Chapter 536: Nightmare Amongst Nightmares

Chapter 536: Nightmare Amongst Nightmares

A strange atmosphere fell upon the people five hundred meters in the air. Not only Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace, other factions were also dumbstruck by this scene!

Soul Palace member summoning Nightmare Palace’s White Nightmare!

“This Chu Chen, who does he belong to! Why does he have Nightmare Palace’s White Nightmare!!” Nightmare Palace’s eighth rank title owners exclaimed in a very strange tone. Those able to gather in eighth realm were undoubtedly excellent figures in Nightmare Palace’s young generation. Even they only owned a couple of White Nightmare amongst all of them!

Even Nightmare Palace experts didn’t all have White Nightmares, yet this soul palace member had one. Everyone in Nightmare Palace knew that White Nightmares were different from normal soul pets. One can’t just sign a soul pact with them. They needed a very long feeding process before being a true battle-ready soul pet!

The soul palace members’ expressions weren’t normal either. Many of them knew that Chu Mu had the Binding Wind Spirit, a seven diagram sacred soul pet of soul palace.

Chu Mu, who was able to have a seven diagram sacred soul pet, should be an authentic member of soul palace. Yet, what he just summoned pushed the limits of their mental expectations!

This abnormal scene had already frozen all of their expressions. Yet, someone quickly noticed with shock that the devil flames on Chu Mu were also very special!!

“Nine Underworld Devil Flames!! Chu Chen’s body is burning with Nine Underworld Devil Flame too!!”

The silent skies were suddenly interrupted with cries of surprise from Nightmare Palace members. This sound immediately twisted the expressions of the speechless spectators even further!

Ninth phase White Nightmare with Nine Underworld Devil Flames meant that it was already a White Nightmare that had reached high class monarch rank!!!

High class monarch rank!!

Jiang Yiteng summoning a high class monarch already surprised a lot of people; Chu Mu’s summon shook the entire audience!

Ninth phase middle stage - High class monarch rank!


Nine Underworld Devil Flame burned rampantly, its cold aura colliding with the other High Class Monarch rank. Immediately, an even colder current travelled around the top of the peak and flew into the skies!


Chu Mu’s White NIghtmare smiled wide. Its piercing, nine underworld devil pupils staring at the similarly high class monarch rank Nightmare of Jiang Yiteng, and it actually let out a bone-chilling laugh!

“Very well, an unexpected harvest.” As White Nightmare laughed, Chu Mu’s face was overtaken by a similarly demonic grin.

High Class Monarch Rank White Nightmare!!

Chu Mu previously had guessed that, after devouring blue nightmare and the middle class monarch rank White nightmare, his soul remembrance would reach nine parts whole.

Now there was a high class monarch rank feast, if White Nightmare ate it, breaking through seventh remembrance definitely wasn’t an issue!

Chu Mu was just fearing Jiang Yiteng couldn’t summon more powerful Nightmares. Jiang Yiteng indeed didn’t let down his identity as a Nightmare Palace prince, and summoned a high class monarch rank feast for Chu Mu!


At this moment, Jiang Yiteng’s immensely pleased expression was already frozen on his face!

Many times, Jiang Yiteng wanted to ask himself if he was just seeing things. However, the collision of icy aura between high class monarch ranks told him that the fellow he never put much thought into had indeed summoned a high class monarch rank White Nightmare!!

“You… could you have a White Nightmare!?!” Jiang Yiteng shouted, flustered.

Ye Qingzi’s Weakening Rain had dropped his High Class Monarch Rank White Nightmare by two ranks. Although Chu Mu’s High Class Monarch rank was only ninth phase middle stage, under the effects of Purifying Armor, its strength wouldn’t change.

This way, after his ninth phase high stage “Si” was weakened, its strength was one rank lower than Chu Mu’s white devil!!

“Si” was Jiang Yiteng’s proudest soul pets. Once summoned, it had to wipe out the battle!

What Jiang Yiteng didn’t expect was that once he summoned his White Nightmare, it hadn’t even fully exposed its magnificence before getting suppressed by the opponent’s Nightmare. What caused Jiang Yiteng to nearly spray out blood was - the person who summoned that White Nightmare was a member of Soul Palace!!

As the most powerful person in Nightmare Palace, he spent all his efforts on a Nightmare Soul Pet. Even Xing Yang was like this. Though he didn’t have a White Nightmare, his Blue Nightmare was extremely powerful. They basically represented all of Nightmare Palace…...

Yet, they had now been repressed by other people’s Nightmares. How should the two most powerful experts of Nightmare Palace as well as all the Nightmare Palace members feel about this?!!

“This must be a result of rushed growing, it must be!! Its fighting strength is definitely garbage!” Jiang Yiteng didn’t believe Chu Mu could have such a soul pet.

Angry on the inside, he commanded “Si” to give a command and pounce, all claws and flames, towards Chu Mu’s White Nightmare!!

White Nightmare as a result of rushed growing?

Chu Mu couldn’t help but laugh coldly. White Nightmare was raised by Chu Mu stage by stage. As for its fighting strength, Jiang Yiteng would know soon!

Nightmare Palace members, no matter when they sign the soul pact with a White Nightmare, they could only summon them when they reached soul master.

Even Chu Mu, whose soul remembrance raised extremely fast, couldn’t feed two white nightmares. If Jiang Yiteng had two, he definitely didn’t feed both purely with soul power!



Two high class monarch rank white devils were almost instantly the sole dictators of the battlefield. Devil flames rolled through. Even the blue water screen was devoured by it!

Nine Underworld Devil Flames were surprisingly powerful. They were especially burning to the soul. Even the spectators five hundred meters in the skies could feel the aura of the Nine Underworld Devil Flames!

“Chu Mu, my Weakening Rain can only last three more minutes.” Ye Qingzi reminded Chu Mu.

Losing weakening rain, Jiang Yiteng and White Nightmare’s strength will recover, making Chu Mu’s White Nightmare one rank lower, leaving it at a disadvantage.

“That’s enough.” Chu Mu smiled.

Three minutes, one rank higher, how could Chu Mu’s White Nightmare not beat its enemy?

Devil flames rolling, white devil’s control over the nine underworld devil flames was greater. Every technique cast could suppress “Si”. No matter how much “Si” tried, it could only block passively!

Chu Mu’s White Nightmare’s strength always increased due to a strange resentment when facing its own species. Even if it weren’t a rank stronger, even if it were a rank weaker, “Si” may not be able to defeat the stubborn white devil!

Worth Chu Mu’s questioning was, Jiang Yiteng’s “Si” resentment gathering was very powerful, at least three times white devil’s resentment gathering.

That meant, Jiang Yiteng’s “Si” could gain strength through resentment gathering very quickly. By Chu Mu’s estimates, in five minutes, this highly talented “Si” may catch up to his White Nightmare!

It had to be said that Jiang Yiteng’s White Nightmare was also a highly talented organism. If not for weakening rain, White Nightmare and “Si”’s battle may last a very long time!

“White devil, don’t give it time to get stronger!” Chu Mu said.

Immediately, Chu Mu put his full attention into the battle of White Nightmare.

“Double Displacement Specter!” Chu Mu commanded.

White Nightmare’s body burned up in devil flames, strangely disappearing!

In the blue rain, White Nightmare’s body appeared twenty meters to the side of Si’s body. Its claws suddenly morphed, becoming a long, Nine Underworld blade in the burning flames.

This nine underworld blade was like a burning scythe. Any casual swipe and slash could create ninth rank destructive power!

Adding on other type, fire type, and beast type talent, once it cut down with full power, it could definitely cause ninth rank complete stage effect!!

Si very quickly noticed the White Nightmare that appeared waving around its nine underworld devil blade. Its claws burned with two layers of devil flames that morphed into two tides and rolled towards white devil!


White Nightmare let out a strange string of laughs. Just as the two devil flame waves rolled over, white devil again burned up in flames, becoming ashes!!

Double Displacement Specter, using it twice in a row, White Nightmare’s control over Displacement specter was clearly stronger than “Si”!


Behind Si, the ghostly nine underworld devil flames slowly burned, quietly taking the shape of White Nightmare.

The nine underworld devil blade extended out of the devil flames. White Nightmare’s two hands held the nine underworld blade, and slashed towards Si’s body without any hesitation!!


This slash created a hundred meter long ripple of flames as it fell down, slashing down the center of the peak, cutting even the blue rain screen in half!!

From five hundred meters up, one could clearly see that all the burning devil flames outlined the silhouette of a hundred meter long devil blade that not only cut open the rain, but seemed to cut open the entire peak from the top!!

“Such terrifying strength, Jiang Yiteng’s White Nightmare is at least heavily injured, if not dead!”

Ninth rank complete stage. Unless Jiang Yiteng’s White Nightmare was wearing the expensive ninth rank soul armor, it wouldn’t be safe.

In reality, Jiang Yiteng only had ninth rank soul armor himself. His soul pets didn’t have such equipment!


Jiang Yiteng’s “Si” immediately had half of its nine underworld devil flames extinguished. One could clearly see the pain in the White Nightmare’s face.

Yet, this was only the beginning!!

White Nightmare’s even more terrifying ability was about to appear.

“Devour it, and White Nightmare's strength could raise by two stages!” Chu Mu thought to himself.

White Nightmare was already ninth phase fourth stage. After devouring the high class monarch rank, its strength could reach ninth phase sixth stage!!


“It’s happening again!” Li Heng stared closely at Chu Mu’s white devil, and said out loud accidentally.

“What’s happening again?” Luo Bing quickly asked. The battlefield was completely changed, and Luo Bing’s thoughts were completely following Chu Mu.

“You’ll soon see this nightmare’s even more terrifying ability!” Li Heng siad.

Chu Mu’s White Nightmare  was a nightmare amongst Nightmares!

It was a highly talented evil organism that no one in the entire Nightmare Palace dared to sign a soul pact with!!!

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