Chapter 513: Chu Mu is just too Truthful

Chapter 513: Chu Mu is just too Truthful

Seeing the last prisoner die in agony under Chu Mu’s Nine Tail Inferno Fox’s flames, Ting Lan still remained emotionless.

No matter how many prisoners were killed, it couldn’t calm her heart down. It couldn’t revive Li Zhan either. Thinking of that, she quickly rode her wing type soul pet towards the massive hole, wanting to dig Li Zhan’s corpse back up. 

Chu Mu didn’t say much, picking up all the prisoner rings that were dropped from the prisoners.

Eight eighth rank prisoners, twelve seventh rank prisoners, it was a total of x hundred million gold!![Numbers aren’t written out??]

“Qingzi, qingzi!!” Suddenly, Ting Lan’s worried sound came.

“What’s up?” Ye Qingzi asked.

When they were in soul palace, Ye Qingzi and Ting Lan met. Ye Qingzi accompanied Ting Lan to Lin Yin Sacred Region, and Ting Lan also helped Ye Qinzgi gather a lot of materials that soul palace didn’t sell.

“Li Zhan, Li Zhan, he seems to still be alive!” Ting Lan’s voice had irrepressible joy!

Ye Qingzi paused for a second before running to where Ting Lan was, bringing her Water Moon and Nest Wood Spirit.

Ting Lan currently was telling her soul pet to take the rocks off of Li Zhan’s body. Very quickly, a rotting corpse of Li Zhan appeared under the dirt.

Very thankfully was, Li Zhan’s skull was perfectly wedged in the gap between two large rocks, protecting his head.

When Ye Qingzi and her soul pets ran over, Ting Lan already dug Li Zhan out.

In front of Li Zhan was countless bloody armor pieces. These armor pieces came from one of Li Zhan’s defensive armor beast’s body.

This armored beast’s body was no longer visible. Clearly, it had been pulverized in the wave of attacks from the prisoner. Perhaps it was this armored beast’s sacrifice that let its owner live by the skin of his teeth.

Li Zhan’s body was rotting away very heavily. Two of its arms were nearly shattered, while there was a huge hole in his right chest. A little more to the left, and Li Zhan’s heart would definitely have been smashed.

Li Zhan’s body glinted with a very weak starlight, coming from the effects of the eighth rank soul armor.

“His soul is currently dissipating.” Ye Qingzi said with a grave face. The gleam of a soul armor meant that one, the armor was completely shattered, but also that the soul was dying. After all, the soul was attached directly to the armor.

Ting Lan’s eyes reddened once more, only able to stare at Ye Qingzi and hope she could save Li Zhan.

Chu Mu and Shang Heng also walked over. Chu Mu saw the terrifying wounds on Li Zhan’s body.

Under normal circumstances, such wounds would definitely have killed him. However, Li Zhan’s life force was surprisingly tenacious, refusing to die even today.

“I need to let my pet use its Soul Healing Stamen to heal it.” Even Ye Qingzi couldn’t guarantee that Li Zhan could be saved. After all, the wounds on Li Zhan were too strong. Many places still need long term treatment to fully recover. After having such a series of heavy blows on his body, being able to live to now was a miracle on its own.

After saying that, Ye Qingzi retracted Nest Wood Spirit into her soul pet space and summoned her flower type soul pet Bell Noise Concubine.

Bell Noise Concubine was caught by Chu Mu when defeating the Ancient Devil Tree in Forest Yuan. Ye Qingzi needed this flower type soul pet, so it became her soul pet.

Bell Noise Concubine had almost zero offensive capabilities as it was the purest healing and support type soul pet. Its healing strength was even stronger than Water Moon, especially in terms of soul damage.

“I’ll look around nearby to see if there are any hidden dangers. Having such a large group of prisoners together is very abnormal.” Chu mu said.

On saving people, Chu Mu couldn’t help much, so standing there was no use.

“Be careful.” Ye Qingzi nodded. After speaking, she cast her incantation and gathered a soul technique to stop Li Zhan’s soul from dissipating.

“Wuwuwuwu~~~~~” After the battle finished, Mo Xie’s body’s burning royal flames slowly died down as she became a smaller body. She leaped onto Chu Mu’s body, eight tails draping down from Chu Mu’s shoulder while the last one wrapped around Chu mu’s neck. Staying in pitiful appearance could save Mo Xie some stamina as well as let her recover faster. Also, little Mo Xie loved staying on Chu mu’s shoulder, either taking a nap or staring alertly at her surroundings.

Prisoners were mostly split up by the competition staff into different times and places. Teams like Cai Ji were already a sizeable magnitude.

Yet, adding on the ones that Shang Heng, Li Zhan, and Ting Lan before, there were nearly 20 prisoners. This many prisoners gathered together was almost unstoppable, but such a phenomenon was also very strange.

“To be able to gather this many people, does it mean that there is one man powerful enough to suppress all of these prisoners? Or else, with these prisoners’ nature, how could they gather near 20 people?” Chu Mu guessed.

Prisoners were all selfish. With twenty people together, reducing everyone’s sentences would mean taking down nearly 100 contestants, which was nearly impossible. So, the only reason they would do this was for one person. This quickly made Chu Mu remember the bodies a few days ago on the mountain path. Could it be because of that mysterious prisoner?

These twenty prisoners were all average in strength. At least, none of them were more powerful than Cai Ji. Yet, Chu Mu specially searched around but didn’t find any traces of this prisoner. It looked like he wasn’t a part of these prisoners.

Of course, if these prisoners all gathered together because of this person, he must be nearby. He either didn’t know what had happened with such short notice, or he knew the competition guard was nearly there and didn’t dare to get near.

Making sure the nearby is safe, Chu Mu very quickly walked under the previous gap.

When Chu Mu came back, Ye Qingzi’s basic treatment of Li Zhan was already complete. What surprised Chu Mu was the tenacious Li Zhan actually woke up slowly.

“He ate a lot of self-strengthening soul items, so his life force was much stronger than a normal soul pet trainers’.”

His soul was in a very weak state. My Bell Noise Concubine can only heal his soul slightly. To truly heal him and make him leave danger, he must be served Soul Healing Stamen as well as Soul Supporting Nectar……” Ye Qingzi said to Shang Heng and Ting Lan.

Ting Lan heavily nodded. Seeing Li Zhan slowly open his eyes, her throat was too choked up to speak, unable to stop her tears.

Li Zhan wasn’t too conscious, but seeing Ting Lan fine, he very barely smiled palely.

Quickly after, Li Zhan seemed to have remembered something and said in a very weak voice, “Those…...prisoners…….”

“Don’t worry, all those prisoners were killed by Chu Chen.” Shang Heng laughed.

“Chu…...Chu Chen?” Li Zhan said weakly.

“Yes, Chu Chen and Ye Qingzi saved us…” Ting Lan said.

Li Zhan’s expression may have been very stiff, but he could still see the shock in his eyes!

Li Zhan, of course, didn’t know why Chu Chen had such strength and was able to kill this many prisoners. One has to know that Li Zhan didn’t even see Chu Chen as real competition before this incident!

Soul Palace second tier true experts were Fang Ze, Luo Bing, and Li Zhan, where he was ranked third. Almost no one could shake that. If Chu Chen and Ye Qingzi could kill this many prisoners, it meant that Chu Chen very likely was at the level of young master Fang Ze.

“You, why did you come to save us?” Surprised at Chu Mu’s strength, Li Zhan was even more confused. Even as another soul palace member, he didn’t need to send himself into danger for a half-alive man against so many prisoners. After all, this was battle of the realm, where similar faction members ultimately ended up as enemies too.

Once Li Zhan asked this, Ting Lan’s teary eyes also looked at Chu Mu. this was already the second time Chu mu had saved her, and thanks were not enough to represent her gratitude for Chu Mu anymore.

“This is just Chu Mu’s character! As well as Soul Palace’s goals and mission. No matter if it is Battle of the Realms, if teammates are in danger, he would definitely help…” Shang Heng laughed and patted Chu mu on the shoulder.

Chu Mu brushed it off and said lightly, “Four eighth rank prisoners, twelve seventh rank prisoners, adds up to 1.4 billion gold. I need a large sum of money to strengthen my soul pets.”

Shang Heng heard Chu Mu’s light-hearted description and stared blankly. Could it be that the only reason Chu Mu helped was because of this group of prisoners’ rings?

Ting Lan also stared wide-eyed at Chu Mu.

Ting Lan found that Chu Mu just had one big weakness…...He was too truthful!

Even if it were for a large sum of money, he didn’t need to say it out loud. Just like last time, when he pulled a Binding Wind Spirit back, if he didn’t say he wanted thesoul pet, Ting Lan would definitely be very grateful for Chu Mu’s actions.

Ye Qingzi also laughed lightly and said to Chu Mu with soul remembrance, “Why not take both fame and riches? I heard Ting Lan say you were like this too……” Chu Mu tilted his head over to the smiling Ye Qingzi and smiled naturally, “Other than you, who would I help without condition……” “Stupid.” Ye Qingzi blushed and looked away from Chu Mu’s spirited eyes.

“Huhuhuhu~~~~~~~~” A messy wind flow came down from above, covering them in a massive shadow.

“The competition guard is here.” Shang Heng lifted his head, immediately seeing the silver armor of the guards.

Seeing the ground filled with corpses, the competition guards showed confusion too. He quickly let his wing type soul pet land in front of Chu Mu and the others.

“You killed all of them?” The competition guard asked with surprise.

There were nearly 30 soul pets’ corpses here, and they were all tenth phase commander rank. With just them, they killed this many soul pets. Even the competition guard wasn’t certain he could face that many at once by himself!!

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