Chapter 535: Soul Palace? White Nightmare? A Summon That Shocked the Whole Battlefield

Chapter 535: Soul Palace? White Nightmare? A Summon That Shocked the Whole Battlefield

“Purifying Armor!” 

The Water Moon chanted once more, and the special ability that originally only had a purifying effect became a crucial point in the battlefield. The purifying armor basically increased a soul pet strengths by a level! 

Soon, the Warcourt Black Beast and Purple Robe Dream Beast were also purified by the Purifying Armor. The Warcourt Black Beast’s true strength was equivalent to the ninth phase high stage, so after the Tundra Ice Beast was weakened by a level, it was at the same strength as the Warcourt Black Beast. Soon, the strenuous fight between the two became evenly matched.

However, relying on its mysterious fighting ability, the Warcourt Black Beast was able to use its bone blades to rip open the Tundra Ice Beast’s body, and its aura gradually suppressed the Tundra Ice Beast.

After the Water Moon used its second Purifying Armor, the tides of battle completely changed, and the inferior soul pets of Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were able to mount strong counterattacks! 

“This is so hard to believe! They’re really able to suppress Nightmare Palace’s two strongest people!!” 

Seeing the situation turn on its head, people began to let out shocked cries.

Previously, the Soul Palace spectators were only admiring Chu Mu’s and Ye Qingzi’s bravery. But now, they understood that these two didn’t only have bravery, but also had the strength to truly fight against Nightmare Palace’s two strongest!

What they most admired was that the two of them hadn’t shown anything in the previous rounds. Even the extremely ostentatious Chu Chen had only been using his secondary soul pets to fight. This shrewdness and calmness wasn’t something normal people possessed.

“Take a look why don’t you. You guys still call Nightmare Palace the strongest, yet two random people from our Soul Palace have just come out and have put you losers into a sorry state. Weren’t you guys just cheering? Why aren’t you saying anything now? Are you all shocked?” Luo Bing didn’t bear the demeanor of an expert and berated the Nightmare Palace group.

Of course, Luo Bing also knew that the so called “two random people” were two people that probably couldn’t be matched in Soul Palace. 

Nightmare Palace’s members really couldn’t say anything now. They could only bitterly watch their two experts. 


“Let’s summon again. If we keep going like this, our soul pets will lose.” Xing Yang finally couldn’t keep his calm. 

The Weakening Rain forced their soul pets into defensive states, and they continuously received injuries. If they continued like this and suffered another serious wound, their fighting strength would greatly weaken. This was equivalent to losing a soul pet. 

Neither Xing Yang nor Jiang Yiteng had healing type soul pets. If they prolonged the fight, their soul pets would grow weaker and weaker. Continuing like this was impossible against an opponent that could continuously heal their soul pets. 

Jiang Yiteng’s face was unsightly. He had originally thought he could easily crush these two insects. But now he was swallowing his words and it hurt. This was extremely annoying and aggravating. 

“I don’t want to waste time. After all, the only person who is a threat is Si Tian, and he already knows what soul pets I have. There’s no need for me to hide anymore.” Jiang Yiteng said in a low voice. 

Xing Yang was shocked and asked: “You want to summon Si? You don’t want to leave it to the ninth realm?” 

“There’s no difference. I’ll treat it as a warmup for the ninth realm!” said Jiang Yiteng. 

“But you have to wait for the Weakening Rain to disappear, or you Si’s strength will be weakened by two levels.” said Xing Yang.

“Hmph. Can such a insignificant water type technique really pose an obstruction for me? Too naive. Even if it’s weakened by two levels, so what? I’ll still destroy them!” sneered Jiang Yiteng.

Jiang Yiteng’s expression was cold, and he wore a sneer as he chanted an incantation. 

Blue rain continued to fall, forming a rain curtain that fell on top of Jiang Yiteng. 

Jiang Yiteng’s body began to burn with a serene white devil flame. The devil flame seemed not to be affected by the Weakening Rain as it fluttered around his body. A cold serene chill began to proliferate and penetrate into the depths of people's’ souls! 

“Quickly look, Young Master is about to summon another soul pet!!” a Nightmare Palace competitor pointed at Jiang Yiteng and shouted.

Right now, everyone’s attention was focused on Jiang Yiteng. Indeed, Jiang Yiteng was burning with white flames; a sign he was going to summon a White Nightmare!! 

“He’s still going to summon even under the Weakening Rain. This fellow is so arrogant. Could it be that he still has stronger soul pets?” Luo Bing was stunned. 

When he had fought Jiang Yiteng, the White Nightmare he had summoned was the one Zhan Ye was currently fighting. Luo Bing had not seen another White Nightmare. 

The majority of White Nightmares were nourished through their master’s soul power. Being able to raise one White Nightmare at the spirit master level was already amazing; thus, no one expected Jiang Yiteng to have two White Nightmares. This was equivalent to giving up all opportunities to use soul techniques!

A ninth phase White Nightmare pretty much consumed fifty percent of a spirit master’s soul power. Thus, two White Nightmares would practically always keep a spirit master’s soul power depleted. 

“It’s rumored that Young Master has reached the fifth remembrance spirit master. Could it be that this is true? Otherwise how else could he nurture two White Nightmares? After all, only true powerful White Nightmares are raised by a soul pet trainer’s soul power!” Nightmare Palace members began to shout.

Within the Nightmare Palace’s young generation, the most extreme situation was having a team of three Nightmares, but one had to be a high remembrance soul pet trainer to achieve this. Otherwise, if one’s strength even slightly stagnated, the three Soul Pets could potentially deliver an enormous soul wound to its master or even devour the soul. 

Furthermore, a White Nightmare was innately much more domineering than Blue and Cyan Nightmares. There were almost no young people that were able to raise two White Nightmares. Thus Jiang Yiteng’s current summon essentially illustrated the difference between the strongest experts and normal experts!

“That’s strange, the nightmare flames seem a bit special…” soon, people noticed the nightmare flames on Jiang Yiteng’s body. 

“Isn’t that the fourth ranked nine underworld devil flames?!!” 

“Nine… nine underworld… oh my, those are nine underworld devil flames!!”

Shouts began to shoot out among the Nightmare Palace group and they all stared in shock at Jiang Yiteng!

The appearance of nine underworld devil flames meant that the White Nightmare’s fighting strength had reached the high class monarch!!

A high class monarch!!

Even in the eighth realm, all of the competitors’ soul pets’ ranks were at the middle class monarch rank. The appearance of a high class monarch undoubtedly surpassed the limit of the Battle of the Realm’s young generation soul pet fighting strength!

“There’s big trouble now!! Jiang Yiteng really did conserve his strength. Moreover, it’s a high class monarch. He must have started raising this high class monarch a long time ago. Even if it hasn’t reached the tenth phase, it is definitely at the ninth phase high stage!” Luo Bing’s face was full of shock as he spoke.

Nobody liked Nightmare Palace’s Young Master Jiang Yiteng’s arrogance. However, when the high class monarch appeared, everyone realized that this fellow indeed had the qualifications to be arrogant!!

“Zi zi zi~~~~~~~”

Blue rain splashed onto Jiang Yiteng’s nine underworld White Nightmare. Even if the water type technique weakened this high class monarch’s strength by two levels, its evil and imposing aura still caused people to shudder!! 

Two levels of weakening, yet it still had such presence. If it wasn’t being weakened, then what kind of terrifying heights would it reach?!! 

The weakening rain caused Jiang Yiteng’s White Nightmare to fall from the high class monarch to the middle class monarch. However, this still was a ninth phase high stage creature!!

This meant that even with the Weakening Rain, the White Nightmare was still a ninth phase high stage - middle class monarch. Moreover, this White Nightmare was innately stronger than other creatures by a level. This meant that its strength was equivalent to a ninth phase peak stage middle class monarch!!

Ninth phase peak stage middle class monarch even with the weakening rain. Then, didn’t this mean that its strength was still a level stronger than a tenth phase middle class commander in normal circumstances?!! 

A tenth phase middle class monarch had the strength to sweep through the second grade. So if it was a level higher, everyone understood how terrifying this White Nightmare was!! 

The skies quieted for a moment before the White Nightmare members erupted in cheers!

“Nightmare Palace is the strongest!"

“Nightmare Palace is the strongest!"

Each cheer was louder than the previous. The atmosphere even could be felt on the battlefield! 

“The female soul pet trainer is already quadruple controlling. I heard that Chu Chen injured a soul in the seventh realm. This means that he can only triple control. Thus, they can only summon one more soul pet. Even if the high class monarch has been weakened, its strength is still stronger than any soul pet on the battlefield by a level. Unless Chu Chen is able to summon a soul pet with strength reaching the ninth phase peak stage, he will undoubtedly lose!!” the Soul Palace members were instantly dejected.

Ninth phase peak phase? Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s soul pets had used the supportive type soul pets to barely strengthen to the ninth phase high stage. How could they summon a ninth phase peak stage soul pet?! 


“I guess we still lose… I originally thought there was that bit of hope…” Luo Bing let out a long sigh.

“That’s not necessarily the case.” a smile rose on Ting Lan’s face, as she purposefully gave a glance at Shang Heng. 

Shang Heng also wore a mysterious smile. Other people didn’t know Chu Mu’s main pet, but Ting Lan and Shang Heng had seen it before. The fight wouldn’t end just because Jiang Yiteng’s high class monarch had emerged. 

This was because Chu Mu also possessed a high class monarch, and it was an abnormal high class monarch!!

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

Seemingly just after Jiang Yiteng finished his summon, Chu Mu’s body began to flicker with serene white devil flames!!

Chu Mu was wearing black clothes, so the flickering nine underworld devil flames was rather striking.

Quickly, regardless if it was the unbridled and arrogant Nightmare Palace competitors, or the sullen Soul Palace members, they all discovered the devil flames on Chu Mu’s body.

“White… white colored devil flames. Isn’t this the summoning ritual for a White Nightmare?!!” 

“I… I haven’t gone blind have I? Is Soul Palace Chu Chen’s body burning with devil flames??” 

Nobody was seeing this incorrectly. Right now, Chu Mu really was summoning a White Nightmare!

The nine underworld devil flames wantonly burned on Chu Mu’s body as a White Nightmare with an even more evil grandeur was gradually arriving!

When this scene appeared before everyone’s eyes, the competitive and at-odds competitors of the two large factions of Nightmare Palace and Soul Palace looked at each other in shock, disbelief and at a loss...

However, one could be sure that no matter how different the expressions were on their faces, they were thinking the exact same thing in their hearts: “What on earth?!! Isn’t he a Soul Palace member? Shouldn’t he be summoning a Seven Diagram Saint Beast? Why… why is he summoning a White Nightmare?!!” 

In this instant, the entire battlefield was in disbelief!! 

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