Chapter 524: Enemy Wind, From All Four Sides

Chapter 524: Enemy Wind, From All Four Sides

Li Heng did as Chu Mu said, and signalled for Xia Guanghan to leave.

Li Heng was also very adept at pretending. He didn’t point out Xia Guanghan’s intentions, instead simply he started chatting with Xia Guanghan casually, as if he wanted to make a new friend.

Xia Guanghan laughed in his mind coldly. From Li Heng’s actions, he could tell that Chu Mu had guessed his identity, and was specially telling Li Heng to distract him.

But, just because they didn’t have any opportunity to attack, someone in eighth realm would naturally attack Chu Mu. All he had to do now was tell Chu Mu’s location to Zuo Xiao and other people.

Flying into the air, Xia Guanghan sent out a signal to let these people know to gather up.

The competition guard couldn’t interfere in the battles between competitors. Even if Li Heng wanted to protect Chu Mu, it was useless. Xia Guanghan didn’t believe Chu Mu could escape this time!

Between the east side of Heavenly Life Mountain, a young man riding a impressively rune-covered Ice WInged Tiger lifted his head, and watched the special cloud that rose up into the skies.

“Chu Mu, Chu Mu, it’s time we make an end to this!” Zuo Xiao’s gaze became cold.

There wasn’t any real grudge between Zuo Xiao and Chu Mu. However, at this time, the man’s eyes were as if they had the deepest of grudges, and they had to end it in eighth realm.


The Ice Winged Tiger flapped its wings and slowly floated upwards. With Zuo Xiao’s command, the Ice Winged Tiger arrogantly flew to a height that most people could see before flying past a few majestic mountains towards the cloud.

Right behind Zuo Xiao was a black clothed figure. From her body shape, one could tell it was a very voluptuous woman. Though the only skin revealed was the neckline, such clothing caused the woman to look cold and mysterious while still full of a flaming allure.

“Boss Lu, should we not continue to proceed?” A white clothed devil servant asked.

“Back off, there’s something more important to fix.” Lu Shanli gazed at the cloud and smiled coldly.

The devil servant glanced specially at the seventh rank prisoners that were running away scared and asked, “So we won’t chase these seventh rank prisoners?”

“We only kill eighth rank prisoners. Chasing this trash is wasting time.” Lu Shanli said calmly.

There were three devil servants beside Lu Shanli. They had prepared very long for the Battle of the Realm, and they trained near ten people. Of the ten people, five had made eighth realm, all of which were the elite of the elites.

“Get rid of him, someone will give us many good things. I also have a small grudge with him.” Lu Shanli said.

Lu Shanli was naturally pointing at Chu Mu. Before the battle of the realm started, Xia Guanghan had already paid a large fortune to convince Lu Shanli to attack.

Lu Shanli seemed steady and friendly, but everyone in Nightmare Palace knew that this man was vengeful. Whoever provoked him will get bitten like a crazy dog.

For this, Princess Jin Rou specially reminded Chu Mu that he had to look out for Lu Shanli.

“Is this person our great enemy?” the white clothed devil servant said. From this devil servant’s perspective, someone who could make Lu Shanli care so much must be powerful.

“Big enemy? He isn’t good enough, he’s just a common thug.” Lu Shanli laughed.

Lu Shanli’s big enemies were the strongest of each faction. A character like Chu Mu he truly didn’t care for. However, since someone was willing to pay a high price to deal with him, he won’t mind wasting this time!

“Since he’s just a thug, why should Boss Lu attack. I can easily deal with this!” Devil servant himself jumped onto his Gale Colt and followed behind Lu Shanli, running towards the clouds.

Heavenly Life Mountain’s largest mountain had a flat ground on top. 

A dozen years ago, the highest Heavenly Life Mountain was even higher. Except, after a shocking battle, the Heavenly Life Mountain’s highest mountain was split, and was shortened by five hundred meters.

The current highest mountain used to be the upper quartile of Heavenly Life Mountain. As the winds have been blowing, it slowly caused it to become an empty hilltop.

The winds blew and lifted up the sand and dust, causing a large gust of dust to cover the skies.    

In the dust, a black Mo Ye stood emotionlessly. It proudly gazed down the entire Heavenly Life Mountain. Its king-like aura created a shapeless dark aura. Every time the wind blew over, they would be scattered.

Beside this man full of dark aura silently sat a man. This man didn’t have any sign of life, seeming like a black statue.

His eyes were hollow and spiritless, and his face expressed no emotion.

At this time, he watched the gathering clouds in the far horizon. He knew these clouds were a special signal.

From the west Heavenly Life Mountain to the highest mountain of the Heavenly Life Mountain, Qing Ye wanted to enter the second tier hunting floor.

“A Mo Ye that has six broken limb rebirth?” Qing Ye nodded without thinking aloud.

Qing Ye similarly had interest in Mo Ye. He had a Mo Ye King with abnormal talent in dark and beast type aura.

Though he had a strong Mo Ye, he wouldn’t give up any good soul pet.

“Six Broken Limb Rebirths, and self-regeneration, this is a nearly undead Mo Ye…..” Qing Ye continued to murmur to himself.

Back when Pan Zheng found Qing Ye to make him attack, Qing Ye completely didn’t care for a third rate character like Soul Palace Chu Chen. After all, with his strength, he couldn't even find many opponents in first tier. To make him fight second tier people was like disgracing his identity.

But, not long after, Qing Ye heard of the news of the Mo Ye with six Broken Limbs Rebirth.

Originally, he had almost forgotten the fight with Chu Mu in the desert. After this news went into his ears, he quickly realized that it was actually a Mo Ye with six times the life force of a normal soul pet. No wonder it could survive his Mo Ye King’s attack without dying.

A lifeforce was six times the normal soul pet, this was a nearly abnormal bug type talent. Now that it learned Broken Limb Rebirth, this Mo Ye could truly be undead.

Of course, six Broken Limb Rebirths and six times life force, recovery strength- this still wasn’t good enough for him. After all, a talented soul pet like this often had a defect. Late stage, they need a great deal of gold. Usually, these soul items need many more times the gold of normal items.

And the experienced Qing Ye quickly realized that, if it could learn some bug type technique that can increase its own strength in battle, then this Mo Ye will become extremely perfect, a super soul pet able to fight beyond its rank!

Very little things could cause Qing Ye to get this excited. Thinking about how powerful Mo Ye could be, Qing Ye’s ambition and heart was truly afire!

“Such a perfect soul pet should belong to me, Qing Ye. How could it land in such a normal person’s hands?” Qing Ye slowly stood up. At this time, his eyes already showed a wild glow!

Qing Ye had many perfect soul pets, most of which he stole! To this Soul Alliance devil, the best soul pets in the world should all be his. No one was as worthy to command these kings of species!

Heavenly Sky Mountain’s roads were made of countless strange mountain paths, connecting mountains and splitting strangely. At the same time, there always are looped roads. In the countless branches, many people who aren’t familiar with the Heavenly Sky Mountain’s geography get lost easily.

After breaking away from Xia Guanghan, Chu Mu brought Ye Qingzi up towards the top of the mountain, not giving Xia Guanghan a chance to chase him.

“Li Heng already has him occupied. Why are you still so hurried?” Ye Qingzi asked.

“They have already set down a trap for me in eighth realm. No matter if Xia Guanghan fights, these people will attack me. There may even be the subordinates of the female master. If we stay in place, we could likely be surrounded.” Chu Mu said.

“Ah? Then isn’t staying for longer too dangerous? Having so many enemies in Battle of the Realm……” Ye Qingzi said quietly.

If it were a normal situation, with Chu Mu’s strength, if he entered ninth realm, he could battle even the strongest experts in each faction.

Yet, Chu Mu had to face much more than this, which made Ye Qingzi worried…...

“There are some things that need to end now. Don’t worry, I still have a trump card, don’t worry.” Chu Mu consoled Ye Qingzi said.

“Trump card? Do you mean becoming a half devil? That won’t work, you can’t use that technique. Your soul is already high temperature enough to threaten your life. If you use it one more time, the consequences are unthinkable.” Ye Qingzi said. “I won’t use it. Now, I must reach seventh remembrance as soon as possible!” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu. In the moment, she didn’t really know what Chu Mu wanted to do, asking, “Even with the medicine I gave you, it can’t make you seventh remembrance soul master.”

“I have my own method, though it’s crazier.”

Chu Mu’s expression became resolute!

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