Book 2 Chapter 53 - The Weakest, Chu Mu, Leading The Fight

Chapter 53: The Weakest, Chu Mu, Leading The Fight

“It should be special in some aspect. That Demon Spirit Butterfly that Chu Mu chose for younger sister is really formidable. At her age, there aren’t many soul pet trainers that are her opponent any more.” said Chu Xing.

Chu Ning, who came to spectate the fight nodded his head in agreement. Chu Ning knew Chu Mu’s true strength, and if Chu Mu were to summon the Ice Air Fairy he summoned last time to defeat Yang Jie, these inferior people would be all decimated!

“Spending a month to choose a soul pet will inevitably lead to one lucky encounter with a talented soul pet. It may not be that his insight is good.” Chu Ying continued to maintain her ‘opposition to everything’ attitude.

“Old witch…” Chu Yishui adorably hid behind Chu Ning and timidly cursed in a small voice.


Today, Zhan Ye was evidently particularly active, and he wasn’t like before, where he would adopt counterattack tactics. Instead, from the beginning, he launched a violent offensive, and didn’t give the opponent any opportunity to breathe.

Zhan Ye possessed the Broken Limb Rebirth ability and could unceasingly self heal. However, normally, the opponent wouldn’t be able to injure Zhan Ye that easily, as his current defense wasn’t low.

Through the violent offensive, Zhan Ye displayed his wild side, and didn’t give the opponent many chances to counterattack. Quickly, he ended the last fight.

In the previous matches of the competition, aside from the Night Thunder Dream Beast Chu Mu summoned against Soul Pet Palace and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier he just summoned, the majority of the fights had been for Zhan Ye to finish.

There wasn’t too much worry with this fight with the Su Family. The important fight was tomorrow, against the Zhou Family. After all, their strength from a holistic perspective was ranked third. If the Chu Family could defeat the Zhou Family, barring any unforeseen surprises, they would be able to enter the top three!

Of course, in order to quickly recover the Chu Family’s strength, it would still be best to obtain first place. After all, the sixth rank territory won by first place was actually the Chu Family’s territory that had been sold a few years ago when they had no other choice.


After the battle ended, Chu Xing brought the others away and left the arena.

During the past few fights of the competition, none of the Chu Family members would come to spectate. However, the battle tomorrow was the most important, so presumably, the people of the four great families and other factions would all show up.

The moment they walked out of the arena, they immediately saw another team slowly walking into the arena. Amongst them was a man wearing something distinctly conspicuous that swept his gaze over the five Chu Family people.

“It’s Chu Xing and them…” slowly whispered the Zhuo Family disciple standing next to the bright and neat man.

“It’s Zhou Pan…” Chu Lang glanced at this young man and revealed a bit of evident hostility.

Zhou Pan, who was wearing conspicuous clothing, lifted the corners of his mouth and intentionally walked in front of Chu Xing. With a small smile, he opened his mouth and said: “Tomorrow is the fight between my family and yours. I’m very excited to be able to determine superiority with you in a bout.”

“After being beaten down by me, you won’t be talking like this.” hostily said Chu Xing.

Chu Mu had left for four years, and didn’t have very much of an impression of Zhou Pan. After looking at him once, he followed behind Chu Yishui.

Chu Yishui also knew that Chu Mu didn’t know of a lot of things, and she immediately moved next to Chu Mu’s ear and whispered: “Brother, this Zhou Pan is older brother’s formidable opponent. Five years ago, older brother lost at the hands of this fellow. Don’t be fooled by this fellow’s respectable appearance. In reality, his state of mind is more ruthless than anyone. Five years ago, when older brother had already conceded, he wasn’t able to recall his soul pet in time and his most cherished Light Rhinoceros was slaughtered. At that time, the Light Rhinoceros was already at the fifth phase, and its growth potential was very large. If it didn’t die, it currently would probably be at the sixth phase, nearing the seventh.”

Chu Yishui’s words made Chu Mu think of this matter, and he remembered that Chu Xing had been depressed for a period of time because of this event.

Soul pets couldn’t grow forever and, as the soul pet grew and evolved, and its phase and stage rose, it would become increasingly harder to continue raising its strength.

The sixth phase and seventh stage could be said to be a boundary for a majority of soul pets. If a commander rank soul pet could enter the seventh phase, its strength definitely would increase by a huge amount. Only, unfortunately, it wasn’t just any soul pet that could evolve to the seventh phase.

Chu Xing’s Light Rhinoceros had extremely highly gifted growth and everyone in the family believed that entering the seventh phase shouldn’t be a problem. Chu Xing also viewed that Light Rhinoceros as precious as his own life. Unfortunately, it was killed by Zhou Pan five years ago; it was no wonder that the calm Chu Xing could let out such a profound hostility...

“Yi, isn't this Chu Mu? Can you Chu Clan really not find anyone else to compete? You've actually put a person even more useless than Chu Yi as a competitor. There really isn't a need to just give up completely. Don’t you think that the Chu Clan has been embarrassed enough in the past few years?” The Zhou Family’s Zhou Lijun discovered Chu Mu, and a mocking smile rose on her face.

The Zhou Family’s young lady Zhou Lijun was a tyrannical woman known throughout the entire Gangluo City. Despite having a beautiful exterior, her character instead made others truly unimpressed.

Chu Mu had a bit of an impression of this evil woman. This evil woman had an extremely intense jealousy towards Qin Menger. Since Qin Menger was often together with Chu Mu, Zhou Lijun began to speak of Chu Mu losing a soul as a joke. Ultimately, it seemed that everytime she saw Chu Mu, she would mock and ridicule him, with her words being exceptionally sharp.

In the Chu Family, Chu Ying was the most provocable eldest young lady. However, in Chu Mu’s opinion, Chu Ying merely enjoyed complaining. A bit of it was from her character, while a bit of it was annoying- that was it. However, the Zhuo Lijun in front of him was the sort of woman who simply caused others to despise her to the max!

“Zhou Lijun right?” Chu Mu lifted his head and stared at this woman, his face still as grave and stern as before...

Chu Mu speaking caused everyone in the Chu Family to be stunned and they all turned towards Chu Mu.

In the recent short amount of time that they had been associated with him, everyone knew that the Chu Mu who had disappeared from four years had clearly transformed. He had become cold and unyielding, unmoved by successes or failures, and no matter how much he was praised or challenged, he would always have a unperturbed appearance...

However, Chu Mu taking the initiative to speak was extremely rare. Especially under these circumstances, directly calling out the opposing woman's name.

“Brother…” Chu Yishui hugged Chu Mu’s arm even tighter, and used her eyes to tell Chu Mu not to provoke this woman whose brain had issues.

“Oh, I heard that after you disappeared for four years you’d turned mute. It seems that this isn’t the case. You still know how to speak…” a smile appeared on Zhou Lijun’s face. This smile was as ugly as could be, and one couldn’t help but want to slap one’s shoe across her face!

“Tomorrow, any soul pet you summon will die.” Chu Mu’s tone was flat as he spoke.

Chu Mu’s words brought about two effects. The Chu Family people all let out startled expressions, while the Zhou Family people were having a hearty laugh.

Zhou Pan swept his eyes over Chu Xing and, with an attitude as if Chu Mu’s matter wasn’t anything important, he said: “Your younger brother is truly interesting. Lijun, let’s go. Tomorrow, perhaps people may die rather than soul pets.”

The Recommendation didn’t advocate killing, but if the opposing soul pet trainer exposed gaps, letting the soul pet directly attack the soul pet trainer and killing him or her wasn’t illegal, as long as one could bear the pressure from the faction behind the person he or she killed.

Zhou Lijun still wanted to ridicule the boasting Chu Mu for a few more sentences, but seeing that her elder brother Zhou Pan had already turned around and left, she sneered and quickly followed behind.

“Fourth brother, tomorrow you must sort out that woman well. For a long time, I’ve found her unpleasing.” said Chu Ning.

“Mhm.” Chu Mu nodded his head. There were a few people where, if he didn’t fiercely trample their pride, they would never know they were a ***.



After returning to the Chu Family, Chu Ming, Chu Tianheng, and a group of inner Chu Family members began to discuss tomorrow's strategy during battle.

Fighting in turns naturally meant that they had to pay a lot of attention to the order. Especially when the difference in strength wasn’t that large, who started the fight and who was the anchor was extremely crucial.

“Chu Mu, do you have any useful suggestions? What do you think their order of fighting will be?” asked Chu Ming.

“I don’t have any suggestions. However, I feel that we don’t necessarily have to win the first fight. They will definitely send out a strong person to win the first fight…”

Everyone felt that the first fight was a must win because after winning the first fight, they could first know who the next member to go up on stage was. Thereafter, according to whomever the second Zhou Family member was, the Chu Family could send a corresponding person capable of matching this person’s attribute. By cycling like this, the chances of obtaining victory were larger.

Of course, the first person to fight couldn’t be the strongest person. After all, a fight had many variables, and the anchor had to be the strongest.

In Chu Mu’s opinion, the Chu Family should send their weakest member for the first round. By throwing a brick to attract jade, they would be able to use up the battle strength of one of the slightly stronger opposing members.

After conceding, the second Chu Family member who went up would have average strength, but have the right attribute counter. By doing this, it was equivalent to using a weak person and an average person to get rid of a slightly strong opponent. Moreover, this average Chu Family member would still be able to continue fighting, and use up the next opponent’s fighting strength.

As for whether the opponent didn’t send out a slightly strong member for the first fight, then it didn’t matter. A weakling versus a weakling was a contest of strength, while a weakling versus someone strong was a contest of stamina...

Chu Ming and Chu Tianheng both felt that Chu Mu’s words made a bit of sense. Indeed, there was no need to randomly guess the opponent’s order of battle; instead changing according to the situation was slightly more suitable...

“In reality, order doesn’t matter at all…”

Chu Mu added on another sentence at the end, but the others didn’t hear his sentence.

Indeed, order didn’t matter at all. If Chu Mu was put first, then he would completely wipe them all out.


Chu Mu’s suggestion was to put the weakest first. Ultimately, what made Chu Mu a bit helpless, was that he had been tactfully informed that he would be the first person to go.

“It seems that my low profile was a bit excessive…” after knowing the order of battle, Chu Mu bitterly laughed. Apparently, the others could preserve a lot of energy tomorrow.


The second round of the main competition was a heavyweight competition. The Recommendation battlefield was located on the most magnificent center plaza battlefield of Gangluo City.

The plaza battlefield was composed of a relatively easy to mend soft rock. The battlefield was a rectangle, its length reaching 300 meters, and its width 150 meters. Inside the plaza battlefield stood various carved ancient soul pet patterns on towering white pillars that reached 20 meters in height.

The white pillars weren’t concentrated and were scattered in an arc, thereby not obstructing the spectators’ line of vision while simultaneously giving the plaza battlefield a few obstacles.

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