Chapter 528: Same Species Battle, White Nightmare Fighting One Versus Three

Chapter 528: Same Species Battle, White Nightmare Fighting One Versus Three

White Nightmare’s devour ability could directly consume a Nightmare species of similar strength to itself, let alone three Nightmares that were a rank or two lower than it!

Nine Underworld Devil Flames were surging. White Nightmare first locked onto the weaker cyan Nightmare. The Cyan Nightmare’s flames became multiple barriers of defense, wanting to stop the White Nightmare’s assault.

Yet, facing the third rank Cyan Devil Flame, the White Nightmare simply ignored it. Its ghost-like body swiftly floated in front of the Cyan Nightmare’s face, completely exposing its starving appearance!!

Four Nine Underworld Devil Flames lifted up around the Cyan Nightmare, blocking off all potential dodging routes!!

Facing the domineering White Nightmare, the Cyan Nightmare let out a whimper-like cry. Clearly, this Cyan Nightmare had fallen into utter terror. This terror completely stemmed from this White Nightmare’s unmatched evil energy!!

Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare generated a massive White Fiend Devil Flame sword in its hand. It directly floated behind the White Nightmare, and let out a string of cacophonous laughter!

The Cyan Nightmare was too low in species rank, so naturally, it was scared stiff when facing the monarch rank White Nightmare that was two ranks higher. However, both nightmares were the same species, so the White Nightmare’s aura could at most make it pause, but it wouldn’t truly cause it to be scared.

At this moment, Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare pointed its sword towards the White Nightmare’s heart. If the white devil insisted on attacking cyan nightmare, this White Fiend devil sword would definitely pierce through his body!

Seeing this, Chu Mu only laughed coldly, not telling his White Nightmare to dodge at all!

“Soul devour!” Chu Mu gave White Nightmare a command!

White Nightmare didn’t even turn around. Its claws gripped the Cyan Nightmare’s neck tightly, and its Nine Underworld Devil Flame burning body actually started to merge into Cyan Nightmare!


White Fiend Devil Sword pierced over heavily, directly boring into White Nightmare’s heart!

White devil’s body immediately opened with a black hole. The White Fiend Devil Flames on the sword started spreading towards the rest of the white devil’s body, directly burning them!

Chu Mu's White Nightmare's body slightly trembled. The devil flames on its body suddenly burned brighter, as the fourth level Nine Underworld Devil Flame covered its entire body, forcefully pushing down the White Fiend Devil Flames trying to spread outwards!

At this moment, the White Nightmare finally turned around. Its peculiar white pupils stared angrily at Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare!

“Nie!!!!!!!!” White devil let out an irascible call, as if giving Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare the death sentence!!

Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare didn’t want to be outdone, and similarly let out a call. Its devil flame claws slowly extended towards the White Nightmare's body!!

Obliterating Heart!!

Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare was casting the terrifying Obliterating Heart, a technique enough to kill its enemies immediately!!

“White Nightmare, devour the cyan nightmare!” Chu Mu saw White Nightmare get angered, and forcefully gave it a command! Obliterating heart needed two seconds. These two seconds were enough to devour cyan nightmare!

White devil turned its head back, and its other type claw dangerously grabbed onto the cyan nightmare!

“Huhuhuhu!!!!!!!!!!” Cyan devil flames constantly burned on White Nightmare's body, even dying white skin cyan.

However, the crazy white devil didn’t let go, merging its body further into the cyan nightmare!

As the White Nightmare's body was forcefully pushed in, Cyan Nightmare’s devil flames became even more rampant. However, it was just the painful struggling of the Cyan Nightmare as its soul was getting devoured by the high class monarch rank soul of the White Nightmare!!

“This……” Lu Shanli stared blankly, watching in horror as Chu Mu’s high class monarch slowly merged into the Cyan Nightmare’s body!

This soul devour technique should only exist when the evil nightmare could no longer feed off its own owner. How could it directly devour the same species!?!

While Lu Shanli was overwhelmed with shock, the White Nightmare’s body had already completely merged into the cyan nightmare’s body.

The cyan nightmare wantonly releasing cyan devil flames slowly weakened. It no longer struggled or screamed. It simply sat dully, and didn’t show any reaction!

Two seconds had passed- Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare completed his obliterating heart!!

Obliterating heart used other type techniques to collect items from afar. As long as the organism was still within three meters, Obliterating Heart didn't even need to touch the opponent to complete it.

Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare retracted its hand from the void. The technique was very successful, as it was already holding an energy crystal!

The moment this energy crystal was shattered, regardless if the opponent was high class monarch or not, they would die!!

“Stop….Stop it!!” Suddenly, Lu Shanli shouted, alarmed, as he tried stopping his White Nightmare from shattering the crystal!!

Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare almost subconsciously broke it. After being stopped by Lu Shanli, it stared blankly at its owner.

Lu Shanli was sweating coldly. His eyes stared at the innard in his White Nightmare’s hands. The White Nightmare wasn’t holding Chu Mu’s White Nightmare’s energy crystal, but was holding a cyan colored crystal instead!!  

It was the cyan nightmare’s innard crystal!!

Obliterating Heart was still a step too slow. Before this, Chu Mu's White Nighmare had already taken over Cyan Nightmare's body, and used it as a scapegoat to block the obliterating heart technique!   


Cyan Nightmare started burning, the devil flames burning brighter and brighter!

However, shockingly, the cyan flames on it slowly started getting penetrated by a demonic ghostly white!

The devil flames started burning brighter and brighter, and the white flames were getting more and more distinct.

Finally, the whiteness almost took over all of the devil flames, and the Cyan Nightmare’s body started peeling off. All of the cyan had finally morphed into the paleness of Nine Underworld!!

After the cyan completely faded, the Cyan Nightmare started burning with white devil flames. Even its shape, appearance, and aura completely changed with the burning of the Nine Underworld Devil flames!!


Suddenly, a shrill devil cry sounded!!!

Nine Underworld Devil Flames fluttered rampantly, completely different from the calm White Demonic Devil Flames. It showed its devil monarch’s evilness perfectly!!

The Cyan Nightmare was completely devoured!!

Even more surprising was, after the Cyan Nightmare was devoured, White devil’s devil flames became even stronger!!

The white nightmare was ninth phase second stage. After devouring the cyan nightmare, the energy became pure soul energy that transmitted to Chu Mu, while the other energy merged into itself, raising it a stage to ninth phase third stage!!

Ninth phase third stage- Chu Mu's White Nightmare rose a stage directly after the devouring!!

“Next, Blue Nightmare!!” Chu Mu didn’t want to give Lu Shanli’s Nightmare any chance for a breather. He gave White Nightmare a command and told it to fly towards the other Blue Nightmare!!

Lu Shanli’s face became paler. At the same time his soul was hurt, he felt a soul burning from the White Nightmare’s nine underworld devil flames. This energy exacerbated his soul pact breaking wound!

At this moment, Lu Shanli finally realized the terrifying nature of the White Nightmare. Withstanding the pain in his soul, he told his remaining Blue Nightmare to distance itself from Chu Mu’s White Nightmare, while commanding his White Nightmare to get closer to the other White Nightmarel!

Lu Shanli’s Gale Colt also jumped out of the darkness, casting a demon technique to stop the White Nightmare’s terrifying devour.

Demon type Gale Colt’s mental technique could cause some obstruction to white devil. Very quickly, Chu Mu's White Nightmare's many unsuccessful attempts caused it to let out an angry cry.

“Mo Xie, don’t let him retract his soul pet, Zhan Ye, distract the White Nightmare!” Chu Mu immediately gave a command.

Mo Xie quickly darted out, its two silver demon pupils staring at Lu Shanli, not giving Lu Shanli any chance to switch his soul pet.

Lu Shanli, with his soul hurt, naturally didn’t dare to deal with Mo Xie without any soul pet. He quickly brought his Gale Colt back to stop Mo Xie’s attacks.

Zhan Ye, who defeated three devil servants, had already reached ninth phase high stage under the effects of Brave Stinging Heart. Facing Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare, Zhan Ye pounced forward bravely, and directed his ink armor spikes towards the White Nightmare!

“Devour the Blue Nightmare!” Without the obstructions, Chu Mu immediately gave a command.

White devil’s speed was much faster than Cyan Nightmare. Lu Shanli was ready to switch soul pets, but White Nightmare casted Displacement Specter, blocking Lu Shanli’s incantation.

Cyan Nightmare’s strength wasn’t much stronger than Cyan Nightmare, so the battle didn’t last long. The Blue Nightmare was again restricted by White Nightmare- no matter how Lu Shanli wanted to save it, it wouldn’t be of any use!

Chu Mu's White Nightmare body again merged into Blue Nightmare’s body, and started a soul devour!!

When the terrifying devil again started devouring Lu Shanli’s Blue Nightmare. Lu Shanli finally showed fear. He had never seen such a terrifying nightmare!!

Blue devil flames burned faintly. It was the same phenomenon: paleness coming out of the blue. As the White Nightmare’s body merged inwards, the Blue Nightmare of similar strength still couldn’t escape the fate of being devoured, its body completely getting taken over by the white devil!!

Finally, Blue nightmare was also devoured!!!

This time, White Nightmare’s strength increased again. However, it didn’t go past ninth phase third stage. After all, the Blue Nightmare and Cyan nightmare were of similar strength, so continuously devouring similar strength species didn’t have the same effect.

However, as long as white devil devoured Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare, its strength could definitely reach ninth phase fourth stage, which is ninth phase middle stage!!

White Nightmare reached ninth phase middle stage. With high class monarch and other type’s dominating strength, it had the ability to go against tenth phase middle class monarch rank!

With just White Nightmare, Chu Mu could sweep away nearly all second tier experts!!

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