Chapter 512: 16 Prisoners, All Exterminated

Chapter 512: 16 Prisoners, All Exterminated

Top tier monarch ranks and tenth phase ninth stage middle class monarch rank was similar, yet Mo Xie was a full two ranks higher than them. With the powerful support of Wood Tray Spirit and Water Moon, Mo Xie could easily deal with even three top tier commander ranks!

Very quickly, another top tier monarch rank was thrown away by Mo Xie’s tail. Under the effects of the nine majestic tails’ Nine Tail Dragon Obliteration, it completely lost all of its fighting strength. The eighth rank prisoner couldn’t do anything but clench his teeth and retract his soul pet!

One against all of them!

The four eighth rank prisoners’ faces were already steely. Beforehand, the disheveled leader thought he could handle Chu Mu alone. However, as the battle continued, more than a half of the twenty-some soul pets had died, of which a few seventh rank prisoner died under the savage attacks of the three soul pets as well.

And now, the only thing they could truly rely on was the four top tier commander ranks.


Suddenly, a sharp scream sounded. The disheveled leader turned around to immediately find an eighth rank prisoner fallen on the floor, his hand separated from his body, shooting blood out.

Beside this prisoner, the top tier commander rank that War Court Black Beast originally fought with had fallen on the floor. A deep gash cut this top tier commander rank from neck to hip!

The top tier commander rank had already died, but the wound in it was still being eroded by dark energy. Its muscles and bones slowly dissolved into black blood that oozed out of the wound!

“Another…...another dead!!” The disheveled leader’s face permanently turned black. Three top tier commander ranks were killed, and the remaining three commander ranks couldn’t possibly match up!!

“The opponent has two support type soul pets that can heal. We’ve fought against them for so long, yet none of his soul pets are heavily injured!” The other eighth rank prisoner’s tone became very weak, without any fighting intent anymore!

The prisoners had a total of twenty one soul pets. The terrifying Thirteen Inferno Hells fell down and killed four while heavily wounding three. One technique caused them to lose seven soul pets. Three of their wing type soul pets were restricted by Ting Lan, while the rest of the eleven soul pets were all wounded to a certain extent. This caused many to instantly be killed by Mo Xie and the mysterious War Court Black Beast!

The Prisoners were previously only relying on a numbers advantage. However, as the amount of soul pets continued to decrease, and with seventh rank prisoners constantly being killed, they were slowly becoming utterly defeated!

Shang Heng came quite late. He originally wanted to fight even while he was wounded. After all, the prisoners had a numbers advantage. However, when he arrived there, the battlefield’s situation no longer needed him. His mission changed to dealing with the escaping seventh rank prisoner that lost two soul pets!

The battle in the air with Ting Lan neared completion too. Two of the three wing type soul pets had their wings snapped by her soul pet.

Looking down from above, Ting Lan could see the black figure that rode his royal flame nine tail inferno fox. She watched Chu Mu, a man that was cold and apathetic as he darted through between these prisoners.

The remaining two top tier commander ranks could no longer cause any obstruction to the ultimately swift Mo Xie. Now was the time for Mo Xie to kill!!

A total of twelve seventh rank prisoners. Just as Chu Mu said, Chu Mu didn’t view these prisoners as people. No matter if they were fallen on the ground or still riding wounded soul pets, whenever Chu Mu and the Nine Tail Inferno Fox appeared, a prisoner would face a miserable death under its savage claws!!

“Ah!!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Screams rang through everyone’s ears. Not long ago, the prisoners’ malevolent and wicked laughs were still echoing beside her ears, almost causing her to lose her reason. However, now, these prisoners got their deserved punishment, all slowly accepting their deaths in terror as their torturous laughter became frightening screams!

And this all was because of the man who had completely released his killing aura.

Before seventh realm, TIng Lan always thought Chu Mu’s strength was at most similar to herself and Shang Heng. However, now she finally saw the true power of this bloodied man who constantly trained in the wild!

What Ting Lan, Li Zhan, and Shang Heng saw as difficult prisoners now became insignificant life forms that Chu Mu could kill with ease. The prisoners still alive were all shadowed with death. They were all soul pet trainers that lived over thirty years. With their understanding of the young generation, it was almost impossible for someone that could beat all fo them to appear.

Yet, they still ended meeting this abnormal young man. As a result, they were being slaughtered like pigs!

“Why did it turn out like this, we had so many people…” The eighth rank prisoner that lost two of his top tier commander ranks looked as if he had lost his mind as well, staring blankly at the corpse-ridden grounds.

Just ten minutes ago, this prisoner was still fantasizing about the female soul pet trainer’s attractive body. Ten minutes later, his head was filled with nothing but fear, without the energy to escape because of his damaged soul!

“Shi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” A silver figure strangely passed by this eighth rank prisoner’s body. This eighth rank prisoner seemed to get startled. He lifted his head up and only saw the black clothed man’s emotionless eyes on the Nine tail Inferno Fox. A coldness came from his neck, prompting the eighth rank prisoner to touch it, just to discover that unceasing blood was spurting out!

“Wu~en~~~~” His throat was cut open, converting his cries of pains into gargles.

Very quickly, this eighth rank prisoner opened his eyes wide and fell down, completely dying!

Four eighth rank prisoners, they only had two left. The eighth rank prisoner leader’s face twitched with a terrible expression.

He knew that he no longer had a chance to win, so he viciously glanced at the other prisoner. While this eighth rank prisoner’s top tier commander rank was being attacked by Mo Xie, he suddenly turned around and ran towards this prisoner in an attempt to escape!

The prisoner that made Ting Lan most angry was the prisoner leader. The other leaders could be let go, but this lead prisoner that killed and mocked Li Zhan definitely couldn’t escape.

Seeing as the leader was about to escape, Ting Lan quickly rode his wing type soul pet downwards towards the eighth rank prisoners.

“Let me.” Ye Qingzi told Ting Lan with soul remembrance.

Ting Lan’s wing type soul pet was already heavily injured and may not be a match for the top tier commander rank. This eighth rank prisoner was also very sly, so Ting Lan could fall for something easily.

Ting Lan didn’t force herself this time, simply riding her wing type soul pet high above the ieghth rank prisoner’s head.

Seeing that Ting Lan didn’t dive down, the eighth rank prisoner’s face twitched again. Clearly, the plan of baiting the wounded Ting Lan to come down and taking her as hostage fell through.

After Ye Qingzi’s War Court Black Beast dealt with the other two top tier commander ranks, it became a black blade that caught up to the escaping eighth rank prisoner in mere seconds!!

“You thought, I, Pang Xu was this easily killed?” The eighth rank commander shouted angrily. Suddenly, the top tier commander rank he was riding was enveloped in a beast type aura as its muscles expanded, nearly ripping through skin!!

“Nong!!!!!!!!” This top tier commander waved its powerful arms and slammed them heavily towards the running War Court Black Beast!


This beast had rock type energy. When its arm fell down, the beast type energy created multiple rock spikes that reached nearly a hundred meters in radius!!

The War Court Black Beast was already hard-pressed to dodge, so it was quickly shocked away by this beast type and rock type energy. Its body was shaken at the same time the rock spikes pierced its skin!

“Heng, want to kill me, Pang Xu? Go back and train a few more years!!” Pang Xu laughed coldly, preparing to turn around and run away without regard for the other eighth rank prisoner’s life.

Yet, just as Pang Xu turned around, he went stiff with cold sweat!!

Wearing black, riding the nine tail inferno fox that was brandishing its tails wantonly, when did this man, who could cause the evil-doing eighth rank prisoner’s soul to tremble, appear on his escape path!! 

Eyes like cold daggers stared right at him. Pang Xu’s tricks maybe could trick Ting Lan and Ye Qingzi, but he knew that no matter what he did, it wouldn’t escape this terrifying man’s eyes!

Mo Xie’s pupils weren’t staring at the muscular beast, but instead her eyes were on the ground!

The top tier commander rank with secondary rock type didn’t actually get more poewrful. The body on the surface was just a species ability, rock body, created by this top tier commander rank to hide its true nature!

Such a disguise couldn’t escape Chu Mu’s scrutiny!

“Mo Xie.” Chu Mu commanded lightly to Mo Xie.


Mo Xie’s body suddenly disappeared. With barely any time, she could raise her speed to the max, and this speed also caused her offense to be at its peak!!

“Phantom!!” Mo Xie’s body turned into five bodies, each burning with raging flames as they ran in a misleading fashion!

“Royal Flame Claw!!!!!!”

Five claw marks flashed from above towards the ground, ripping through the surface!!

“Shishishishishi!!!!!!!!!!” The five royal flame claws ripped five massive marks out on the hard ground, reaching over a hundred meters in length!

Under the cracks, one could clearly see blood welling outwards. Very quickly after, two flames started burning this top tier commander rank’s body and blood. Clearly, underground was where this top tier commander rank’s true body resided.

Eighth rank prisoners’ leaders also didn’t escape Mo Xie’s Royal Flame claw. He was like his soul pet, first getting his body ripped open before being burned by two types of flames!!


Screams continued to sound. The eighth rank prisoner didn’t die immediately after Mo Xie’s attack, meaning he had to withstand the burning of the royal flame and die by fire instead!!

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