Chapter 527: Same Species Fight, White Nightmare Against 3 Enemies (1)

Chapter 527: Same Species Fight, White Nightmare Against 3 Enemies (1)

Mo Xie jumped off of Chu Mu’s shoulder. The royal flame on her body flared up. The scarlet and blood red colored flame color was abnormally striking at night!

When the royal flames began burning, the surrounding temperature began to instantaneously increase. Amidst the ostentatiously dancing royal flames, Mo Xie’s body rapidly enlarged and her nine astonishing flaming tails fluttered in the raging flames.

Anger had already arisen in Lu Shanli’s heart, and when he saw Chu Mu’s soul pet appear, he quickly chanted an incantation!

Serene blue colored devil flames began to burn on Lu Shanli’s body. The devil flames were completely different than royal flames. The blue colored serene and bone-piercing chill intersected with Mo Xie’s scorching hot royal flames. From a hundred meters up, it looked like they formed a picture filled with two types of flames. 

After chanting, a strange devil flame pattern appeared under Lu Shanli’s feet. A ball of devil flame didn’t imprint on the ground, instead of floating above the ground. As a gorgeous cold blue devil light flickered, a blue colored Nightmare astonishingly appeared!

Ninth phase middle stage - middle class monarch - Blue Nightmare!

With the nighttime moonlight’s effect, Mo Xie’s strength rose by a level. The additional royal flame also caused Mo Xie’s strength to rise by another level. All together, Mo Xie’s fighting strength was equivalent to a ninth phase high stage - middle class monarch. 

However, in a fire attribute against fire attribute fight, the might of Mo Xie’s royal flames would be drastically reduced, causing her secondary flame to pretty much be useless.

Thus, Mo Xie’s strength was equivalent to a ninth phase middle stage - middle class monarch. Who won depended on the soul pet’s fighting ability, and the soul pet trainer’s fighting awareness!

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~”

In the past, Mo Xie had often fought against the Nightmare species. She had essentially killed these Nightmares to grow, and now that she saw another Blue Nightmare which strength was equivalent to her’s, she quickly showed signs of excitement.

Not waiting for Chu Mu to give an order, Mo Xie’s body flashed, and she disappeared from her location. In the next instant, not too far beside the Blue Nightmare, a beautiful flaming figure appeared. The sleek Mo Xie’s nine tails unfurled, transforming into countless long flaming dragon whips that aggressively swatted at the Blue Nightmare.

Lu Shanli quickly retreated, and had the Blue Nightmare use a technique to defend against Mo Xie’s attack!

“I don’t plan on slowly fighting with one soul pet at a time against you!” after Lu Shanli retreated, he immediately chanted an incantation.

This time, Lu Shanli directly conducted two summons!

The Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox was also a ninth phase middle stage - middle class monarch. Lu Shanli recognized that Chu Mu was far from as simple as he thought, so he didn’t conserve his strength any further!

A ball of white devil flame and a ball of cyan devil flame appeared and split off of Lu Shanli’s body!

These two balls of devil flame seemed to possess life themselves. After they floated from Lu Shanli’s body, they autonomously began to take form in the darkness, slowly manifesting as the strange summoning patterns for Nightmares!

One warrior Cyan Nightmare and one monarch White Nightmare!!

Lu Shanli had summoned all Nightmare species!!

The Cyan Nightmare, Blue Nightmare, and White Nightmare all represented the growing process of most Nightmare Palace members. At the very beginning, they had a Cyan Nightmare and when its strength reached a certain level, they would possess an even stronger Blue Nightmare before finally having the monarch White Nightmare. 

Lu Shanli clearly was an orthodox Nightmare Palace expert and his three Nightmares were his main pets from those three periods!!

Lu Shanli’s Cyan Nightmare had already reached the tenth phase and possessed the fighting strength rank of a peak commander. It was comparable to a ninth phase middle stage - middle class monarch, or equivalent to the commander rank Blue Nightmare!

As for the White Nightmare, it had reached the ninth phase middle stage!

The White Nightmare’s innate strength was stronger than other soul pets by a level. Even if it was only the ninth phase middle stage, its true strength was stronger than the Cyan Nightmare and Blue Nightmare by a level!

“The strength of Nightmares is endless. They are the world’s strongest creatures!! Let me see, what kind of soul pets you’ll summon to fight against me. A laughable water type soul pet?” Lu Shanli laughed.

The moment the three Nightmares appeared on the battlefield, their auras imperceptibly increased. Even if Chu Mu summoned soul pets with strength comparable to these three Nightmares, they would be fiercely suppressed by the three same-species soul pets!

“Cyan, blue and white. Three Nightmare simultaneously appeared on the battlefield. This won’t be easy to deal with, especially that White Nightmare. It’s equivalent to a ninth phase high stage - middle class monarch!” up in the air, Ting Lan looked at the three balls of imposing flames and was worried for Chu Mu in her heart.

The three Nightmares were incomparably tyrannical and the moment a defensive line crumbled, the three types of devil flames would cause enormous soul damage to soul pets and soul pet trainers. In the past, there were many Soul Palace experts who had lost under the team of three Nightmares from the Nightmare Palace!

“He needs Ye Qingzi’s help, otherwise Chu Mu will have difficulty beating Lu Shanli…” said Shang Heng.

Ting Lan and Shang Heng both knew that Chu Mu had injured a soul in the seventh realm so he could only triple control. On the other hand, aside from the three Nightmares, Lu Shanli also had his Gale Colt. 

The Gale Colt wasn’t fighting for the time being, but if the fight went awry, Lu Shanli would switch soul pets or have it restrict Chu Mu’s soul pets, forcing Chu Mu to become extremely passive. 

Moreover, aside from the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox and the Warbeast Mo Ye, Shang Heng and Ting Lan found it very difficult to think of what other soul pet Chu Mu had to fight against Lu Shanli!


Three different devil flame cold lights illuminated Chu Mu’s face. But Chu Mu’s expression was cold and he chanted an incantation!

Previously, Chu Mu had recalled the Devil Tree Battle Soldier into its soul pet space. Now, Chu Mu was going to summon the White Nightmare that couldn’t sit still any longer!


The moment it encountered weaker creatures from the same species, the White Nightmare’s temper was uncontrollable. This was a Nightmare that was both stubborn, and had an extremely envious heart. It refused to allow other a same species Nightmare to show off in front of it!

A white colored devil flame transformed into a dancing serene and flaming silhouette. A cold aura slowly expanded outwards!

“Nie!!!!!!!!” before even being summoned, the White Nightmare’s devil cry pierced through space and resounded on the level mountain!!

Suddenly, the aura of the nine underworld devil flames turned imposing. As the devil flames wildly grew on Chu Mu’s body, an enveloping, cold, evil, and dark aura that seemed like it was going to freeze space unexpectedly suppressed the aura of Lu Shanli’s three Nightmares!

“What is that?!! Why is Chu Mu’s body burning with white devil flames?!!” from far away, when Shang Heng saw this scene, he immediately cried out.

In the night, the nine underworld devil flame’s pale color was extremely conspicuous. It practically resembled a death god’s bonfire before the gates of hell! People who saw it couldn’t help but suck in a breath of air!

Ting Lan had previously seen Chu Mu’s body burn with this devil flame when they saved Li Zhan. Back then, Ting Lan thought that it was Chu Mu’s special soul technique, but right now Chu Mu wasn’t using a soul technique. Instead, he was using a soul pact incantation, and he had summoned this!

Compared to Lu Shanli’s White Nightmare which had a devil demonic devil flame effect when it was summoned, this was an even more imposing and tyrannical creature!!

“Nine underworld devil flames!!” Lu Shanli let out in shock. His face was extremely stunned!

As a Nightmare Palace member, how could he not recognize the fourth rank devil flame of a White Nightmare?!!

This was the nine underworld devil flames that were double as strong as the white fiend devil flames!!

Lu Shanli was so shocked he forgot to order his Nightmares to attack. He was in somewhat disbelief as he stared at Chu Mu!

Right now, he never expected a Soul Palace member to possess his Nightmare Palace’s soul pet. Moreover, it was a White Nightmare that controlled nine underworld devil flames!!

A ninth phase low stage - high class monarch - White Nightmare!!

A high class monarch was two levels higher than a middle class monarch. Equating everyone to a middle class monarch fighting strength rank to compare, the White Nightmare was equivalent to a ninth phase high stage!

Moreover, the White Nightmare’s innate fighting strength was unique, since it was stronger by a level than normal soul pets. Thus, the White Nightmare’s current strength had reached the peak ninth phase in those terms!!!

“Am… am I dreaming? How… how does Chu Chen… how does he have a monarch White Nightmare…” Shang Heng was completely astonished.

“A high class monarch White Nightmare… according to my understanding, there is no one in the second grade who has a high class monarch rank soul pet!” Li Hen was so shocked he didn’t say anything for a long while.

Ting Lan’s clear eyes flashed with astonishment, and she opened her small mouth, but didn’t say anything. The Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, Warbeast Mo Ye, and White Nightmare. These were soul pets that Chu Mu had previously never exposed the strength of. These were Chu Mu’s true soul pets!!


The nine underworld devil flames made Chu Mu seem even eviler. Chu Mu took a step back as if he was separating himself from the white flames and the White Nightmare’s body astonishingly appeared!

Covered from head to toe in a mercury-mold like body, the evil and dark creature burned with nine underworld devil flames. It looked as if an evil devil had been awakened from within its seal in the nine underworlds!!

“I shall receive your three Nightmares!!” contrasting with his black clothes against the White Nightmare, the smile on Chu Mu’s face had turned incomparably evil.

The moment his voice faded, the White Nightmare that had already lost control over its unruliness, used Devil Phantom, and incomparably ostentatiously approached the Cyan and White Nightmares!!

It seemed that the Cyan Nightmare and White NIghtmare would be hard-pressed to truly make this Nightmare fight until it was content. Thus, this obstinate Nightmare gave Mo Xie a devil cry, wanting her to move to the side and let it take the three of them on by itself. 

When it came to a same-species fight, no one was more arrogant than the White Nightmare!!

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