Chapter 533: The Stage Shocking Powerful Support

Chapter 533: The Stage Shocking Powerful Support

The black armored Zhan Ye was at the start of its battling, remaining at ninth phase middle stage status. This strength was two ranks lower than Jiang Yiteng’s ninth phase high stage White Nightmare.

However, Zhan Ye’s attack power could increase a rank under the effects of Horned Beast Magic Runes. On defense, it also had ninth rank soul armor!

Ninth rank soul armor was something a tenth phase middle class monarch rank had to cast a high technique to barely break through the defense. Jiang Yiteng’s ninth phase high stage WHite Nightmare was still a rank away.

Xing Yang had a Blue Nightmare. This Blue Nightmare was ninth phase high stage - middle class monarch rank. The blue devil flame’s damage already wasn’t inferior to the middle class monarch rank’s White Fiend Devil Flame.

Zhan Ye directly entered the enemy formation. At the same time, Jiang Yiteng’s White Nightmare and Xing Yang’s Blue Nightmare activated Devil Flame Claw towards Zhan Ye!

The two devil flame claws were both ninth rank late stage. With such an attack, plus devil flame soul burning effect, ninth phase low stage middle class monarchs could be instantly killed, even after defending!


Blue claws and White claws flew past Zhan Ye’s body, leaving two marks on Zhan Ye’s armor…...

If these two claws were thrown onto a beast type soul pet, they definitely would split open as devil flames flew into the wounds, burning the flesh.

However, Zhan Ye’s ink armor was extremely thick. The two attacks couldn’t even split up Zhan Ye’s armor, let alone cause any harm to Zhan Ye!

“What…...what defense is this!!” Jiang Yiteng immediately stared wide-eyed in disbelief at the shallow cut on Zhan Ye.

XIng Yang similarly looked shocked. His Blue Nightmare’s damage towards the Zhan Ye was even weaker, almost negligible!


Zhan Ye let out a roar, its mighty body jumping high up. When it reached the peak of its jump, it suddenly became a dark hammer covered in black energy!


Zhan Ye stepped downwards in the air, creating a shockwave that heavily slammed the Blue Nightmare away hundreds of meters away!

Jiang Yiteng’s White Nightmare similarly felt affected, but the bizarre movement of the creature nimbly dodged it.

“Zhan Ye, Ink Armor Spike!”

Sending away the troublesome Blue Nightmare, Chu Mu directly commanded Zhan Ye to cast the defense ignoring attack!

Ink armor spikes appeared. Zhan Ye became a black light that went towards the approaching White Nightmare. Immediately, white devil flames and dark energy collided at the center of the peak. Both cold energies swept outwards towards the surroundings!!

“Such an imposing Mo Ye, it is able to fight against Jiang Yiteng’s ninth phase high stage White Nightmare!?” Luo Bing said with some questioning.

“Very soon, you will see its even more abnormal ability.” Shang Heng laughed. Chu Mu’s Mo Ye was able to belittle even the tenth phase middle class monarch rank Gluttonous Insect Monster, let alone this ninth phase high stage white nightmare!

Soul palace members found that Chu Mu still had his imposing manner even after clashing with the most powerful member of Nightmare Palace, and they couldn’t help but smile.


Chu Mu would never waste time like this. Chu Mu patted Mo Xie on his shoulder.

Mo Xie was already rearing to go. Getting Chu Mu’s permission, she immediately jumped onto the ground, her silver eyes staring at the beast type soul pet that Jiang Yiteng just summoned!

Jiang Yiteng summoned a beast type soul pet - Great Lightning Snake Lion!

Great Lightning Snake Lion: Beast World - Beast Type - Lion Species - Great Lightning Snake Lion - Middle Class Monarch Rank

Great Lightning Snake Lion looked like the Lightning Sword Winged Lion. Its purple coat flowed majestically in the wind. WIth a pair of purple wings, it could fly wherever it wanted. The most special thing about it was that its tail wasn’t a normal lion tail, but instead were two purple patterned poisonous snake tails that extended from its behind!

These two poisonous snakes were surprisingly long, looking like two menacing pythons. They themselves seemed to have life, propping themselves up and staring evilly at its opponents.

Mo Xie had nine fox tails. In comparison, the nine tails were more powerful and beautiful, but the Great Lightning Snake Lion’s two snake tails were savage, biting, and lethal at close ranges!

“Ninth phase high stage - Middle Monarch!!”

The eighth realm competitors were already top 100 in all of Tianxia Realm. Ninth phase low stage middle class monarchs were the average soul pet in this tier. This ninth phase high stage Great Lightning Snake Lion was two ranks higher than that average.

Furthermore, it seemed as if all of Jiang Yiteng’s soul pets reached this level of ninth phase high stage!

Nightmare Palace most powerful expert, one could tell the difference from these two soul pets alone.

“The Royal Flame Nine tail Inferno Fox is ninth phase third stage. How could it be the Great Lightning Snake Lion’s match? Clearly, this Great Lightning Snake Lion had a sub-type, so its true strength was ninth phase top tier!”

The match up between Mo Xie and Great Lightning Snake Lion was immediately decided!

However, before everyone had the chance to analyze the soul pets’ strengths and types, a flashy stream of moonlight fell from the skies and onto Mo Xie, bringing out the cold grandeur of Mo Xie’s body!

Ascent of the Demon Moon!

Ninth phase third stage Mo Xie. Demon aura was immediately strengthened under the moonlight, lifting her strength from ninth phase third stage into ninth phase sixth stage!

The royal flame’s effects could lift Mo Xie’s strength another rank. So, Mo XIe’s true strength was ninth phase high stage, being only one rank from Great Lightning Snake Lion.

“Flower Appeal!”

Ye Qingzi knew the idea of type countering. She didn’t give Mo Xie Water Screen Armor. Instead, she cast the continuously healing Flower Appeal through Bell Noise Concubine!

Such a Flower Appeal technique could wipe away any light wounds within three minutes, and make medium sized injuries light sized as well…...

This technique lasted twelve minutes. This means that, in the next twelve minutes, as long as Mo Xie didn’t get hurt, she would stay in her best state of fighting.

With the strength a rank apart, Mo Xie would no longer lose. Even without Flower Appeal, Chu Mu believed that Mo Xie could confidently win against the Great Lightning Snake Lion!

“Also ninth phase high stage, this fight can be fought. Speaking of which……” Soul Palace spectators suddenly realized an issue.

The person standing at the peak and controlling all these ninth phase high stage soul pets should be soul palace’s most powerful expert Fang Ze. Why was it seventh level title Chu Chen now?

Clearly, Chu Chen had only summoned secondary soul pets when gaining all the fame in previous realms!


“Xing Yang summoned his beast type soul pet!”

Beast type soul pet was almost every soul pet trainer’s main soul pet. Any expert had to have a beast type soul pet in their main roster.

Xing Yang summoned the beast type soul pet Tundra Ice Beast!!

The Tundra Ice Beast was high class commander rank. However, its fighting strength was top tier commander rank at best innately. However, Xing Yang strengthened this Tundra Ice Beast’s fighting strength to middle class monarch, and got it to reach ninth phase high stage!!

Nightmare Palace’s first and second experts definitely weren’t just names. The soul pets they summoned were all ninth phase high stage, causing the spectators to all stare in awe!

Tundra Ice Beast’s type was ice. If it bothered Mo Xie, Mo Xie could get heavily restricted.

Chu Mu furrowed his brows. Xing Yang and Jiang Yiteng were both clever people. With type counters, they definitely won’t let Mo Xie battle other soul pets.

Indeed, the Tundra Ice Beast locked onto Mo Xie who was fighting Great Thunder Snake Lion. Its icy aura spread outwards in a frenzy, instantly suppressing Mo Xie’s Royal Flames!

“Chu Mu, my War Court Black Beast can be used to defeat Tundra Ice Beast.” Ye Qingzi said using soul remembrance to Chu Mu.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded. Most of the soul pet trainers they faced now were top talents of big factions. None of their soul pets were normal.

Even the Tundra Ice Beast’s ice was advanced Towering Ice. This meant that secondary type could raise Tundra Ice Beast by another rank, making it ninth phase top tier!

“Chu Chen and Ye Qingzi’s soul pets were both ninth phase middle class. Though they had secondary types, its average strength was one rank lower. These two people hid their strengths well. Facing anyone other than Nightmare Palace Xing Yang and Jiang Yiteng, they would easily win. Too bad they met even more powerful experts.” The spectating Soul Palace members said.

Soul pet strengths were easily discernible. With the average strength on one side being lower than the other, unless Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s soul pets all had special techniques, they wouldn’t be able to last past ten minutes.

Of course, if they didn’t have Ye Qingzi’s support type soul pets, even five minutes would be hard.


“Let my demon restrict his Mo Ye.” Xing Yang said using soul remembrance to Jiang Yiteng.

The domineering Mo Ye relied on its incredible defense to fight two on one, becoming the spotlight of the entire battlefield. In close combat, even the White Nightmare and Blue Nightmare couldn’t handle it properly!

The two Nightmares were both offensive soul pets. If this thing that didn’t care about death preoccupied them, they won’t be offensive at all in this fight. After all, Great Thunder Snake Lion and Tundra Ice Beast both had opponents.

Facing such defensive and power type organism, the best alternative was mental restrictions. They only needed one demon with a higher rank. Even if this demon had no defense and attack, they could restrict such a violent soul pet.

“En, this Mo Ye indeed is hard to deal with! I’ll hand it to you!” Jiang Yiteng said with a cold face.

“The female soul pet trainer is support type. The Water Moon and Bell Noise Concubine both have healing capabilities. If we don’t defeat them, though our soul pets are stronger, they will get healed easily after every hit.” Xing Yang glanced at Ye Qingzi’s two support type soul pets.

“Nothing to worry about. I’m just playing with them. Do they truly think that I, Jiang Yiteng, only have these soul pets?” Jiang Yiteng exclaimed.

“Jiang Yiteng, this White Nightmare…...isn’t ‘Si’, is it? A year ago when we were skirmishing, you didn’t summon it.” Xing Yang brought it up.

“So you realized. Of course this isn’t my strongest Nightmare ‘Si’! If I summoned it, do you really think you could have drawn with me? However, this fighting doesn’t need him yet.” Jiang Yiteng smiled.

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