Chapter 521: Your One Billion Gold Head, I’ll Take It!

Chapter 521: Your One Billion Gold Head, I’ll Take It!

“Did it dodge it? Not possible, it was clearly hit!” Duan Xinze stared wide-eyed at Zhan Ye, no longer able to hold a smile. 

It could be said that, if the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s attacks connected with any soul pet, they would die or be heavily injured. How would Zhan Ye only sustain light injuries?

Immediately, Duan Xinez gave Gluttonous Insect Monster a command. He didn’t believe that the Gluttonous Insect Monster King couldn’t even kill the ninth phase middle class monarch rank!

The Gluttonous Insect Monster swiftly turned around and quickly accelerated. With Zhan Ye unable to defend, it claws hit Zhan Ye’s body again!

This time, Duan Xinze watched carefully. He felt the first time might be a lucky evasion. However, this second time, there is no way it lives!


The cold claws flashed past, very accurately attacking Zhan Ye’s body.

Yet, after Gluttonous Insect Monster’s attack flashed past, it still only left a shallow mark on Zhan Ye. It didn’t even break the defense!

Zhan Ye’s life force was six times that of a normal soul pet. Such a wound was like a scratch to it, unable to affect it to the slightest!

This time, Duan Xinze’s eyes widened even more!

There was no way a Mo Ye’s defense could reach that level. This soul pet defied reason!!

Ting Lan, Shang Heng, Ye Qingzi’s three people all saw the Gluttonous Insect Monster King attack Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye twice. They all knew the Zhan Ye had a surprising life force. Under normal circumstances, the Gluttonous Insect Monster couldn’t possibly kill Zhan Ye.

But, even if the attacks couldn’t kill Zhan Ye, they would definitely cause heavy wounds. After all, the Gluttonous Insect Monster King’s attacks were much higher ranked than their soul pets. However, none of them would've guessed that, after two attacks, Zhan Ye seemed to be unharmed as it watched the Gluttonous Insect Monster jump around near it.

That was a tenth phase middle class monarch! Yet, Zhan Ye’s expression was like treating an annoying flea, complete belittlement!



After four or five attacks, the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s claws finally started working on Zhan Ye, causing him to finally show blood on the armor!

Clearly, the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s attacks could still break open the Zhan ye’s defense. However, by this rate, the Gluttonous Insect Monster needed to use at least ten attack techniques before he could cause serious damage to Zhan Ye. However, Zhan Ye had six broken limb rebirths.

This meant that Duan Xinze would need to cast 60 techniques before it could kill Zhan ye…...

This was also not taking into consideration Zhan Ye’s own healing as well as the increase from Brave Stinging Heart.

“Is your clown done with having fun?” Chu Mu smiled a cold smile.

Duan Xinze no longer had any condescending expression on his face. His yellow eyes were full of surprise and fear!

“Ninth rank soul armor…...a young generation member with such a valuable treasure!” Duan Xinze finally saw through the phenomenon. Every time his Gluttonous Insect Monster King attacked, a nearly imperceptible starlight will light up. It was this protection that caused his Gluttonous Insect Monster’s attacks to lose most of their effect.

“Heng, so what. It’s just a stupid and clumsy thing, how could it kill my Gluttonous Insect Monster King? With slow effort, your beast Mo Ye will be dead as well. And, did you really think I would waste time on your Mo Ye? Watch as all your buddies are killed!” Duan Xinze said coldly.

Since he couldn’t kill this Mo Ye, he could switch targets, and no soul pet could stop his Gluttonous Insect Monster King!

Chu Mu lifted a corner of his mouth and showed disdain.

At this moment, Mo Xie and Devil Tree Battle Soldier were both in place. Mo Ye’s eyes have been locked on Gluttonous Insect Monster for a while, just waiting for Chu Mu’s command!

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier!” Chu Mu commanded.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s buried roots quickly darted out from the rocks. These roots didn’t attempt to chase Gluttonous Insect Monster, but instead interlaced where the Gluttonous Insect Monster was about to move to!

The Gluttonous Insect Monster King needed to touch the ground many times to move around. However, all these spots were full of Gluttonous Insect Monster’s poisonous roots. Once it stepped on them, its feet would definitely be pierced!

Having its movement restricted, Gluttonous Insect Monster had to change direction. However, no matter how strange its speed was, how unpredictable its steps were, Devil Tree Battle Soldier always seemed to be able to put down root spikes beforehand, completely cramping Gluttonous Insect Monster King’s movement space.


Mo Xie became a silver light. Just as the Gluttonous Insect Monster stopped, it became five phantom figures!!

These five figures all attacked different positions, each of these a position where the Gluttonous Insect Monster could dodge towards. Now that Mo Xie completely blocked off all potential escape, the Gluttonous Insect Monster King could only cover its head with its long claws and take Mo Xie’s attack!

Mo Xie’s attacks weren’t weak, while the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s defense weren’t amazing. With this Royal Flame Claw, the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s front limbs and body immediately opened up with long gash marks, royal flames darting swiftly into the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s body.

“Sisi!!!!!!!” The Gluttonous Insect Monster was burnt, causing it to let out a painful call as it crazily wriggled its body to dodge the subsequent attacks from Mo Xie.

“Zhan Ye!” Chu Mu commanded Zhan Ye as well.

Just as the Gluttonous Insect Monster rolled away, Zhan Ye stood waiting where it would stand up.

Zhan Ye’s ink armor was completely black. When it started gathering power, intricate Horn Armor Beast magic runes lit up, swirling with an ancient, mysterious glow.

The glow flowed down and gathered on Zhan Ye’s claws, immediately doubling the beast type energy!

After that fight in the abyss with the centipedes, Zhan Ye’s Horn Armor Beast magic runes became even brighter. Though these runes were still in a state of initial awakening, its effects could already double Zhan Ye’s attack power!

Dawnlight Reaper Blade!!!

Eighth rank battle technique could by itself raise Zhan Ye’s attacking power to ninth rank middle stage. Adding on the effects of the magic runes, Zhan Ye’s power was near ninth rank late stage!!

The Gluttonous Insect Monster was talented in speed. Even if it were tenth phase, its defense was at most ninth rank middle stage. Zhan Ye’s attack was enough to rip through its body!!

There was only one Dawnlight Reaper Blade, like a smear of dawn light blossoming in the horizon. It was first a bright point that immediately became a thin, long blade that slashed towards the Gluttonous Insect Monster.

This attack speed wasn’t fast, but with such distance, the Gluttonous Insect Monster couldn’t dodge it!


The Dawnlight Reaper Blade bit through the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s body, not only cutting through its thick skin, but also breaking multiple vertebrates.

After the attack, the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s body was severely bent, getting slammed into the crack in the ground created by the Dawnlight Reaper Blade!

Seeing the Gluttonous Insect Monster injured, Duan Xinze’s face blackened!

He could no longer remain calm. For some reason he couldn’t tell, this kid could easily foresee any move of the Gluttonous Insect Monster!

After the Gluttonous Insect Monster King was attacked by Zhan Ye, though it still had fighting strength, no matter where it moved, it was deadly restricted by Chu Mu’s three soul pets!

Duan Xinze, of course, didn’t know that Chu Mu had Other Pupil, the perfect counter to speed. Middle class monarch rank Gluttonous Insect Monster was so deadly restricted that Duan Xinze realized the man in front of him wasn’t as simple as he thought!

Chu Mu said before he would end the battle in a minute. Now that a minute was almost up, the Gluttonous Insect Monster King was on its last breath. In this minute, all of Chu Mu’s three soul pets seemed to know beforehand every technique and move that would happen. The absolute advantage in speed and invisibility were rendered useless and the Gluttonous Insect Monster King was destroyed!

“Chu Chen, does he have predictive powers? How else can all his soul pets seemingly cast their techniques randomly yet still hit the Gluttonous Insect Monster King? That’s a tenth phase middle class monarch rank, why was it so pathetic now??” Shang Heng stared stupidly at the nearly dead Gluttonous Insect Monster.

Just a minute ago, the three of them backed off in sheer terror, unable to stop a single one of this tenth phase middle class monarch rank’s attacks. Yet, a minute later, the hair-raisingly powerful tenth phase middle class monarch was under Mo Ye’s feet, letting out weak “sisi” sounds as it begged to live.

Ting Lan’s eyes were on Chu Mu because she noticed Chu Mu’s peculiar eyes.

She remembered this technique. It was the other type territorial technique that Chu Mu selected at the Sacred Library. However, She never would’ve thought that that technique could be used to this degree!

One has to know that the tenth phase middle class monarch rank was a full four ranks higher than his soul pets. Such an organism was a slaughter machine in second tier, almost unstoppable!

“What…...what technique is this, you must have a technique, or else you definitely can’t capture my soul pet’s movements!!” Duan Xinze burst out in rage.

The tenth phase middle class monarch Gluttonous Insect Monster was Duan Xinze’s trump card. What made him nearly collapse was this organism that combined all his Gluttonous Insect Monsters was killed in a minute!!

“Your one billion gold head, I’ll take it!” Chu Mu said coldly.

After saying it, Chu Mu’s eyes slowly recovered its original luster, yet the black pupils still emanated icy killing intent!

The Thousand Mother had fighting strength itself, but the Thousand Mother’s strongest ability was to create Gluttonous Insect Monsters. Once the vanguard Gluttonous Insect Monsters were killed, what else did Duan Xinze have to deal with the four soul pet trainers?

Duan Xinze’s face was incredibly dark at this point. Thousand Mother indeed had fighting strength. However, it couldn’t cause a true threat like the Gluttonous Insect Monster. Even if the Thousand Mother could fight ten of their soul pets, he would still be facing four soul pet trainers that could directly cast soul techniques!

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