Chapter 514: A Sign of Mo Xie Evolving (1)

Chapter 514: A Sign of Mo Xie Evolving (1) 

“We have someone wounded here and needs saving. Can I trouble this guard brother to bring him off of Heavenly Life Mountain.” Ting Lan pointed at the incomparably weak Li Zhan as he spoke. 

The eighth realm breakthrough was already Ting Lan’s limit and she only wanted to bring Li Zhan back to Soul Palace right now, then have Soul Teacher De take control over his situation.

The competition authority guard saw Li Zhan and didn’t say anything as he hastily jumped off of his wing type soul pet and brought him back onto his soul pets’ backs. 

“My wing type soul pet can only hold one person and if there are too many, it will affect its balance and speed. I’ll bring him off the mountain first and have someone immediately heal him.” said the competition authority guard. 

Ting Lan and Shang Heng both wanted to give up on the realm breakthrough, but they knew that Li Zhan needed healing the most. Thus, they nodded their heads and let the competition authority guard take Li Zhan off the mountain. They all watched the competition authority member lift off smoothly and quickly head down the mountain. 

“Let’s leave too.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu felt that there was a high chance this expert prisoner was nearby so if they stayed here, they could very well encounter him. 

Chu Mu didn’t want to fight with someone too strong at this time. This would only waste his fighting strength so he promptly had his Devil Tree Battle Soldier use its roots, creating a climbable ladder of roots up the lofty hundred meter layer… 

The most headache inducing part of the stone rampart was that there was no way to place one’s foot to climb. After the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots, it was much easier to reach the top. 

“Chu Chen, we plan on giving up, so there’s no need to hold you back.”Ting Lan saw that Chu Mu wanted to bring them forward so she spoke to him. 

Many of Shang Heng’s soul pets were heavily wounded so there was not much point in them continuing to fight, so he didn’t plan on doing so. 

“There’s a very strong prisoner nearby. If you guys continue to stay here, if the other competition authority isn’t able to make it in time to bring you away, your lives will be in danger.” Ye Qingzi explained in place of Chu Mu, “So you should leave with us first.” 

“Then we’ll be troubling you again.” Ting Lan nodded her head. 

At night, the competition authority member carrying passed through the fog in between the mountains and flew to the bottom of the mountain.

This competitor was wounded very badly and needed healing as soon as possible. Therefore, this competition authority guard didn’t take his time at all. 

After flying for nearly half an hour, a golden figure suddenly appeared in front of the competition authority guard. 

The competition authority guards were split into different ranks. Golden armored competition authority guards were even stronger while silver armored competition authority guards were slightly weaker. This was normally determined from their position in various large factions.

“What’s the matter?” the golden armored man riding on his wing type soul pet saw the silver armored guard hastily flying down the mountain. 

“Some competitors were attacked by a large group of prisoners and were wounded. They need to be healed. At the fault location are another two competitors that want to withdraw from the competition. If you keep going on this path, you can reach there and bring the wounded competitors off the competition battlefield.” said the silver armored guard. 

“What people are they?” asked the golden armored guard.

“They’re Soul Palace people. I saw Soul Palace’s Young Lady Ting Lan and also Soul Palace’s Chu Chen whose reputation has been extremely high recently.” said the silver armored guard, “Saving this person is pressing so I’ll head down the mountain first.” 

“Ok, go ahead.” the golden armored guard nodded his head. 

After the silver armored guard brought Li Zhan away, the face underneath the golden armored guard’s helmet suddenly turned cold!

This man’s face was pale and he looked tired and sickly. However, his eyes were as sharp as a hawk, especially since they were flashing with hate right now. He looked especially terrifying! 

“Back then, if it wasn’t for the pseudo emperor rank Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s existence, even if you were able to transform into a half devil, I, Xia Guanghan, would still have been able to crush you. Now, I want to see what sort of abilities you have to contend against me.” the golden armored man revealed a smile. 

In this period of time, he had continuously flown in the air in order to find Chu Mu among the competitors. Right now, he finally found a trail and he would definitely not let Chu Mu leave!!

This competition authority guard wearing gold armor was Xia Guanghan!

Back in the demon’s home, Xia Guanghan hadn’t dared summon his true main pets. However, his incomparably precious Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon with fighting strength reaching the high class monarch rank had been killed by Chu Mu!

The Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon was only at the seventh phase back then, but if it hadn’t died then, it probably would have reached the tenth phasee by now. Furthermore, if he had used all the expenses that he had used to heal himself on strengthening the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon, Xia Guanghan probably could have possessed a tenth phase peak monarch by now!

With a tenth phase peak monarch, Xia Guanghan’s position would be on a completely different level. However, all of this, because of the fight in the demon’s home, and his soul pets with extremely high fighting strength had been killed by Chu Mu!

By now, Xia Guanghan had already recuperated, but he only had three main pets now. Nonetheless, these three main pets were his true strength!!

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

A small Mo Xie vigorously jumped out from in between the craggy rocks, agilely jumping back to Chu Mu’s side. 

“There are two prisoners?” asked Chu Mu.

“Wu wu wu~~” the small Mo Xie adorably nodded her head. 

Chu Mu had a total of 2.4 billion now, but this amount of money still wasn’t enough. Since more prisoners had appeared, he naturally would take their lives!

“You guys rest here, I’m going out.” Chu Mu said to Ye Qingzi, Ting Lan and Shang Heng. 

After being healed by Ye Qingzi’s soul pets, Ting Lan and Shang Heng’s wounds had recuperated by half. The two of them hadn’t suffered soul injuries so if their soul power and soul pet wounds were able to recover, they would still have extremely strong fighting strength. 

It was already late into the night. Ye Qingzi had her Bell  Noise Concubine lay a few hypnosis traps in the surroundings that weren’t easily detectable. This was to defend against enemies sneaking near. 

“You guys rest. This place should be relatively safe.” said Ye Qingzi.

Shang Heng nodded his head and exhaustedly sat to one side as he began to rest. Ting Lan also began to rest to one side with her soul pets. Having undergone much shock, excitement and sadness, she really did need a deep sleep to recuperate. 

To the other side of the mountain, Chu Mu expressionlessly stepped on the corpses of two seventh rank prisoners, removing the rings from their fingers. 

Adding on the rings from these two prisoners, Chu Mu had collected billions of funds. 

According to his estimations, it would be a few days later when the prisoner and competitor numbers reached a certain amount. If Chu Mu wanted to continue obtaining prisoner rings, he would have to steal them from competitors. 

When that time came, the battle would evolve into a competitor against competitor fight!

After dealing with the two prisoners, Chu Mu began to head back.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~” suddenly, the small Mo Xie let out a strange cry, indicating that Chu Mu should come over. 

Chu Mu walked forward and quickly discovered a bit of sticky secretion underneath a rock. It looked like the fluids from some bug type soul pet.

“Why do I feel like it resembles the secretion from Gluttonous Insect Monsters?” Chu Mu muttered to himself. 

Chu Mu had essentially spent a long period of time interacting with Gluttonous Insect Monsters. The smell from this secretion was in Chu Mu’s memories and he was silently curious. Perhaps there was someone in the eighth realm that possessed the rare yet terrifying Hundred Mothers soul pet? 

“It’s already a bit dry. It seems to have been here for a while now.” said Chu Mu.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~” the small Mo Xie adorably nodded her head. 

“Let’s go back first and let them prepare a bit in their hearts. If it really is Gluttonous Insect Monsters, they have camouflage abilities and we need to be extra careful.” said Chu Mu.

When Chu Mu returned to his area of rest, he spoke of the Gluttonous Insect Monsters to Ye Qingzi. 

Ye Qingzi knit her brows. The Gluttonous Insect Beasts really were a group of difficult to deal with things. Especially because of their camouflage abilities. Just the slight amount of carelessness and one would be instakilled. 

“The prisoner controlling the Gluttonous Insect Beasts shouldn’t be here right now. Summon your Purple Robe Dream Beast eh. If something strange emerges, it should be able to detect it in time.” Chu Mu said to Ye Qingzi. 

Ye Qingzi nodded her head and recalled the slower Ice Fire Demon Fairy, summoning the Purple Robe Dream Beast.

Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robe Dream Beast was much stronger than Chu Mu’s Night. Chu Mu right now was the primary attack force and the Night Thunder Dream Beast wasn’t suited to intense fights. Therefore, Chu Mu hadn’t summoned it.

Ye Qingzi gave soul power medicine to Chu Mu and said to him: “This will allow your soul power to recover twice as fast. If you silently cultivate tonight, you’ll be able to recover all of your soul power.”

Chu Mu took the soul power medicine, but quickly felt that there was some slight signs of pulsing in his soul power. Promptly, he sat down against a rock.

“Wu wu~~~~~~”

If Chu Mu was silently cultivating, the small Mo Xie would always naturally jump into Chu Mu’s embrace and fall into a deep sleep. However, this time Mo Xie wasn’t like that; instead, she jumped onto the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body with much energy. 

“Chu Mu, your small Mo Xie has seemed very lively recently.” Ye Qingzi sat next to Chu Mu and with a bit of a smile in her eyes, watched the small Mo Xie. 

Chu Mu opened his eyes and discovered that the small Mo Xie had mischievously ran over to the head of Shang Heng’s Thunder Sword Wing Lion. He bitterly laughed as he said: “Yes, she hasn’t been sleeping at all. Before, she used to only eat and sleep…”

The Thunder Sword Wing Lion’s body was tall and mighty. However, the small Mo Xie was too fast and it couldn’t throw her off. It could only helplessly allow the small fox to pull on its flamboyant fur. 

“When a relatively strange phenomenon appears in a soul pet, it’s always the sign of something special. You should pay a bit more attention to it.” Ye Qingzi reminded. 

“The sign of something special?” Chu Mu rubbed his chin as he began to ponder. 

Speaking of this, it had been a long time since Mo Xie had mutated. Moreover, Chu Mu remembered Old Li telling him back when Zhan Ye had fallen into the abyss, Mo Xie’s state had been extremely strange!! 

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