Chapter 519: 0 Mothers, Insect Merge, Gluttonous King

Chapter 519: 0 Mothers, Insect Merge, Gluttonous King

Ye Qingzi knew that the demon type Purple Robe Dream Beast was very unlikely to fully utilize its fighting strength. Promptly, she chanted an incantation, recalling it and summoning the wood type Nest Wood Spirit!

Against these demon and bug type combination creatures, the best option was a plant world soul pet that could simultaneously use techniques. No matter how fast they were, it was impossible to dodge plant world soul pet attacks. 

Moreover, the Gluttonous Insect Monsters didn’t have very high defense. Although the plant world soul pet attacks were slightly weak, they were enough to deal high damage to the Gluttonous Insect Monsters. 

Quickly, Ye Qingzi summoned her Nest Wood Spirit whose roots contained a powerful poison attribute. When three Gluttonous Insect Monsters rushed over, the poisonous roots quickly wiped across the Gluttonous Insect Monsters! 

It was a petrifying poison that caused the enemy’s movements to grow slower and slower. The longer it was poisoned, it would slowly transform into a stone statue. 

These three Gluttonous Insect Monsters had locked onto the Nest Wood Spirit, and knew that they couldn’t get closer to Ye Qingzi. 

However, evidently, the Gluttonous Insect Monsters attacking Ye Qingzi weren’t limited to three. Ye Qingzi could feel that the air currents around her were changing, but she was unable to see them! 

Those were the peak commander Gluttonous Insect Monsters, and their camouflage abilities made it so that Ye Qingzi couldn’t see them despite being so close!

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~”

Suddenly, nine gorgeous flames exploded twenty meters away from Ye Qingzi!

The nine flames erupted into numerous fire blossoms. Under the flickering fire figures could be seen two figures being illuminated by the fire! 

“Wu wu wu wu~~”

Mo Xie’s speed suddenly increased, and she passed through the two Gluttonous Insect Beasts blocking the path in front of her. When she reached the flames, Mo Xie suddenly stopped and turned!! 

Her nine fox tails burning with royal flames swept forth. It was as if nine majestic long dragons twisting their bodies towards the two peak commander rank Gluttonous Insect Monsters!!


The sound of bone splitting rang out. The two Gluttonous Insect Monsters couldn’t dodge, and were knocked flying several hundred meters!

Ye Qingzi glanced at Chu Mu, and discovered that Mo Xie’s body had wounds from being scratched by the Gluttonous Insect Monsters. Promptly, she gave her Bell Noise Concubine an order.

The Bell Noise Concubine let out a faint noise. Its hands which were full of grown vines, sprouted with two pink colored flower petals that slowly floated onto Mo Xie’s body.

Just like a lily dissolving into water, when the flower petals touched Mo Xie’s wound, the petals disappeared while the claw wounds on Mo Xie’s body fully healed within a few seconds!

The Nest Wood Spirit also possessed life force healing ability. With its existence, soul pets wouldn’t lose fighting strength from wounds worsening. At the same time, life force and life force recovery speed would increase.

The Water Moon possessed detoxification and suppressing mental attack abilities. It could heal both soul and body wounds. With its existence, it would be difficult for soul pets to die. 

The Bell Noise Concubine’s flower healing abilities were a higher level than the Water Moon’s by a level. The Gluttonous Insect Monster’s first wave of attacks had caused claw wounds on the majority of everyone’s soul pets. However, with its existence, most of their wounds had been healed, rendering the first wave of savage attacks useless.

These three supporting soul pets had completely protected Ting Lan, Shang Heng, and Chu Mu. No matter how many attacks or how savage the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s attacks were, the three of their soul pets would be healed. This gave the ninth rank prisoner Duan Xinze a massive headache. 

Duan Xinze was very confident in his control of Gluttonous Insect Monster, and adding on their camouflage abilities, it shouldn’t have been a problem to instakill the enemies’ soul pets. 

However, the healing soul pets’ existences made instakilling  themextremely difficult. After all, these soul pets couldn’t be immediately killed and as long as this was the case, they could receive a powerful heal, freeing them from danger. 

At this time, Duan Xinhe couldn’t launch more techniques at these soul pets because even if these young soul pet trainers were stupider, they had to know how to substitute soul pets in to continue fighting. 

Duan Xinze  had successfully wounded Ting Lan’s and Shang Heng’s soul pets three times. However, he hadn’t actually been able to kill them, giving them the chance to substitute soul pets.

As the battle continued, Duan Xinze’s Gluttonous Insect Monsters began to continuously dwindle. The majority of them had died miserably under Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s group killing abilities.

When less than half the Gluttonous Insect Monsters remained, Duan Xinze realized that it would be hard to shift the tides of battle. Promptly, he recalled his peak commander rank Gluttonous Insect Monster to protect his surroundings.

“Not bad, not bad. You’ve killed so many of my soul pets. You guys are much stronger than those previous competitors.” Duan Xinze laughed and stared at the high class commander Gluttonous Insect Monsters. However, his face had no expression of anger; instead he was laughing. He seemed not to care about the losses of these high class commander Gluttonous Insect Monsters.

“There are still seven. Get rid of them at once, eh.” Duan Xinze laughed once again.

Shang Heng’s eyes swept over the last seven high class commander and said: “This fellow is mentally ill. He’s urging us to kill his soul pets!” 

Ting Lan had an uncomfortable feeling as she fought the Gluttonous Insect Monsters. One reason was because these Gluttonous Insect Monsters were ugly and disgusting, while another reason was because this ninth rank prisoner’s actions were extremely abnormal.

Duan Xinze recalled the last peak commander Gluttonous Insect Monster before unexpectedly actually just watching from the side.

Watching Chu Mu and the others killing the last seven Gluttonous Insect Monsters, his face wore a smile that was hard to read.

Chu Mu creased his brows because Duan Xinze’s actions were too strange. It made his next actions unreadable. 

Finally, the seven Gluttonous Insect Monsters were killed, and their corpses slowly disappeared on the battlefield. 

“Your actions are truly slow. I was even impatient waiting for you guys.” Duan Xinze then took a few steps towards Chu Mu and slowly said: “Then...  let’s begin a new round of these games!” 

After speaking, Duan Xinze chanted an incantation!

His chanting speed was extremely fast, and he didn’t give Chu Mu and the others an opportunity to attack!

Amidst a soul pact pattern flashed a demonic glint. Immediately after, the entire pattern transformed into a soul pet’s skeleton. Slowly, blood, flesh and muscles began to construct the physique of a soul pet. Every soul pet had a certain type of physique, even a strange bug type creature.

However, the creature Duan Xinze was summoning was something hard to describe!

It was a ball of flesh floating in the air, which reached a diameter of two meters. On its surface, it was covered by the skin of Gluttonous Insect Monsters, but it proceeded to mysteriously sprout several front limbs, hind limbs, and even heads of numerous Gluttonous Insect Monsters!

 This kind of thing gave people the feeling that it was the amalgamation of several dismembered Gluttonous Insect Monsters with no particular sense of order. There was no skull, no body nor any facial organs!

When Ting Lan saw this huge ball composed of disorderly corpses, her face turned pale and she had a nauseous feeling of throwing up.  

Ting Lan had little experience in the wild. Although she often read books and understood various types of soul pets, she had never seen such an ugly, nauseating, and strange creature to this extent!

Shang Heng’s expression was strange to the extreme. He would have rathered seen a huge pile of corpses in front of him than this deformed creature floating in front. 

Ye Qingzi had previously seen the Hundred Mother, and its ugliness was similar to this creature. However, the nausea-inducing extent indicated that this was the Thousand Mother, which was even more terrifying than the Hundred Mother!

“What do you think? My favorite pet is very good at attracting people’s fondness.” Duan Xinze saw the extremely strange expressions of the four people in front of him. However, he let out a laugh, and used his hand to pat his Thousand Mother. 

“Monster.” Shang Heng couldn’t help but curse. 

“How can this be considered a monster? I’ll let you guys witness what a true monster is.” Duan Xinze let out a loud laugh and gave his Thousand Mother an order.

The Thousand Mother began to wriggle its flesh ball-like body. Suddenly, several cracks appeared on the flesh ball. These cracks made it look like a huge brain with several mouths on it!!

Suddenly, rows of Gluttonous Insect Monster claws began to form hunting teeth that appeared on its mouth. The Thousand Mother’s body trembled and in one breath, it swallowed the four peak commander rank Gluttonous Insect Monsters!!

The Gluttonous Insect Monsters had been split off from the Thousand Mother. However, the Thousand Mother ended up eating them!!

The sound of chewing rung out. The four young soul pet trainers instantly had shivers run down their back. The Thousand Mother’s mouth could open very wide, and they could see the four Gluttonous Insect Monsters being slowly ground down by its teeth...

“Blegh~~~~~” finally, Ting Lan couldn’t hold it anymore in front of such a nauseating seen. With a pale face, she doubled over on the ground and began to throw up.

Not just Ting Lan, even Shang Heng felt that something was coming up his throat. He had never seen such a cruel and disgusting scene. 

Ye Qingzi glanced to the side. Her withstanding ability was much stronger than Ting Lan’s, but she still didn’t dare look on. 

Only Chu Mu, after feeling slightly frightened at the beginning, was now staring at the Thousand Mother. He watched the four Gluttonous Insect Monsters being chewed into mush. 

“Look at my absolutely artistic masterpiece! Insect Merge! Gluttonous King!” Duan Xinze malevolently laughed. His state of madness was definitely that of a mentally ill person!

The Thousand Mother finally finished chewing!

Suddenly, the warts on its body began to fall off. The blood and flesh dropped to the ground, before unexpectedly slowly forming the body of a Gluttonous Insect Monster!

This Gluttonous Insect Monster’s physique wasn’t any different than other Gluttonous Insect Monsters. However, when its claws and skins took form, Chu Mu couldn’t help but crease his brows. Finally, the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s eyes appeared, and when he felt those terrifying eyes, Chu Mu finally understood what Duan Xinze had created!

Duan Xinze had merged four peak commander rank Gluttonous Insect Monsters together, creating an even more powerful Gluttonous Insect Monster!!!!

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