Chapter 520: Finish the battle in a minute

Chapter 520: Finish battle in a minute

Tenth phase - Middle Class Monarch Rank!!

Four top tier commander ranks combining created a tenth phase middle class monarchs. This was an organism two ranks higher than even Mo Xie!!

Additionally, a tenth phase middle class monarch rank’s Gluttonous Insect Monster’s invisibility was at its peak. If they couldn’t restrict it, everyone’s soul pets could get instantly killed by it!

“Four top tier commander ranks should at most make a low class monarch rank Gluttonous Insect Monster. How is it middle class monarch rank?” Ye Qingzi looked at the tenth phase middle class monarch rank with surprise.

This was an organism that could kill even War Court Black Beast instantly. If they were locked onto, they would definitely die instantly!

“The fellow didn’t simply combine four top tier commander ranks. Before, after all the high class commander rank Gluttonous Insect Monsters died, the restricted thousand mother basically combined all those high class commander ranks into this one monster. This is the result of more than twenty Gluttonous Insect Monsters’ combination. This was also the reason why he wanted for all the high class commander rank Gluttonous Insect Monsters died before he summoned this Gluttonous Insect Monster King.” Old Li’s voice came.

If all their strengths perfectly stacked and created an even more terrifying soul pet, its fighting strength would definitely be scarier than when they were all split up. From this tenth phase middle class monarch rank Gluttonous Insect Monster, one could tell. This beast could completely rely on its unmatched speed and start a slaughter within their soul pets!

“Bring your soul pets to the back!” Chu Mu very strictly said to the other three.

People didn’t dare hesitate, quickly gathering all of their soul pets together and backing off to the back of the battlefield. Their ninth phase soul pets were a full chunk weaker than these Gluttonous Insect Monsters. Once they were caught, they were dead for sure!

Almost just as everyone backed off, the Gluttonous Insect Monster started moving!

Its body swayed once. Almost without any sound, Chu Mu felt a few gusts of sharp wind swipe past, leaving many bloody marks on his body!

Gluttonous Insect Monster’s objective wasn’t Chu Mu. Chu Mu had Mo Xie and Devil Tree Battle Soldier to protect him, so the Gluttonous Insect Monster probably couldn’t prevail.

He attacked Ting Lan’s Lin Yin Beast. Yet, other than Chu Mu, no one could make out this organism’s attacking intent!!

Chu Mu didn’t have time to save them. After all, even Mo Xie couldn’t catch up to the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s speed now.

Immediately, Chu Mu casted an incantation, retracting the Binding Wind Spirit back into his soul pet space.

Chu Mu casted another incantation, slowly emanating a thick and dark aura!

This darkness slowly gathered around Chu Mu, creating a dark soul pact symbol underneath him!

Inside the dark symbol, a Mo Ye stood, body covered in imposing inky black armor. Its eyes stared tightly at the Gluttonous Insect Monster that attacked Lin Yin Beast.

Although Zhan Ye couldn’t see the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s actions clearly, he could clearly sense the monster’s attack and movement purely based off battle instinct!

The Gluttonous Insect Monster’s speed was too fast. Lin Yin beast didn’t have any time to react before having its armor ripped to shreds by its long claws, spraying blood everywhere.

Gluttonous Insect Monster was enough to kill in one attack. What was lucky was, Ye Qingzi gave the Lin Yin Beast protection beforehand, allowing the Lin Yin Beast to keep its life!

The reason the Gluttonous Insect Monster attacked it wasn’t to kill it, however. The Lin Yin Beast was standing right on the path between it and the death of Ye Qingzi’s many support type soul pets.

After hurting Lin Yin Beast, the Gluttonous Insect Monster suddenly switched directions and leaped straight at Ye Qingzi’s support type soul pets!

No matter if it were Water Moon, Wood Tray Spirit, or the even lower rank Bell Noise Concubine, the moment they were attacked by the Gluttonous Insect Monster, they would instantly die. In fact, within a minute, if nothing could restrict the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s terrifying speed and offensive power, all of Ye Qingzi’s three supporting soul pets would die!

Chu Mu’s expression became grave. He originally planned on attacking Duan Xinze himself. That way, he could at least force the Gluttonous Insect Monster back over.

However, Duan Xinze still had his Thousand Mother. The Thousand Mother itself had a very powerful fighting strength, and Duan Xinze was incredibly sly. If he successfully evaded danger, then Ye Qingzi’s life would be threatened.

“Chu Mu……” Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu from afar. The Gluttonous Insect Monster was near, but she still couldn’t see the monster’s movements clearly. Any longer and her soul pets will truly be all dead. She had to look to Chu Mu for support.

“Don’t panic. Block one of its attacks.” Chu Mu said to Ye Qingzi with soul remembrance.

After speaking, Chu Mu glanced at Mo Xie, Zhan Ye, and Devil Tree Battle Soldier and said to the three, “One minute, deal with it!”

All three soul pets nodded, eyes full of fighting strength!

“Haha, hahaha, what did you just say…… Did I hear correctly, one minute to deal with my soul pet?” Suddenly, Duan Xinze started laughing arrogantly.

A minute was enough for Duan Xinze’s Gluttonous Insect Monster to at least kill Ye Qingzi’s three soul pets. In another few minutes, the others’ soul pets would probably be slaughtered clean too. In any way, they were dead for sure. Yet, this kid in front of him said he could deal with his Gluttonous Insect Monster in one minute. It was too laughable!

“You big-talking kid, three minutes. I’ll give you three minutes. If you can make sure that my Gluttonous Insect Monster doesn't touch your little girlfriend, I, Duan Xinze, swear that after I kill all of your soul pets, I will not touch her……” Duan Xinze laughed.

Suddenly, his face changed to a gloomy coldness and continued, “If you don’t do it, then your little woman will face a terrible price for your foolish words!”

Chu Mu started an incantation emotionlessly. Duan Xinze’s words were automatically ignored by him.

Chu Mu knew that if he cast Thirteen Inferno Hells, in the two seconds of channeling, Duan Xinze would definitely escape from the attack range.

This time, Chu Mu wanted to kill Gluttonous Insect Monster, and he had to finish it within a minute because this technique only lasts a minute!

Other Pupil!!!

This technique didn’t need too long. Chu Mu’s pupil started changing and became a demonic silver. Its different eyes started locking onto the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s position.

Sharp Eye!!!

Eighth rank Other type territorial technique! This technique almost didn’t need any incantation. In Chu Mu’s vision, he could already see the Gluttonous Insect Monster. At this moment, the Gluttonous Insect Monster was moving incredibly slow, as if a normal animal was crawling along and attacking.

This special visual effect quickly transmitted to Chu Mu’s three soul pets as well. Mo Xie’s eyes, Zhan Ye’s eyes, and Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s eyes all glazed over with a special mysterious color.

In their eyes, the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s actions similarly became slow.


Ye Qingzi wasn’t a helpless soul pet trainer. Her War Court Black Beast could be completely invisible if it weren’t moving. While Duan Xinze hadn’t noticed her War Court Black Beast, Ye Qingzi told it to leap outwards the moment the Gluttonous Insect Monster King attacked to save her Water Moon successfully.

Chu Mu said she only needed to block one attack. In reality, Ye Qingzi didn’t have much means of stopping the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s second attack. 

Finally, the Gluttonous Insect Monster neared again. Its terrifying speed and invisibility made it seem like it was moving right beside oneself.

It appeared!!

This time, the Gluttonous Insect Monster attacked Ye Qingzi herself. Ye Qingzi’s feeling of it nearing her wasn’t an illusion!!

Ye Qingzi could only rely on her instinct now. She had the Water Screen Armor of Water Moon and the Natural Wood Armor from Wood Tray Spirit. She wasn’t sure, however, if these defenses could stop the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s next attack!


Suddenly, Ye Qingzi heard footsteps. Her gaze immediately locked onto the sound, and she decisively told the Wood Tray Spirit to send its roots into the ground as an attack!

However, when Ye Qingzi saw the incoming soul pet, she quickly stopped wood tray spirit’s attack because the footsteps weren’t of the Gluttonous Insect Monster King’s, but of the Mo Xie that was running over!

Mo Xie appeared beside Ye Qingzi and opened up its nine tails into a nine tailed fan. With one heavy sweep, she heavily slammed it beside Ye Qingzi!!!

Gluttonous Insect Monster dodged Ye Qingzi’s War Court Black Beast and was just about to attack from that angle. However, its intentions were discovered by Mo Xie, who was the only one to barely catch up. If the Gluttonous Insect Monster King had walked half a step further, it would have been heavily slammed by Mo Xie’s tail!

“Sisi!!!!!!!!!” Gluttonous Insect Monster let out an angry call, actually choosing to charge directly into Mo Xie’s nine burning tails, letting Mo Xie slap it!

The Gluttonous Insect Monster King was very crafty. Using Mo Xie’s tails, it instantly switched directions and jumped straight at Zhan Ye, who was quickly approaching!!

“Heng, I’ll count you lucky that you could see through my intentions. However, even so, you will have to pay the price of your soul pet’s death. This Mo Ye’s life will be taken by me first!!” Duan Xinze said coldly.

The Gluttonous Insect Monster flew above Zhan Ye. With Zhan Ye’s speed, even if it could detect the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s intentions, dodging will be difficult…...


A claw that could instantly kill most soul pets swiped past Zhan Ye’s body, a complete frontal assault. This claw hit was even enhanced by a technique of Gluttonous Insect Monster, able to instantly kill even those with ninth phase middle stage defense!!

Duan Xinze smiled. A ninth phase fourth stage beast Mo Ye couldn’t possibly stop such attack. Unable to deal damage to the female soul pet trainer, killing this small soul pet wasn’t a bad deal either.


Duan Xinze’s smile slowly stiffened.

 That was because the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s attack only left a shallow mark on the Mo Ye!! Not to even mention instankill, the wound wasn’t even medium-sized!!

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