Chapter 531: The Fight on Heavenly Life Mountain’s Peak, Clash of Factions

Chapter 531: The Fight on Heavenly Life Mountain’s Peak, Clash of Factions

As the eighth realm of the Battle of the Realm continued, even more competitors withdrew from the competition and flew on wing type soul pets five hundred meters up in the air. 

These people had been eliminated, but they didn’t want to leave. Instead, they would rather watch the competition from far away!

The number of prisoners was decreasing. and more and more prisoner rings were falling into the hands of the competitors. Further, the prisoners that managed to eliminate five competitors would be sent off of Heavenly Life Eastern Mountain.

Therefore, the number of people on Heavenly Life Eastern Mountain had drastically decreased. Those that were able to remain on the battlefield were only the best experts of the second grade!

“Isn’t that Soul Palace’s Chu Chen? I never expected that he would be able to last until now. So many people in the top ten of the large factions have been eliminated!” numerous spectator soul pet trainers flying around in the air had noticed Chu Mu.

In the eighth realm, the third ranked in Soul Palace Li Zhan, and the third ranked in Nightmare Palace Lu Shanli had both been eliminated. This meant that the two hidden experts had exited the competition before entering the ninth realm. This made numerous people very surprised.

As for the remaining competitors, the majority of them were probably within the top five of a large faction. It was reasonable to say that Soul Palace’s Chu Chen shouldn’t have appeared among them. People didn’t know if this fellow’s luck was good or he had been hiding his true strength.

“Shang Heng, it turns out you were already hanging in the air.” a man riding on a black colored soul pet flew over from not too far away.

Shang Heng looked over, and showed a shocked expression.

The person flying towards him was Luo Bing, who was ranked second in Soul Palace. He never expected that the expert only inferior to Young Master Fang Ze would be eliminated in the eighth realm. 

“Luo Bing, what happened? Even you were…” when Ting Lan saw Luo Bing, she was in a bit of disbelief as she spoke.

Luo Bing was the publicly recognized second strongest person in Soul Palace. With his strength, it probably wouldn’t be a problem to enter the ninth realm… 

“Haha, just now that group saw me, and made a big fuss too.” Luo Bing laughed at himself and proceeded to say, “I was really unlucky. I encountered that fellow from Nightmare Palace. He didn’t say anything and immediately attacked me…” 

“Nightmare Palace? Could it be that you’re referring to Jiang Yiteng?!” Shang Heng stared at Luo Bing as he spoke.

Luo Bing bitterly laughed and said: “Aside from him, who else could it be? Originally, I thought that even if I encountered him, I would still be able to flee from him. However, he was stronger than I thought, especially his Nightmares… the only person from our Soul Palace who can deal with him is Fang Ze.” 

“How long did you fight him for?” asked Ting Lan.

“Not even five minutes, and all of my soul pets had lost.” said Luo Bing.

“You didn’t even last five minutes…” Shang Heng sucked in a breath of air. Luo Bing was already the second strongest person in Soul Palace yet had lost in such a short period of time.

“No wonder I always hear competitors say that our Soul Palace has no chance of obtaining the second grade’s ultimate honor.” softly said Ting Lan. 

“That’s right. Li Zhan has already been eliminated, and suffered a serious wound. Although I didn’t lose anything, I can only watch from the skies like you guys now. The only person who remains is Fang Ze. Whenever I encounter Nightmare Palace competitors, they all take delight in my misery. To speak bluntly, this makes me very uncomfortable, and if it wasn’t for the competition authority guards, I would have already taught them a lesson.” said Luo Bing with a bit of anger.

The eliminated competitors didn’t have the qualifications to obtain honor. However, they really hoped for the experts from their faction to be able to stand out from the rest, and display an outstanding performance.                                                                                                                                 

“No worries, our Soul Palace still has Chu Chen.” said Shang Heng.

“Chu Chen? Okay… I hope he’ll be able to breakthrough the eighth realm. That way we won’t have too few people from our Soul Palace enter the ninth realm.” sighed Luo Bing.

Chu Chen only breaking through the eighth realm? Ting Lan and Shang Heng didn’t believe this. One had to know that a few days ago, Nightmare Palace’s top three Lu Shanli had been absolutely demolished by Chu Chen! 


It was already in the later stages of the eighth realm. The majority of the competitors on Heavenly Life Mountain were pretty much all congregated on Heavenly Life Eastern Mountain’s tallest peak. 

The competitors didn’t urgently head to the top of the mountain. After all, the first person to do so would be challenged by all the other competitors, and become a target for them.

Therefore, the majority of the competitors were at the foot of the main mountain. The mountain itself halfway up was easy to roam about, and there were people hiding here waiting for the eighth realm to end.

However, the main mountain itself wasn’t very large, and as long as a competitor moved around, conflict would arise, especially with those prisoners that hadn’t eliminated five competitors yet. 

The majority of the competitors and prisoners were already congregated near the main peak. The eliminated spectators had formed groups and flew in the air above the main peak, watching from high above. 

At this later stage, pretty much all of the competitors were all within the sight of the spectators. These spectators had come from Soul Alliance, Nightmare Palace, Soul Pet Palace, Soul Palace, Merchant Alliance, Elemental Sect and the other various factions. At all times was someone from these factions watching them. 

“Someone has stepped onto the top of the peak!!!” 

Suddenly, several spectators pointed at the main peak and shouted! 

The person who dared step onto the highest peak was undoubtedly challenging all of the competitors. If his strength was incapable of subduing everyone, standing at the top of the peak was equivalent to suicide!!

“Who is it that dares have such guts? His strength must be strong!” the competitors all released their soul remembrances to lock onto the top of the peak.

“It’s Nightmare Palace’s Young Master Jiang Yiteng!!!!”

“Nightmare Palace’s people are unbridled!!” 

Soon, the Nightmare Palace spectators all showed smiles. Being able to stand at the top of the mountain represented one’s true authority!

Moreover, this person happened to be from Nightmare Palace. Thus, these Nightmare Palace spectators would naturally feel proud. Especially since this person was the strongest in Nightmare Palace and it for a long time nobody dared challenge him!!

“If you don’t have the guts, then just watch from afar. Our Nightmare Palace’s Young Master is the strongest person in the second grade. If you don’t believe it, then have your Young Master Fang Ze fight him… haha, Soul Palace’s people really are trash.” the egoes of the Nightmare Palace spectators soared and they began to mock the eliminated Soul Palace competitors. 

Soul Palace’s competitors didn’t have the confidence to rebuke and could only swallow their anger. 

Young Master Fang Ze didn’t appear at all, and looking down from high above, nobody could find him at all. 

“This group of dogs. They really think they are something, eh. They forget that six years ago it was me, Li Hen, who had trampled on them!” when Li Hen heard these people holler at them, he was extremely angry. 

However, as a competition authority guard, he naturally couldn’t overstep his bounds and could only watch. 

“Big Brother Li Hen, this time… we weren’t able to obtain honor for Soul Palace. This is truly shameful…” Luo Bing said in a dejected spirit.

“Another person has gone up to the peak…” Shang Heng pointed at Heavenly Life Mountain and the other competitor who had reached the peak.

“Is it Fang Ze?” asked Ting Lan.

Nightmare Palace’s strongest, Jiang Yiten was defending the peak, and only the strongest from the large factions had the qualifications to make their way up.

Soul Pet Palace’s experts would normally not enter into this kind of conflict. The experts from Merchant Alliance, Elemental Sect, and the other great kingdoms didn’t have the qualifications to fight against Nightmare Palace’s Young Master. 

The person who would challenge Nightmare Palace’s strongest, Jiang Yiteng, was probably only Soul palace’s Fang Ze. Therefore, when someone went to the peak of Heavenly Life Mountain, all of the Soul Palace members carried expectations. 

If Fang Ze were to defeat Jiang Yiteng, these Nightmare Palace members would all obediently shut their filthy mouths. 

However, everyone saw that this person wasn’t Soul Palace’s Young Master Fang Ze....

“Hahaha, it turns out it was Xing Yang!!’ suddenly, the Nightmare Palace competitors up in the air began to shout as if they were provoking all the Soul Palace members. 

Nightmare Palace’s Xing Yan was a Nightmare Palace extreme expert whose strength was hidden extremely deeply. He was ranked second in Nightmare Palace’s second grade.

There had previously been some insider news that when Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang had fought at least a year ago, the two of them had been equal. 

In other words, the strongest and second strongest in Nightmare Palace weren’t too far apart in strength. If it was the two of them guarding Heavenly Life Mountain’s peak, then it would essentially become dominated by Nightmare Palace!!

Right now all of the competitors were near the main peak. There were also prisoners there so there would definitely still be competitors who were eliminated.

If Nightmare Palace’s two great experts occupied the main peak, then it would be planting a flag on the main peak for Nightmare Palace. All of the Nightmare Palace members in the eighth realm would immediately head to the top of the mountain and gather there.

Therefore, a large number of Nightmare Palace members would successfully breakthrough, and enter the final ninth realm. This was a great advantage to Nightmare Palace in order to obtain the ultimate honor!! 

“It’s over. Even if Fang Ze arrives, it’s of no avail. Unless Young Master and Soul Pet Palace’s strongest ally…” 

The Soul Palace spectators all had ugly expressions. This situation was extremely unfavorable to them. Nightmare Palace Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang were intentionally protecting their Nightmare Palace competitors to allow them to enter the ninth realm! 

“This time there’s no hope of our Soul Palace obtaining the ultimate honor.” Luo Bing let out a long sigh. 

If he hadn’t been eliminated, he probably could have gone with Fang Ze to kick these two people off. Unfortunately, his luck had been too bad and he had encountered Jiang Yiteng too early.


“That’s strange… why is Chu Chen continuing to head up the mountain… could it be that he still doesn’t know that Jiang Yiteng and Xing Yang are at the mountain peak?” suddenly, Ting Lan who had continue to pay attention to Chu Mu showed a curious expression. 

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