Chapter 517: Gluttonous Insect Monster, Ninth Rank Prisoner (2)

Chapter 517: Gluttonous Insect Monster, Ninth Rank Prisoner (2)

“It’s Gluttonous Insect Monster! Ye Qingzi!” Chu Mu became alarmed. Of all the organisms Chu Mu knew about, only the Gluttonous Insect Monster could become invisible like this.

In fact, lower ranking Gluttonous Insect Monsters could only hide in darkness completely. Only powerful Gluttonous Insect Monsters could hide in daylight.

“Ting Lan, Shang Heng, wake up, there are enemies near.” Chu Mu immediately woke up the overly tired Ting Lan and Sahng Heng.

Ting Lan and Shang Heng were both suddenly roused. They nervously summoned their soul pets and told them to get into fighting state.

Shang Heng’s Thunder Sword Winged Lion let out a heavy breath, sending lightning sizzling around the area, creating a ten meter radius lighting field. With a single command from Shang Heng, this lightning field will send out countless lightning shocks towards enemies.

But, Shang Heng was prepared, except when he looked around, he couldn’t see any enemies. The surrounding was still empty.

“Chu Chen, where’s the enemy?” Shang Heng very carefully asked Chu Mu using his soul remembrance.

“Tell your Thunder Sword Winged Lion to retract its lighting field, and act as if it just woke up. They have the ability to be invisible. Your detection is just too weak to find them.” Chu Mu quickly told Shang Heng with his remembrance.

Shang Song stared blankly. It was the first time that he had heard of an organism that could completely hide itself. He immediately did as Chu Mu told, letting Thunder Sword Winged Lion retract its lighting power and act as if it were stretching out.

Ting Lan didn’t speak, simply staring worriedly at Chu Mu. Her three soul pets were all fast asleep beside her. Their soul pet wounds had recovered a lot over one night of rest, except they were all too tired. In their sleep, none of them realized the danger Chu Mu was speaking of.

“There are about three, high class commander rank Gluttonous Insect Monsters. We must instantly kill them.” Chu Mu said to the other three with soul remembrance.

Gluttonous Insect Monsters’ appearance meant that the Hundred Mother was near as well. If they let one Gluttonous Insect Monster go, then a huge group of Gluttonous Insect Monsters may come over!

“QIngzi, can your Bell Noise Concubine’s Hypnosis Trap hypnotise one?” Chu Mu asked.

“It can’t be completely hypnotized. At most, it will be mentally dazzled for a second.” Ye Qingzi replied.

“A second is enough. Ting Lan, Shang Ting, listen to my command. Let your soul pets gather their techniques. Once the Gluttonous Insect Monster falls into the trap, immediately attack it!” Chu Mu said.

Shang Heng and Ting Lan both nodded. They both couldn’t see the unknown soul pets, so they were anxious. However, seeing the calmness and seriousness in Chu Mu’s eyes, they quickly calmed down and waited for Chu Mu’s command with a grave face.

“Mo Xie!” Another one would naturally be dealt with by Mo Xie.

Without moonlight, Mo Xie’s strength would be weakened. Chu Mu specially told Ye Qingzi’s Water Moon to cast Advent of the Demon Moon.

In daylight, Advent of the Demon Moon could only raise Mo Xie’s power by one rank. So, Mo Xie was but two ranks higher than the high class commander rank Gluttonous Insect Monster.

However, Chu Mu’s had confidence in Mo Xie’s speed and fighting strength, confidence that she wouldn’t let that Gluttonous Insect Monster go.

Furthermore, even if Mo Xie couldn’t instantly kill it, Binding Wind Spirit could still attack from afar, making them unable to escape death.

The final one, Devil Tree Battle Soldier could definitely distract it. No matter how fact the Gluttonous Insect Monster was, once it lost its invisibility, it couldn’t possibly run from a plant world soul pet’s limitless root attacks.

The three Gluttonous Insect Monsters slowly neared.

The Gluttonous Insect Monster’s paws were very special. When they moved, their claws were completely retracted into their meaty pads, causing almost no sound to be made even when they ran.

The Gluttonous Insect Monster’s front limbs were very long, while its back limbs were powerful. They were lanky like a monkey. Its pair of eyes bulged out from its nose bone. When they looked for prey, one could clearly tell its pupils were turning. Once they locked onto prey, their eyeballs would also become vicious and terrifying.

At this moment, three Gluttonous Insect Monsters locked onto Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Devil Tree Battle Soldier stood on the outer side. Just around the rock were Chu Mu and all the other soul pets.

None of the three Gluttonous Insect Monsters realized that there were many soul pets behind the rocks. The reason they advanced so riskily was just to ambush Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

“Gluttonous Insect Monsters are very hungry organisms. They will constantly hunt and feed it to the Hundred Mother. The more food the hundred mother gets, the more it can split and reproduce. Its a very terrible loop. No one knows how many Gluttonous Insect Monsters the fellow controlling the Hundred Mother has right now.” Ye Qingzi said in a very light voice.

Hundred Mother was incredibly hard to deal with. If they couldn’t find the original body, no matter how many Gluttonous Insect Monsters they killed, there wasn’t much meaning.

“En, seems like we’ve met a very hard to deal with prisoner. Get ready.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi immediately gave Bell Noise Concubine a command, letting it cast Hypnotizing Flower Powder.

The hypnotizing trap was already set up. One of the Gluttonous Insect Monsters stepped on a seemingly very normal rock, which suddenly triggered a flower vine that sprouted upwards, releasing powerful hypnotizing pollen!

“Si~~~~~~” The Gluttonous Insect Monster immediately let out a strange sound, but the sound was abruptly cut in half!

The Thunder Sword Winged Lion, two Lin Yin Beasts, Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail, these four soul pets, finished their techniques simultaneously. Immediately, four ninth rank techniques mixed together, directly piercing through the rocks, heavily slamming towards the hypnotized Gluttonous Insect!!

“Bengbeng!!!!!!!” The Gluttonous Insect Monster didn’t make any move to defend or block it. Very quickly, the four streams of energy blasted into it, causing its skinny body to be torn into shreds!!

The other two Gluttonous Insect Monster jumped away in time to dodge the flower vines. However, when the energy blast came, their bodies were still flipped over, falling to the rock cracks on each side.

Mo Xie was already there in ambush. Her body started burning with royal flames, quickly turning it into a Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox. She swiftly dashed upwards and very accurately swiped her claws through the Gluttonous Insect Monster!

The Gluttonous Insect Monster swiftly turned in the air, barely dodging Mo Xie’s lethal blow. It landed in the rock cracks covered in blood and actually swiftly bounced back up, wanting to escape to the rock faces.

“Binding Wind Spirit!” Chu Mu commanded.

The binding wind spirit’s wind tornado technique had long been completed. Just as the Gluttonous Insect Monster was about to escape, a finger-sized hollowness appeared, suddenly creating an extremely powerful wind flow that forcefully pulled the escaping Gluttonous Insect Monster back!


Mo Xie again leaped upwards. This time, her claws didn’t err. It cut through the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s hip and neck position, cutting the Gluttonous Insect Monster into three parts!

These three bloody corpses were quickly pulled in by the Binding Wind Spirit’s wind tornado, causing it to be shredded!

On the other side, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots were already around the last Gluttonous Insect Monster. Ye Qingzi’s War Court Black Beast swiftly leaped out, slashing the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s four limbs off with its black bone blade and rendering the last Gluttonous Insect Monster unable to escape. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier finished it with life force absorb!

The three Gluttonous Insect Monsters were almost instantly killed. Ting Lan and Shang Heng stared at the pile of mincemeat, and couldn’t say anything for a while.

Both of them could only sense their presences after they became corpses. They started to worry secretly. If not for Chu Mu sensing these things preemptively, they wouldn’t even be able to know if they were killed by these beings.

“Chu Chen, how did you sense them? You clearly didn’t summon any mentally powerful soul pet.” Shang Heng walked to the three corpses and asked.

Just as he finished speaking, the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s corpse excreted a strange black liquid, causing Shang Heng to hastily step back in fear.

“Don’t worry, that’s its ability, not poison.” Ye Qingzi said.

It was Shang Heng’s first time seeing such a strange creature, so his eyes naturally fell on Ye Qingzi as he asked questioningly, “Can you detect them as well? Why can’t Ting Lan and I detect anything?” “I can’t detect them. It was my dream beast that alarmed me. This Gluttonous Insect Monster’s invisibility is much stronger than the ones we met before. Only Chu Mu could detect them.” Ye Qingzi explained.

“Chu Chen, what remembrance soul master are you?” Ting Lan started asking curiously. She feels that Chu Mu could always predict many things that they couldn’t foresee.

“I just reached sixth remembrance.” Chu Mu didn’t hide it.

“Sixth remembrance!!” Ting lan and Shang Heng both opened their mouths, surprised at the news.

“Don’t speak of this anymore, let’s leave here first. The person that controls the Gluttonous Insect Monster is nearby.” Chu Mu

Just after Chu Mu finished, his brows creased and he quickly turned around, watching a rock gravely about two hundred meters away.

The rock spiraled upwards in a snake-like fashion. On top of the fifty meter rock was a grey clothed decrepit man sitting there breathlessly, watching them with disinterested eyes.

This man seemed to have been sitting there for a long while. Chu Mu felt that he even watched as his three Gluttonous Insect Monsters were killed!

“Let me introduce myself. I’m called Duan Xinze. To you young generation members, I’m a nightmare of a prisoner.” The man smiled wickedly. “From what I know, the ninth rank prisoner ring can be exchanged for 1 billion. I, Duan Xinze, am this 1 billion you players are looking for- the only ninth rank prisoner. I seem to be the highest honor of eighth realm or something. It’s a pity that in this eighth realm Battle of the Realm, no one will be able to get the highest honor because everyone will die!!!”

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