Chapter 539: Breakthrough, Seven Remembrance Spirit Master (2)

Chapter 539: Breakthrough, Seven Remembrance Spirit Master (2) 

The Blue Nightmare’s energy poured in wasn’t large, and was much weaker compared to the previous energy. However, there were three continuous soul energies being poured in. Its surging strength reached the highest interference with the usual calm. 

The soul power didn’t linger in his body. Chu Mu began to use his soul remembrance to rapidly squeeze the soul power into his own soul.

However, this energy had all come from Nightmares, whose soul power carried flames. So when the three streams of soul energy poured in, they carried a negative side effect of burning Chu Mu’s soul with a terrifyingly high temperature!

Chu Mu’s present soul was already at a high temperature state, so the addition of the Nightmare soul energy was like adding oil to the fire! 

The White Nightmare had devoured three Nightmares. Cyan, blue, and white colored devil flames were in the midst of Chu Mu’s soul world. These three devil flames were intersecting with each other, doubling the burning effect… 

Moreover, the more Nightmare soul energy that Chu Mu induced, the stronger the fire would be. It was like a nightmare, whereby his entire world was filled with devil flames. 

Chu Mu’s soul world was practically like a devil flame purgatory. A soul could be both the master of a purgatory, while also being the prisoner of a purgatory. It was going to be beaten thousands of time, and either it would be burned to a crisp, or it would be refined into an even stronger state. Tempering through fire and water! 

Chu Mu looked calm while he sat there. He looked like he was quietly undergoing silent breakthrough cultivation. However, as he battered against the seventh remembrance, Chu Mu wanted to give all of the soul energy to his soul. The more he provided, the higher his soul temperature would increase, and the more pain he would be in… 

Only, no matter how difficult it was to bear or how hot it was, Chu Mu had to persevere and absorb all of the energy. Otherwise, it would ruin everything! 

“Just a little bit more!! Just a little bit. If I had just a little bit more soul strength…” Chu Mu silently said. 

When Chu Mu felt that the high temperature had reached the highest point but discovered that his soul energy was still slightly lacking. If he couldn’t muster the amount to breakthrough, then the energy would soon dissipate… 

Only, the White Nightmare couldn’t continue devouring. Where could Chu Mu obtain the final sliver off soul pet energy? In this moment, Chu Mu couldn’t help but feel frustration. Could it be that he was destined to fail his breakthrough? 

Defeat meant that he would have to wait a month or two, but he simply didn’t have this much time...


“Chu Mu’s eyes are burning…” Ting Lan covered her small mouth and looked in shock at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had closed his eyes, but even through his closed eyes one could feel his eyes overflowing with flames. It made him seem like a bronze statue being refined by flames!

Shang Heng and Li Hen both looked on with worry at Chu Mu. This sort of scene was extremely strange, and it was like a Nightmare was attaching itself to his body...

The Nightmare Palace competitors also stared at Chu Mu’s every action in shock. When a Nightmare was unable to control devouring its master, devil flames would burn the master’s body. Chu Mu’s present situation was as if the Nightmare was devouring his soul!! 

“Jiang Yiteng… our soul pets are not that White Nightmare’s opponent. Let’s give up…” Xing Yang’s face was pale white, as he looked at Nightmare Palace’s Young Master. 

Jiang Yiteng’s face was continuously twitching. But when he saw Chu Mu’s body being burned by devil flames, his face that was incomparably pale revealed an extremely unsightly smile. Amidst the smile was a bit of excitement and frenzy! 

“Hahaha, he played with fire! He devoured so many Nightmares that the souls have turned around and burned his soul. His soul is too weak, and it is unable to withstand this amount of energy!!” Jiang Yiteng wantonly laughed.

“You say that, but our soul pets…” Xing Yang had already lost two souls and Chu Mu’s White Nightmare had seized the battlefield. If they continued like this, all of their soul pets would be killed.

“Could it be you want to surrender? Hmph. Even if all four of my souls are wounded, I still wouldn’t do that. He’s already gone overboard with his cultivation, and this is the best opportunity to kill him!” said Jiang Yiteng.

Jiang Yiteng wasn’t someone who was willing to compromise. He would rather lose everything than accept less but stay in shape. This was his principle. Chu Mu had killed his strongest Nightmare so he would use the last of his strength to kill Chu Mu!

Xing Yang grit his teeth in pain. The fight had reached a point that he had never expected. As one of Nightmare Palace’s strongest, he also had his own honor. SInce Jiang Yiteng was going to resolutely stake the rest of his strength to kill Chu Mu, then he wouldn't cower in fear either. When Nightmare Palace members cultivated, they already had to prepare for their own deaths!

“My Demon Fairy has the ability to burn its own soul to steal another’s soul. It can prevent his White Nightmare from using techniques for ten seconds. Are you sure you can kill him in these ten seconds?” said Xing Yang.

“Yes!” Jiang Yiteng merely spat out this word coldly.

Xing Yang’s Demon Fairy had abnormal dark attribute talent. It could burn its own life force to steal another soul pet’s soul! 

Of course, this was normally towards soul pets weaker than it by three levels. However, Xing Yang’s Demon Fairy was weaker than Chu Mu’s White Nightmare by nearly three levels. If it used this technique, the moment it entered the White Nightmare’s body, it was equivalent to jumping into a fire pit. It would definitely be burned to a crisp within 10 seconds by the White Nightmare!

The Demon Fairy that could camouflage in the shadows was a strange creature. Quickly, it locked onto the White Nightmare and took advantage of the White Nightmare being slightly inhibited by the Tundra Ice Beast to suddenly transform into a shadow that shot into the White Nightmare’s shadow!

“Nie!!!!!!!!” the White Nightmare immediately discovered something enter its body, and it let out an angry shout.

The White Nightmare wanted to use the nine underworld devil flames in its body to burn this suicidal thing. However, when it called forth its inner flames, it felt something stopping it from doing so, preventing it from controlling the devil flames on its body!

“Nie!!!!!!” the White Nightmare became angry.

It had never encountered this situation before. Chu Mu was in a state of breaking through his soul remembrance, and couldn’t tell the White Nightmare how to resolve this. It could only allow this strange object to shackle his body.

“I’ve succeeded. You must kill him and avenge our soul pets!” Xing Yang barely managed to show a savage smile!

Jiang Yiteng nodded his head, and gave his Great Lightning Snake Lion an order!

Thunder Sonic Boom!

The Great Lightning Snake Lion’s strongest species technique used thunder create a boom, manufacturing a sound that was so strong it could penetrate one’s soul.

If the enemy didn’t defend this technique, he would definitely be injured by it!

The Thunder Sonic Boom’s strength was extremely terrifying. When the Great Lightning Snake Lion used this technique, its eardrums would rupture and its ears, nose and eyes would spill with blood! 

Obviously, this was a powerful technique that harmed oneself!

Once the Great Lightning Snake Lion used this technique, all of Chu Mu’s and Ye Qingzi’s soul pets suffered from this noise.

The sound wound wouldn’t actually deal any physical damage, but it could prick a soul pet’s eardrums and cause them to lose consciousness. 


Fifty meters up in the air, all of the competitors were holding their ears. The soul pet trainers with lower soul remembrance had had their eardrums injured from which blood flowed out of.

The soul pets that couldn’t withstand this sound attack let out wild roars. There were even soul pets with weak soul withstanding abilities that fell from the air. If the competition authority guards didn’t rescue them in time, they probably would have been smashed to pieces!

“Tundra Ice Beast, kill him!” Jiang Yiteng ordered.

The Tundra Ice Beast had already prepared its soul beforehand so the sound attack was much weaker to it. 

“Hou hou!!!!!!!!!!”

The Tundra Ice Beast waved its long arms, and fiercely swept aside Mo Xie and the Warcourt Black Beast blocking its path. It broke into heavy strides and resembled a moving glacier as it charged at Chu Mu!

The Tundra Ice Beast was a peak ninth phase and aside from the White Nightmare, the other soul pets could only restrain it but not actually fight it. Furthermore, all of the soul pets had been injured by the Thunder Sonic Boom and would find it difficult to react.

“Beng!!! Beng!!! Beng!!!!!”

After the Tundra Ice Beast knocked away the two soul pets, it leaped into the air. Its glacier ike body jumped a hundred meters long and it landed twenty meters away from Chu Mu.!

At this range, the Tundra Ice Beast merely had to raise its claw, and could deal a fatal attack to Chu Mu...

Ye Qingzi was clutching her ears. The sound attack had stunned her consciousness, and her field of vision had become hazy. 

However, she was in a state of panic because the Tundra Ice Beast was already in front of Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had no defense and the moment he got hit by the Tundra Ice Beast’s attack, he would be undoubtedly killed!

Chu Mu was in a precarious situation! 

Ye Qingzi wanted to use soul remembrance, but she found it difficult now to concentrate and she couldn’t even chant an incantation. Her  heart was on fire with anxiety, as she didn’t know how to protect Chu Mu!

“Chu Mu, wake up!!” Ye Qingzi barely managed to form a voice with her soul remembrance that transmitted into Chu Mu’s ears.

A second later, and Chu Mu really would be killed!!

The ground trembled, but Chu Mu who was sitting there didn’t react at all!


When Chu Mu was battering his soul, he was missing just that sliver of strength. This made Chu Mu extremely vexed.

If he didn’t succeed this time, he would have to wait a long time!

Just as Chu Mu was helpless in the face of this, a sound suddenly entered his ears and entered his soul!

Compared to the devil flames that burned his soul, this sound was painful and seemed negligible… 

However, when Chu Mu was hit by this attack, he was extremely excited!

This sound attack had struck his soul, which was had presently stopped at the highest point, right on the border of the next rank. This soul attack happened to provide the perfect assistance, and under Chu Mu’s powerful sixth remembrance spirit master soul remembrance guidance, it caused Chu Mu’s soul to breakthrough the bottleneck and step into the seventh remembrance spirit master rank!!! 

Chu Mu didn’t know where this technique came from, but he thanked the user from the bottom of his heart. This person had bestowed him this energy when he needed it the most to hit his soul!

The seventh remembrance meant that one had stepped into the high remembrance spirit master rank. This was a small leap for one’s soul remembrance. 

Once one’s soul remembrance strengthened, one’s soul power would increase. Additionally, one would be able to add another soul pact. All of this was already worth being excited over.

But most importantly, Mo Xie’s mutation conditions had been fulfilled!!

He only needed to give Mo Xie a slight stimulus, and the pseudo monarch rank Mo Xie would be magnificently born!!!

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