Chapter 515: A Sign of Mo Xie Evolving (2)

Chapter 515: A Sign of Mo Xie Evolving (2)

Chu Mu had been in a state of unconsciousness then so hadn't known what sort of abnormal state Mo Xie had been in. 

Mo Xie, come here.” Chu Mu called over Mo Xie who was full of energy over to his side.

The small Mo Xie waved her tails and agilely jumped into his embrace. She purposefully used her fluffy body to brush against Chu Mu’s cheek… 

“Are you about to mutate?” Chu Mu brushed the small Mo Xie’s ear as he asked her.

According to Chu Mu’s estimations, Mo Xie should not have been far from mutating. After all, she had last mutated in Jia City which was a few years ago. 

“Wu wu wu~~~”

Mo Xie let out a quiet cry and looked at Chu Mu with a blank face. 

“When Zhan Ye erupted in strength that day, Old Li said your mental state was very strange?” asked Chu Mu.

“Wu wu wu wu wu~~~~~~” Mo Xie used her remembrance to communicated with Chu Mu.

Mo Xie told Chu Mu that when Zhan Ye had fallen into the abyss, she really had felt some change in her body. This change was somewhat similar to when she had mutated back then. 

When Zhan Ye had sacrificed himself, Mo Xie’s emotions had been greatly affected. This had even intensely forced her mutation because only by mutating could she defeat the Ten Thousand Legged Centipede to defeat Zhan Ye.

However, she hadn’t successfully mutated then because when she reached the edge of mutation, she felt some mental restriction. 

“Are you saying that when you had the feeling mutating, you didn’t succeed?” Chu Mu asked in astonishment. 

“Wu wu wu~~~” Mo Xie indicated that she didn’t know why, but it seemed that some condition hadn’t been met. 

Chu Mu knew that Mo Xie’s next mutation had a definite chance of allowing her to step into the peak monarch or even pseudo emperor level. Therefore, if Mo Xie most recently had signs of mutating, then this indeed was something that was worth Chu Mu getting very excited over.

If Mo Xie mutated, then Chu Mu would definitely dare enter the tenth realm and contend with the defector young woman puppet! 

However, since the mutation hadn’t succeeded, this caused Chu Mu to have a headache.

Mo Xie’s mutation normally originated from herself before mutating. The first time she had received an intense stimulous, Mo Xie had transformed into an Evil Flamed Six Tail Demon Fox.

As for the second mutation in Jia City, after Mo Xie’s six tails had been frozen, this had seriously angered Mo Xie’s honor, so adding on the original strength accumulation, this had pushed Mo Xie past the perfect warrior rank limit into the perfect commander rank level, making her strength comparable to a monarch rank. 

Afterwards, the fights became more frequent and Chu Mu had continuously hoped that Mo Xie would be able to mutate again, especially in Tianxia City where the enemies were numerous.

Most recently, Mo Xie’s state had been slightly abnormal, especially after the seventh realm. Mo Xie must have realized that her middle class monarch fighting strength rank was unable to truly fight against enemies and attempted to mutate...

However, why did she fail?

Mo Xie’s previous mutations had never shown signs of failing and normally after the impulse to mutate, her soul would change. Immediately after, her strength would rise as her species mutated. A pseudo mutation situation like the one in the centipede abyss like last time had occured before. 

“Young master, what are you wondering in your heart?” Old Li who was hidden in Chu Mu’s spatial ring asked. 

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

Chu Mu hadn’t told Old Li of Mo Xie’s continuous mutation ability and Chu Mu was presently hesitating whether to do so or not.

“There’s nothing I, Old Li, don’t know of!” Old Li’s voice carried a rather confident smiling expression behind it. 

“Regarding species mutations, how much do you know?” Chu Mu asked. 

“This… young master, you really do know how to find questions to ask. It’s always questions normal people can’t answer.” Old Li bitterly laughed as he spoke. 

“Tell me what you know.” said Chu Mu. 

“Species mutations occur extremely rarely and always appear on soul pets with abnormal talent. Abnormal talent refers to attack rank that always surpasses a higher species level than normal. Scholars have joked that soul pets with mutating bloodlines are creatures mistakenly born into the wrong body. Although this is a joke, it does carry a bit of logic to it because soul pets with mutating bloodlines normally have much higher talent than their species normally does. If it were to solely change its body, it would pretty much become a higher rank creature. 

Species will ultimately be limited by their own species rank. For instance, a servant rank creature will not be able to increase its fighting strength rank to the emperor rank no matter how much it is strengthened. Only through species mutation can it truly break through its life tower.” Old Li quickly began to spit out a lot of information.

“What is a life tower?” Chu Mu asked in confusion. 

“A life tower cannot be seen, but it will always exist. A life tower is a concept, yet it is also a natural law. All living things must abide by this law of life.” 

“This law of life is described in the form of a tower. Starting from the bottom layer are small life forces without any ability to fight. In truth, it’s not that they have no ability to fight, it’s just that they’re too weak. So weak that they’re neglected by you humans. 

They are the weakest layer of creatures, but they comprise an enormous amount. Above them are servant rank creatures. 

Servant rank creatures have the greatest number of species in the entire world. You humans have had civilization for several thousands of years and have recorded probably millions of servant rank species… remember, its seven million types of species! There are many instances when one servant rank species encompases million and millions of soul pets!

Although servant rank are the weakest, they play the most important role in developing the long river of history. This is because the so-called warrior rank, commander rank, monarch rank and even emperor ranks have evolved out of one of special physiques of the millions of servant rank species.” said Old Li. 

After Old Li finished, Chu Mu was stunned and in a bit of shock, shocked: “The ranks after the servant rank have evolved out of servant rank soul pets??” 

“Yes, most of them are like this. Warrior ranks will appear because amongst an enormous servant rank group some soul pet with an extremely special constitution will emerge. These soul pets are the creatures with the so-called mutating bloodline!   

It is these soul pets that will mutate from the servant rank to the warrior rank. Same species soul pets will reproduce and the moment a warrior rank soul pet appears, it is predestined to become the king of this species. You probably understand the concept of survival of the fittest. As long as a few special cases emerge, in the subsequent number of years, the warrior ranks will also transform into an enormous life system.

The moment warrior rank soul pets become enormous system, there will always be one warrior rank that will be able to species mutate. Thus, a commander rank soul pet will appear. The subsequent monarch and emperor ranks also follow this logic.” Old Li rubbed his beard and spoke in high-spirits.

“The higher the rank is, the stronger they will be after being born. Thus they will be even more suited to surviving in this world. Doesn’t this mean that servant ranks will eventually die out?” asked Chu Mu.

“You’re wrong about that. The life tower has created this ranking system while also allowing for the existence of mutations. Thus, you can be sure there are limitations. There is no creature that is perfect and I can tell you with full confidence that emperor rank soul pets may not even be the opponent of servant rank soul pets.” said Old Li.

Emperor ranks not being the opponents of servant rank soul pets?

What kind of madness was this? This was completely contrary to common sense!

“Aren’t you mixing the two up?” Chu Mu asked Old Li.

“Of course not. You humans often only look at soul pets individually because you only possess individual soul pets. However, putting it in the life tower, if all of the servant rank soul pets and emperor rank soul pets were to fight, the ones that would lose would be the emperor rank.” Old Li saw that Chu Mu had been confused by his words, but he seemed rather proud. 

“Nature also has another critical law: reproduction rate. Emperor ranks have the strength to destroy and can annihilate several tens of thousands of creatures with their individual strength. However, they are severely restricted in their abilities to reproduced. Let’s assume that 100 million servant rank soul pets are equivalent to an emperor rank soul pet in strength. Do you think that 100 million servant rank soul pets are more likely to appear or an emperor rank soul pet? You must know that in one region, there are nearly 100 million servant rank creatures, but does each region contain an emperor rank soul pet?” said Old Li.

“This macro conception is something I’ve never thought of before. Mutations establishing the soul pet system has surprised me quite a bit…” said Chu Mu. 

After speaking, Chu Mu suddenly thought of something and asked: “Wait, what about the Empyreon Cyan Hidden Dragon’s situation…” 

“That is split reproduction. Its split-off descendents are weaker in rank than itself. Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragons are predestined creatures. I’ll talk to you about predestined creatures in the future. They’re similar to the bug type Hundred Mother, Devil Ant species and Demonic Wasp species since they can all split reproduce.” said Old Li. 

“Ok, then bringing back the main question, I want to know what kind of restricting criteria there are for a mutating bloodline soul pet to mutate.” Chu Mu wanted to know how to make Mo Xie mutate the most right now.

As for the incredibly holistic view of the world Old Li had spoke of and the so-called life tower, this was a bit too abstract and distant for someone like Chu Mu who was also a human in this indistinct life tower. 

“The most important thing is mutating bloodline. The moment it fills the criteria, it will be able to mutate.” said Old Li. 

“Then what if I had a mutating bloodline soul pet and it was in a state of near mutation. What do I have to do?” asked Chu Mu.

“That’s easy: fight. The moment this soul pet realizes its strength isn’t enough and has the pressing need to increase its strength in the course of a fight, its soul and heart will be impacted and it has the highest chance of mutating then… 

Of course, if your own rank is too low, the soul pet cannot mutate. Soul pacts are able to restrict soul pets about to mutate in order to prevent them from growing too strong and dealing a mental blow to their master.”  

After Old Li finished speaking, Chu Mu’s expression immediately changed!

It was then that Chu Mu abruptly realized: Mo Xie’s mutation had failed because his soul remembrance was too low!! 

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