Chapter 518: Ninth Rank Prisoner, Duan Xinze

Chapter 518: Ninth Rank Prisoner, Duan Xinze 

“Duan Xinze!! Could this fellow be the egregious Duan Xinhe’s younger brother?!!” Shang Heng looked at this man in shock.

Duan Xinhe was high up on the list of wanted prisoners. All of his soul pets had originally been killed, and he had ended up with his dying breaths in a small city. 

As for Duan Xinhe’s young brother, Duan Xinze, he had been locked up in prison. Shang Heng never expected this savage and evil prisoner to appear in the eighth realm’s realm breakthrough round! 

Chu Mu coolly stared at this prisoner. There were a total of four of them, and even if Duan Xinze’s strength was higher, he still could not gather enough strength to defeat the four of them.

“You two young ladies, don’t be worried. Although I, Duan Xinze, have committed many evils, I will treat you two beautiful young ladies extremely, extremely, tenderly.

Of course, the precondition is that you don’t make me angry. I get angry very easily, and when I do, I don’t know what I’ll end up doing.” Duan Xinze jumped down from the tall rock and landed steadily on the other rock. 

He began to break into a walk and slowly moved towards Chu Mu.

He was a skinny man, and his eyes were playful but evil. He also wore a fake smile. Ting Lan could feel his eyes scan her body and she had this indescribable feeling of discomfort and eeriness. It seemed as if her body wasn’t covered by any clothes. 

Duan Xinze had come alone, and seemed to want to face Chu Mu and the other three’s soul pets dozen or so soul pets alone. 

Ting Lan, Shang Heng, and Ye Qingzi couldn’t see the Gluttonous Insect Monster, but Chu Mu could see that around Duan Xinze were countless faintly discernible silhouettes!! 

This was a large group of Gluttonous Insect Monsters. These things had come along with their master every step of the way, and the moment the order was given, the twenty Gluttonous Insect Monsters would immediately launch themselves at the four of them!

“Open the medicine, and have the competition authority guards come.” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to speak to Shang Heng.

“Chu Chen?” Shang Heng didn’t know why Chu Mu wanted to suddenly do this.

“Do as I say. This ninth rank prisoner’s strength wasn’t limited by the competition authorities so I’m not sure for the moment if his Hundred Mothers is capable of continuing to reproduce. We only have to fight for ten minutes. If in these ten minutes, he still has other Gluttonous Insect Monsters, we must have the competition guard authorities take action.” Chu Mu said to the two of them. 

Shang Heng looked at Chu Mu, and saw that he was speaking very earnestly. He promptly didn’t hesitate and opened the medicine bottle, releasing the smell. 

“There’s no use. The competition authorities need ten minutes before they arrive. Within the ten minutes, your soul pets will all be dead and, at that time, I’ll hand over you and your cut off tongues with your soul remembrances sealed to the competition authority guards. Then, I’ll hide the two beautiful women and wait for the competition authority guards to leave before slowly cultivating feelings with them.” Duan Xinze didn’t care about Shang Heng’s actions at all. 

Chu Mu stood in front of the three of them and coldly said: “You’re exactly like your older brother, Duan Xinze. Before fighting, he said the exact same trash.” 

“Duan Xinhe? You’ve seen him?” Duan Xinhe raised his eyebrows and showed a shocked expression. 

“Yes, I saw him.” Chu Mu calmly said.

 “I’m very curious, since you’ve seen him, how are you still alive?” Duan Xinze was full of interest as he asked his question. 

“Because the one who died was him.” Chu Mu’s tone turned ice cold, and his eyes became fierce!!

Mo Xie stood next to Chu Mu, and her two silver pupils locked onto the tenth phase pseudo monarch rank Gluttonous Insect Monsters next to Duan Xinze!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots had already laid around Chu Mu in a hundred meter range earlier. In a group fight, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn’t have anything to fear, even in front of twenty Gluttonous Insect Monsters!

After listening to Chu Mu’s words, Duan Xinze’s smile on his face froze, and his eyes slowly turned dark. 

“Who killed him?” Duan Xinze slowly asked.

“Me. Aside from the arrogant and delusional nature, your brother had no other abilities.” said Chu Mu.

“Haha, what a joke. Relying on your small creatures, you wanted to kill him? When his strength was at its peak, only your Soul Palace’s Palace Lord level of people could be his opponent. Even if all his soul pets were killed, his Thousand Mother could have destroyed you. Easy as flipping ones hand.” Duan Xinze suddenly laughed. It seemed like he didn’t really believe Chu Mu’s words.  

When Chu Mu had encountered Duan Xinhe, all he possessed was a Hundred Mother and his strongest Gluttonous Insect Monster was merely at the ninth phase. Chu Mu never expected that Duan Xinhe once had a Thousand Mother.

The Thousand Mother innately was a monarch rank soul pet, but if its fighting strength rank was exceptionally high, the Gluttonous Insect Monsters it split off could likely instantly reach the tenth phase full state. 

It was no wonder Duan Xinze could have created so many tenth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster pawns. It seemed that this fellow possessed the Thousand Mother, which was even more terrifying than the Hundred Mother! 

“Young master, his Gluttonous Insect Monster probably have already formed order. Moreover, his Thousand Mother innately has extremely powerful fighting strength. If he summons the Thousand Mother, fighting him like this will probably end in great injuries for you.” Old Li warned Chu Mu.

“His Gluttonous Insect Monsters are very fast and number very many. Undoubtedly, fleeing would be even more dangerous. We must kill a few first. Also, this fellow’s head is worth 1 billion. It’s more worth it to fight and if we can’t beat him, there’s still the competition authority guards. They will be able to arrive within ten minutes.” said Chu Mu. 

Duan Xinze had a total of twenty Gluttonous Insect Monsters which were, for the majority, at the high class commander. Only three had reached the peak commander rank. Such strength was slightly lower than the other prisoners’ soul pets. Of course, these things ultimately sill had the ability to berserk; this made it harder to deal with.

Right now Shang Heng, Ting Lan, and Ye Qingzi had enough fighting strength. The four of them, adding together their soul pets, had 15 soul pets. As long as they coordinated, it probably wouldn’t be too hard to deal with Duan Xinze. 

Since he chose to fight, Chu Mu wouldn’t shrink back. Chu Mu promptly chanted an incantation and used the Thirteen Inferno Hells!

Thirteen Inferno Hells was capable of dealing a heavy blow to the Gluttonous Insect Monsters. This would make the fight even easier.

The nine underworld devil flames began to slowly burn in Chu Mu’s hand as the Thirteen Inferno Hells required two seconds of chanting time!

“Wu wu wu wu~~”

Mo Xie’s body also began to burn with royal flames as she began to brew a two layered flame effect eighth rank fire type technique!

“Do you think that with this measley distance you’ll be able to finish such a long incantation?” Duan Xinze was much more acute than the other prisoners, and immediately saw that Chu Mu was using an eighth rank fire technique. Thus, he immediately pointed his two hands forward!

Immediately, two peak commander Gluttonous Insect Monsters flew forth at rapid speed, not giving Chu Mu the chance to finish his incantation. Their fierce claws fiercely swiped at Chu Mu and Mo Xie!

Ye Qingzi knew of the importance of Chu Mu’s incantation, and promptly had her Water Moon and War Court Black Beast stop the two peak commanders.

However, the fight had been triggered due to Chu Mu’s incantation and immediately, all of the Gluttonous Insect Beasts launched ruthless attacks at Chu Mu and the three others. 

Ye Qingzi’s two peak commanders came to block for Chu Mu, but the Gluttonous Insect Monsters were too fast and, within a second, they had made their way into the four peoples’ soul pets with their ruthless claw attacks.

Chu Mu had finished his incantation, but he couldn’t release his technique because if he did, his soul pets would also be hit!

“Don’t use such a boring trick. Obediently, let your soul pets become my Gluttonous Insect Monsters’ prey!” Duan Xinze coldly laughed.

When Chu Mu began chanting his incantation, Duan Xinze knew that he was going to use the fire technique, Thirteen Inferno Hells. If his Gluttonous Insect Monsters were gathered together, he truly could have suffered serious injuries.

Unfortunately, his Gluttonous Insect Monsters weren’t a bunch of stupid demons and before Chu Mu could use Thirteen Inferno Hells, he had to have his soul pets attack together.

Chu Mu’s heart sank. He never expected Duan Xinze to be so crafty. He could only give up on using the Thirteen Inferno Hells, and quickly retreat behind his soul pets to avoid the Gluttonous Insect Monster attacks.

Duan Xinze was very strategic. He knew that elemental world soul pets could deal group damage to his Gluttonous Insect Monsters, so he intentionally had his three peak class commander Gluttonous Insect Monsters draw Chu Mu and the others’ attentions before mysteriously arriving two hundred meters away from Chu Mu and the others.

Two hundred meter distance wasn’t anything to the Gluttonous Insect Monsters, while to the elemental world soul pets, they probably wouldn’t be able to finish an incantation before being charged by the Gluttonous Insect Monsters.

This Duan Xinze had begun weighing up these four people from the very start. Now, all of his Gluttonous Insect Monsters were charging forward. Chu Mu and the three others’ elemental world soul pets were now hard pressed to use long range explosive attacks and their destructive power was greatly reduced. They had to fight these strange creatures head on!

“Don’t get flustered, don’t get flustered. Control your soul pets well. If someone makes a mistake, hahaha, I won’t go easy.”

Twenty Gluttonous Insect Monsters were controlled by him alone, but the insect monsters coordination with each other was nearly immaculate. After the first wave came, they separated Chu Mu and the three others!

“Qingzi, careful! They’re heading towards you!!” Chu Mu suddenly yelled. He agilely jumped onto Mo Xie’s back and ran towards Ye Qingzi!

“What a quick response. He knows whose soul pets I’m targeting?” Duan Xinze’s eyebrows rose, and he stared at the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox agilely passing through the Gluttonous Insect Monsters. 

In a fight, if a support type soul pet trainer existed, it would be very hard to harm that side’s soul pets. 

Duan Xinze’s first wave of Gluttonous Insect Monster attacks had been aimed at everyone while the second wave of attack had pointed the blade straight at Ye Qingzi and her soul pets!

Chu Mu had detected this fellow’s crafty tactics and hastily rushed to Ye Qingzi’s side in support!

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