Chapter 522: A Great Enemy Nears, Competition Authority Xia Guanghan

第五百二十二章 大敌逼近,赛方夏广寒

Chapter 522: A Great Enemy Nears, Competition Authority Xia Guanghan

Duan Xinze saw that the situation was unfavorable, and naturally wanted to flee!

He didn’t dare to leave behind the Thousand Mother. After all, without it, he would become a living target and receive numerous attacks from a number of soul pets.

(TL: This is tricky because the literal TL says he left behind the Thousand Mother but that doesn’t make sense)

The Thousand Mother’s flesh began to wriggle, and from its strange mouth, it spat out a light blue colored poisonous mist. This mist instantly blinded everyone’s vision. 

When the mist was released, the Thousand Mother split off a piece of flesh to the ground, where it quickly formed into a peak commander rank Gluttonous Insect Monster.

The Thousand Mother required energy to create a Gluttonous Insect Monster, so this peak Gluttonous Insect could be regarded as having been created from the last of its energy.

Duan Xinze jumped onto the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s back, and his face flashed with disdain.

How many people wanted to kill him but from whom had he ultimately easily escaped from? 

Who cared if they were able to kill his Gluttonous King. As long as he could flee, in a short while, he would be able to recreate a large group of Gluttonous Insect Monsters. When that time came, these people would die!

Suddenly, a black figure flew forth, and the bone claws on its front limbs fiercely swept across the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s body!!

Duan Xinze’s face suddenly paled. He never expected a soul pet to suddenly appear!

The creature that had attacked Duan Xinze’s Gluttonous Insect Monster was Ye Qingzi’s War Court Black Beast!

The War Court Black Beast had used its camouflage ability earlier to approach Duan Xinze and when he tried to flee, it suddenly launched its attack.

Even if Duan Xinze knew of the War Court Black Beast’s existence, it was hard for him to mount any defense, because he was unable to use soul techniques. 

Chu Mu glanced at Ye Qingzi and gave a faint smile. 

A sliver of spirited light appeared in Ye Qingzi’s eyes. When Chu Mu was fighting with the Gluttonous King, Ye Qingzi who had a lot of confidence in him had ordered her War Court Black Beast to ambush Duan Xinze!

“Moon, purify the poison mist!” Ye Qingzi gave her Water Moon an order.

The Water Moon practically didn’t have to chant before Water Moon Splendid Lights began to shine down from midair. It enveloped the entire area, making it purified.

The poison mist quickly dispersed. Chu Mu’s three soul pets immediately locked onto Duan Xinze, and they all launched attacks on him!

Shang Heng and Ting Lan’s soul pets quickly followed up. Duan Xinze once more couldn’t flee, and his face showed signs of terror.

“Let… let me go. If you don’t kill me, I’ll even be able to give you 10 billion, let alone 1 billion.” Duan Xinze hastily jumped off his soul pet and wore a pleading expression.

Not long ago, this fellow arrogant and ridiculing them. He looked down on them as he fought. Yet, now he had turned into a beggar with a face full of fear. Perhaps Duan Xinze never would have expected himself to have fallen at the hands of the younger generation. 

Chu Mu had never been merciful, and didn’t hesitate to give an order, having his soul pets launch an attack.

“Believe me, believe me!! Before I entered the prison, myself and Duan Xinhe stole a treasure in Wanxiang City. We left it in Blue Kingdom, and gave it to a man named Zheng Man to keep for us. Inside the object are items worth cities. It’s more than enough to purchase several expensive soul equipments and spirit items.” Duan Xinze’s words were very fast, as he was deeply afraid Chu Mu kill him before he spoke. 

“Chu Mu, Duan Xinze and his brother really did steel a precious treasure with their Gluttonous Insect Monsters. It was because of this that they were wanted by our Soul Palace.” Shang Heng said to Chu Mu in a low voice. 

Chu Mu coldly stared at Duan Xinze, but simply said: “1 billion is enough for me.” 

Every person, before they died, had this sort of “I’m still worth something” phrase they used to beg for survival. However, as long as Chu Mu felt this person had to die, regardless of whether their treasures were real or not, Chu Mu wouldn’t be merciful. After all, as long as the opponent died, it wouldn’t leave him any hidden dangers. 

Therefore, Chu Mu still gave the order to kill Duan Xinze. Even if the treasure he had was worth a wopping 100 billion, Chu Mu would still have been indifferent.


Zhan Ye’s claws ripped apart Duan Xinze’s back snapping even his spine. His body was split into two pieces, and he and his Gluttonous Insect Monster collapsed in a pool of blood. 

In order to ensure this fellow was thoroughly dead, Chu Mu had Zhan Ye cut off his head.

There were many people when their backs were split that didn’t die. Chu Mu didn’t want to allow Duan Xunze to survive due to his carelessness. After all, if this Duan Xinze’s Gluttonous Insects were to come back, they would be a huge threat to him.

Duan Xinze’s ninth rank prisoner ring fell off his finger. Chu Mu picked it up, and he wore a smile on his face. He just earned another 1 billion. He had now collected a total of 3 billion and had completed half of his goal!

Duan Xinze’s death caused the Thousand Mother to completely lose its will to fight. 

Soon, this ugly and nauseating creature was attacked from all sides by everyone’s soul pets before finally dying amidst torrential flames, burning into ashes.

“A ninth rank prisoner. This should be the highest ranked fellow in the eighth realm. Haha, we unexpectedly killed him!” Shang Heng let out a sigh of relief as he spoke. 

When Duan Xinze appeared, Shang Heng had thought they had fallen into danger. He never expected Chu Mu to display such shocking strength and kill Duan Xinze who had been preordained as the highest honor! 

After killing the Thousand Mother, Ting Lan became much more relaxed. She extremely disliked Duan Xinze and his soul pets. Especially when she was being eyed by him, each time it happened, she felt uncomfortable from head to toe. 

Of course, after the two fights, Ting Lan was greatly shocked in her heart because of Chu Mu.

“Qingzi, how many more secrets is he still hiding?” Ting Lan asked in a quiet voice. 

Ting Lan knew that Chu Mu didn’t like to talk so she didn’t ask him. Predictably, Chu Mu would just answer with a simple laugh, not saying anything. 

“Even I don’t fully understand him. I only know that he’s been through a lot of uncommon things. None of his soul pets are normal.” Ye Qingzi gave a slight laugh. 

His Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox had numerous species’ abilities, his Warbeast Mo Ye could Broken Limb Rebirth six times while also increasing its strength by nearly a rank and his monarch rank White Nightmare was both powerful and tyrannical. Chu Mu’s three main pets were all extremely abnormal. Ye Qingzi using abnormal to describe them was already a huge understatement.

“Then can’t he contend with the number one person in the various large factions? Why do I feel like he still hasn’t used his full strength?” Ting Lan proceeded to ask. 

Ting Lan had known Chu Mu for about a year. Although she hadn’t spoken to him each time, she had watched Chu Mu’s strength grow. 

In this year, Chu Mu’s strength increase speed was already extremely terrifying. However, Ting Lan never expected that all of the soul pets she saw before weren’t his main pets. Even in the Battle of the Realm’s first few realms, he still hadn’t summoned them. It wasn’t until the later realm breakthroughs that he truly exposed his vanguard. 

Of all the so-called hidden experts, Ting Lan believed that Chu Mu was the person who could hide the most. Presumably none off the various large factions’ experts would have expected Chu Mu, who didn’t even enter their list of threats, to have hidden his strength even during the earlier realms!

Ye Qingzi lightly shook her head. In truth, Ye Qingzi didn’t know what level Chu Mu’s strength had reached because at the Battle of the Realm, she hadn’t seen the full strength of Chu Mu’s three main pets. 

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~~”

 Suddenly, Mo Xie let out a cry, as if she was telling Chu Mu something.

Chu Mu put away Duan Xinze’s ring and stared in the direction Chu Mu wanted him to look at.

Soon, a wing type soul pet appeared in Chu Mu’s vision.

The soul pet that flew here was covered a Sunset Eagle covered in golden feathers. Under the sunlight, when this enormous bird flew, it looked even mightier. 

Many soul pets had particular fondness for this Sunset Eagle brimming with noble elegance. On the one hand, it looked arrogant and sleek while on the other hand, it possessed the ability to rush through the blue sky that all soul pets hoped for. 

However, Chu Mu didn’t like the Sunset Eagle primarily because Xia Guanghan possessed a Sunset Eagle. 

Back in the demon’s home, Xia Guanghan had used the Sunset Eagle to flee. Chu Mu was, after all, a regular person and if he greatly disliked someone, he would also had his soul pets. 

“The competition authority guard has arrived. That’s good. There’s not much point in us continuing on in the eighth realm. We’ll leave first.” Shang Heng lifted his head and looked up in the air as he spoke. 

Ting Lan was also greatly shocked. She really did need a good rest. Therefore, she had no intentions of continuing to fight. She planned on leaving the competition with the competition authority guard. 

“Wu wu wu~~~ Wu wu wu~~~~~”

Suddenly, Mo Xie’s voice turned very sharp!

Her eyes stared intensely at the golden colored armor man riding on the Sunset Eagle. She opened her mouth and bared extremely deep hatred!

“Mo Xie, what’s the matter?” Chu Mu asked in curiosity. 

Mo Xie immediately let Chu Mu know of the scent she smelled. 

Mo Xie wouldn’t forget this scent, because back then this fellow had forced her to undo her soul pact with Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu’s faced changed. He didn’t expect this person to appear as a competition authority guard!

The Sunset Eagle he rode on was a tenth phase middle class monarch. Chu Mu knew that back then when he fought him, he probably hadn’t even fought his secondary soul pets. If he didn’t completely understand this man’s strength before he fought him again, he would definitely be in much danger.

Most importantly, he had dared brazenly appeared in front of the four of them, meaning he was fearless! 

“Mo Xie, calm down!” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie. He had Mo Xie hide her emotions. 

Fox species soul pets had the ability to chase based on scent, especially when they specially remembered the scent. Mo Xie had already memorized Xia Guanghan’s scent. Even if he was hiding his aura, as long as he approached, she would definitely detect him!

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