Chapter 530: Ten Year Throne, Initial Nominations

Chapter 530: Ten Year Throne, Initial Nominations

At the foot of Heavenly Life Mountain was a hotsprings.

The competition authority Soul Alliance’s chief, Tian Ting, stood next to the spring. He stared at the continuously rising white colored mist.

He had already stood here by himself for a long time, and the surrounding tenth rank titles from the various factions were not allowed to go and disturb him without permission. 

Right now, there were about 50 tenth rank people from the various large factions and they were all in this courtyard, waiting for something.

“Brother Yu Shang, another tens years is nearly here. In the blink of an eye, you’ve aged quite a bit!” a fifty-something looking man with white hair and a beard laughed as he spoke.

Palace Lord Yu glanced at the laughing man, and a rare smile arose on his face. He joked: “Palace Lord Lin, it seems you can’t stay any longer in the eastern side of the world, and have come back to Tianxia City to retire?”

“What a joke. I still haven’t reached the age of retirement. My soul pets, like me, are full of vigor. This time I’ve come for the nomination for the Realm Throne!” the man called Palace Lord Yu seriously said.

“So you came for this. Then you came early. The young generation’s fight in the Battle of the Realm hasn’t ended yet. That being said, didn’t Palace Lord Lin originally say that you came for the four thrones?” laughed Palace Lord Yu.

Palace Lord Lin let out an awkward expression and dryly laughed: “I didn’t have a chance in these past ten years. Not long ago, I fought with Tian Ting from the four seats. He only summoned one soul pet and managed to defeat me…”

Palace Lord Yu was stunned and promptly showed a shocked expression.

The Soul Palace Palace Master positions were split into three ranks: Great Palace Lord, Second Palace Lord, and Third Palace Lord.

Previously, Palace Lord Yu had been called Great Palace Lord Yu by others. However, this was only an honorific since he was a Palace Lord in Soul palace. He was in reality only a Third Palace Lord.

The Third Palace Lord’s strength was also on the gradient. Normally, a Third Palace Lord’s strength was equivalent to a Kingdom Lord’s. 

The very old man in front of Yu Shang was Soul Palace’s Great Palace Master, and his position was only lower than Soul Palace’s elders. His strength was much stronger than Kingdom Lords and this type of expert truly had the qualifications to fight for a Realm Throne nomination. 

However, Yu Shang never expected that when Palace Lord Lin and Tian Ting fought, he lost so miserably!

There were four seats under the throne, which comprised four experts with strength just inferior to the king. These four seats were occupied by Soul Alliance, Nightmare Palace, Soul Palace and Soul Pet Palace, respectively. These four people were also the ultimate chiefs of the Battle of the Realm’s competition authority. It was them that oversaw the entire Battle of the Realm. 

Soul Alliance’s Tian Ting wasn’t very old, but was the head of the four seats. His strength was the closest to the king. 

Now that ten years had passed, after Li Hong, Soul Alliance’s Tian Ting would succeed the throne! 

“Ai, don’t say that. If you don’t vie for a nomination this year, in another ten years, you’ll have aged quite a bit again. How will you be able to vie for it then? Yu Shang, you must put in great effort and obtain a nomination.” said Palace Lord Lin. 

“My Xuan Zhen Beetle broke through the pseudo emperor rank not too long ago. Such ability…. I had better not participate this ten year.” said Palace Lord Yu.

Normally speaking, with a Palace Lord status, a tenth rank title had at least one emperor rank soul pet. Equally, a Kingdom Lord would also have to possess a soul pet of this level in order to keep order in his kingdom.

Only, regardless if it was a Kingdom Lord or tenth rank Palace Lord, unless their strength was as outstanding as someone like Palace Lord lin, it was impossible to have the qualifications to obtain a Battle of the Realm nomination.

“Senior Tian Ting!”

“First Seat Tian Ting!” 

As they discussed, the leader of the four seats, Tian Ting, slowly turned around and looked at the tenth rank titles from all these factions.

Tian Ting’s position in Tianxia City was extremely high. He was precisely the person known as the man above tens of thousands. His strength was many ranks higher than these tenth rank titles. 

In front of an expert like this, nobody dared show any disrespect!

“These past few years, much blood has been shed. I’m sure everyone has heard about this. Scholars predict that the Great Broken Sting Valley will once more breakout in a Hibernating Desolation the year after next. This Hibernating Desolation will be even more serious than the Hibernating Desolation two years ago. It will affect a total of four kingdoms: Western Kingdom, Zhanli Kingdom, Luo Kingdom, and Northern Ice Kingdom. Western Kingdom is under Nightmare Palace’s jurisdiction. Did Nightmare Palace’s Palace Lord come?” said Tian Ting.

“Nightmare Palace Palace Lord Bai Shuo greets Chief Tian Ting.” a man who looked about thirty stood up.

This man didn’t look much older than the first grade’s young generation experts and standing among the mostly middle-aged experts, he looked rather unusual.

“Bai Shuo, so this brat ran to Tianxia City to take a post.” Palace Lord Lin whispered to Palace Lord Yu.

Bai Shuo was Nightmare Palace’s incomparable genius, and was an extreme expert with a reputation only inferior to Soul Palace’s first young master. At such a young age, he had already taken up the position as Nightmare Palace’s tenth rank title Palace Lord. He could be regarded as someone who sat on equal footing with Palace Lord Yu!

Bai Shuo was the youngest tenth rank title expert. Many people predicted that in the next ten years, he would either be nominated or be among the four seats. 

“Western Kingdom and Northern Ice Kingdom are under your jurisdiction. I order you to spread the news to the city lords in the cities and have them prepare defenses, gather troops and build refuges ahead of time before the Hibernating Desolation comes.” said Tian Ting. 

After speaking, Tian Ting also said the same to Soul Palace which administered Zhanli Kingdom as well as Soul Pet Palace’s people which administered Luo Kingdom. 

Zhanli Kingdom’s defenses for the Hibernating Desolation fell onto Palace Lord Yu. Presumably when the Hibernating Desolation arrived, he would have to make another trip to Zhanli Kingdom. 

“The next matter of business regards the ten year nominations. His Majesty Li Hong is currently dealing with a problem right now so I am to take care of this.” said Tian Ting.

After speaking, the other three seats walked forward and stood next to Tian Ting.

“The Hibernating Desolations’ dangers have gone on for a long time and must be stopped. This ten year nomination’s theme is the Hibernating Desolation. I’m giving everyone two years, and within these two years, you can enter the Great Broken Sting Valley and retrieve the head of a Ten Winged Heavenly Devil insect to obtain the preliminary qualifications for a nomination.” said Tian Ting. 

The moment he finished, the fifty tenth rank title experts erupted in a clamour! 

Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insects were low class emperor ranks!!

Killing a low class emperor rank soul pet was extremely difficult for them. Moreover, an emperor rank soul pet would always command tens of thousands of Heavenly Devil Insects under it!

In other words, in order to kill a Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insect, not only would they have to possess a low class emperor rank or above soul pet, but also need to have the ability to resist the Heavenly Devil Insect legion that was under an emperor rank. However, the Heavenly Devil Insect legion’s fighting strength was in no way inferior to an emperor’s strength!!

“Isn’t this just asking for my life?!” Palace Lord Lin shouted.

Emperor rank Heavenly Devil Insects would only appear during a Hibernating Desolation. The Great Broken Sting Valley was already a grave of experts, so having them now enter to kill an emperor rank Heavenly Devil Insect was practically asking them to send their soul pets to their deaths!

The other tenth rank title experts all let out shocked cries. Clearly, they never expected the preliminary qualifications for a nomination to be so high!!

“This is His Majesty Li Hong’s intentions. Although the difficulty is slightly higher, it’s not impossible. Of course, there are other methods of obtaining preliminary qualifications. This is only one method. The Great Broken Sting Valley is the greatest trouble in our realm. I personally hope that those with strength choose the emperor rank Heavenly Devil Insects as their targets. One point in doing so is to save the civilians in the four large kingdoms, and another point is to use it as a test for oneself.” Soul Palace’s Elder Ting had a flat tone as he spoke.

Compared to Tian Ting’s serious tone, Soul Palace Elder Ting’s words were much warmer. Clearly, this man who had a seat had a better temper. 

“After the Battle of the Realm ends, experts chosen from the first and second grade competitors will be sent prior to the Hibernating Desolation to the four large kingdoms' large cities that will be the most severely affected. They will be in charge of eradicating the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insects and Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects. I will wait until the Battle of the Realm ends before announcing this.” said Soul Pet Palace Elder Hai Qiu.

Now that it had been announced, everyone could only accept; however, there were many sighs. 

After dealing with these two things, Tian Ting then dispersed everyone. 

When the tenth rank title experts from the various factions left, they were discussing with each other. They had already heard about the Hibernating Desolation previously, but they never expected this to be related to the competition for the Realm Thrones. 


After everyone had left, a man with pale hair but with a face close to a middle aged man’s, walked out. 

This man’s wrinkles were deep so he was clearly older. Only, his body didn’t exude any aged and powerless feeling. Instead, it exuded profoundness and dignity.

When Soul Palace Elder Ting saw this man walk out, his face became astonished and he hastily greeted him: “Senior Elder!” 

Soul Palace Main Palace’s highest authority, a Senior Elder!

Elders would ostensibly disregard common affairs, and only appear when serious matters occurred to make crucial decisions!

The pale white-haired old man nodded his head at Elder Yuan. He waved his hand, indicating for Elder Ting, Xie Tao and Hai Qiu to withdraw.

Ting Feng, Xie Tao and Hai Qiu occupied three seats under the throne. Yet, even when Nightmare Palace’s Elder Xie Tao, who was hostile to Soul Palace, retreated when he saw this Senior Elder from Soul Palace. He didn’t show any arrogance and silently retreated outside the courtyard. 

“Senior Elder has always been in Tianxia City?” when Tian Ting saw this Soul Palace Senior Elder, he asked in a bit of astonishment. 

“For a little bit.” said the Senior Elder.

“Then, why did you still request His Majesty Li Hong and myself to speak instead of coming yourself? Could it be that you are afraid that I, Ting Lan, as a younger generation am arrogant and will make a move prior to the Battle of the Realm?” said Ting Lan with a strange tone. 

“If you want to make a move, I won’t stop you. However, there are people not like me who will be apprehensive. I just don’t want to incite conflict.” said the senior elder.

“I’ve waited for a few years now. I hope that the senior elder will be able to give me an explanation after this month.” Tian Ting’s tone turned much calmer. 

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