branches quickly retreated into the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arms. After the effects of the densely clustered binding disappeared, what appeared in front of everyone’s eyes was a shockingly merciless tableau!

A seventh phase seventh stage Flame Tail had been stabbed in the abdomen, staked by the lower end of a terrifying and rigid ice pillar. Fresh red blood spilled onto the snowy white Ice Spike. Blood dripped everywhere!

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