Chapter 526: A Massacre for a Warmup, Violent Beast Zhan Ye Part 1

Chapter 526: A Massacre for a Warmup, Violent Beast Zhan Ye

This kind of level increasing method was very dangerous, but it also brought Chu Mu enormous benefits. After all, right now Chu Mu needed Mo Xie’s mutation in order to have the ability to fight Xia Guanghan and the defector young woman puppet. 

When Ye Qingzi heard Chu Mu tell her his method of increasing his strength, she looked at Chu Mu in shock for a long while. 

Until now, although Ye Qingzi thought that Chu Mu’s White Nightmare was his most evil soul pet, and was the most dangerous one, to the White Nightmare species, it was probably an average soul pet.

She never expected that this White Nightmare was an abnormal soul pet that unexpectedly possessed the terrifying Cannibalism ability that allowed it to increase its own strength!

“But you strengthening the White Nightmare like this will lead to you heading towards your devil transformation. You’re playing with fire.” Ye Qingzi quickly pointed out a problem.

The White Nightmare’s strength increase meant that there was a higher chance of it consuming Chu Mu. But right now, the White Nightmare was listening to him more; nonetheless, it was innately hard to control.  The moment its strength was increased too much, Chu Mu would be hard-pressed to escape the fate of the half devil transformation.

“But aren’t you still here? You can probably help me control my soul’s temperature, right?” asked Chu Mu.

“Although that is true, I’m afraid of the worst possible outcome.” Ye Qingzi said. As long as Chu Mu didn’t initiate the half devil transformation himself, Ye Qingzi still had the ability to control his soul temperature himself. The problem was that Chu Mu’s soul temperature was already very high, and aggravating the situation like this wasn’t particularly smart.

Chu Mu didn’t care too much about this, because once he reached the seventh remembrance, Mo Xie would be able to mutate and her mutation would also increase Chu Mu’s soul remembrance. It probably wouldn’t be too much of a problem.



Five hundred meters up in the air, Shang Heng watched Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi who were diverging from the path.

From high up, the divergent path was like winding ravine. It snaked around and there were also a few porks off the path that were hard to see. 

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s figures weren’t easy to see on the path. Only by using their soul remembrance to watch could they see.

“There seems to be a group of people to the west. It’s strange that they suddenly turned around to walk back?” Ting Lan pointed at the mountain back far away and asked.

Practically all the competitors and prisoners were walking up the mountain so the actions of these people were rather strange.

Li Hen quickly noticed this group of imposing competitors, and when he used soul remembrance to watch them, his brows creased.

“It’s Nightmare Palace’s people. The person leading them seems to be that brat, Lu Shanli.” said Li Hen.

“Lu Shanli? Isn’t that the third ranked person in Nightmare Palace?” Ting Lan asked in a bit of astonishment.

“Why do I feel like this fellow is heading for Chu Chen? Could it be that Xia Guanghan did something? He himself couldn’t take action so he had someone else?” said Shang Heng. 

“Yes, you’re probably right. Lu Shanli, that brat, isn’t weak. He also brought three nightmare attendants. Chu Chen is in trouble.” Li Hen said.

They couldn’t interfere in between the fights of competitors, and could only watch from the sky and worry from Chu Mu there.


The three people were worrying as the group of Nightmare Palace experts headed towards Chu Mu. However, if Chu Mu knew that Lu Shanli was participating in the attack towards him, he would have definitely cracked a smile.

Chu Mu wanted to find Nightmare Palace experts, but never expected that the third ranked in Nightmare Palace Lu Shanli himself would come. This fit Chu Mu’s tastes.

Of course, Chu Mu didn’t know yet that Lu Shanli was waiting on the mountain path in front of him. He continued to climb the mountain with Ye Qingzi in search of the Nightmare Palace members.

There were about twenty Soul Palace experts that had entered the eighth realm. The Nightmare Palace members were probably about the same amount. The higher up they went, more competitors would get nearer to each other, and when that time came, the Nightmare Palace members would be greeted by the frenzied attack of a hungry Nightmare! 


The laddered mountain had a total of a dozen levels. The lowest level was a expansive flatland and extended until the mountain paths. After passing through complex mountain paths and seeing this terrifying and high up flatland, one would have reached the halfway point on this Heavenly Life Mountain. 

Further up the flatland would appear a clear mountain step composition, forming the mountain levels. The boundaries of each mountain level were not governed by any rules, and each step wasn’t particularly high up. Approximately each mountain step was twenty meters. To common folk who had never cultivated before, falling from this height was equivalent to falling from an overhanging cliff.

Right now, Nightmare Palace’s Lu Shanli was standing at the edge of the levelled mountain, staring at Chu Mu who was gradually nearing.

Lu Shanli and his Nightmare Attendants were actually not that far from Chu Mu. When Xia Guanghan had given the signal, they had turned around and quickly discovered Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. 

“Senior Lu, is it them?” asked the Nightmare Attendant wearing the white clothing. 

Lu Shanli nodded his head. He recognized Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier, since its life force absorption ability was rather unique.

“Let this little one get rid of this person who stupidly showed his strength in the earlier realms, and didn’t hide his strength. Senior Lu doesn’t need to worry about this person.” the white clothed Nightmare Attendant differentially said. 

“First attendant, don’t underestimate the enemy too much. Since he was able to enter the eighth realm, he has a bit of ability,” warned Lu Shanli.

The first attendant nodded his head, but seemed like he didn’t really pay attention to it. He had already heard of Soul Palace Chu Chen’s name before. Even if he killed Jiang Zhi in the fourth realm, Jiang Zhi wasn’t someone even deserving of carrying Lu Shanli’s shoes.

“The best is if he’s gathered a few prisoners’ rings, otherwise we’ll have wasted our time.” said the second attendant.

“That’s hard to say. Perhaps he doesn’t even know about the secret about the prisoners’ rings.” the third attendant laughed. 


High up in the air, Shang Heng astonishedly remarked, “Lu Shanli decided to send his subordinates to fight for him?”. He never expected that Lu Shanli would underestimate Chu Mu this much.

“Then his subordinates are going to meet a calamity.” faintly laughed Ting Lan.

Shang Heng and Ting Lan had both seen Chu Mu’s “true” strength. If Lu Shangli were to personally fight along with his unordinary subordinates, they really would give Chu Mu a lot of trouble.

However, if he were to send his subordinates, that was just waiting to be slaughtered by Chu Mu’s soul pets.

“What? Chu Chen can deal with them?” Li Hen was a bit surprised as he asked. Li Hen had placed Chu Mu among the ranks of third grade members who were fighting a grade up.

“Of course. Didn’t Big Brother Li Hen just see the ninth rank prisoner Duan Xinze’s corpse?” said Shang Heng.

“Oh? That was Duan Xinze’s corpse. I really didn’t notice. So when the four of you killed him, Chu Chen contributed a lot?” Li Hen asked.

“He got rid of him by himself… and before that when the dozen prisoners were besieging us, it was him that slaughtered all the prisoners and saved Li Zhan.” Shang Heng said. 

Li Hen was stunned, and his face slowly revealed a shocked expression. He never expected Chu Mu to have this strength!

Since Chu Mu was hiding his strength, Li Hen wanted to see how he would deal with Lu Shanli’s three Nightmare Attendants. Promptly, he directed his wing type soul pet to fly to a location where it was even easier to watch.

If he used soul remembrance, Li Hen was able to clearly see the fight. Right now, the three Nightmare Attendants were riding on their Gale Colts and were very close to Chu Mu.


On the levelled mountain, Chu Mu was riding on Zhan Ye, slowly heading upwards.

“Chu Mu, there are people approaching us.” Ye Qingzi was following beside Chu Mu and purposefully glanced up the levelled mountain.

“I know.” Chu Mu nodded his head, but it seemed that he didn’t really care.

“Then you’re still heading up?” said Ye Qingzi.

“Gale Colts. They’re Nightmare Palace people, and I happen to be looking for them. Wait for me here. I’ll deal with them quickly.” said Chu Mu. He patted Zhan Ye, indicating that Zhan Ye should head up the steps.

Each step on the mountain was composed of an expansive flat rock and fighting on top of one wouldn’t be a very large obstruction. 

Darkness energy congregated under Zhan Ye’s four limbs, and when they stepped up the levelled mountain, Zhan Ye didn’t jump, but instead ran up the vertical stone wall, leaving black claw prints on the wall.

Soon, Chu Mu had arrived on the step the three Nightmare Attendants were on. This was about halfway up the stepped mountain.

The three Nightmare Attendants were all riding Gale Colts. They had hidden their figures in the mountain wall’s shadow and they carried contempt in their eyes as they stared at Chu Mu.

“A ninth phase middle stage Warbeast Mo Ye?” the first attendant immediately recognized the soul pet Chu Mu was riding. His face immediately showed a rather shocked expression.

The other two Nightmare Attendants were also very shocked. In their opinion, Soul Palace’s Chu Chen was a person who, if he possessed one or two ninth phase low stage middle class monarchs, would be amazing.

“Hmph, I estimate that this Warbeast Mo Ye is merely just a bit harder to deal with. There’s nothing to be worried about!” the first attendant didn’t shrink back because of this.

There were a total of three of them. With three against one, even if he had a ninth phase middle stage middle class monarch, so what? 

Quickly, the three Nightmare Palace Nightmare Attendants jumped out of the shadow on the Gale Colts and each ran from three directions towards Chu Mu.

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