Chapter 516: Gluttonous Insect Monster, Ninth Rank Prisoner

Chapter 516: Gluttonous Insect Monster, Ninth Rank Prisoner

If soul pets were too much stronger than soul pet trainers, they could show signs of betrayal and defect.

So, when soul pet trainers trained, they often started by controlling the lowest level servant ranks, before slowly growing up along with their soul pets.

No one could control overly high ranked soul pets at spirit servant stage, even if they had high rank soul pets available.

Because of this, large factions had very strict restrictions for their young generation members. Every soul pet trainer had to train themselves instead of simply getting high rank soul pets from others. Large factions could only give these young generation members the environment for high rank soul pets.

Chu Mu’s own strength grew very quickly. This was because Chu Mu had great talent himself, excelling in soul remembrance even when he was very young. On another hand, he was constantly stimulated by the defector young woman and White Nightmare, both high ranking soul pets, causing Chu Mu’s soul remembrance to constantly be pushed to grow.

It could be said that most middle aged generation experts were still spirit masters. Those who leaped into spirit emperor usually become a respected and dominant character of their own territory.

Able to reach fifth remembrance spirit master at such an age, Chu Mu was probably the only one in second tier.

Yet, Chu Mu never would have thought that even with his superior soul remembrance, it was still too low for Mo Xie, even limiting Mo Xie’s ability to species mutation!

“Old Li, if my Mo Xie could mutate, then do I have to reach spirit emperor before she can do it?” Chu Mu opened his mouth to ask. 

Mo Xie’s species mutation could raise her to top tier monarch, or even pseudo emperor rank. If it truly became pseudo emperor, wouldn’t Chu Mu want to be soul emperor? That’s a very far away event.

“No need. Your Mo Xie is already perfect commander rank. The next mutation might just be perfect monarch. Perfect monarch is still monarch rank, so you would only need to reach seventh rank spirit master, or in other words, go from middle remembrance to high remembrance and you will be fine…...young master, you should be a little more realistic though. Your little fox had already mutated once in Western Kingdom. It was already extremely rare, and it won’t mutate again.” Old Li said.

“So they only need to be seventh remembrance!!” Chu Mu thought to himself happily. He was currently between fifth and sixth remembrance, and only needed a few nights of meditating to reach sixth remembrance.

Once at sixth remembrance, he would only be one rank from seventh remembrance. That meant that the moment he took that step, he would own a soul pet that could match pseudo-emperor rank soul pets!!

Before, Zhan Li Kingdom’s kingdom master’s strongest soul pet was just a pseudo emperor. If Chu Mu became seventh remembrance, he would be able to own a soul pet that could compete against anyone!


Thinking about how Mo Xie was near mutating to pseudo emperor, Chu Mu’s heart was overwhelmed by emotions, causing his confidence to surge during his meditation as well. He wanted to take this opportunity to break through the fifth remembrance and reach the realm of sixth remembrance.

Sixth remembrance to seventh remembrance will be another large gap. Unless one of Chu Mu’s soul pets’ strengths grew explosively, he would need a few months just like how he took a few months from fourth remembrance to fifth remembrance. At that time, the Battle of the Realm would be over.

Chu Mu changed soul pets, and also casted a very strong soul power depleting eighth rank soul technique. He had used up near half of his soul power. Now that Chu Mu’s soul remembrance was stronger, he would need at least four days to recover it all. The depleted half would need about two nights of meditation.

It was here that Ye Qingzi’s soul power medicine had a distinct effect. With the recovery speed of these, he could replenish all of his soul power by daylight.

Seeming to be stimulated by Ye Qingzi’s soul power medicine, when Chu Mu’s soul power slowly reached full capacity, his soul power remained on the rise!

“There’s hope!” Chu Mu’s heart lifted. He immediately concentrated his soul remembrance in his soul to try to elevate his soul.

A vibrant blue slowly emitted from Chu Mu’s body. Sitting beside, Ye Qingzi quickly noticed Chu Mu’s abnormality.

“About to elevate?” Ye Qingzi said to herself.

Immediately, Ye Qingzi pulled out another soul power medicine from his spatial ring.

This soul power medicine was made just for soul pet trainers in a promotional status. If taken while breaking through, it could greatly increase the success rate.

Ye Qingzi opened this opened up his deep blue medicine flask and said to Chu Mu with her soul remembrance, “Drink this, it will help you improve.”

After saying that, Ye Qingzi fed the bottle to Chu Mu’s mouth.

Chu Mu very mechanically opened his mouth. Ye Qingzi held Chu Mu’s neck lightly, and slowly poured the medicine into Chu Mu’s mouth.

Chu Mu was in a meditating state and couldn’t split his attention to control his body. So, this medicine had to naturally flow down his throat into his stomach.

After Ye Qingzi fed Chu Mu this soul remembrance medicine, she carefully wiped Chu Mu’s mouth corner and watched attentively at Chu Mu, thinking of something…...

Ye Qingzi’s medicine acted on the body, and then transmitted to the soul. Chu Mu indeed felt a great aid, pushing himself towards sixth remembrance!


Dawnlight spilled down, lighting the smooth rocks with gleams of light.

Chu Mu’s body’s blue glow started slowly dissipating in this morning light as he opened his eyes slowly.

The first thing that he saw was a few locks of supple hair. Chu Mu tilted his head slightly and found that Ye QIngzi had unknowingly nestled herself by his side, sleeping silently.

Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu’s habits were similar. They would enter meditation in night and truly sleep for an hour or two near daybreak.

Ye Qingzi slept very soundly, as if leaning on Chu Mu’s shoulders meant she had nothing to worry about, and she could sleep steadily.

A ray of sunlight fell down and lit up Ye Qingzi’s beautiful face. Fully asleep, she didn’t have her usual cold, collected self, but instead showed a gentle girl’s sleeping expression, cute yet charming. Watching at such a close distance, Chu Mu stared for a long while…...

Ye Qingzi wasn’t a strong sleeper. As the sunlight fell on her intricate face, she also slowly opened her eyes.

When she opened her eyes to see Chu Mu staring at her with a mischievous smile, Ye Qingzi immediately felt shy as her face turned red, becoming even more beautiful under the rising sun.

“You succeeded?” Ye Qingzi lowered her head and asked very quietly.

“En, I was a step away originally and needed a few extra days. Your special medicine helped me greatly.” Chu Mu laughed and said.

“That is soul liquid, able to improve the soul remembrance.” Ye Qingzi said.

“I’m currently sixth remembrance. Is there any soul liquid that could let me reach seventh remembrance in a short period of time?” Chu Mu’s eyes brightened and asked.

“If you want a medicine that could make you seventh remembrance right after you became sixth remembrance, it is very difficult to find. However, there are supporting soul liquids. If another one of your soul pets have a huge increase in strength, it is still quite likely.” Ye Qingzi said.

“Can you make such medicine, and what soul items do you need?” Chu Mu asked. Such an expensive medicine definitely required many materials.

“I made a flask myself. If you really need it, I’ll give it to you first.” Ye Qingzi opened her spatial ring and pulled a crystal red flask of soul liquid out and handed it to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu stared blankly and opened his mouth, “This took you awhile to make, didn’t it?”

No matter the soul power medicine or soul liquid, they were both things that couldn’t be bought with money. Especially the soul liquid that could raise a soul pet trainer’s soul remembrance, it was something ninth remembrance soul teachers would definitely pay fortunes to help them become soul masters. So, such medicine’s preciousness was something Chu Mu recognized.

“Don’t worry, I can make more.” Ye QIngzi smiled lightly.

“Qingzi, you’re always so good to me, I’ll feel bad. I haven’t given you anything……” Chu Mu looked into Ye Qingzi’s eyes and said.

After Chu Mu left the demon home, he shouldn’t have used half devil anymore, yet he used it twice more. The after effects of these two half devils were both alleviated by Ye Qingzi. Or else, after this long, Chu Mu’s burning soul would definitely have made him crazy.

Ye Qingzi heard this and instead started feeling embarrassed, so she murmured, “Everytime you meditate, just have one drop, having too much…...will have negative side effects.”

“En. Qingzi, don’t worry, I will get your teacher’s will.” Chu Mu felt that this was the only thing he could help Ye Qingzi with, or else he couldn’t continuously take all of her costless support…...

“Don’t force it……” As Ye Qingzi said it, she suddenly realized the change in her attitude. Before, she desperately hoped that Chu Mu could get her teacher’s will. After all, the things inside were truly important. However, now, she instead felt she didn’t want Chu Mu to risk himself for it.

Ye Qingzi knew that Chu Mu would definitely put his all towards something he wanted to do. However, there were many experts in second tier. She moreso hoped that Chu Mu could act within his ability.

“As long as some people didn’t obstruct me, second tier experts are something I can handle.” Chu Mu said seriously.

Chu Mu naturally meant Xia Guanghan and the defector young woman. These two people were Chu Mu’s true enemies. As for second tier experts, Chu Mu still had lots of hope to prevail over them.


Ye Qingzi was just about to say something else when her Purple Robed Dream Beast suddenly let out a cry. This cry was very urgent, clearly alerting them of danger approaching swiftly!!

Chu Mu immediately stood up and broadcasted his sixth remembrance soul master remembrance outwards!

At sixth remembrance, Chu Mu’s remembrance was much stronger than the purple robed dream beast, able to detect a further range as well.

Very quickly, Chu Mu noticed that under the sunlight, a group of special organisms were squirming…...

Yet, when Chu Mu looked over, he couldn’t see any of these things!!

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