Chapter 511: Chu Mu’s True Main Pet Formation?

Chapter 511: Chu Mu’s True Main Pet Formation?

Chu Mu’s black figure descended from the air and his two feet stepped onto the ground still filled with the remnants of the fire. 

Even if the Heavenly Life Mountain’s rock was sturdier than normal rock, several layers of the ground were still destroyed by Chu Mu’s Thirteen Inferno Hells.  

“Mo Xie!”

Mo Xie began to run under the demon moon. Her two eyes locked onto one of the high class commanders that was burned.

After suffering the Thirteen Inferno Hells attack, the prisoners scattered. Mo Xie had locked onto one of the prisoners and his soul pet that had completely separated from the prisoner team. 

Royal Flame Claw!!

A silver demon moon’s cold light abruptly swept across the high class commander. This prisoner wasn’t able to react in time as Mo Xie’s Royal Flame Claw tore apart his body and the royal flames entered his body!

There was an entire three level difference in strength and they had attacked by the Thirteen Inferno Hells. This prisoner and his high class commander were even more unlikely to escape their fate of being instakilled and indeed were burned to ashes. 

Hearing the miserable cry of a prisoner, the wounded seventh rank prisoners all revealed expressions of terror.

His soul pet was unable to defend against even one of the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox’s techniques. Therefore, having learned their lesson, they all began to retreat, trying to distance themselves from this middle class monarch that had reached the peak of the ninth phase. 

“What are you afraid of?!! It’s only one soul pet! Use the demons to inhibit its techniques while the beast types attack!!” the leader, an eighth rank prisoner, angrily roared!!

Chu Mu’s Thirteen Inferno Hells had caused a huge loss to their group of prisoners, but six of their peak commanders still had full fighting strength. 

Therefore, the six peak commanders from the 4 eighth rank prisoners charged at Mo Xie to prevent her from using her instakill techniques on the high class commanders! 

Mo Xie’s speed was something none of the peak commanders could keep up with. Her silver figure nimbly passed through the six commanders, each with different degree of burn wounds. Despite the wave of attacks from the six peak commanders, none of the attacks were able to even scratch Mo Xie!

“This Nine Tail Inferno Fox has incredibly powerful dodging abilities!” the eighth rank prisoners’ faces went pale. Unexpectedly, the six peak commanders attacking the Nine Tail Inferno Fox from all sides had no effect!

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, the War Court Black Beast let out a roar filled with dense darkness strength that transformed into dark storm that swept in the other direction!

Underneath the War Court Black Beast’s four limbs were black colored bone blades that extended outwards. These bone blades were its sharpest weapons and when this mysterious soul pet charged with full strength at a wounded high class commander, it split open the commander’s body when its black body streaked past like a cold light! 

“Pu chi~~~~~~”

Fresh blood spewed out. This originally heavily wounded high class commander was unable to dodge the War Court Black Beast’s technique. Its artery was cut apart and its final bit of life force slipped away as the blood spilled out! 

After killing one high class commander, Ye Qingzi’s War Court Black Beast then charged towards the peak commander and Mo Xie battlefield!

A dark light flashed, an ice cold blade flickered and the War Court Black Beast launched attacks on two peak commanders. 

Two peak commanders didn’t dare underestimate this War Court Black Beast and gave up pursuing Mo Xie, instead turning around to fight the War Court Black Beast!

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~~~” Mo Xie saw the War Court Black Beast come to help and let out a cry.

Having lessened the danger to Mo Xie, she was able to move more freely. 

Mo Xie was very versed with battle tactics and completely avoided facing the peak commanders. Her silver body continuously moved, but she each time she kept on moving closer to the wounded high class commanders!

To the wounded high class commanders, the appearance of a ninth phase peak middle class monarch was like the advent of a death god!!

Phantom Royal Flame Claw!!

Five elegant silver figures, each wearing heavy bloodthirsty auras, tore with Royal Flame Claws at one high class commander’s vitals!  

Even if this high class commander's dodge abilities were stronger, it was incapable of breaking free from the five Royal Flame Claws. Once the claws passed through, the high class commander was torn to pieces by Mo Xie’s claws. The pieces of flesh were then burned to ashes by the royal flames! 

The seventh rank prisoners didn’t have peak commanders and having been scattered, amounted to no threat. They could only stand there were pale faces and stare with their eyes wide open at their high class commanders being mercilessly ripped apart by this massacring fox. They had no strength to retaliate!!

“A group of idiots! If you don’t want to die, then gather your soul pets together and keep control of them. The more spread out they are, the better chance you’re giving it of killing you!! Hmph, whoever dares to flee, I’ll be the first to kill him!” angrily said the eighth rank prisoner leader!!

They were in desperate straits. It would really be difficult for them to escape and adding on the prisoner leader’s threats, these seventh rank prisoners could only continue to fight while trembling with fear.

If the high class commanders were able to create order among themselves and work with each other, even if Mo Xie had the ability to kill them, it would be hard to do so while being chased by peak commanders. 

Quickly, all of the seventh rank prisoners gathered together. The soul pets began to work together and a few consecutive fierce strikes by Mo Xie were unable to kill a single high class commander. 

This situation allowed the prisoners to finally let out a large sigh of relief. However, these seventh rank prisoners had been terrified and stunned by Mo Xie’s free-movement abilities and forgot about Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s other soul pets!

“Qin, scatter them!!” Chu Mu gave the Binding Wind Spirit an order!!

The Binding Wind Spirit’s small body had not been noticed by anyone. Added on its Wind Walk technique, this wind type monarch with terrifying destructive power was capable of bringing a powerful wind type destruction force!!

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!”

Chaotic wind whistled as a violent wind gradually began to billow around the Binding Wind Spirit!!

The stream of air began to surge and countless air streams gathered together, resembling the charge of a hundred beasts or the surge of an enormous ocean wave!!

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~” the chaotic wind’s surge practically lifted up the ground and the black colored wind force constituted intense batterings against the prisoners that had gained order!!

The seventh rank prisoners still technically had general fighting knowledge and when they received the wind attack, they defended their original position. The defensive type soul pets stood at the front to withstand this force!

Only, even if they were able to form a defense, it was unable to prevent the slightly weaker and wounded high class commanders from being knocked flying by the Binding Wind Spirit’s powerful gale! 

The Binding Wind Spirit’s technique still hadn’t ended when the prisoners soon suffered from the Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s ice fire dual attacks!!

As for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier that had been assisted by the Water Moon’s two supporting techniques, it slowly arrived before its wood type group fighting abilities caused heavy damage to the prisoners!!

There were not many seventh rank prisoners and their soul pets remaining. When the Binding Wind Spirit, the Ice Fire Demon Fairy and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier entered the fight, the high class commanders scattered and were devastated by these three soul pets all possessing group fighting abilities.

“Qingzi, have your Water Moon and Nest Wood Spirit restrict the other three peak commanders!” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to speak to Ye Qingzi. 

The Water Moon and Nest Wood Spirit were both helping Mo Xie and the War Court Black Beast. With their existence, Mo Xie and the War Court Black Beast didn’t need to worry about evasive fighting and could fight the peak commanders directly head on. 

Ye Qingzi nodded her head and immediately had the Water Moon and Nest Wood Spirit use restricting abilities. 

Chu Mu didn’t need to say anything and Ye Qingzi knew which three peak commanders to restrict. Soon, the Nest Wood Spirit’s roots binded two of these peak commanders while the Water Moon used Water Moon Waterfall on the other peak commander, causing its physical strength to greatly decrease! 

“Mo Xie, Five Inferno Foxes!!” Chu Mu’s words carried imposing killing intent.

Mo Xie already knew of her master’s intentions. Her long silver fur began to flutter wildly as she used her illusion technique once again while running sleekly forth! 

Five illusions appeared and among them was hidden Mo Xie’s real body!

These five illusions respectively appeared in all five directions of the peak commander. Forty five tails flew forth and even if this peak commander’s abilities were stronger, it could not dodge forty five nimble fox tails!!!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!” Mo Xie let out a cry as a signal and immediately, the five Nine Tail Inferno Foxes rushed away in all five directions!

Forty five chain-like silver fox tails went taut together. Such force and pulling strength ripped apart the peak commander’s entire skeleton as a clear bone-chilling sound rang out!

Four of the eighth rank prisoners were completely stunned as they stared with incomparable terror at the body of the peak commander that reached six meters… 

They only saw this enormous creature open its mouth to muster a cry before the pulling force terrifyingly spread to its throat, transforming its roar into a whimper.

Finally, this peak commander turned into a boneless piece of flesh that dangled onto the ground. An extremely miserable death!


Mo Xie’s strongest technique had instakilled a peak commander! Immediately the wilderness was filled with the sound of stunned silence!!

Outside the battlefield, Shang Heng’s face was filled with astonishment as he stared at Chu Mu’s demonic, savage and tyrannical Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox. He couldn’t even stop his jaw from dropping. 

“Could… Could it be that this is Chu Mu’s true strongest soul pet?!” Shang Heng had never seen Chu Mu summon a Nine Tail Inferno Fox to fight. Yet, the shocking strength this Nine Tail Inferno Fox displayed caused Shang Heng to abruptly think of this! 

Shang Heng no longer knew what words to use to describe Chu Mu. This was because he never would have expected that in the previous grade-surpassing challenges, Chu Mu had unexpectedly hidden his strongest soul pet! 

“Young Lady Ye, the Nine Tail Inferno Fox, the Binding Wind Spirit and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. These must be Chu Mu’s main pet formation, right?” Shang Heng was a bit excited as he asked. 

Ye Qingzi merely let out a faint laugh, but didn’t say anything. 

Very clearly, Shang Heng didn’t understand much about Chu Mu. With what Ye Qingzi understood about Chu Mu, his main pet formation didn’t include either the Binding Wind Spirit or the Devil Tree Battle Soldier… 

Moreover, Ye Qingzi was sure that before long, Chu Mu’s three main pets would display themselves in front of true experts, causing those aloof and arrogant young competitors that looked down on Chu Mu to turn pale with fear!

That would be the time when Chu Mu truly shocked everyone!! 

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