Chapter 538: Breakthrough, Seventh Remembrance Spirit Master (1)

Chapter 538: Breakthrough, Seventh Remembrance Spirit Master (1)

The White Nightmare’s Devour didn’t end because Jiang Yiteng’s Si disappeared!

Quickly, the White Nightmare’s eyes locked onto Jiang Yiteng, and Xing Yang’s other two Nightmares!

These two Nightmares seemed even smaller in front of this White Nightmare, and when the White Nightmare Displacement Spectered in front of the other White Nightmare, the other White Nightmare would inevitably become this White Nightmare’s offering. 

There was simply no need for an intense fight. Relying on its high class monarch tyranny, Chu Mu’s White Nightmare firmly grabbed the remaining White Nightmare and devoured its soul, forcibly merging it into its own body! 

The soul devouring speed was extremely fast this time, and everyone personally witnessed a ninth phase high stage middle class monarch White Nightmare being devoured by a White Nightmare. 

As Jiang Yiteng’s second White Nightmare was obliterated, the other White Nightmare’s devil flames sprung up once more. Its nine underworld devil flames caused people to tremble from head to toe!

It’s strength rose once more!

The White Nightmare had just increased from the ninth phase fourth stage to the ninth phase sixth stage. After it devoured another White Nightmare, it unexpectedly rose to the ninth phase seventh stage, reaching a true ninth phase high stage level!

A ninth phase high stage high class monarch!

Right now, even if these soul pets had secondary attributes, they were lower than this White Nightmare by two levels. Thus, Xing Yang’s demon soul pet without a secondary attribute would be instakilled if it encountered the White Nightmare!

“It’s already grown by ninety percent!!” after the White Nightmare devoured two White Nightmares, Chu Mu reaped a huge benefit. 

Now, Chu Mu’s soul remembrance had grown by ninety percent, and was only a small step from the seventh remembrance. As long as he was able to make this small step, Chu Mu would not have anything to fear, regardless if it was Xia Guanghan, Qin Ye, or the defector young woman!!


When the even colder and bone-chilling nine underworld devil flames came, Jiang Yiteng abruptly woke up.

If he didn’t take any measures, he wouldn’t only lose his most powerful White Nightmare, but his other main pets would also be killed!

“Tundra… Tundra Ice Beast, stop it!!” Jiang Yiteng gave his Tundra Ice Beast an order!

The Tundra Ice Beast was ice attributed, and when the Weakening Rain disappeared, it recovered its ninth phase peak stage strength.

This enormous ice beast’s single punch blew away Ye Qingzi’s Warcourt Black Beast. It broke into a stride, and bravely charged at the White Nightmare. The cold aura from high ranked towering ice hit the White Nightmare. 

The White Nightmare devilishly laughed, and its pair of eyes unexpectedly fixed onto Xing Yang’s ninth phase sixth stage demon!


The White Nightmare used Devil Phantom, and easily evaded the Tundra Ice Beast’s Attack. With extreme speed, it appeared in front of Xing Yang’s demon!


Its claws burning in torrential demon flames descended. This was the White Nightmare’s most basic attack!

Its claws ripped apart this demon’s body. Immediately, the nine underworld devil flames rapidly spread into the demon’s body, burning its flesh and its soul!

The demon raised its head, and let out a pained cry. Only, very quickly, its mouth, eyes, and nose were all filled with white colored nine underworld devil flames! 

This demon was four levels lower than the White Nightmare. It was going to be instakilled! 

Soon, Xing Yang’s ninth phase middle stage demon was burned to ashes, and even its corpse didn’t remain.

“Aside from the Tundra Ice Beast which attribute is a counter, if the other soul pets are chosen, they will die. Chu Chen’s White Nightmare has already become the ruler of this fight!!”

Even a ninth phase sixth stage demon has been instakilled. This White Nightmare’s strength shouldn’t appear in the second grade.

Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang’s soul pets, which were powerful and undefeatable main pets in the eyes of Nightmare Palace members, had now become toys that the White Nightmare could wantonly step on. It didn’t matter if the soul pets were ninth phase high stage or ninth phase middle stage, they were unable to withstand a blow! 

Perhaps, everyone present, including Li Hen, Ting Lan, and Shang Heng, thought that this wouldn’t be the scene that ultimately appeared. After all, Chu Mu was dominantly fighting Nightmare Palace’s two strongest in the second grade!


Ultimately, Xing Yang’s Blue Nightmare was unable to escape its fate of being devoured!

As Xing Yang’s Blue Nightmare was devoured, another large portion of soul energy was sent over. Chu Mu closed his eyes and began to absorb this soul energy. He allowed it to impact his soul remembrance and raise his soul! 


The White Nightmare transmitted a mental message, informing him that its devouring ability had reached its limit! 

The White Nightmare couldn’t devour its own species without limit. After each devour, although it could transform the energy from its own species into its own growing ability, after it grew, it required a long time to completely digest the soul from its own species. 

This period of time was a long one, and the White Nightmare informed Chu Mu that this Blue Nightmare’s soul was the last sliver of soul energy that it could provide Chu Mu.

The truth was that the White Nightmare had slightly overly devoured in this eighth realm. If it ate any more, it would burst. Chu Mu also knew this, and understood that the Blue Nightmare’s soul energy was extremely crucial. Whether he could break through the sixth remembrance spirit master barricade was completely up to him!

“Nie~~~~~~ Nie~~~~~~~”

The White Nightmare let out a cry, wanting Chu Mu to calmly breakthrough. It would annihilate all of the enemies! 

This was the final sliver of soul energy. Chu Mu had to utilize it to successfully breakthrough. He was going to breakthrough in one push, so it was extremely important to pour his energy in right now. 

Promptly, Chu Mu retreated from the fight and had Ye Qingzi protect him. He entered into a silent cultivation state, both body and mind. 

Ye Qingzi knew that Chu Mu had to breakthrough the seventh remembrance spirit master and commanded his soul pets for him, continuing to attack Xing Yang Jiang Yiteng. 

The White Nightmare killed two other White Nightmares, a Blue Nightmare, and a demon. Thus, the state of the fight was completely under their control, and Ye Qingzi didn’t have to do much. 

Especially since the White Nightmare was so tyrannical, the entire fight essentially became the White Nightmare’s stage. Its nine underworld devil flames would always cause group injuries with its sweeping nature. For each time it released a technique, a few soul pets would have their bodies and souls burned.

The fight was still continuing while Chu Mu sat next to the Bell Noise Concubine in his silent cultivation state. He was attempting to breakthrough the soul remembrance. 

Chu Mu had broken through to the sixth remembrance spirit master not too long ago, and his soul remembrance and soul should have been at an early stabilizing stage. However, he had absorbed such an enormous amount of soul energy in a short period of time from the White Nightmare’s devouring. This was incredibly stimulating for his fiery soul origin.

This energy continuously surged against Chu Mu’s soul, almost like waves. 

Since this was undulating energy, there had to be moments of smoothness. If Chu Mu wasn’t able to breakthrough into the seventh remembrance spirit master, when the energy smoothed out, Chu Mu would stop at the ninety percent soul remembrance state and breaking through the bottleneck would be abnormally difficult. Especially since Chu Mu had broken through to the sixth remembrance not too long ago. This would cause the stabilizing phase to extend even longer!

Therefore, he only had one chance. If he didn’t succeed, Chu Mu would perhaps have to wait another month or two, or even longer!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

Devil flames peacefully burned around Chu Mu’s body. It made Chu Mu, who was sitting in black clothes, to seem even more mysterious. 

“This…. Isn’t this too arrogant? He’s silently cultivating in the middle of a fight?!!” 

“Chu Chen… what is Chu Chen doing?” 

The spectators opened their eyes wide. After seeing so much, this was the first time they had seen someone sit down in a fight and enter into a soul power recovery silent cultivation state. Especially in such a dignified fight! 


“What is he doing?” high up, Xia Guanghan watched Chu Mu’s actions, and his brows creased.

Xia Guanghan didn’t dare attack right now, and could only implore Qin Ye to do so. However, Qin Ye was in no rush and floated in the air, waiting for the fight to end.

Qing Ye’s goal was very simple. He just wanted to see what special abilities Chu Mu’s soul pets had.

Right now, the White Nightmare had entered into the list of the soul pets that Qin Ye wanted to steal. After all, a White Nightmare that could perpetually devour its own species to increase its strength was practically too perfect. Qin Ye enjoyed stealing other people’s perfect soul pets! 

Qin Ye didn’t care right now what Chu Mu did, because he thought Chu Mu was an overly weak brat. Qin Ye only had to summon one main pet and could defeat Chu Mu’s three soul pets. 

“Soul remembrance breakthrough, so obvious… however, even if he breaks through into the spirit emperor rank, his unlimited potential soul pets will still be stuck in embryonic states. They pose no threats to me. Unless he’s able to increase all of his soul pets in the next few days to the high class monarch rank or the peak commander rank…” Qin Ye was indifferent as he spoke.

“In the next few days? Could it be that you don’t plan on taking action?!” 

“Obviously I do, but not right now. There will be an even better opportunity.” 

“An even better opportunity?” 

“You’ll find out very soon… other than that, I want his Warbeast Mo Ye and White Nightmare!” Qin Ye’s eyes flashed with a glint. 

“Didn’t we decide before that the Warbeast Mo Ye would belong to you?” a complicated expression immediately appeared on Xia Guanghan’s face.

“I’ve changed my mind now. Are you unsatisfied with this?” Qin Ye stared at Xia Guanghan and coldly spoke.

“I don’t have memory fluid. Even if I obtain his soul pets, I won’t be able to sign a soul pact. His Warbeast Mo Ye and White Nightmare will belong to you. My enmity with him is too deep. You only have to help me get rid of him… other than than, I am rather interested in his fox species soul pet. Just leave his Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox.” Xia Guanghan calmly said. 

“A perfect commander. If I was at the spirit teacher level, I would definitely take it. But right now, that kind of thing is insignificant. You can have it.” Qin Ye said, disdainfully. 

Xia Guanghan’s face was hidden under the golden armor. Right now, his pale face was in a sneer, laughing at Qin Ye, this stupid and arrogant person. He fundamentally didn’t understand which of Chu Mu’s soul pets was the most perfect...

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