Chapter 534: Stunning the Entire Field with Ultra Strong Supportive Soul Pets

Chapter 534: Stunning the Entire Field with Ultra Strong Supportive Soul Pets

Xing Yang was triple controlling, Jian Yi was dual controlling, Chu Mu was dual controlling, and Ye Qingzi was quadruple controlling.

Neither side continued to summon soul pets. Clearly, the fight would continue like this for a while. As long as the battle didn’t tip in one side’s favor, neither side would summon more soul pets.

Xing Yang’s demon had reached the ninth phase sixth stage, two stages higher than Zhan Ye. During the fight, Zhan Ye was continually restricted by this demon.

Zhan Ye’s speed was innately slower than Nightmares and the moment it was restricted, Jiang Yiteng’s White Nightmare and XIng Yang’s Blue Nightmare broke free from Zhan Ye’s pursuit and began to attack Ye Qingzi’s support type soul pets.

Fortunately, Ye Qingzi’s Water Moon was still able to restrict the Nightmare Flames to a certain extent. Otherwise, before a minute had passed, Ye Qingzi’s two weaker support type soul pets would be defeated with heavy injuries.

“Qingzi, why don’t I summon the White Nightmare!” Chu Mu saw that the fight was to their disadvantage and promptly planned on having the White Nightmare display its might.

“There’s no need for now. Jiang Yiteng still hasn’t summoned two soul pets. If you were to summon the White Nightmare now, you’ll only be able to save the fight at this stage, but when the later stages come, you’ll be very strained.” said Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu understood this logic, but if the fight continued like this, there would be no hope of winning.

Zhan Ye’s strength was slowly increasing, and by summoning the White Nightmare, the fight could be prolonged. The moment Zhan Ye’s Brave Stinging Heart caused Zhan Ye’s strength to surpass the ninth phase sixth stage demon, Zhan Ye would not be as restricted. When that time came, Jiang Yiteng, and Xing Yang would be ultimately destroyed even if they had stronger soul pets.

“Use soul techniques, our soul power is greater than theirs, and heals faster than theirs.” said Ye Qingzi.

The medicine Ye Qingzi possessed caused her and Chu Mu’s soul power to be fifty percent more than their opponents. Fifty percent soul power wouldn’t be of much use when it came to summoning other soul pets; after all, the opponents’ soul pets had reached the peak ninth phase and Chu Mu’s secondary soul pets was two or three levels lower. 

When the late stage of the fight came, the fight would pretty much be a contest between main pets. This was a common phenomenon. Practically all of the hidden experts would only use secondary pets to breakthrough the earlier realms because summoning one’s main pet would be equivalent to exposing one’s strength.

“You use your soul techniques. I should save my soul power.” said Chu Mu.

Jiang Yiteng was rather difficult to deal with, so Chu Mu had to leave some soul power to use Thirteen Inferno Hells. 

“Ok.” Ye Qingzi nodded her head, opened her spatial ring and retrieved a deep blue medicine bottle.

Suddenly, Ye Qingzi shattered the medicine bottle on the ground. Immediately, a thick blue gas began to pervade the area.

Strangely, it didn’t matter how strong the wind was, the thick blue gas wasn’t blown in any direction and continuously floated near Ye Qingzi and her soul pets.

When the medicine bottle was shattered, Ye Qingzi chanted an incantation. Evidently, her technique was going to be completed using the medicine she concocted! 

“What happened?”

“Can soul techniques really be used through medicine?” 

Seeing Ye Qingzi’s actions, many people showed confused expressions. Obviously they had never seen this ability before. 

“This is a soul teacher soul technique!! How worthy of the Medicine Immortal’s personal disciple. This is a technique even tenth rank soul teachers have difficulty using.” Li Hen who was experienced and knowledgeable had a shocked expression. 

Shang Heng, Luo Bing, and Ting Lan all looked at Li Hen. They were waiting for him to explain how this technique worked.

“Soul teacher soul techniques are powerful abilities that very few soul teachers can use. They manifest from the spirit items used by oneself, or a special spirit item aura concocted by oneself in order to support soul techniques. Normally this support can allow a soul technique’s might to increase by two times. It’s said that this is an extremely difficult technique to learn.” said Li Hen.

The blue cloud began to slowly drift up into the air where it dispersed. Slowly, it enveloped the entire Heavenly Life Mountain peak. 

Finally, Ye Qingzi finished her incantation! 

She raised her head, and her eyes circulating with a deep-blue light stared at the blue cloud up in the air. 



“Pata~~~ Pata~~~~~~~~~~”

Suddenly, small blue raindrops began to fall from the blue cloud above! 

Soon, the rain drops began to fall more frequently as the rain grew bigger and bigger before transforming into a blue colored middle-sized rain that fell at the top of the mountain!!

“Weakening Rain! This is an eighth rank water type AOE weakening technique!!”

The blue colored clouds were only three hundred meters up in the air. All of the competitors were underneath the rain and soon, some competitors began to recognize this soul technique!

AOE soul techniques, especially an eighth rank water type one like this, could use up over half of a spirit master’s soul power!

“What a smart and sharp woman. The fight is about to turn tides!!” Li Hen suddenly let out a sigh. 

“But why? This is an AOE technique, so Chu Mu’s soul pets will also be weakened.” said Shang Heng, confused. 

Since it was an AOE soul technique, both sides would be affected, especially Chu Mu’s Royal Flame Nine Tailed Inferno Fox which would cause her strength to greatly decrease.  

“The main type of soul pet we control in this realm are demon beast type soul ptes. Yet, the reality is that many people don’t understand the wonders of the other attributed soul pets. The Weakening Rain’s effect has doubled with the help of the blue medicine, and ostensibly every soul pet’s strength will decrease by a level… Ai, I don’t need to explain this. Just watch. Ye Qingzi is going to teach you all something today.” said Li Hen.

Shang Heng didn’t understand Li Hen’s meaning. The other spectators were also very puzzled. Did this type of AOE weakening ability that affected both sides really make sense? At least it would affect the fight, right? 

When Ye Qingzi used this technique, Chu Mu also didn’t understand why she used this. However, he believed that Ye Qingzi wouldn’t randomly use soul techniques.

“Zi zi zi~~~~~~~”

Under the weakening blue rain, the speed of the rain made it impossible for the soul pets to dodge. When the blue rain hit their bodies, they slowly penetrated their skin!!

This special liquid would be able to penetrate elemental skin, armored skin or even beast type skin. The penetration effect would cause the soul pet’s strength, defense and elemental strength to be affected.

The ones that most clearly suffered the weakening were the White and Blue Nightmares. When these two unbridled soul pets were covered by the blue rain, their devil flame auras began to weaken!!

Fire type soul pets were innately countered by the water type!

When they encountered blue rain like this with extremely strong effects, their strengths directly fell by two levels!!

Jiang Yiteng’s White Nightmare had true strength at the peak of the ninth phase. After being weakened, it fell to the ninth phase middle stage!

As for Xing Yang’s Blue Nightmare, it was also wasn’t so lucky. Its ninth phase high stage strength astonishingly fell, reaching the ninth phase low stage! 

Being weakened by two levels had severe repercussions to the Nightmares. When Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang saw that their soul pets’ strengths had fallen so much, their expressions turned extremely strange.

The eighth rank Weakening Rain soul technique being able to weaken a soul pet by half a level was normally already amazing. Moreover, techniques that affected both sides were normally useless soul techniques to many soul pet trainers.

However, Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang both had Nightmares, which would obviously suffer losses from weakening.

“Hmph, don’t worry. Using over half of one’s soul power to weaken our two Nightmares by two levels. Their soul pets will also be weakened, making the balance even.” said Jiang Yiteng.

“That Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox will also be weakened by two levels. It will be weakened the same. Ultimately, it’s weakening our soul pets overall by one level.” said Xing Yang.

Using over half of one’s soul power to weaken, at the end of the day, one soul pet by one level in comparison to one’s own soul pets. Ye Qingzi was naturally not so stupid as to do something like this. 

“Water Moon, Purifying Armor!” Ye Qingzi’s eyes flashed with a light, and her beautiful and mesmerizing eyes now carried a bit of wisdom in them.

The Water Moon was also affected by the blue colored rain, but it’s strength didn’t decrease. Instead, it increased by a level, making it equal to a ninth phase middle stage - middle class monarch. 

The Water Moon chanted an incantation. The Purifying Armor was a technique that the Water Moon could simultaneously dual cast.

Soon, two purifying streams of liquid moons began to revolve around Zhan Ye and Mo Xie and they blocked the corroding blue rain on the outside of the bodies!

Zhan Ye’s strength only briefly fell by one level before recovering to its normal ninth phase middle stage state. 

Zhan Ye recovered its normal strength while the demon that was restricting it fell to the ninth phase low stage. Its demon techniques’ rate of failure naturally increased. 

Once its mind was no longer be restricted, Zhan Ye’s close-combat fighting would become unstoppable. Soon, Xing Yang’s demon was hit by a setback and was chased down by Zhan Ye! 

Mo Xie had also been weakened by two levels in the blue rain, but after the Purifying Armor began to revolve around her body, the royal flames on her body began to flare ostentatiously once more. Her aura quickly was able to suppress the Great Lightning Snake Lion!!

“Wu wu wu!!!!!!!!”

Mo Xie’s nine tails fiercely swept across and the weakened Great Lightning Snake Lion was immediately knocked a hundred meters flying. 

Xing Yang’s demon and Jiang Yiteng’s Great Lightning Snake Lightning had originally had the advantage. However, after the addition of the Purifying Armors, the situation instantaneously changed! 

 At this moment, all of the competitors in the sky were so shocked they couldn’t say anything!

They never expected that this woman would be able to use support type soul pets so proficiently! 

All of the enemy’s soul pets had been weakened, while her own side’s soul pets hadn’t changed in strength after the addition of the Purifying Armor!!

The Weakening Rain caused all of Jiang Yiteng’s and Xing Yang’s soul pets to drop by one level and their Nightmares to drop by two. 

However, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s soul pets hadn’t changed in strength. The originally disadvantageous fight had turned on its head. This change had been caused because of a water type AOE technique that no one was optimistic about at first!!

“Did you see? If a soul teacher understands his or her attributes well on a battlefield, and is able to use corresponding techniques, he or she will be able to control the entire fight. Especially in these group fights with so many soul pets!” said Li Hen. 

Li Hen didn’t need to explain anything anymore. Ye Qingzi’s soul techniques’ effects were beyond clear!

Thus, Li Hen became a teacher that explained things, while the Soul Palace competitors gathered together became incomparably shocked students. They nodded their heads in great earnest and received his teachings! 

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