Chapter 537: “Inauspicious”, the White Nightmare that No One Dared to Master

Chapter 537: “Inauspicious”, the White Devil that No One Dared to Master

One word from Li Heng caused almost all soul palace members to become intensely attentive.

“Can it be that this White Nightmare has even more special abilities?” Soul Palace members all had a good understanding of Nightmares, so they started wishing for Chu Mu to bring them more shock.

Soul Devour!!

Even Nightmare Palace prince wouldn’t think that a White Nightmare could devour its own species!

After White Nightmare heavily injured Si, its rapidly burning nine underworld devil flames started darting towards Si. At the same time, its body became like a shadow, slowly merging into Si’s body step by step!

Jiang Yiteng stared blankly. At first, he thought Chu Mu’s White Nightmare was casting Obliterating Heart on his soul pet.

If it were obliterating heart, then his White Nightmare could definitely dodge it even, if it were heavily injured. However, when he noticed the white devil starting to merge into his soul pet’s body, Jiang Yiteng suddenly realized it was a much more terrifying technique than Obliterating Heart!

  “Quick!! Don’t let him cast that technique!!” Jiang Yiteng yelled out loud.

At this moment, Jiang Yiteng didn’t dare to hesitate any longer. He commanded the fourth soul pet he summoned to attack Chu Mu’s White Nightmare to save his own White Nightmare!

Yet, after Jiang Yiteng’s fourth soul pet was washed by weakening rain, its strength was an entire four ranks below White Nightmare. Such a White Nightmare could be completely ignored!

After the weakening rain fell, other than Jiang Yiteng’s White Nightmare, Xing Yang and Jiang Yiteng’s other soul pets were nearly three ranks lower. Now that Si was heavily injured by Chu Mu’s White Nightmare, who else could stop White Nightmare??

Soul Devour was still happening. Si’s miserable shrieks echoed through the entire Heavenly Life Mountain peak!

“What technique is this!!” Isn’t this the Nightmare’s techniques to devour its owner’s soul? How could this White Nightmare devour its own species?!” Nightmare’s devour was the most evil technique. Everytime a soul devouring was witnessed, even Nightmare Palace members would shiver in terror.

Yet, a Nightmare devouring Nightmare was definitely something no Nightmare Palace member had ever witnessed. Seeing this process with their own eyes chilled their bones even further!

“Brother Li Heng, what is happening!!” Soul Palace competitors all shook with shock as well.

Li Heng shook his, simply furrowing his brows and saying, “Chu Chen had swallowed three of Lu Shanli’s soul pets just prior to this……”

“En, we saw it with our own eyes too.” Shang Heng and Ting Lan both nodded.

“This…...this is too abnormal!” Luo Bing said.

“This means nothing, continue to watch.” Li Heng pointed at Chu Mu’s White Nightmare.

“Is there anything worse than th- What, this White Nightmare is growing!!” Suddenly another person cried out in fear.

“Truly it’s growing, this White Nightmare’s power level grew to ninth phase sixth stage!!” Devouring its own species and converting it into its own energy to grow!!

As the nine underworld devil flames burned brightly on Si’s body, the spectators five hundred meters in the air were utterly speechless!

Soul devour had this effect?! It was able to directly grow the soul pet!?!

“My soul pet!!” Jiang Yiteng’s entire person blanked out, as he watched his own White Nightmare Si get devoured by Chu Mu’s white devil!

The pain of a soul pact splitting hit his soul, turning his face extremely pale. However, he seemed to have been frozen in white ice, staring, as White Nightmare came out of his Si’s body!!

Blue rain fell on Jiang Yiteng’s face. The rain was getting weaker and weaker, yet at this point, the arrogance on this Nightmare Palace prince was nowhere to be found!

Xing Yang also forgot to battle, his eyes stared in terror as Chu Mu’s White Nightmare’s strength flew upwards!!

“Brother Li Heng, what is happening, why can this White Nightmare have such devouring abilities?” Luo Bing said astonishingly.

Increasing its own strength through devouring same species to increase its own strength, this White Nightmare’s ability is too powerful. If it continues to devour, devouring an emperor rank Nightmare, then wouldn’t this White Nightmare also be able to grow to emperor rank?!

“This devouring White Nightmare has unlimited potential.” Li Heng said.

In the higher skies, the golden armored man covered head to toe stared coldly from the mountain top.

This person was the scheming Xia Guanghan. What caused him to be very annoyed was, Zuo Xiao and his subordinates didn’t appear like previously agreed upon.

Chu Mu had very powerful hiding abilities. This skill caused even Qin Ye to be unable to track him.

Qin Ye had previously blocked Chu Mu on the way towards Heavenly Life Mountain, yet Chu Mu managed to escape. Zuo Xiao had good tracking; if Zuo Xiao appeared, Chu Mu definitely wouldn’t have escaped Qin Ye’s tracking.

Yet, the fellow mysteriously disappeared, as if they weren’t ever in this eighth realm, causing Chu Mu to be able to reach Heavenly Life Mountain without obstruction.

Heavenly Life Mountain’s many players were there. Even with Qin Ye, the chances that he could steal Chu Mu’s soul pet were extremely low, let alone having Li Heng staring from the skies as well!

“Xia Guanghan, this white nightmare’s ability is very rare, do you know its origins?” Qin Ye, beside Xia Guanghan opened his mouth to ask.

At this moment, Qin Ye’s eyes glowered with light. He had no idea that Chu Mu had such a rare White Nightmare!

“This white nightmare is the offspring of Bai Yu Nightmare Emperor’s main nightmare. It inherited the special powers its ancestors had. Its soul devouring ability is much stronger than normal Nightmares, and its temperament is capricious. Emperor Bai Yu’s soul getting devoured is the obvious example. Emperor Bai Yu’s soul remembrance should have been enough to control his White Nightmare at the time, but in the end…” Xia Guanghan said.

“Then, this Chu Chen’s White nightmare can also devour its owner at any time?” Qin Ye asked.

“En, so when this White NIghtmare was born, the entirety of NIghtmare Palace thought it was an inauspicious organism, so no soul pet trainer dared to sign a soul pact with him. I had just been serving Emperor Bai Yu’s five apprentices, so Boss Yang gave it to me, telling me to get rid of the inauspicious thing, meaning to wipe it out.” Xia Guanghan said.

“Truly ironic, you Nightmare Palace people have inauspicious things too. Haha!” Qin Ye suddenly laughed. After laughing, though, Qin Ye asked, “Then, how is this White Nightmare in his hands?|

Xia Guanghan didn’t answer. Clearly, he didn’t want to tell everything to Qin Ye either, but instead changed the topic.

In reality, when Xia Guanghan got the White Nightmare from the emperor apprentice Boss Yang, the daring Xia Guanghan wanted to risk it and sign a soul pact with this White Nightmare and make it his own.

The White Nightmare’s father was Emperor Bai Yu’s main soul pet, so its power and bloodline meant this White Nightmare must have incredible talent. Xia Guanghan was a very ambitious person. He dared to do such dangerous things.

So, when he got the White Nightmare, Xia Guanghan didn’t kill it, but instead saved it.

To make sure this White Nightmare didn’t devour its owner’s soul randomly, Xia Guanghan used these young soul pet trainers as experiment, making them sign soul pacts with White Nightmare first.

Once the White Nightmare grew to a certain point and didn’t show any strange phenomenons, Xia Guanghan would have taken it back and made it his own soul pet!

Luckily and unluckily, Xia GUanghan’s first experiment subject was Chu Mu!

Yet, as a result, White Nightmare became Chu Mu’s true soul pet. What made Xia GUanghan’s face especially steely was this White Nightmare had to ability to devour fellow species members and convert it into its own energy!

Devour souls and grow at the same time, this talent could cause countless nightmare palace experts to go crazy!!

Chu Mu’s performance today completely proved Xia Guanghan’s previous guesses that White Nightmare must be the best quality among other White Nightmares!

Seeing such ability, Xia Guanghan felt incredibly regretful! He hated how he didn’t sign the soul pact because of his cowardice at the time, instead giving this overpowered White Nightmare to Chu Mu!!

White Nightmare’s father killed the emperor of all of Nightmare Palace. White Nightmare then became the inauspicious item of Nightmare Palace, causing no one to sign a soul pact with it.

But, in today’s fight, the white devil devoured the talented White nightmare “Si” of Nightmare Palace. After showing its supposed “inauspicious” ability, Nightmare Palace members presumably would get the message and regret not signing a soul pact with hit before.

White Nightmare wasn’t an inauspicious item!

It’s just that no one knew its capricious attitude. No one could understand its heart, so no one could control it!!

Chu Mu had no clue what white devil’s past was like. At least, as a spirit soul pet trainer, Chu Mu knew that the more dangerous the thing was, the more powerful it was.

If one wanted to control this White Nightmare, one must be ready to sacrifice their life and soul at a moment’s notice and accept that white nightmares tendency to defeat the owner!

Chu Mu wasn’t afraid, in fact going along with the White Nightmare’s attitude.

What strange perseverity, it finally caused Chu Mu to witness the most shocking moment!


Nine underworld devil flames started burning brighter. After high class monarch rank white nightmare finished, the white devil was truly in ninth phase sixth stage!

Yet, the ninth phase sixth stage high class monarch, even if it was truly dominating, no matter what Jiang Yiteng and Xin Yang did, it wouldn’t be able to block the White Nightmare’s attacks.

“Nie!!!!!!!!!!” The nightmare cry sounded, immediately breaking most of the spectators from their imaginations.

Following, when everyone’s eyes fell on the White Nightmare, the White Nightmare showed its true strength, while Xin Yang and Jiang Yiten’s other soul pets became bulliable organisms that stood shivering!

Ninth phase sixth phase, high A+ high class monarch!

Even without weakening rain, White Nightmare’s strength would be a full two ranks higher than any other organism.

This Nightmare Palace were their two strongest soul pets. Without these, White Nightmare could easily beat up this so-called white nightmare

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