Chapter 526: A Massacre for a Warmup, Violent Beast Zhan Ye Part 2

“Soul Palace Chu Chen. Offending our Nightmare Palace’s Senior Lu Shanli is the stupidest mistake of your life.” the first attendant pointed at Chu Mu and sneered.

In the same generation, there were few people that could escape Lu Shanli if he wanted to kill them.

“Hand over all of your prisoner rings, and we’ll give you a painless end. Otherwise, suffer the pain from our soul burning!” the second attendant said as he was already chanting an incantation!

A blue devil flame appeared on this devil attendants body. The flame shot up in a dim light as a devil figure slowly appeared!

Ninth phase low stage - low class monarch - Blue Nightmare!

The first and third attendants also knew that by relying on one BLue Nightmare, they definitely weren’t Chu Mu’s ninth phase middle stage Warbeast Mo Ye’s opponent. After the one Blue Nightmare appeared, they quickly summoned their other nightmares.

The first attendant summoned a ninth phase low stage middle class monarch Blue Nightmare. This Blue Nightmare’s grandeur was clearly stronger than the second and third attendants’ Blue Nightmares! 

The three Blue Nightmares’ devil flames illuminated the mountain steps in a blue color. Right now, these three Nightmare Attendants didn’t say anything more and promptly gave their Blue Nightmares orders to attack Chu Mu.

Three balls of blue devil flames intersected, and immediately blocked Chu Mu’s dodging path.

The torrential devil flames burned and rapidly began to rush towards Chu Mu, easily enveloping both him and Zhan Ye.

But Chu Mu calmly stood there, letting the Blue Nightmares’ techniques envelop him. He didn’t move at all!

The blue colored devil flames swirled up high into the air. The serene cold strength was enough to cause enormous burning pain to the soul. Numerous soul pet trainers were unwilling to offend Nightmare Palace people because their evil soul pets made people tremble with fear.

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~”

Three bundles of devil flames scattered towards the surroundings. The Nightmare Attendants coldly watched the completely enveloped Chu Mu, as their faces carried a bit of contempt. 

However, as the blue devil flames continued to burn, the three of their brows creased. 

They didn’t hear the pained shouts of Chu Mu or his soul pet. Further, they could feel that both him and his Mo Ye were just standing in the flames, not moving at all!

Amidst the dancing blue flaming python, the black-clothed Chu Mu was burning from head to toe in a blue flame. Despite the scorching hot flames, even his clothes hadn’t been ruined the slightest. 

The White Nightmare’s nine serene devil flames were fourth rank devil flame crystallizations, while the blue devil flames had merely reached the third rank. Simultaneously, their effect was much weaker that the White Nightmare’s white devil flames. This temperature didn’t affect Chu Mu at all and he didn’t even have to use defensive techniques. 

As for Zhan Ye, its ink armor’s innate defense was very high, and adding on the ninth rank soul armor, the blue devil flames which had great effect on burning the soul merely raised the temperature of its armor!

“Zhan Ye, get rid of them.” Chu Mu indifferently gave Zhan Ye an order.

The Nightmare species of this level were of no use if they were devoured by the White Nightmare. As for the three Nightmare Attendants, they were equivalent to trash in Chu Mu’s eyes!


Zhan Ye’s speed suddenly quickened, and when its black figure rushed out, the burning blue devil flames began to flicker!

Zhan Ye was extremely fast, and when its gaze locked onto the third attendant’s Blue Nightmare, its Heavenly Rending Claws cleanly swiped across the body of the Blue Nightmare!

Zhan Ye’s claws had reached the early ninth rank. Its Horned Beast Imprint’s strength increase and technique combined together, allowing Zhan Ye’s attack to reach the middle ninth rank. This attack was stronger than the third attendant’s eighth phase ninth stage middle class monarch Blue Nightmares by three levels!!


The Heavenly Rending Claws mercilessly streaked across the Blue Nightmare’s stomach!!

This Blue Nightmare was quickly enveloped by a black ball of energy, and as its body was ripped apart, the devil flames on its body rapidly extinguished. It was instantly killed by Zhan Ye’s one technique!!

Instakill with one technique, and this Blue Nightmare turned into ashes!!

“How… how is this possible?!!” the third attendant had an expression of incredulity as they watched the Blue Nightmare quickly disappearing in the dark energy. 

Soon, the soul impact caused the third attendant’s face to twitch as his entire expression turned abnormally strange. 

The first and second attendants were stunned. They had personally witnessed this Blue Nightmare be instakilled by Chu Mu’s Mo Ye!

However, even if it was the ninth phase middle stage middle class monarch, it was only two levels higher than the Blue Nightmare. How could it instakill the Blue Nightmare?!

To prove that their eyes weren’t deceiving them, Chu mu sneered and gave Zhan Ye another order to attack.

After Zhan Ye instakilled the Blue Nightmare, its body transformed into a dark light that flew forth. 

This time, Zhan Ye locked onto the second attendant’s ninth phase low stage low class monarch!

The low class monarch level Blue Nightmare’s strength was comparable to the third attendant’s Blue Nightmare. When it saw Zhan Ye rush over, its nightmare flaming face immediately showed a flustered expression. It waved its two hands and raised a torrential devil flame wave that shot towards Zhan Ye!


Zhan Ye jumped and its claws slashed two dark claw marks in the air!!

The two claw marks opened apart the blue colored devil flames. They intersected, and rapidly passed by the Blue Nightmare’s body!

The Blue Nightmare’s defense was unable to withstand this level of an attack. Quickly, an enormous wound was ripped into its devil flame burning body.

“Zhan Ye, Destructive Ray!” 

After Zhan Ye landed, a dark light appeared deep in its throat.

The dark energy spat out from Zhan Ye’s mouth easily passed through the nearly illusory blue colored flames. It fiercely hit the low class monarch Blue Nightmare and exploded!!

The Blue Nightmare had been heavily wounded by the first attack. Now that it suffered the ninth rank dark energy bombardment, the blue devil flames wrapping its body were blown apart, transforming into countless blue fire seedlings that scattered on the levelled mountain’s platform. 

Another Blue Nightmare had been killed!

The three Nightmare Attendants were flabbergasted! They had believed that if the three of them combined their strength, they could easily get rid of Chu Mun. Ultimately, their soul pets had been instantly killed so easily and ruthlessly!

“... how…. How can you have such… such a strong soul pet!!” the first attendant’s eyes no longer had any contempt. Instead they were filled with fear and shock!!

Chu Mu’s eyes calmly swept over the three extremely terrified Nightmare Attendants. Back when Chu Mu was in the Wasteland’s Ancient City, his strength had been far from Lu Shanli’s Nightmare Attendants. But now, Lu Shanli’s Nightmare Attendants couldn’t even withstand one attack!

“Zhan Ye, get rid of them.” Chu Mu felt that continuing to fight them right now was a waste of time.

After giving Zhan Ye the order, Chu Mu continued walking, jumping up to an even higher level on the mountain. 

Chu Mu knew that Lu Shanli was above. Lu Shanli was worth Chu Mu taking action. Chu Mu needed Lu Shanli’s even stronger nightmare to become a sacrifice to raise his strength!

Thus the three Nightmare Attendants were ignored by Chu Mu!!

One had to know that these attendants had never been ignored in the Battle of the Realm for being too weak. After all, in any other place, they would be a peak expert! 


“Leaving one soul pet behind to deal with three Nightmare Attendants that are able to break through the eighth realm and directly going after Lu Shanli. Chu Chen is too… too whatever you call it…” up in the air, Shang Heng was stunned when he saw this. 

The three Nightmare Attendants weren’t weak, and were at most being watched, right? 

“Eh… this is a surprise… I expect that the expression on Lu Shanli’s face is even more amazing.” said Li Hen.

Lu Shanli had arrogantly believed his three Nightmare Attendants were capable of getting rid of Chu Mu. Ultimately… these three Nightmare Attendants were treated like trash by Chu Mu.

Right now, Chu Mu was jumping up the levelled mountain. Clearly, he wanted to face Lu Shanli head on!

High up the mountain steps, Lu Shanli had watched the entire battle. Right now, his face was no longer as calm and had turned dark. 

His three Nightmare Attendants were within the Nightmare Palace faction’s top fifty young experts. Three against one, yet they were completely neglected!

Chu Mu’s strength surpassed Lu Shanli’s imagination. And when this fellow didn’t bring any soul pet with him as he jumped up the levels and came at Lu Shanli, Lu Shanli indistinctly felt an aura that caused fear to manifest within him!!

Quickly, Chu Mu jumped onto the same level as Lu Shanli. Next to Chu Mu was not a single soul pet. He just stood there by himself at the edge of the ledge, and stared imposingly at Lu Shanli who was riding on his Gale Colt!

Chu Mu didn’t say anything. He seemed to not have any guard towards Lu Shanli. Slowly, he walked to the inner rock wall of the level. He opened his spatial ring and unexpectedly threw all of his prisoner rings onto the ground.

Twenty prisoner rings dropped, each letting out “da da da” sounds.

Watching Chu Mu’s actions, Lu Shanli’s expression turned even more serious. 

Chu Mu was evidently indicating that he wanted to fight Lu Shanli. Moreover, he was betting all of his prisoner rings!

“I truly never expected that you had hidden your strength so deeply. I, Lu Shanli, have truly made a misjudgement!” Lu Shanli’s tone was dark.

“I don’t have much time. I don’t want to waste words.” after Chu Mu threw thee prisoner rings there, he spoke coldly to Lu Shanli. 

The expression on Lu Shanli’s face faintly twitched as he could feel Chu Mu’s contempt!

“I admit that you hid your strength very deeply, but that doesn’t mean you have the ability to be so ostentatious and domineering in front of me. The current you will only take a bit of my time to get rid of. The result will still be the same.” Lu Shanli jumped off the Gale Colt.

He also walked to the rock wall, opened his spatial ring and put all the prisoner rings there.

“Having collected so many prisoner rings, you make it worth it if I take out my true strength!” Lu Shanli quickly discovered that Chu Mu’s pile of prisoner rings was larger than his.

Chu Mu wanted Lu Shanli to take out his true strength. He could be sure that Lu Shanli had two powerful Nightmares. If the White Nightmare devoured his soul pets, his soul remembrance would definitely increase.

“Call out your Warbeast Mo Ye. Since you want to fight, I want you to lose thoroughly.” Lu Shanli’s gaze glanced at the lower steps and harrumphed.

“It’s warming up.” Chu Mu indifferently replied. After speaking, Chu Mu patted the small Mo Xie lying on his shoulder. The small Mo Xie had been in the midst of a hard to come by sleep. After she was patted awake by Chu Mu, she drowsily opened her eyes...

Lu Shanli’s expression froze and he said in his heart: “This Chu Chen is too heartless. He used my subordinates to warmup his soul pet.”

Moreover, how is that warming up? He’s simply slaughtering all of my subordinates’ soul pets!

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