Chapter 525: White Nightmare’s Special Ability, Same Species Devour

Chapter 525: White Nightmare’s Special Ability, Same Species Devour

The orange yellow sky held clouds that burned like flames.

The sunset was especially gorgeous today, causing the entire Heavenly Life Mountain to be dyed a red glow.

Under the light of the sunset, Li Heng rode his wing type soul pet high in the air. As the competition continued, many positions had players opening their flasks and wanting to leave.

However, Li Heng didn’t mind them at all. There would be other competition guards that would go save them. He didn’t need to worry.

After Li Heng found out about Xia Guanhan’s intentions to harm Chu Mu, he simply didn’t leave anymore. He rode his wing type soul pet high in the air and watched Chu Mu from afar.

Beside Li Heng were Ting Lan and Shang Heng. Li Heng and Shang Heng had already opened their medicinal flasks, and had exited the competition.

In this eighth realm, exited competitors could spectate high in the air, but they had to have designated competition staff with them to stop these flying competitors from affecting the competition.

Spectators had to remain at least five hundred meters away from the ground, like an aerial warning line. Once any exited player and spectator fell past this line, any competition guard had the right to punish them.

Unless Li Heng directly attacked Xia Guanghan, he couldn’t even stop Xia Guanghan from leaving, since it was against the rules.

To ensure Chu Mu wasn’t persecuted, Li Heng told Ting Lan and Shang Heng not to immediately leave Heavenly Sky Mountain but instead stay as a spectator in the air.

If Ting Lan and Shang Heng spectated, they naturally would follow Chu Mu’s steps. Though they could only watch from afar, it was another safety net for Chu Mu. If there was any danger, they would directly attack, even if it meant breaking the rules.

And this way, Li Heng could use the reason of supervising these two spectators and stay close to Chu Mu as well. If anything happened, he could immediately intervene and give Xia Guanghan no chance.

“Since you want to spectate, then just stay by the rules, I won’t stay with you.” Xia Guanghan knew that Li Heng was intentionally trying to protect Chu Mu, so he left with a cold laugh.

Xia Guanghan wouldn’t leave far because he wanted those lying in ambush in eighth realm to intercept Chu Mu. As long as they could take down Chu Mu, he could restrict Li Heng and stop him from saving as well.

Watching Xia Guanghan leave slowly on his Sunset Eagle, his face showed some disdain.

Soul Palace members never found Nightmare Palace people friendly. Li Heng had heard of Xia Guanghan long ago, but he knew that this fellow had vanished from public view in recent years…...

“I’ll just follow far behind all the way until eighth realm ends.” Shang Heng said.

No matter what, Chu Mu had saved their lives. Now that Chu Mu was in danger, though Shang Heng couldn’t participate in this slowly derailing battle, he could still hide far behind and protect Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

Ting Lan nodded. She had planned on leaving the mountain first and telling the competition staff about Xia Guanghan’s intentions against Chu Mu, so Xia Guanghan’s status as guard is revoked.

However, Nightmare Palace’s elder may not agree. After all, there wasn’t any solid evidence of Xia Guanghan doing anything out of order.

So, following far behind was the best method currently. It could also ensure that Chu Mu passed the realm like usual.

“Speaking of which, Brother Li Heng, who is Xia Guanghan?” Shang Heng glared disapprovingly at Xia Guanghan and said.

“A few years ago, he could be counted as one of my competition. However, he went missing for a very long time and doesn’t have the same reputation as he used to. Not sure what he is doing in secret.” Li Heng said.

“How is his strength?” Ting Lan opened his mouth and asked. If it was a great enemy of Li Heng, then Xia Guanghan must have been some character.

“To be honest, I’m still not too sure. I heard this fellow has always been changing soul pets, so he’s sometimes strong and sometimes weak. I remember that the last time I saw him though, he had a young Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon. These many years have passed, the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon is probably tenth phase, making it extremely difficult to deal with.” Li Heng said.

“Corpse Yellow Sand Dragon!!” Ting Lan and Shang Heng both stared in shock!

Corpse Yellow Sand Dragon was a high class monarch rank soul pet. Though it may not show its species advantage as a dragon before eighth phase, once it passed that benchmark, the Corpse Yellow Sand Dragon’s domineering strength will completely show. In fact, at tenth phase, even without soul item strengthening, the Corpse Yellow Sand Dragon’s fighting strength could match a top tier monarch rank!

If Xia Guanghan had a top tier monarch rank Corpse Yellow Sand Dragon, then killing Chu Mu indeed would be a piece of cake!

“Li Heng, soul pet trainers’ strength have ups and downs too?” Ting Lan asked curiously.

“Of course. Even beings like Li Hong have valleys in their strength. True experts won’t always a smooth sailing path. I think Xia Guanghan is a generation changing soul pet trainer. This means constantly throwing away old soul pets to train new, higher level soul pets. Once such a soul pet trainer throws away their old soul pets and starts training a new generation, their strength will have a low. However, once such a soul pet trainer gets their new generation to tenth phase, their strength will greatly increase, instantly overcoming many of their generation soul pet trainers.” Li Heng said.

About Generation Changing soul pet trainers, Ting Lan and Shang Heng had heard of them. Such a soul pet trainer never trained by strengthening their soul pets. Instead, once a soul pet couldn’t catch up with their training speed, they will decisively get rid of their soul pacts and find new soul pets to train.

This kind of soul pet trainer constantly stayed in a state of wounded soul, causing them to look pale and afflicted, often needing all kinds of soul items to heal their soul.

“Since he has been missing for multiple years, shouldn’t his strength be at a high right now? Is it possible that he has top tier monarch rank soul pets like Li Heng?” Shang Heng asked.

“Not sure. He definitely kept a few old generation soul pets. And, if his new generation soul pets are mature, then his strength wouldn’t be much lower than mine.” Li Heng said.

Li Heng didn’t like Nightmare Palace people, and disliked the perpetually scowling Xia Guanghan even more. However, he had to admit that Xia Guanghan’s generation changing soul pet training method was scary. If his strength truly culminated, he would be a huge chunk stronger than people his age!

“Then you have to warn Chu Mu.” Ting Lan said worriedly.

“No worry, he won’t dare to do much with me here.” Li Heng said.

Advancing on the intersecting mountain roads, Chu Mu didn’t know that Shang Heng, Ting Lan, and Li Heng were following him from far away.

About generation changing soul pet trainers, Chu Mu had heard of them too. In fact, Chu Mu had guessed that Xia Guanghan was probably a generation changing soul pet trainer. After all, with the strength he displayed at the demon home, it didn’t make sense otherwise.

With more understanding of the strength tiers, Chu Mu slowly understood. If Xia Guanghan didn’t have any additional strength, he definitely couldn’t have a ninth level title, nor could he have this much power in Nightmare Palace.

At the time in demon home, his soul pets’ strengths were very low. In an expert world where tenth phase soul pets were prevalent, they didn’t stand a chance. Under such a situation, he couldn’t possibly have gotten ninth level title. Adding on his permanent pale, sick face, it was probably a result of his soul being wounded all the time.

Because of all that, Chu Mu felt that the chances of him being a generation changing soul pet trainer was high. In the demon home, Xia Guanghan was simply at a low in his generation changing.

Of course, generation changing soul pet trainers must keep a few main soul pets, of which he couldn’t summon when in the territory of the pseudo emperor rank Blue Galactic Demon Emperor.

Information about generation changing soul pet trainers’ situations was something Old Li told Chu Mu. It was this reason that Chu Mu felt ill-equipped to deal with Xia Guanghan currently.

No matter if Xia Guanghan was generation changing soul pet, Chu Mu’s main goal was to reach seventh remembrance.

Once he was seventh remembrance, no matter what type of soul pet trainer Xia Guanghan was, he could easily kill him!

If Chu Mu split sixth remembrance into ten pieces, in normal situations, he would need a month to grow one piece of remembrance.

This meant that, without any soul items, Chu Mu needed ten months to go from sixth remembrance to seventh remembrance.

Ye Qingzi’s soul items’ effects were very obvious for Chu Mu, immediately giving Chu Mu around four pieces, saving an equivalent of four months of training.

The remaining six pieces, to a normal soul pet trainer, could only be gained through time and dedication or a soul pet trainer’s increase. Some less talented soul pet trainers may not even gain it in multiple years.

But, Chu Mu still had a very special way of increasing soul remembrance!

This soul remembrance increase was something Chu Mu used at prison island often, especially against Nightmare Palace members!

This strength increase was a very special method because it stemmed from Chu Mu’s talented white nightmare, the crazy white nightmare that got extremely excited whenever it saw others of the same species!

Same Species Devour!

 White Nightmare had a special ability to devour same species!!

In the process of the devouring, White Nightmare’s strength will increase, and Chu Mu’s own remembrance would also increase greatly, making both of their souls increase through the devouring!

In this eighth realm, there were many Nightmare Palace experts, especially the top three experts of Nightmare Palace. Their Nightmares are definitely the greatest soul item for Chu Mu’s White Nightmare!

To White Nightmares, same species Nightmares were nourishment. At the same time, it was the purest energy for Chu Mu to raise his soul remembrance!!

Chu Mu’s method was to slaughter Nightmare Palace members and use their Nightmares to increase his remembrance!

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