Chapter 532: Challenge the 2 strongest people of Nightmare Palace

Chapter 532: Challenge the 2 strongest people of Nightmare Palace

“More people went up the mountain, most likely people from Nightmare Palace. Who else dares to go to the mountaintop!”

“Their character was similar to Nightmare Palace. I feel like there was some aura of a Nightmare.”

“Why does the person seem like Soul Palace Chu Chen…..The Battle of the Realm teen that was very outstanding in the previous realms.”

At this moment, Chu Mu was currently traveling towards the peak of Heavenly Life Mountain. Following behind was Purple Robed Dream Beast with Ye Qingzi on top.

The black angular Mo Ye and the black clothed Chu Mu matched perfectly, bringing out Chu Mu’s cold and demonic character.

The two Nightmare palace people took over the top of the Heavenly Life Mountain, trying to give all Nightmare Palace people safe haven. Chu Mu knew this already.

Now, of all the Nightmare palace second tier experts, only these two peoples’ nightmares fit Chu Mu’s White Nightmare’s appetite. As for other Nightmare Palace members, Chu Mu could pretty much ignore now.

White Nightmare was ninth phase fourth stage. After swallowing all of the nightmare’s souls, White Nightmare could still grow one or two stages. As for the remaining soul energy, Chu Mu took it all. Chu Mu could gain another three parts to his remembrance. This way, Chu Mu’s remembrance could reach nine parts, making him only one step away from Seventh Remembrance Soul Master!

The main mountain was towering into the skies, acting more like a tall battlefield!

The wind blew hard, sometimes lifting up eroded rock layers in a gust of dust, bringing them further into the mountains.

“Xing Yang, how many prisoner rings do you have?” Jiang Yiteng asked.

“Around 3 billion worth.” Xing Yang answered.

“I have around 4 billion worth. Probably no one has more than I do, haha.” Jiang Yiteng laughed.

“Maybe.” Xing yang said.

“Soul palace and soul pet palace people all shrunk away, so uninteresting.” Jiang Yiteng walked to the edge of the mountain, and looked downwards arrogantly towards the rest of the mountain.

His loved the feeling of looking down from the highest peak, much like what his father Emperor Jiang did!

“Second tier already didn’t have many threats. Following this, we can get rid of Si Tian of soul alliance, and the second tier final honor will be ours.” Xing yang laid against the rocks and said.

“Haha, Si Tian’s strength wasn’t much either, I’ve fought against him before.” Jiang Yiteng suddenly laughed.

“If you know his strength, even better……” Xing Yang said. Suddenly, he looked at his demon. It seemed like the demon told him something because his expression changed and said, “Someone is coming up, and it doesn’t seem to be people from Nightmare Palace.”

“It better be be Fang Ze.” Jiang Yiteng said as he returned to the top of the mountain, waiting for the fellow that was looking for his own death.


The black Zhan Ye ran along the nearly vertical peak. Very quickly, the tip of the peak neared.

Zhan Ye’s back limbs stepped on the rock and leaped upwards, soaring past the peak by a dozen meters.


Zhan Ye landed sturdily on the floor. The four paws on the ground shattered into pieces, sending cracks outwards!


Zhan Ye’s gaze quickly locked onto the two nightmare palace members already on the top of the mountain, prompting it to let out a loud roar!

When Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang saw the black clothed Chu Mu appear on the top of the mountain, both of the revealed strange expressions. Clearly, the person looking for death wasn’t anyone that they expected.

“So its you, hahaha.” Suddenly, Jiang Yiteng put his head back and started laughing. This laughter didn’t hide his disdain and ridicule for Chu Mu at all.

“Who is he?” Xing Yang hadn’t even heard of Chu Mu before. In his eyes, the only ones who could he cared for were those that truly threatened him. As for those that pushed for fame, Xing Yang would never care for, no matter how famous they were.

“A small character in soul palace, truly disappointing. I thought you were some powerful character.” Jiang Yiteng said and walked towards Chu Mu before continuing, “What, have you collected enough prisoner rings and specially want to hand it over?”

Chu Mu didn’t waste his breath and opened up his spatial ring, taking out all his prisoner rings.

The prisoner rings all shined with different colors. Seventh rank blue, eighth rank purple, the appearance of this huge stack of rings caused a vibrant glow in the sunlight.

“So many prisoner rings!!!”

“This…….there is probably at least five billion!!”

When Chu Mu pulled out the prisoner rings, the spectators all stared in awe.

The players all got around 500 million in prisoner rings. The 500 million could buy a normal talent middle class monarch. For second tier players, it was a large sum.

Yet, in Chu Mu’s hand were purple and blue that added up to more than 5 billion, to the point where everyone’s eyes turned red in jealousy!

“Strange, why is there a red prisoner rings. Is there a red prisoner ring?” very quickly, someone noticed the lone ring showing red light.

A large majority of players didn’t know the existence of ninth rank prisoners, so the discussion sounds became louder.

Jiang Yiteng’s smile froze. Chu Mu had even more rings than he did. In fact, this man killed the highest honor of eighth realm, ninth rank prisoner. The ring alone was worth 1 billion. This means that Chu Mu had over 6 billion gold worth of prisoner rings!

Jiang Yiteng himself had only collected 4 billion gold. He felt as if he were the number one of eighth realm. However, compared to the person in front of him, he was nearly 2 billion behind!

“Perfect, with the 6 billion you give to us, we’ll have 10 billion, able to buy a ninth rank offensive soul equipment.” Jiang Yiteng’s expression froze and suddenly started laughing again.

“If he could kill so many prisoners, including ninth rank prisoners, his strength is probably pretty strong.” Xing Yang said quietly to Jiang Yiteng as he observed Chu Mu.

Chu Mu glared coldly at both Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang before saying, “Summon your strongest soul pets. If you beat me, you can split this 6 billion however you want.”

“Such arrogance. Before at Hong Bridge, I didn’t even want to waste stamina to defeat you. Killing a useless bug like you is easy, but even then, you need to be worthy of my effort. Now, you have earned the chance to make me try. Heng heng, for soul palace people, I never show mercy.” Jiang Yiteng said.


“What is wrong with Chu Chen. Though he defeated Lu Shanli, Xing Yang and Jiang Yiteng’s strengths are much more powerful than Lu Shanli.” Ting Lan murmured to herself, showing some concern in her eyes.

“Ting Lan, did you say he defeated Lu Shanli?” Luo Bing stared blankly before asking.

Ting Lan nodded, specially glancing at the other group of Nightmare Palace spectators on their wing type soul ptes.

At this point, Nightmare palace’s spectators were also taken over by surprise. Clearly, they found out through other people that the person that damaged Lu Shanli’s three souls was Chu Chen!

“I can deal with Lu Shanli as well. However, Jiang Yiteng’s strength is truly powerful. There’s no way he can beat him!” Luo Bing came back to his senses.

Chu Mu being able to defeat Lu Shanli was indeed shocking for Luo Bing. However, Jiang Yiteng indeed had the ability to be proud. In Jiang Yiteng’s battle with Luo Bing, he was very badly beat. To him, it seemed like even young master Fang Ze wasn’t his match. Competitors like Chu Mu who get power later on would most likely suffer the same fate as himself.


“Xing yang, you think I can’t defeat them myself?” Jiang Yiteng glanced at Xing Yang. Noticing that Xing yang was ready to battle, he laughed coldly.

Xing Yang’s gaze fell on Ye Qingzi. Ye Qingzi clearly came with Chu Mu, so Xing Yang naturally had to fight.

“Summon all your nightmares. I really don’t have time to waste with you.” Chu Mu jumped off his Zhan Ye.

Chu Mu had to fight fast. A few days ago, he already felt that the devil Qin Ye that he met in the desert was tracking him.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi spent a lot of time to lose this fellow who came from first tier. He believed that, without much time, he would catch on anyways. Chu Mu had to leave before he got here, while also devouring the two nightmare palace experts’ Nightmares!

The competitors could go across tiers to challenge people. Also, if first tier members could get into the second tier battlefield with special means, the competition guards didn’t have any method of stopping them.

So, even with so many spectators at the top of Heavenly Sky Mountain, no one could stop Qin Ye, a first tier expert, from attacking. So, time was very tight!


If they wanted to fight, they would fight. Chu Mu would never waste time speaking.


Zhan Ye, when he ran at top speed, brought up a gust of black wind, blowing on Jiang Yiteng and Xing yang’s soul pets.


The black claws flashed past, immediately creating a dazzling blade edge that flashed into appearance like a crescent moon!

This attack became the spark that started the heavenly Life Mountain’s battle, immediately lighting up the mood in the battlefield.

“Chu Chen attacked first!! Fighting nightmare Palace first and second experts, this Chu Chen truly is arrogant, deserving to be called one of us Soul Palace!!!”

This battle, no matter if Chu Mu could win or not, his boldness to challenge Nightmare Palace was enough to cause all of Soul Palace people to feel deep veneration!!

At this moment, everyone stared at the peak, hoping that the person who defeated a ninth rank prisoner, who defeated Lu Shanli, the hidden expert of Soul Palace could save the dignity of Soul Palace!!

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