Chapter 529: The Power Yearned for in the past was very near!

Chapter 529: The Power Yearned for in the past was very near!

“Is that person truly the third best in Nightmare Palace, Lu Shanli? Why does he feel so fragile and unable to withstand anything?” Watching Lu Shanli continuously get his soul wounded, Shang Heng felt that everything was unreal.

In the entire Soul Palace, probably only the most powerful eighth young master Fang Ze was able to destroy Lu Shanli like this!

However, he was watching a young man who, not long ago was still weaker than him, defeat Lu Shanli with an overwhelming advantage!!

“Chu Mu seems even more like Nightmare Palace’s member…..” Li Heng had often been in contact with Nightmare Palace members, yet he had never seen such potent devouring ability!


With two souls injured, Lu Shanli no longer had the means to continue fighting!

Chu Mu's White Nightmare was a rank higher than Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare. However, to devour it, it had to heavily injure the White Nightmare first. If it tried to devour it at full strength, would be playing with fire.

Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare had good talent. When fighting against the white devil on the platform, its Resentment Gathering caused it to get stronger and stronger, constantly nearing Chu Mu's White Nightmare's strength.

Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare had a real struggle with Chu Mu's, yet its strength was ultimately a rank lower. The fourth rank Nine Underworld Devil Flames were double the strength of White Fiend Devil Flames, meaning it did double the damage!

As devil flames blew around and the battle continued, Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare slowly stopped being able to fight…...

Finally, Lu Shanli’s white devil was defeated!

Everything was set. Lu Shanli watched the battlefield full of white devil flames with empty eyes. The moment Chu Mu summoned the high class monarch rank White Nightmare, the match was decided.

As for Chu Mu’s other two soul pets, each was more powerful than his main soul pet, so it didn’t even matter if he had four soul pets!

Chu Mu didn’t show mercy. After injuring Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare heavily, he commanded White Nightmare to directly devour Lu Shanli's White Nightmare’s soul!

Ninth phase middle stage White Nightmare, this amount of energy was enough to raise White Nightmare to ninth phase fourth stage!!

Lu Shanli couldn’t resist at all. He could only watch as his White Nightmare stepped onto the same path as his two previous nightmares- devoured by the white nightmare that caused his very soul to shiver in terror.

The soul injury again struck him. Lu Shanli couldn’t stand steadily anymore, falling against the rock face.

At this moment, he was blanched of color and seemed lost. Once a proud elite of Nightmare Palace, all of his arrogance had been shattered, rendering him a mentally weak person who couldn’t even resist nightmares.

“Nie!!!!!!!!!!!” White Nightmare’s calls became the most terrifying sound, stimulating Lu Shanli’s ears!

After eating Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare, the white devil’s Nine Underworld Devil Flames became even ghostlier. The rampant flames emitted an evil aura that could no longer be suppressed.


Of course, just as Chu Mu expected, after devouring three nightmares, White Nightmare grew to ninth phase fourth stage, becoming ninth phase middle phase - high class monarch rank!!

With White Nightmare’s strength growing, Chu Mu’s soul also attained great benefits. Before, he was only four parts to seventh remembrance; now he was six parts!

Six parts soul remembrance!! At this pace, it won’t be long until Chu Mu reached seventh remembrance!!


Chu Mu didn’t kill Lu Shanli. Lu Shanli had a high place in Nightmare Palace, so killing him didn’t do much, but would instead could cause him a lot of trouble.

As for whether Lu Shanli would take revenge, Chu Mu didn’t care. Since he could surpass him in a few short years, Lu Shanli would fall to become like the new Hunter King Luo Peng, falling further and further behind!

Chu Mu slowly walked behind the rock wall, collected all the prisoner rings and put them into his spatial ring!

Lu Shanli collected a decent amount of prisoner rings, amounting to around 1.5 billion. After adding everything up, Chu Mu had enough prisoner rings to exchange for 5 billion.

If things were successful, then he could probably earn over 6 billion gold, of which Chu Mu could use to strengthen his other soul pets!

“Chu Mu… your soul temperature even higher now?” After the fight ended, Ye Qingzi jumped onto the mountain too.

Ye Qingzi didn’t care about how much Chu Mu’s soul pets’ strength increased, but rather she cared about his soul temperature.

Eating its own species like the white nightmare was doing was directly adding a burden to Chu Mu’s soul! She didn’t want Chu Mu to become a mindless devil.

“It’s all right, I can stand it.” Chu Mu needed strength. As for the consequences, he didn’t care as much.

Since entering Prison Island, Chu Mu had been on the verge of death protecting his own soul. He had survived this for many years, so the increase in temperature was nothing.

Seeing Chu Mu’s attitude, Ye Qingzi wasn’t happy. High soul temperatures were very deadly. A long time in this status would shorten Chu Mu’s life span. Ye Qingzi didn't hope for Chu Mu to constantly burden his body and soul for power.

Of course, Ye QIngzi knew that saying more wasn’t helpful. No one in the world could possibly stop Chu Mu’s steps towards more power. She could only do her best to collect ice type soul items to get rid of Chu Mu’s hidden threats!

“Let’s continue walking, there will be more opponents…..” Chu Mu disregarded the completely lost Lu Shanli, and jumped onto Zhan Ye’s back. Bringing the pitiful appearance Mo Xie and the currently hyper White Nightmare, they climbed towards higher ground.

Zhan Ye’s stamina was better than Mo Xie, so normally, Chu Mu chose to ride Zhan Ye.

When Zhan Ye climbed the mountain, it could use its long claws to run straight up the cliff face. Its black armor and special magical runes brought out the angularity on its body. When running up the cliff face as if on the ground, it showed the wildness and power unique to beast type soul pets!

Lu Shanli’s Gale Colt stood next to the burnt Lu Shanli. Chu Mu didn’t kill Gale Colt, deciding to leave Lu Shanli a soul.

However, even as Chu Mu left, Lu Shanli’s entire person still felt sluggish. He watched the black-clothed Chu Mu.

Suddenly, Lu Shanli’s pupils expanded

He stared intently at Chu Mu as his pupils started moving again. He remembered!!

Back in White Nightmare City in western kingdom, there was a young man who walked out of prison island. He held an extremely dangerous mutant White Nightmare that would often devour souls randomly!!

He was only outstanding in that level of Nightmare Palace. If placed in the perspective of Tianxia City and Nightmare palace, it wasn’t worth a mention. At least, Lu Shanli didn’t have any regard for the prison island king Chu Mu.

Now, so many years had passed. The young teen who showed himself early in the small, small Western World had broken through so many levels. This caused Lu Shanli to be even more shocked. How did such a small character jump to these heights in such a short amount of time!!!!!!


“Chu Mu, you’ve dealt with this Lu Shanli before?” Ye Qingzi quickly realized Chu Mu’s eyes were blinking with something.

“En, when I just walked out of Prison Island and into Nightmare Palace, he sat high up in the viewing platforms. At that time, I could only look up to him. I didn’t even have to right to challenge him. I believed that I would beat him one day, but this day just happened so quickly.” Beating Lu Shanli with such an overwhelming advantage, Chu Mu’s heart wasn’t as calm as it seemed to be.

Formerly, Lu Shanli was too far to reach. His insurmountable strength caused Chu Mu to only be able to clench his jaw and train hard. Today, Lu Shanli was no longer his opponent. In front of Chu Mu were the strongest people of his year!!

In Tianxia Realm, there were billions upon billions of young generation soul pet trainers. Starting with the eighth rank city, going to the region, then the wider kingdom, and finally Tianxia City, he constantly faced the strongest people of each area, leading him to stand at a height he never even dared to think about before!!

Of course, Chu Mu wouldn’t forget that oath he made when he was struggling to live back in Nightmare Island!

That oath, Chu Mu kept at heart even today. It was the deepest resentment fostered through inhumane training and mental torture.

Sitting by the sea cliff, the young Chu Mu had sworn: He would walk out of this inhumane Nightmare Island, surpass the mountain-like overbearing Xia Guanghan, and step on all those who once belittled him!

And this time was almost here!

With his soul remembrance at six parts, he merely needed four more parts! As long as he got the soul remembrance, Mo Xie will bring along a new species mutation and reach pseudo-emperor!

Li City’s Li old kingdom master’s strongest soul pet was only pseudo-emperor rank! Even Xiao Ren, named one of the Five Peaks along with Chu Mu’s father, only had a soul pet between top tier monarch and pseudo-emperor!

Once Mo Xie reached pseudo emperor, Xia Guanghan, who left a great shadow in Chu Mu’s mind, would be nothing but trash!!!


Every time he thought about Mo Xie becoming pseudo-emperor, Chu Mu’s heart palpitated with limitless anticipation!!

For such a moment to arrive sooner, why would Chu Mu care about high temperatures in his soul?

One had to know that, very soon, he would have the power to belittle his lifelong enemy!

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